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Chiefs Claims Committee - Aug./91

File contains records pertaining to/created by the Chiefs Committee on Claims. Included in the file are meeting minutes, briefing notes, memorandums, reports, and correspondence.

Lachute, St. Andrews East , Long Sault Woodcraft Co.

Item is a photograph of the Long Sault Woodcraft Co., and office building attached to factory production, designed together as one complex. The office building was constructed mainly of wood with the company acting as general contractor and created the mill-work, storage containers, desks and chairs (designed by the architect, Guy Desbarats).

Wright, Bruce


File contains records related to police/government fishing raids on the Restigouche [Restitouche] Reserve in June of 1981 and the Tobique Reserve in August of 1982. Included in the file are a band council resolution re: legal action; Saturday Night Magazine story; transcript of phone conversation; and Press Release re: Tobique Reserve.

MC CCP 1986 + More

File contains records related to the Comprehensive Claims Policy. Included in the file are:

1) National Overview of Comprehensive Claims Policy and the Constitution Act 1982 (draft - for discussion only)
2) Status report on Comprehensive Claims
3) Package of topics, issues, background information, talking points, and status dealing with comprehensive land claims across Canada.


File contains Conseil Attikamekw-Montagnais records related to comprehensive claims and other records related to this.

National Committee on Treaties/AFN Centre for Treaty Advocacy meeting kits

Sub-series contains National Committee on Treaties/Centre for Treaty Advocacy information kits that coverage a range of issues including claims, treaties, Aboriginal titles, MBCA, border crossing, litigation updates, and federal/provincial policy. Included are:

2018. Treaty Rights Unit Activities Report, Ottawa, Ontario March 4, 1987

2018. Treaty Rights Conference Ottawa, Ontario January 14, 1987

2018. National Committee on Treaties briefing book Kamloops, British Columbia, Sept. 20-21, 1988

2018. National Committee on Treaties meeting Winnipeg, Manitoba, May 9-10, 1988

2018. National Committee on Treaties briefing book - IXth Annual AFN Assembly Edmonton, Alberta May 20-June 2, 1988

2018. National Committee on Treaties briefing book Ottawa, Ontario July 11-12, 1988

2018. National Committee on Treaties Quebec City, Quebec July 4, 1989

2018. National Centre for Treaties briefing kit Halifax, Nova Scotia September 28-29, 1989

2018. National Committee on Treaties Edmonton, Alberta March 6-7, 1990

2018. National Committee on Treaties Vancouver, British Columbia May 1-2, 1990

2018. National Committee on Treaties Hay River, Northwest Territories June 27-28, 1990

2018. National Committee on Treaties - Grand Council Treaty #8 Nations Edmonton, Alberta Sept. 19-20, 1990

2018. National Committee on Treaties summary of activities Oct. 1, 1990

Assembly of First Nations annual reports

Annual reports of by the Assembly of First Nations delivered at their annual Chiefs Assembly. Included are:

2018. "Ours to Build - Forward in Unity" Third annual Assembly of First Nations Conference April 20-22, 1982 Penticton, British Columbia

2018. Report to VI Annual Assembly of the Assembly of First Nations July 29-31, 1985 Vancouver, British Columbia

2018. Report to VIIIth Annual General Assembly June 24-26, 1987 Toronto, Ontario

2018. "Sovereignty and Self-Determination The Next Step" Assembly of First Nations Annual Report for the IXth General Assembly May 30-June 2, 1998 Edmonton, Alberta

2018. "Rebuilding First Nations" Assembly of First Nations Annual Report for the Xth Annual Chiefs Assembly July 5-7, 1989 Quebec City, Quebec. Also included is "Text of the Convention Concerning Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries, submitted by the drafting committee".

2018. "Determining our Agenda Through Reconciliation of Our Past Lives" Assembly of First Nations Annual Report for the XIth Annual Chiefs Assembly May 4-7, 1990 Whitehorse, Yukon. Included with the report are some handouts from the assembly.

2018. "Our Land Our Government Our Heritage Our Future" Assembly of First Nations Annual Report for the XIIth Assembly of First Nations June 10-12, 1991 Winnipeg, Manitoba

AFN Claims - 1997 Report

Assembly of First Nations National Land Claims Conference report. Conference held in Quebec City on November 5-6, 1997.

AFN Claims - 12/1997

File contains a program for the Assembly of First Nations National Land Claims Conference held in Quebec City November 5-6, 1997. Also in the file is a "Joint First Nations - Crown Task Force on Claims Policy Reform" (also found in the conference program) and "First Nations Independent Claims Commission Act" by Bruce Gilpin.

4 Pillars - 9/90

File contains notes for an address to the House of Commons by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney on the House Resolution with respect to Oka, Sept. 25, 1990 and a copy of "Building a New Relationship - the Native Agenda - 4 Pillars".

Concordia University (model)

File consists of 38 images of an architectural model of the Concordia Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex, located at 1515 St. Catherine West, at the corner of Rue Guy. The builging was designed by KPMG Architects.

Burley, Robert

Straw House, Montreal

File consists of 48 photographs of the interior and exterior of a Montreal home built of straw bales with a stucco surface. The home at 2203 Lartigue was designed by architect Julia Bourke, the homeowner, and built in 1998. Views include the kitchen, dining room, exterior, living room, details, and portraits of the architect.

Burley, Robert

Stereographs, Canada

File consists of stereographs depicting scenes, landmarks, and structures from Canada, such as plants, waterfalls, mountains, and cityscapes.

84 Stereoscopic Photographs by Keystone View Co.
30 Stereoscopic Photographs by Strohmeyer & Wyman
76 Stereoscopic Photographs by Underwood & Underwood
41 Stereoscopic Photographs by J.G. Parks
25 Stereoscopic Photographs by The Canada View Co.
34 Stereoscopic Photographs by Kilburn Brothers, 62 in association with James M. Davis
10 Stereoscopic Photographs by Griffith & Griffith
8 Stereoscopic Photographs by Canadian Stereoscopic View Co.
6 Stereoscopic Photographs by W. B. Sherk
9 Stereoscopic Photographs by Jas. Esson
14 Stereoscopic Photographs by L. B. Taylor
15 Stereoscopic Photographs by L. P. Vallee
12 Stereoscopic Photographs by J. H. Ford
5 Stereoscopic Photographs by Webster & Albee
6 Stereoscopic Photographs by G. B. Sproule & Co.
2 Stereoscopic Photographs by E. W. Kelley
3 Stereoscopic Photographs by C. Bierstadt
2 Stereoscopic Photographs by Alfred S. Campbell
5 Stereoscopic Photographs by R. I. Seddons
18 Stereoscopic Photographs by W. Notman
4 Stereoscopic Photographs by J. Hampden Field
4 Stereoscopic Photographs by T. Eaton Co.
6 Stereoscopic Photographs by The Torley Studio
5 Stereoscopic Photographs by H. C. White Co.
3 Stereoscopic Photographs by Nerlich & Co.
2 Stereoscopic Photographs by J. McClure & Co.
6 Stereoscopic Photographs by Ellison & Co.
2 Stereoscopic Photographs by F. E. Grafton
4 Stereoscopic Photographs by F. J. Haynes
3 Stereoscopic Photographs by T. W. Ingersoll
3 Stereoscopic Photographs by John Saunders Climo
2 Stereoscopic Photographs by Universal View Co.
2 Stereoscopic Photographs by E. & H. T. Anthony & Co.
2 Stereoscopic Photographs by American Stereoscopic Co.
2 Stereoscopic Photographs by O. B. Buell
3 Stereoscopic Photographs by Ewing & Co.
4 Stereoscopic Photographs by J. R. Woodburn
2 Stereoscopic Photographs by J. Robinson
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by A. C. McIntyre
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by S. R. Proctor
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by G. F. Sproule
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by L. E. Desmarais
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by Ackermann Bro's
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by C. R. Chisholm & Bros.
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by Realistic Travelers
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by London Stereoscopic Co.
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by W. E. Hendrie
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by J. H. Noverre
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by Whiting View Co.
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by Dominion Stereoscopic Co.
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by C. G. Cobban & Co.
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by Woodward Stereoscopic Co.
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by H. A. Kimball
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by Talbot & Co.
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by Liberty Brand-Stereo Views
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by H. E. R.
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by Alex. Henderson
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by Hugh McCorkindale
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Canadian Promotion Co.
Approx. 250 Stereoscopic Photographs by unidentified publishers
1 series of 10 Stereoscopic Photographs by John R. Steffen
2 series by Underwood & Underwood(Series #2 &3)

Stereographs, Complexes (Buildings and Sites)

2 stereoscopic photographs by Keystone View Co.
4 stereoscopic photograph by Underwood & Underwood
1 stereoscopic photographs by Kilburn Brothers, 3 in association with James M. Davis
4 stereoscopic photographs by Strohmeyer & Wyman
1 stereoscopic photograph by AM. Mutoscore & Biograph Co.
1 stereoscopic photograph by W. Tylar
1 stereoscopic photograph by Stereo-Travel Co.
1 stereoscopic photograph by J. F. Jarvis
1 stereoscopic photograph by C. Degoix
29 stereoscopic photographs by unidentified publishers
2 series of stereoscopic photographs (1 on Sears Roebuck & Co.; 1 on T. Eaton Co.)

No. 2 Flexo Kodak

Item is a box camera that uses No. 101 rollfilm for twelve 3.5 x 3.5 inch exposures. This camera has the unique feature where the sides and back come off completely for loading. It has an achromatic lens and rotary shutter. It was marketed as the "Plico" in Europe.

Revolving stereoscope viewer (A. Mattey)

Item is a wooden tabletop stereoscope with binocular viewer made with 50 built in glass stereographs of landscapes from Quebec and Montreal, factories and vernacular photography. Top of the stereoscope can open for additional light. Inside the object is a revolving metal belt (patented by Alexander Beckers) holding the stereographs that can be turned by the circular handles on the outside of the viewer.

Written on object: 76/Unis-France Stereoscopes Mattey-Paris/3.

Montreal, Le 2000 Peel

Artist's conception of the office complex at the corner of Peel Street and Maisonneuve Boulevard. The building was designed to be the world headquarters of the International Air Transportation Association.

Montreal, Expo 67, Habitat 67

Before and after construction views of Habitat. Interior views show examples of dwellings. Views at land and aerial level. Example of living and dining areas of one of ther unit by Francisco Furniture Ltd. Photographs of architect drawings and a shot of a model for Habitat.

Jowett, Henry Roger

Montreal, La Cour Notre Dame

Photographs of the exterior of the building showing the historic facade and renovated courtyard, as well as interior shots of typical rooms in the apartments. Part of a renovation project begun in 1985.

Studio K-3

Montreal, Expo 67, Man Pavilions

Construction views and one view of a finished interior, showing the 1967 theme pavilions Man the Explorer and Man the Producer. The various other Man-themed pavilions (not represented in the collection) included: Man in the Community, Man the Provider, Man and his Health, and Man the Creator.

Plywood Manufacturers of B.C.

Laval, Papineau house

Photograph of the interior of the house. Owned by Andre Benjamin Papineau. Federal heritage building; art gallery. House was build for Montreal architect Andre Benjamin Papineau is located on a river edge. Materials of the house; fieldstone, red cider. Furniture designed be Papineau, except chairs.

Samulewitz, Hans

Montreal, Place Bonaventure

Photographs of building under construction, different views of exterior, terrace, swimming pool. Photographs of architectural model, illustrations of the building. Eight photographs of Concordia Hall including under construction and development views. Aerial view.

Jowett, H.R.

Montreal-Dorval International Airport

Photographs of the airport terminal and control tower, showing the runways, parking lots and a parked Trans-Canada Airlines plane. One interior view of the lounge/reading room.

Ed. Bermingham Inc., Commercial Photography

Westmount Square

Exterior view of office buildings within Westmount Square, Montréal. The four buildings, two of which are residential, were designed by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The complex opened on December 13, 1967. (www.wikipedia)

Jowett, H.R.

Residential complex, Île des Soeurs

Photographs of the neighbourhood of Île des Soeurs, including row houses and apartment high rises designed by various architects. Aerial views are also included in the file.

Henrich-Blessing, Chicago

Assorted Lantern Slides

Items depict scenes from along the Canadian Pacific Railway, people, locations, animal, the sun, tombs, ships, indigenous Peoples, cities and trails. Wooden box has the word Songs on it.

Expo 67 Mini Album

Item is a photo album with a blue binding and a mostly blue and red cover. Item contains images of a number of different pavilions at Expo '67 for various countries and organizations, artworks, ceremonies and activities, and provides a short write up in French and English on each.

Carte de visite album

Leather bound album with gold trim and the title "ALBUM" printed on spine. Metal clasp. Thick cardstock pages coloured light blue with openings for inserting cartes de visite. Sparsely populated by card photographs from Notman Studios and others in Ontario and Quebec.

Grand Canyon album

Front cover missing; back cover in tact. Bound with black string; loose. Black pages. Notations in white ink. Photographs mounted using black photo corners. A few Kodak Colour photograph. Some photographs loose.

Locations include: Mississippi River; Amarillo, Texas; Grand Canyon; Santa Monica, Pasadena, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Francisco, all California; Union Square, San Francisco; Chicago, Illinois; Stamford, Connecticut.

Sites include: El Toyar Hotel, Hermit's Rest, Cedar Mountain and Painted Desert, all in Grand Canyon; Public Library, LA; General Pershing Square and General McArthur Square, LA; Golden Gate Park; Bay Bridge; Mission Dolores; Lincoln Park; Union Station, LA; Beloeil Que; Museum of Science, Chicago; Wyoming State Museum; Historic Oregon Trail.

Themes include: portraits, tourist snapshots, scenic landscapes and views, dogs.

Victoria Foundry

item is a mounted, burnished albumen prints, slightly glossy surface. Depicts exterior of Victoria Foundry building, surrounding landscape, equipment and several workers. Recto caption at bottom of mat board: "United States Photo Company, Montreal." Verso centre, "Further copies may be had by referring to No. 298. United States Photo Co. Wm. Martel, Manager, 3 Place D'Armes Hill, Montreal."

UK and France album

Brown fabric cover with gold embossing. Gold finish on edges of pages. Spine and bindings missing. White pages with notations in pencil. Gold initials "MRTB" on title page. Photographs mounted with glue.

Other items mounted to pages include postcards, newspaper clippings about Stonehenge and other rock monuments,
Loose items include "Bain's Map of the Country of Nairn" (partly torn).

Sites and locations include: Roman Arena; Nice, France; Nairn River; Brodie Castle; Inshoch Castle; Pict and Scot War Stone; Queen's Head in Burley.

Themes include: scenic views and vistas, landscapes, some architecture images of churches and castles, harburfronts.

Quebec album

Flexible green plastic cover with gold lettering ("photographs"). Coated metal ring binding. Black pages, notation in pencil and ink on adhesive labels. Photographs mounted with photo corners. Many photographs missing. Some drawings in white pencil.

Album also includes some photographi reproductions, almost small postcards, of well-known sites such as Hotel de Ville - City Hall; The Basilica; Kent House, and others.

Locations and sites include: City Hall; Basilica; Statue of Taschereau; Duffering Terrace; The Chateau Monument to Wolfe; Cathedral of the Holy Trinity; St. Louis Gate; Provincial Parliament Buildings; Montmorency Falls.

Themes include street views, cathedrals, monuments, cannons ("old guns") of the Main Battery; mortars.

WWII family album

Black cover embossed letters ("Photographs") and image of deer. Bound with black string. Balck pages. Photographs mounted with glue or photo corners.Notations on photograph borders in black ink. Some loose photographs. One or two loose pages.

Dates include: August 1938, Fall 1939, 1941, September 1942, July 1943, summer 1944, 1945, 1956, winter 1947, 1948.

Locations include: Magog, Lac Superior, Quebec; Riverdale Park, Toronto, Ontario; Prince Edward Island; New York; Florida; England;
Themes include: Royal Montreal Regiment in Farnham, family portraits, weddings.

Montreal, Montreal Life building

In the Canadian Architect article in which this image was published, the building design is discussed as an example of a sensitive revival of past architecture with a modernist aesthetic.

Associated Commercial Photographers Ltd.

Montreal, BNP Paribas Tower

Photograph of a model design for the office tower. From a typewritten description taped to the verso of the photograph: Maquette of the new office complex which will be built by Louis Dreyfus Properties on McGill College Avenue. The first tower, to be located at the corner of Maisonneuve Boulevard and McGill College, will become the BNP tower.

Applied Photography Ltd.

Portrait of three girls in matching dresses

Item is a beige card with embossed frame around photograph of three young girls, seated on a bench. The youngest is perched on the edge and wears a large bow in her hair. At bottom right of card, a red stamp with decorative wreath surrounding the initials "A B" is followed by the text "A. Brien/ 640 W. NOTRE DAME/ MONTREAL." On verso, in pencil, "[illeg] gilt(?)" and "6 x 9".

Brien, Anthole

Montreal, Rue Sherbrooke Ouest at McGill College Avenue (street view, showing Molson Mansion prior to renovations)

This photograph was taken to illustrate an article in Canadian Architect magazine's December 1983 issue. Architects Vecsei and Panzini were given an Award of Excellence for their proposal to redevelop the mansion for commercial use while preserving the original structure.

Montreal, Expo 67, Scandinavian Pavilion

Photograph of the mechanized ramps designed to move people within the pavilion. Canadian Architect Magazine published this image in the May 1967 issue. The building was designed by architects representing Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Montreal, Expo 67, Ontario Pavilion

The Ontario pavilion, located between the Canada and Quebec pavilions, features an opaque glass roof made up of several pyramids of different sizes. A group of large granite blocks, symbolizing the Canadian shield, forms an interesting rest area and provides a popular spot for young climbers. Young people are the focus of this pavilion, alongside exhibits about Ontario's past, present and future.

Montreal, Expo 67, Canadian Pulp and Paper Industry Pavilion

Photograph of the construction of the pavilion. A caption typed in the margin of the photograph reads "Fir plywood 'trees' form the soaring roof system of the Canadian Pulp and Paper pavilion at Expo 67. The roof was finished with four shades of green epoxy paint."

Plywood Manufacturers of B.C.

Montreal, Expo 67, Austria Pavilion

Photographs of the construction of the pavilion which has a geometrical motif, designed to suggest mountains, precious stones, a romantic countryside, scientific precision and achievement in the arts.

Montreal, Expo 67, Air Canada Pavilion

Photographs of the exterior of the pavilion. One of the photographs has text printed at the lower margin reading " 'Man and Flight' is the theme of Air Canada's striking red and white pavilion at Expo. Plywood-clad cantilevered blades fan out from a central support column to form a dramatic roof." The verso of that photograph is stamped "Plywood Manufacturers of B.C. Photograph".

Plywood Manufacturers of B.C.

Montreal, Expo 67, Africa Place

Photographs of the exterior and construction of the pavilion. Text on the lower margin of one of the photographs reads "The roof system of Expo's African Place is a giant jigsaw puzzle of 999 fir plywood stressed skin panels. Toronto architect John Andrews designed the complex, which features a unique wind scoop ventilation system." A stamp on verso reads "Plywood Manufacturers of B.C. Photograph".

Plywood Manufacturers of B.C.

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