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Ryerson fellowships

Recipients of the Ryerson Fellowship Awards 1979-1981. David Suzuki (1981), Dian Cohen (1979), Brick Brickenden (1979), Hands Blumefeld (instructor, 1979), Don Harron (1980), Raymond Moriyama (1980).

Seniors at Ryerson

First Canadian Conference on Education Opportunities for Seniors at Ryerson June/84. Also photos from "Telling it like it is" Conference/Workshop for seniors and the media. Sept./80

Math and Physics

Dec. 10/82 Ryerson received a $318,000 grant from the Ontario Ministry of Energy to further the Institute's testing and development of more efficient appliances for burning wood and other alternative fuels. Different types of research in Ryerson's calorimeter laboratory are photographed with professors and lab technologists working on experimental data.

Research and Innovation

December 1982, Ryerson received a $318,000 grant from the Ontario Ministry of Energy to further the Institute's testing and development of more efficient appliances for burning wood and other alternative fuels. April 1986, The Office of Research and Innovation houses the marketing operations of the Computer Keeper, Ryerson's own anti-theft brackets for computer hardware.

Architecture Building

Several photos of the architecture building before, during and after the complete renovation/build. It was officially opened on Oct. 14/82. Premier William Davis, Metro Chairman Paul Godfrey ; Lieutenant-Governor, John Aird ; Board of Governors Chairman ; Colin Graham, Susan Fish, M.P.P for St. George riding ; Vice President Administration ; Tom Sosa were in attendance for the official opening.

Bicentennial Display

Bicentennial celebration (1984), the Archives display and the model of the Normal School. The Normal School model was built to a one inch to eight feet scale and measures approximately five feet square. It was constructed over a period of nearly four months by students Edward Nicolucci, Richard Zoltek and Robert Smith, under the supervision of Professor Bob Greenberg, of the Architecture Department.

People "C"

Photos included are: Ben Caga, Dalton Camp, Bill Campbell, Nancy Campbell, Lawrence J. Caza, Ben Celliers, Gary Clay, Robert Christie, Bill Cochrane, Doug Collins, Bernice Coley, Ron Conrad, Dr, Donald Chisholm, Ruby Cotter, Edgar Cowan, Patricia Cook, Linda Cooper, Sheila Copps, David Crombie. Photos of Fred Champman retirement party. Photos of Hazell Kemp and Jim Packham.

People "D"

Photos of : Arthur Drache (Tax Lawyer) , Bill Davis, John Downing, Susan D'Antoni, Jim Dills, Gail Donner (Nursing Dept.), Don Dickinson, Ralph Dye (History, faculty), retirement party for RTA professor, Maurie Desourdy, Richard M. Dillon, J. Chris Davis

People "F"

Photos of : Dianne Froese (Board of Governors candidate), Andrew Frame (Board of Governors), Richard Fleming, Bob Fullerton (1989), Erwin Fern Bach (Math, Physics and Computer Science), Ruth Hartman Frankel, Wentworth Folkins (Campus Planning), Richard Farr (1977), Barbara Frum (1976), Terry Fitsialos (1975), Robert Fulford (editor, Saturday Night, 1981), Toby Fletcher (1978).

People "T"

Photos included are: Ev Thompson (former Secretarial Science Chairman presents pins to Mary Payne and Jayne Carman), Margaret Terol, Rhea Tregebov, David Turnball (79), Susan Troup (74), John Twomey and Hugh Faulkner (Secretary of State, 1974), Fred Travell (77) Wendy Terry (Evening studies student 1976), Marvin Tameanko (Continuing Education move), Dave Taylor, Ken Thompson (Chairman, , School of Interior Design), Tom Thorne, Bruce , C.E. Temple,

People "XYZ"

Photos of Olive Baker and Mary Zeldin (1979). Hack Yates, Ron Shirtliff and Hugo Harms (1978). John Yoannou (1972) and D.L. Yates.

Donald Mordell

Various photos of Dr. Donald Mordell teaching and visiting Vancouver. Included is a picture of him standing near the name plate for the Donald L. Mordell Learning Center.

Harold Brillinger

Harold Brillinger B.A.A. (Photographic Arts) June 1978 photos illustrating him teaching ballroom and tap dancing classes in the Physical Education skills program at Summer at Ryerson (1979 and 1980). Also photos of his students in his tap dancing class and him receiving his degree.

Neill-Wycik residence

Photos of inside and outside Neill-Wycik residence. Laundry room facilities, residence rooms and inside the residence food store are areas where students spent most of their time.

Ryerson Theatre

Renovations to the Ryerson Theatre funded by a Wintario Grant and the Developing for the Eighties Campaign (Summer 1982). Also a photo of the Theatre Manager, Brian Young over seeing the renovations.

Campus - general

Several photos of campus buildings. O'Keefe's warehouse on Bond St. became the Photo Arts Building (now the Image Arts Building), 1983. Ryerson Community Park which opened in Oct. 1978. Gerrard and Victoria Streets where Jorgenson Hall now stands, 1983. Former O'Keefe bottling plant became Business Building (now the Victoria Building). Egerton Ryerson statue in front of Toronto Normal School, later know as Ryerson Hall. Several photos of people, Gord Jackson (1969), Dela Kilian/Archives Display. Homecoming dance (1958). David Crombie dancing and socializing with students. Photo of the marble bust of Egerton Ryerson.

Information Services

Front pages from the Ryersonian (1973), formatted and put together as a collage. A person (Michael Hamilton, 1975) from Film and Photography adjusting his Pentax camera shooting a scene

Toronto scenes

Two black and white night scenes of Toronto ; one captures Yonge St., A &A and SAM the Record Man (1988) the other a moonlight background of the CN tower and the city (1990). Also four black and white photos of day scenes of the CN tower and the TTC platform at Sheppard subway (1988).

This is Ryerson publication

A series of promotional materials designed and produced in three formats: posters, booklets, and brochures. It is assumed that all three were designed and produced by the Community Relations Department (formerly Information Services), for distribution by both Community Relations and the Admissions Liaison Advising Office.

Ryerson University Week

A collection of posters, clippings, and a community notice documenting the many events during "Ryerson Week" October 11-15 1993, to celebrate Ryerson's university status, a joint venture of Ryesac (RSU), Community Relations and the President's Office. Also in the collection are seven O/S reproductions of articles re. Ryerson's University Status, mounted on foamcore display panels (72cm x 60cm). These panels were part of a display in the Olive Baker Lounge during "Ryerson Week", arranged by Student Services with assistance from the Archives.

Aerospace Engineering

Miscellaneous photos of students and faculty from the Aerospace Department (photos taken by David Street, 1981). Also a few photos from Jerry Karypnczk's "aerospace shoot binder".

Continuing Education - individuals

C.E. Calendar 1986/87 (testimonials) : Christine Gursys (p. 150) - Ron Keren (p. 95) - Aine Scully (p. 163) - Carol Dedrick (p. 79) - Marta Izydorczyk (p. 87) - David Auchterlonie (p. 178) - Derek Auyang (p. 139) - Michael Sale (p. 132) - Peter Tebutt (p. 129) - Paul Perantinos (p. 173). CESAR Teaching Awards: Hugh Innnis (p. 10) - Clarence Towsley (p. 10) - Phyllis Meiklejohn (p. 10) - John Van Ast (p. 10). -- C.E. Calendar 1987/88 (testimonials): Edward Weeks (p. 126) - Wai-Lok Cheng (p. 177) - Cleo Corcoran (p. 124) - Dianne Aldan (p. 101) - Robert Hahn (p. 219) - Susan Campbell (p. 214) - Jean Springer (p. 190). -
Robert Foo (p. 164) - Tammy Karakasis (p.138) CESAR Teaching Awards: Guy Paulin (p. 10) - Heather Thompson (p. 10) - Brice Hatt (p. 10) - Ken Richardson (p. 10).

Continuing Education - miscellaneous (book 4)

Several photos of students in the Secretarial and Administrative Studies program using a word processor and also using typewriters. Two students in the Nursing program practicing on a dummy. There are also photos of an instructor from Math and Physics teaching, an Electronics and Radio instructor and also a journalism and marketing/management class in progress. Film and photography, Graphic Arts and Computer Science students involved in their subject area. Theatre students showing the exact detail of makeup preparation and a tool design class in progress.

Interior Design

Photos from the Interior Design brochures (1971-1986). Staff and grads from the Interior Design department photos includes, Marian Marshall, Donna Cummings, Annick Mitchell, David S. Johnston, Andrew Vasilevich, Lorne Kelly, Douglas K. Wilson, Dean Taylor, Philip Moody, William Vine, William Kilborn, Thomas Henrickson, Irene Bell, John Kitamura, Peter Gilbert, Ken Thompson, George Sanders. Arden Jackson, Sooz klinkamer, Roger McWatt, Linda Makins, Sylvia McLeod and Peter Rice (Photo that appeared on the Interior Design brochure).

Photographic Arts

Black and white photos of students in the Media Arts program, also film students working in projection and sound mix areas.
A photo of Barry Philip teaching students in one of Ryerson's three studios.

Energy Centre

1976-1978 The Energy Seminar (Energy Centre) -- 1979 Harbourfront Energy Exposition, Alastair Gillespie (Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources and Ken Burkhardt (Ryerson Centre) -- 1980 Canadian Energy Exposition, March 15-22, 1980.
Ontario Science Centre. Ken Burkhardt explains the operation of the K-cycle engine, a Canadian invention originating in Winnipeg -- May 1981 Festival of Energy, Canadian Energy Exposition, entertainers Michael Ross and Sandy pantomine an impatient driver, the annoyance he/she creates and the energy wasted, Sherwood Hume, Milton, Ontario and his 1913 Saywer and Massey steam engine, students and teachers examining energy projects exhibits in the gym and also students enjoying energy games at the festival.

This is Ryerson - Welcome to Ryerson publication

A few color negatives from the cover of the "This is Ryerson" and "Explore Ryerson" (1981-1988). The cover booklet for the Faculty of Community Services (summer 1987) "This is Ryerson 1987/88" is included. An "Explore Ryerson" poster negative (1983) , a picture of a red stop sign and red apple can be found also in this file. There are also other negatives from the Ryerson Folder (1981).

Larissa Allen

File contains photographs of Larissa Allen. At the time the photographs were taken she was the Associate Director of Human Resources, and the Director of Human Resources respectively.
Photographs were published in the "FORUM".

David Amborski

File contains photographs of David Amborski. Mr. Amborski is an Urban and Regional Planning professor at Ryerson.
Photograph published in the "FORUM".

Fred Balchunas

File contains photographs of Fred Balchunas. At the time of the photographs, Mr. Balchunas was the Assistant Chairman of the Math and Physics department at Ryerson.

Dr. Judith Bernhard

File contains photographs taken of Ryerson Early Childhood Studies professor Dr. Judith Bernhard. At this time she presented a paper at the Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Conference. Her photograph was published in the Nov. 10, 1995 edition of the magazine "FORUM".

Harry J. Boyle

Harry J. Boyle spoke at Ryerson Spring Convocation, 1978. He was a journalist and retired Chair of the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC).

Max Brem

File contains a headshot of Ryerson Sociology instructor Max Brem. At this time, he was a member of the Graduate Assistants Association (GAA). His photograph was published in the 'FORUM'.

Ingrid Bryan

File contains headshots of Ryerson Economics Professor Ingrid Bryan. She was also Chair of Economics and Dean of Arts at Ryerson. Her photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine.

Viviane Caplan

File contains headshots of Ryerson Professor in the School of Nutrition, Consumer and Family Studies, Viviane Caplan. At this time she was appointed to chair the Ontario Dietetic Association's Admission's Committee. Her photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine.

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