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Wah Ching Chau fonds

  • F 442
  • collection
  • 1961-1989

Wah Ching Chau (1939 - 1987) was a Professor in the Department of English at Ryerson University. Chau was born in Guangdong, China, where he lived until 1949, when his family fled to Hong Kong to escape civil war. While there, he earned his Bachel...

Chau, Wah Ching

John Lea fonds

  • F 446
  • collection
  • 1989

Fonds contains one book co-authored by John Lea.

Lea, John

Milton Orris fonds

  • F 464
  • collection
  • 1991

Milton Orris is a consultant in Health and Education and former Dean of Continuing Education at Ryerson University. Orris earned his BA in History and Political Science from the University of Manitoba, his MA in Sociology from the University of Sa...

Orris, Milton

Louis Feldhammer fonds

  • F 470
  • collection
  • 1985

Fonds consists of a reader on sociology.

Feldhammer, Louis

Faith C. Donald fonds

  • F 478
  • collection
  • 1991

Faith C. Donald is an Associate Professor in the School of Nursing at Ryerson University. Fonds consists of an article authored by Donald.

Donald, Faith C.

Gary Woodill fonds

  • F 48
  • collection

This fonds contains the following files: F 48.1 - Books, 1981. Open. Records are available for consultation without restriction. F 48.2 - Curriculum Vitae, 1991. Restricted F 48.3 - Reports, 1991. Open. Records are available for consultation witho...

Woodill, Gary

Sara Katz fonds

  • F 49
  • collection
  • 1984

This fonds contains one research report: The Status of Women in CUEW - a Survey by Sara Katz. 1984. Canadian Union of Educational Workers Research and Education Committee. Research Report #2.

Katz, Sara

Wallace J. Whistance-Smith fonds

  • F 490
  • collection
  • 1991

Wallace J. Whistance-Smith is an Associate Professor of Global Management Studies in the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University. Whistance-Smith earned a BA (Hons.) from York University and a BA (Hons.), MA and PhD from the Universi...

Whistance-Smith, Wallace J.

Gertrude Maude Boeschenstein Knighton fonds

  • F 411
  • collection
  • 1981-1996

This fonds contains the following files: F 411.1 - Access to Post-Secondary Education in Social Work at a Polytechnical University master's thesis, 1981. F 411.2 - Influences Contributing to the Selection of Social Work doctoral thesis, 1995....

William W. Kilborn fonds

  • F 418
  • collection
  • 1990

Fonds contains one copy of a book authored by William Kilborn and printed by Ryerson Polytechnical Institute.

Kilborn, William W.

Donald Mordell fonds

  • F 422
  • collection
  • 1945 - 1987

This fonds contains the following files: Mordell Eulogy Given By Tom Sosa; Pre-Ryerson Speeches,Addresses,Lectures By D. Mordell; Speeches, Addresses, Lectures Presented By D. Mordell; Service: Tribute/Memory re. Donald Mordell; Photographs; Textb...

Linda Lewis fonds

  • F 435
  • collection
  • 1979-1999

Linda R. Lewis is Professor Emeritus in the School of Fashion at Ryerson University. Lewis earned her Bachelor of Interior Design from the University of Manitoba. She began her career at Ryerson in 1969 in the Department of Photographic Arts, wher...

Lewis, Linda

Susan Barnwell fonds

  • F 506
  • collection
  • 1989-1992

Fonds consists of photocopies of articles, an order form, and a biography of works published by Susan Barnwell

Barnwell, Susan

Judith Bernhard fonds

  • F 512
  • collection
  • 1990-2006

Fonds consists of book chapters, books, correspondence, journal articles, papers, and reports all authored/co-authored by Judith Bernard. Also included in this fonds is a copy of her PhD thesis.

Bernhard, Dr. Judith

Sydney Stagg fonds

  • F 516
  • collection
  • 1991

Sydney Stagg was an administrative assistant in the Faculty of Arts and head of the Diploma in Arts program at Ryerson University. Fonds consists of a recipe book co-edited by Stagg.

Stagg, Sydney

Elizabeth Podnieks fonds

  • F 402
  • collection
  • 1984 - 2009

This fonds contains the following files: F 402.1 - National survey on abuse of the elderly in Canada: the Ryerson study, 1990. F 402.2 - Book Chapters, 1990. F 402.3 - Old Friends: A storytelling kit about old age Stories by Nan Brien and Michelle...

Podnieks, Elizabeth

Task Force on Athletics

  • RG 522
  • collection
  • 1973-1974

This record group consists of materials related to the Task Force on Athletics. Included are administrative materials, clippings, and reports.

Athletic Task Force

Kathleen Kellett-Betsos fonds

  • F 524
  • collection
  • 1993-2003

Kathleen Kellett-Betsos is an Associate Professor in the Department of French and Spanish Languages and Literatures at Ryerson University. Kellett-Betsos earned her BA (Hons.) from Simon Fraser University (1981), and her MA (1983) and PhD (1991) i...

Kellett-Betsos, Kathleen

Ryerson Civil Service Association of Ontario Branch

  • RG 526
  • collection
  • 1949-1963

This fonds consists of materials related to and created by the Ryerson Civil Service Association of Ontario.

Ryerson Civil Service Association of Ontario

Tom Kilner fonds

  • F 121
  • collection
  • 1900, 1982-1986

Fonds consists of articles authored or co-authored by Kilner, as well as historical photographs of Toronto and Ryerson on loan to the archives from Kilner.

Kilner, Tom

Promotion Planning Group

  • RG 111
  • collection
  • 1982 - 1986

This file contains draft and final copy of Ryerson 1986-1987 Promotion Plan submitted to the President by The Promotion Planning Group.

Sidney Schipper fonds

  • F 116
  • collection
  • 1986

This fonds contains photocopies of three entries that Schipper contributed or co-contributed to the Canadian Encyclopedia - 'Fur Industry' 'Fashion Design' and 'Clothing Industry'. The copies were made in 1986

Schipper, Sidney

Brian Damude fonds

  • F 117
  • collection
  • 1986-2001

Brian Damude has pursued a career as a filmmaker, screenwriter, media educator and, more recently, a photographer with a focus on abstract landscapes. In 1995 he was appointed Chair of the School of Image Arts (Film-Photography-New Media) at Ryers...

Damude, Brian

Michael J. Doucet fonds

  • F 13
  • collection
  • 1977-2003

This fonds contains textual records including: articles, books, correspondence, reports, clippings and academic papers about and generated by Doucet during his time at Ryerson. Files in this fonds include: Journal Articles Published Books Correspo...

Doucet, Michael J.

Marc Rosen fonds

  • F 132
  • collection
  • 1986-1998

Fonds consists of paper, article and reports written by Marc Rosen.

Rosen, Marc

Dr. Endel Aruja fonds

  • F 225
  • collection
  • [ca. 1974]

Fonds consists of 3 booklets of course notes.

Aruja, Dr. Endel

George E. Carter fonds

  • F 228
  • collection
  • 1971 - 1994

This fonds contains the following files: F 228.1 - Canadian Conditional Grants Since World War II, 1971. F 228.2 - Articles, 1988-94. Open. Records are available for consultation without restriction.

Carter, George E.

Hans Johanson fonds

  • F 237
  • collection
  • 1960 - 1975

This fonds contains the following files: F 237.1 - Scrap Book in Government and Politics, 1969. F 237.2 - Documentation File: Hans Johnson, 1960-75. F 237.3 - Towards An Aggregate Analysis Of Public Service, 1966.

Johanson, Hans

Doug Fetherling fonds

  • F 240
  • collection
  • 1972

This fonds contains the following file: F 240.1 - Canadian Writers & Their Works: Hugh Garner, 1972.

Konstantine J. Eckhardt fonds

  • F 242
  • collection
  • 1976

Fond contains copies of survey report conducted by Konstantine J. Eckhardt.

Eckhardt, Konstantine J.

Jack Ernest C. Miller fonds

  • F 246
  • collection
  • 1970

This fonds contains the following file: F 246.1 - Miscellaneous Course Notes, 1970. Records are under review. Contact the Archives for information on access.

Miller, Jack Ernest C.

Rennie Charles fonds

  • F 249
  • collection
  • 1965-1981

This fonds contains the following files: F 249.1 - Manuscript Style guide, 1965-73. F 249.2 - Faculty Event photograph, 1976. F 249.3 - The Teaching of Business Communication in Canada, 1981. Records are under review. Contact the Archives for info...

Jules P. Paivio fonds

  • F 251
  • collection
  • 1965

This fonds contains the following files: F 251.1 - Specifications For The Ontario Rugger Union Clubhouse, 1965. F 251.2 - Personal Letterhead/Envelope, n.d. F 251.3 - Print: Portrait, n.d.

Paivio, Jules P.

Marvin Tameanko fonds

  • F 267
  • collection
  • 1968-1991

Fonds consists of a book, article, and course notes authored by Tameanko.

Tameanko, Marvin

Michael Schreier fonds

  • F 161
  • collection
  • 1984 - 1986

This fonds contains the following files: F 161.1 - In The Shadow Of The Herdsman: A Masque In Our Time, 1984. Records are under review. Contact the Archives for information on access. F 161.2 - Photograph Catalogue:Michael Schreier Street Portrait...

Schreier, Michael

James A. Moore fonds

  • F 183
  • collection
  • 1946 - 1947

This fonds contains the following files: F 183.01 - Training/Re-Est.Inst.: Mechanical Draughting Class, 1946. F 183.02 - Certificate: Mechanical Drafting Course, TRIT, 1947.

Moore, James A.

Kenneth (Ken) G. Jones fonds

  • F 19
  • collection
  • 1981-2005

This fonds contains textual records partially documenting Ken Jones' academic and administrative output during his time at Ryerson. It includes books, articles, papers and other materials authored or co-authored by Ken Jones.

Jones, Kenneth G.

Carol B. Seath fonds

  • F 191
  • collection
  • 1987

This fonds contains the following file: F 191.1 - Women Managers : Fitting the Mold or Molding the Fit?, 1987.

Seath, Carol B.

Douglas R. Banting fonds

  • F 192
  • collection
  • 1987

Fonds consists of 5 papers authored/co-authored by Douglas R. Banting during his career at Ryerson in the Geography Department. Topics include Geographic Information Systems and storm water watershed.

Banting, Douglas R.

Sheree-Lee Olson fonds

  • F 196
  • collection
  • 1985

This fonds contains the following file: F 196.1 - Mistress Amelia - Poems by Sheree-Lee Olson, 1985.

Olson, Sheree-Lee

William Owen fonds

  • F 199
  • collection
  • 1983 - 1984

This fonds contains the following files: F 199.1 - Journal articles, 1984. F 199.2 - Papers, 1983. Open. Records are available for consultation without restriction.

Owen, William

Sue Ellen Mesbur fonds

  • F 147
  • collection

This fonds contains the following files: F 147.1 - Papers, 1982. Records are under review. Contact the Archives for information on access. F 147.2 - Understanding and working with groups, 1989. Open. Records are available for consultation without ...

Mesbur, Ellen Sue

The Ryerson Rambler

  • RG 151
  • collection

The name of the RYERSON RAMBLER** was changed to the RYERSON MAGAZINE with the first issue appearing in Spring 1997. The University Advancement Department felt that Ryerson's name should appear prominently in the Masthead. The magazine is to ...

Joanne Harack Hayne fonds

  • F 20
  • collection
  • 1985

Joanne Harack Hayne was afiliated with the Centre for Advanced Technology Education (CATE) at Ryerson. This fonds contains the report 'managing the education/industry interface' written By Harack Hayne and Michael G. Kahan.

Judy Britnell fonds

  • F 203
  • collection
  • 1981-1995

Fonds contains articles, papers, and presentations authored and co-authored by Judy Britnell before and during her time at Ryerson University in the School of Nursing.

Britnell, Judy

Charles Temple fonds

  • F 206
  • collection

This fonds contains the following files: F 206.1 - Institute Morale Survey, 1958. Records are under review. Contact the Archives for information on access. F 206.2 - Plaque: Charles Temple, Honorary SAC President, 1956. Open. Records are available...

Blair Fergusson fonds

  • F 207
  • collection
  • 1970 - 1991

This fonds contains the following files: F 207.1 - Letter: To Faculty Colleagues Re. Board Matters,1972. F 207.2 - Election Campaign:Fergusson For Ward 16 School Trustee, 1991. F 207.3 - Blair Fergusson documentation files, 1970-80.

Dr. Ronald Swirsky fonds

  • F 21
  • collection
  • 1967-1985

Dr. Ronald Swirsky taught at Ryerson in the Electrical & Electronic Technology department and during his career he also served as the head of Ryerson's University Planning Office. Swirsky reitred from this post in August 1999. This fonds ...

Swirsky, Ronald Dr.

Vivienne Whitworth fonds

  • F 22
  • collection
  • 1978-1985

This fonds contains three articles/papers written or co-written by Vivienne Whitworth.

Whitworth, Vivienne

George Lopez fonds

  • F 174
  • collection
  • 1865

This fonds contains the following file: F 174.1 - Self-help with illustrations of character and conduct, 1865.

Faculty of Law

  • RG 175
  • collection

The Faculty of Law school was approved in February 2018 by the Law Society of Ontario. Applications will start being accepted in 2019, with the first students starting classes in the Fall of 2020.

Bill Cott fonds

  • F 537
  • collection
  • 1990-1993

William J. Cott (d. October 20, 2009) was a Professor in the School of Chemical Engineering at Ryerson University. Cott earned his BSc (1955) and MSc (1956) from the University of Western Ontario. After graduation, he worked for Dupont Canada Ltd....

Cott, Bill

Patrick Northey fonds

  • F 541
  • collection
  • 1993

Patrick Northey is a chartered accountant and a former Professor in the Department of Business Administration and in the Center for Advanced Technology in Education at Ryerson University. He was a founding partner of Cycle Time Management, Inc. as...

Northey, Patrick

Terry Gillin fonds

  • F 544
  • collection
  • 1993-2005

C.T. (Terry) Gillin is a Professor in the Department of Sociology at Ryerson University. Fonds consists of articles, correspondence, and a book authored by Gillin.

Gillin, Terry

Jerry Good fonds

  • F 684
  • collection
  • 1987, 1996-1998

Jerry Good is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson University. Good began teaching part-time at Ryerson in 1975, moving to full-time in 1985 and joining the faculty as a professor in 1986. In his early day...

Good, Jerry

Andrew Molloy fonds

  • F 687
  • collection
  • 1997

Andrew Molloy is a former instructor in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at Ryerson University. Molloy's research interests include Canadian government public sector renewal, Montreal municipal party politics, Toronto muni...

Molloy, Andrew

Larry Johnston fonds

  • F 692
  • collection
  • 1988, 1996

Larry Johnston has been a legislative researcher in Toronto since 1998. Johnston has taught courses in political science at Ryerson University, the University of Toronto, and McMaster University and is a former Adjunct Professor in political scien...

Johnston, Larry

Vladimir Spivak fonds

  • F 693
  • collection
  • ca. 1955

Vladimir Spivak graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering from Ryerson circa 1999. While at Ryerson, Spivak was active with the Ryerson Students' Administrative Council, acting as the organization's event commissioner and as a st...

Spivak, Vladimir

Gail Rutherford fonds

  • F 581
  • collection
  • 1984

Gail Rutherford is an artist and fashion design educator and a former faculty member in the School of Fashion at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute (1976-1992). Rutherford was born and educated in Sydney, Australia, where she earned her teaching degr...

Rutherford, Gail

David Crombie fonds

  • F 585
  • collection
  • [between 1962 and 1971]

The Honourable David Crombie, P.C., is a Canadian Conservative politician and the first Chancellor of Ryerson University. Crombie was born in Toronto in 1936. He was educated at Western University and the University of Toronto, earning his BA and ...

Crombie, David

Margaret Norquay fonds

  • F 598
  • collection
  • 2003

Fonds consists of a single article authored by Margaret Norquay.

Norquay, Margaret

Internationalization Action Group

  • RG 603
  • collection
  • 1993-1997

This record group consists of records related to the Internationalization Action Group and the International Working Committee. Included are various reports, updates, and agreements.

International Action Group

Agnes Meinhard fonds

  • F 609
  • collection
  • 1995

Fonds contains a paper authored by Agnes Meinhard.

Meinhard, Agnes

David Naylor fonds

  • F 611
  • collection
  • 1995

Fonds consists of papers co-authored by David Naylor.

Naylor, David

J. Greg Kawall fonds

  • F 612
  • collection
  • 1995

Fonds consists of one paper co-authored by Kawall.

Kawall, J. Greg

John Caicco fonds

  • F 613
  • collection
  • 1953

John Roland Caicco graduated from Ryerson with a Diploma in Electrical Technology in 1955. Caicco was born in North Bay, Ontario. While at Ryerson, he was a member of the Ryerson Rams hockey and volleyball teams. After graduation, Caicco went on t...

Caicco, John

Michael Lio fonds

  • F 615
  • collection

This fonds contains articles authored by Michael Lio

Anila Maskeri fonds

  • F 623
  • collection
  • 1995

Fonds consists of one paper authored by Maskeri.

Maskeri, Anila K.

Robert Murray fonds

  • F 625
  • collection
  • 1995

Fonds consists of an article authored by Murray.

Murray, Robert

Vehicle Safety Research Centre

  • RG 705
  • collection
  • 1997

Ryerson's Vehicle Safety Research Centre was established in 1988. It was funded by Ryerson and Transport Canada. Ryerson's team of research scientists investigated automobile crashes and advised Transport Canada on strategies to reduce p...

Isolde Daiski fonds

  • F 708
  • collection
  • 1996

Fonds contains an article authored by Isolde Daiski.

Daiski, Isolde

George Sanders fonds

  • F 722
  • collection
  • 1952-1985

George Sanders was a member of the faculty of Interior Design at Ryerson University from 1961 until his retirement in 1993. Sanders earned his BFA from Mount Allan Unviersity, his MFA from the Universidad De Guanajuato, and his Master of Museology...

Sanders, George

Business Alumni Association

  • RG 723
  • collection
  • 1972 - ?

The Business Alumni Associatio) is an initiative of Ryerson Business Graduates that seeks to build networks among highly motivated professionals and fosters peer cooperation to support the development and promotion of The Ted Rogers School of Busi...

Peter Williams fonds

  • F 73
  • collection
  • 1985

Peter Williams was an instructor on the Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology commencing in 1969. Williams was afilliated with the Centre for Advanced Technology Education CATE at Ryerson. This fonds contains one article: The Effect of C...

Dave Heath fonds

  • F 733
  • collection
  • 1965-1979

Noted professional fine art photographer Dave Heath was born in Philadelphia in 1931. His work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, George Eastman House, and the Heliography Gallery. His work has been publi...

Heath, Dave

Thomas Barbiero fonds

  • F 641
  • collection
  • 1993

Fonds consists of one text book

Barbiero, Thomas

Office of the Associate Vice President Academic

  • RG 654
  • collection
  • 1982-

This fonds consists of materials related to the Office of the Associate Vice President Academic.

Office of the Associate Vice President Academic

Rheta Rosen fonds

  • F 66
  • collection
  • 1985-1993

Rheta Rosen is a family sociologist and a professor emeritus at Ryerson University with an area of interest in aging and intergenerational relationships. Besides developing the continuing education Certificate in Family Life Education in 1991, she...

Rosen, Rheta

Susannah Wilson fonds

  • F 665
  • collection
  • 1991-1997

Susannah Wilson was a professor in the School of Nutrition at Ryerson University from 1994 to 2009. Wilson earned her BA from the University of Quebec, her MA from the University of Western Ontario, her MBA from York University and her PhD from th...

Wilson, Susannah

Shuguang Wang fonds

  • F 669
  • collection
  • 1997 - ?

Shuguang Wang joined the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Ryerson in 1992, after completing his MA and PhD programs at the University of Alberta. He teaches at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in the areas of retail g...

Greg Turko fonds

  • F 671
  • collection
  • 1996

Greg Turko is a part-time instructor of Professional Communications at the Chang School for Continuing Education at Ryerson University. Turko earned a BA, BA (Hons), and MA from the University of Saskatchewan and a PhD in International History and...

Turko, Greg

Leo Michelis fonds

  • F 672
  • collection
  • 1996-1999

Leo Michelis is a Professor of Economics at Ryerson University. Michelis earned his BA and MA from York University and his PhD in Economics from Queen's University. He was a lecturer at York University from 1988 to 1995. In 1995, Michelis joi...

Michelis, Leo

Don Hunter fonds

  • F 674
  • collection
  • 1995

Don S. Hunter is a former instructor in the Child and Youth Care Program at Ryerson. Hunter graduated from Centennial College in 1973 and later earned his BA in Psychology and his Master's degree in Health Sciences. He operates a private prac...

Hunter, Don

Robert A. Guerriere fonds

  • F 560
  • collection
  • 1993 - 2001

Dr. Guerriere taught at Ryerson University and held the titles of Chair of Math, Physics and Computer Science, Director of the Office of Research, and Chair of Biology, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. He was named Professor Emeritus after reti...

Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship

  • RG 188
  • collection
  • 2016-2017

Fonds contains materials created by the Brookfield Institute at Ryerson University. Fonds has one series - reports.

Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship

Canadian perspectives: a national conference on Canadian photography

  • 2012.006.05
  • collection
  • 02/28/1979 - 03-04-1979

Fonds contains the audio recordings, slides and transcript publication related to the conference on Canadian photography, hosted by Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, Photographic Arts Department, Toronto, in 1979. 23 presentations were recorded, w...

Image Arts

Ministry of Labour - Periodical Collection

  • F 905
  • collection
  • 1951 - 2003

Fonds contains various periodicals collected by the Ontario Ministry of Labour and transferred to the Ryerson University Library in 1997.

Design Archive photographic collection

  • 2015.005
  • collection
  • 1987 - 2003

Design Archive Inc. was the professional company of photographer Robert Burley, who established it in January 1987 and acted as president until January, 2000. Design Archive Inc. specialized in architectural photography: work is project-based, wit...

Burley, Robert

Found in the library art projects

  • F 939
  • collection
  • 2008-2012

Fonds contains sous-fonds of a variety of art projects that have been found in the book stacks at the Ryerson University Library and Archives.

School of Accounting and Finance

  • RG 954
  • collection
  • 2012

Fonds contains records from the School of Accounting and Finance, part of the Ted Rogers School of Management. Financial management was offered through the business department at Ryerson Polytechnical Institiute starting in 1965. In 1970, Accounti...

Khaled Sennah fonds

  • F 767
  • collection
  • 1998-1999

Khaled M. Sennah is a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at Ryerson University. Sennah has been a faculty member since 1998. He earned his BSC (1985) and MSC (1990) from Alexandria University, Egypt, and his PhD in Civil Engineering ...

Sennah, Khaled

Robin Rowland fonds

  • F 776
  • collection
  • 1992

Robin Rowland is an independent author, journalist and visual journalist, based in Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada. From 1995 until 2001, Rowland taught Computer-Assisted Reporting and Investigative Techniques at the Ryerson School of Journalism...

Rowland, Robin

Noel George fonds

  • F 777
  • collection
  • 2000

Noel A. George is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry & Biology at Ryerson University. Fonds consists of lecture notes authored by George.

George, Noel

Lynn Cunningham fonds

  • F 778
  • collection
  • 2001

Lynn Cunningham is an associate professor in the School of Journalism at Ryerson University. Cunningham joined the faculty full time in 1997. She has held senior editorial positions at such magazines as Canadian Business, Quest and Toronto Life an...

Cunningham, Lynn

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