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Shields, Lorne
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[smoking man and captain]

green cardboard mount with captions recto and verso: "Authorized Ansco Color Finisher; Insist on Ariston Color Prints." depicts smoking man with glasses, captain with hat, third figure obscured by the first. Outdoors, wearing coats, some...


grey mottled cardboard mount, blue captions recto and verso: "Insist on Ariston Color Prints; Ansco Color." Image depicts whie lilies and other foliage in garden.

[waterfalls and rock ledge]

white cardboard mount with grey spiderwed pattern, red stripes. Recto captions in red: "Ansco Color." Verso captions: "date; made in canada." Depicts rocky ledge with several small waterfalls. Small strucure to the side of rive...

[city wall gate]

Unmounted print with borders on top and bottom. Depicts a street in an old city, the focal point being a gate/arch in a battlement or city wall. Several figures are seen walking through it, some are blurred by motion. No inscriptions

Homosuden of Meiji Shrine, Tokyo

unmounted print with white border, depicting stone bridge over river. Large building in background, many people are walking from building over bridge. Recto caption, top left: "Homosuden of Meiji Shrine, Tokyo." (also, Japanese characters)

Portrait of boy in checkered suit

Item is a grey carte de visite with portrait of a boy in checked suit and bowtie, leaning on an upholstered chair back. Drapery falls over chair on left side. On verso, in black letterpress "H. LUTHER,/ SOUTH PART/ Photograph Gallery/ 444 1/2...

H. Luther Photograph Gallery

Portrait of a soldier, pointing

Item is a beige carte de visite with an image of a soldier, with plumed helmet and sword, in front of a studio backdrop. The man is posed, pointing off camera. On verso, in black letterpress, "No.../ GEORGE CROUGHTON/ FIRST CLASS PRIZE MEDALL...

Croughton, George Hanmer, 1843-1920

Portrait of man seated on stone wall

Item is a dark green cabinet card with gold letterpress, "Strong/ INSTANTANEOUS PHOTOGRAPHS/ Vance Block, Eureka, Cal." Photograph shows a man leaning against a low stone balustrated, with one leg up. Blurred backdrop with trees behind him.

Vance Block, Strong Studio

Portrait of Ida, outdoors

Item is a small brown card with rectangular photograph pasted on. Woman (dwarf) stands in front of a flower bush, outdoors. On verso, in pencil "This picture was taken when Ida was/ 18 years old." and "$25.00/ Set 4".

Portrait of A. M. Harrison

Item is a cream coloured card with gold border and portrait of a man (side view) with sideburns and checkered tie. On verso, handwritten in blue ink at top, "Yours fraternally/ A. M. Harriso-". In purple letterpress at centre, "REVE...

Revenaugh & Co.

Portrait of Charles A. Kent

Item is a cream carte de visite with gold border and portrait of a man with beard. At bottom, written in black ink "Charles(?) A. Kent." On verso, in black letterpress, "R.D. PALMER,/ PHOTOGRAPHER,/ And Portrait Painter,/ Huron Stre...

R.D. Palmer

["horse-mobile" carriage]

print on grey mat board. Depicts carriage with horse pushing from behind, covered in sheet. Carriage is decorated as well. Background is fairground with grandstand, flag. Embossed recto caption, bottom left: "Dinkler, Chapman St. Greenfield M...

[horse-drawn turkey float]

Print on grey mat. Depicts horse-drawn parade float with turkey, coat of arms, and children riders. Embossed recto caption, bottom left: "Dinkler, Chapman St. Greenfield Mass." Verso inscription, ink: "Nov 32." Image transfer o...


Six gelatin silver prints mounted on either side of cardboard. Images are of Salt Lake City, Saltair Beach and a Mormon Tabernacle. Inscription in ink reads, 'Salt Lake City Utah' and 'Utah 1903'. Inscription in pencil reads &#...

Santa Barbara

Four gelatin silver prints on either side of a cardboard mount. Images of Santa Barbara, California. Potter Hotel, the baths and Hotel del Monte in Monterey, California. Inscriptions in pencil read, 'Santa Barbara, California' and '...


Four gelatin silver prints on either side of a cardboard mount. Images of Honolulu. Inscriptions in pencil read, 'Pemahou Avenue: Honolulu' and 'Surf riding, Moana Hotel, Honolulu' and 'Rice ploughing with water-bullocks, ...

Newfoundland and the Nile

7 photographs. 1 albumen, 2 gelatin silver prints and 4 photomechanical on either side of cardboard mount. Inscriptions in ink read 'General View of Assouan' and 'January 1907'. Text in red ink on two of the images reads,'...

Utah, Victoria B.C

7 photographs on either side of a cardboard mount. Three platinum prints of scenes of Victoria, B.C., three various gelatin silver prints and one photomechanical print of a baby crying surrounded by ostrich hatchlings. Inscription in ink reads, &#...

Warwick Lilly

Mounted image of man on horse. Inscription in black text beneath photograph reads, 'WARWICK LILY Winner of Silver Cup in the Jumping Competition; Silver Medal in the Combination Class, at the Victoria Horse Show, 1912. Owned and Ridden by Mr....

Women washing

Mounted image of women washing clothes in a small river. Black text below image reads, 'Self-Toning'. Inscription in pencil on back of mount reads, 'Specimen $6.00'

Forest view

Image of a forest scene. Photograph is bright green color. Inscribed in black ink on bottom of photograph, 'Port Elgin, ONT' Pencil inscription on back of photograph reads, '9-1932 Glass Between'

Greeting Card

Item is a mounted albumen photographs depicting a city street and street cars. Gold text below photograph reads, 'With the Compliments of the Season'. Inscription in pencil on back of mount reads, 'Top of Collins St. E.' and &#...

Frankfurt, Germany

Mounted image of city square, seems reproduced from a lithograph. Text in gold above image reads, 'Frankfurt a M' Text in gold beneath image reads, 'Roemerberg', and 'Phot. Jm v. Rau jr Frankfurt a/m' and 'Verl v...

Bridge over water

Scene of river and bridge between two little towns. More graphic than photographic. White text on bottom of image reads 'Khmer Keene' and 'Bidetord'. Raised letters read, 'Worcester' and 'Bristol'.

two sailboats

matte borderless print mounted on wthie card with embossed floral border. Depicts two small sailbroats in water, with oriental-type sails, each with two men sailing. Recto insciption "July 1899". Verso inscription "July 16 / 99"

Ben Nevis from Corpach

Item is an unmounted albumen print of a paddle boat docked in lack with mountains in background. Reto caption "Ben Nevis from Corpach. 1615. G.W.W." Verso inscription, ink: "M.S.D. with […] from P.B."

Culloden Moor

Item is an unmounted albumen print depicting battleground with large vertical stone markers and stone masonry watchtower. Forest in background. Recto caption "Culloden Moor. 2973. G.W.W."

dog race

unmounted DOP with black stripe at top of print. Depicts dogs racing down trac with crowd of people in background on bleachers. Sign in background reads "Kerr[…] Cloughen Tait Bonhag at Big Eaton […] Meet here Sat June […]" Verso ink sta...

group of men in field

unmounted print depicting group of men (and one young girl) in open field littered with leaves and sticks. One man in pointing at something with his cane. There is a saddle on the ground. Verso ink stamp "This photograph was made by Pringle &...

muddy jockey

unmoutned print depicting a young boy in jockey outfit. He stands with hands on hips, against a white wall of a barn/stable. He is covered in mud. Verso ink stamp "This photograph was made by Pringle & Booth, 181 George St. Toronto, dupli...

Opposition store & dwelling

Cyanotype image of a house and store that are one shared building. Store has a white awning with the lettering "W.C. White" written on it. Inscription handwritten in black ink on recto "Opposition Store & Dwelling." Town no...

[Sunbeam boat]

Cyanotype image of a boat with the name Sunbeam. Boat is docked in a river, with a group of men (facing away from camera) out front, and another woman in the background. Boat is two levels, looks like there are people on top level. Wood cabins on ...

Canterbury cathedral and girl

Two pairs of photographs originally grouped together. Two photographs are of a girl seated on a miniature chaise longue in front of garden wall, and two photographs are of the interior of Canterbury Cathedral. The cathedral photographs have both b...

Shields, Lorne

Mount Vernon souvenir

Blue and green cardboard mailer has a die-cut opening revealing souvenir photographs of Mount Vernon, Va. The mailer is addressed to Miss Lenore Parkinson, c/o Auditor of Disbursements Office, Bell Telephone Co., Elgin Bldg., Toronto, Ont., Canada...

The Grogan Photo Service

A.T. Orr family photographs series

Series consists of photographs and negatives that belonged to Mr. A.T. Orr and his family. Series also contains several business cards of Mr. Orr's, some of his personal correspondence, newspaper clippings pertaining to birth and wedding anno...

Man on motorocycle

Item is a photograph of a man riding a motorcycle in front of a building named 'Venoome Garage'. Inscription on verso reads, 'Alexander - 0 5/8, Algoma - .02 3/4, Astoria Rowyn - .02, Buffcon - .02, Fed. Kirk - .02, Halcrows - .02 3...

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