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"You've come a long way baby"

Item consists of 1 poster for Kodak Ektachem, featuring a school bus with an image of the 1984 Colorama Babies transparency along the side, and the children in the image (now about 7 years old) leaning out of the bus windows above their own image....

Eastman Kodak Company

Victory loan honour certificate

World War II Victory Bonds Honour Certificate presented to the employees of the Canadian Kodak Company in 1941: "This is to certify that the employees of Canadian Kodak Company, Limted have purchased bonds of the Victory Loan 1941 to the amou...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Olympic

Item is a grey, crew neck T-shirt with a silk screen logo of a stylized 35mm roll of film and the official Olympic logo. The Eastman Kodak company sponsored the Olympic games from 1896 (Athens) until 2008 (Beijing).

Kodak Canada Inc.

Calgary Stampede Wooden Wagon

Item consists of a model wooden wagon featuring a wagon canopy that has a characterized image of a cowboy riding a horse, beneath the words "Calgary Stampede" in red. Stamped on the base is the inscription: COBBLESTONE BASKET FACTORY / C...

Kodak Canada Inc.

"Kodak 100 Past Preserved, Future Defined Un Passe Preserve Un Avenir Defini" Canada inc 1899-1999

Item contains a collection of 20 pins, in groups of 5, attached to leather strips, with the remaining pins in individual plastic bags. Pins are rectangular and have a cloisonne appearance with a butterfly clutch. They read: PAST PRESERVED FUTURE D...

Kodak Canada Inc.

EM Power!

Item is a butterfly clutch lapel pin that is gold, rectangular and features the word "EMPower" with "EM" in black lettering on a yellow background and "Power" in yellow lettering on a red background.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Innovation Insights

Item is a glass plaque mounted on a black background. It reads: "[Innovation Insights logo] INNOVATION INSIGHTS / ...exploring best practices / Recognizes / KODAK CANADA INC. / for / World Class Perforamce / [logo] Alliance of Manufacturers &...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Yorktown family service award

Item is a black plaque with gold text that reads: "[logo] / Yorktown Family Services / Partnership Award / presented to / Kodak Canada Inc. / With appreciation for your support of women, children, youth and families / Maay 16, 2000". Pre...

Kodak Canada Inc.

1995 Moe Classic


Kodak Canada Inc.

West Park hospital foundation

Item is a glass plaque with an image of a rainbow and a tree in a park that reads: "WEST PARK HOSPITAL / FOUNDATION / In the Spirit of Triumph / In Recognition of the / Official Unveiling and Dedication of / Milestone Way on Kodak Boulevard /...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Ethics in action

Item is a pressed piece of paper mounted on a red background with a blue mat in a black frame. The pressing in the paper reads: "ethics in / action / awards / Recognizing Leadership in / Corporate Social Responsibility". Mounted on the b...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Humber College

Item is a brass plaque mounted on glass with red text that reads: "Humber College of Applied Arts And Technology [logo]" and black text that reads: "PARTNERSHIP / with / Kodak Canada Inc. / In recognition of our commitment to the co...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Terry Fox foundation

Item is a beige plaque with a black border that reads in grey and pink text: "THE TERRY FOX FOUNDATION / Certificate of / Appreciation / To Kodak Canada Inc. Employee Charity Fund / For your participation and dedication to the / annual Terry ...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Calgary stampede

Item is a plaque featuring an image of a woman on a horse at the Calgary Stampede. A brass plate beneath the image reads: "THANKS / STOCKMEN'S CLUB / FOR YUOR SUPPORT OF / THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH".

Kodak Canada Inc.

Industrial energy innovator

Item is a plaque awarded to Kodak Canada by Natural Resources Canada and the Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC) for "commitment to improving energy efficiency as a means of becoming more competitive while helping to mee...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Ken Shaw classic

Item is a brass black with black laquer, mounted on brass, mounted on wood with a carved border. Engraved on the black is text that reads: "[logo] / The / Ken Shaw / Classic / On behalf of / The Ken Shaw Classic / benefiting / Hearth Place Ca...

Kodak Canada Inc.

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