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RTA - Radio and Television Arts - most recently changed its name to the RTA School of Media. Series consists of three sub-series - general program information, faculty and staff, and students.


Formerly known as Academic Council. Series includes information on various committees like the planning budgeting and review committee.

Frazee audio visual collection

File contains a collection of videocassettes collected and used by Dr. Frazee during the course of her academic career.

Titles include:

One More. One Less
This Beggar's Description
The Straightjacket Lottery
The Ties That Bind
Behind the Glass Door
Kickst Art! A Celebration
This Ability
Kathy Slamen
21 Things to Remember
Mr. Blue Sky
Vital Signs: Crip Culture Talks Back (Dir. Cut)
The Artists Last Supper
Interact Theatre Company
Making A Miss (English Sub. w/Voice over)
Lest We Forget
The Perfect Flaw
Whole: a Trinity of Being
Back to the Wall
We Watch the City: Stories in the Shadows
Rivka Yoram
Belonging: the Search for Acceptance
A Child Unlike Any Other
Waiting for Ronald
Little Man
Paralyzed at 17
Bloody Mary/Beautiful Shapo
The Tale of the Tzar's Decree
Outsider Artists
We're Normally Different
Wood Diary
World of Possibilities: Working at CBC
Through Listening Eyes: Welsh National Opera
Outsider: Life & Art of Judith Scott
Self-preservation: The art of Riva Lehrer
Mercury Stole my Fire
The Ability
SocialClub/Great Little Mouse/Reel Talk/Dream Lover
King of Camp
The Cost of Living
Look Who's Laughing
Disability Culture Rap
Forbidden Maternity
Uno Mas, Uno Memos
The Collector of Bedford Street
Alison Walsh/Born Freak
How's Your News
Alison Walsh/Natural Born Talent
Multiple (2 copies)
Planet of the Blind
Bad Luck
Acting Blind
Deaf Artists of the 21st century
The Deaf Man Ch. 1&2 mix (2 copies)
Plan F
Symphony of Silence
Iron Genrikh
Pacific and Yukon Centre
My voice is not noise
Page Me!
Rush, pts. 1, 2 & 3
The Real Helen Keller
Speaking of Courage
NOB Services for the Blind
The Chapeau Roan
Full Circle
I. Zombi
Bad Boy Bubby
Theater by the Blind
People Unlimited
The Electricians--Aaron Williamson
You Think Deaf People Have Problems?
Annie Dearest: The Real Miracle Worker
Hidden (Desde un Rincon)
Where to?
Shifting Shadows (illegible writing) 2 copies
I were torn between the parrot & the armadillo
Callahan: he won't get far on foot (2 copies)
The Listener
Home Less
Slide (2 copies)
John and Michael
I Love You
White Cane and Wheels
Visual Sound: Music Videos for the Deaf
The Miracle
The Man Who Couldn't Dance
Challenging the Chair
Face First
The Wrong Flowers (2 copies)
Revel in the Light
Funny, you don't look sick
King Gimp
Night Swimming
Jak Motyl
Bearing Witness
La Petite Vendeuse de Soleil
Voices to Remember
OCD: the War Inside
Waiting for Ronald
Disability Takes on the Arts
Necessary Action
Callahan--He Won't Get Far on Foot
Walking Inspired
The Deaf Man
Clair Obscure
Night Murmers
Callahan--He Won't Get .
Her Name is Sabine
Body and Soul: Diana and Kathy
The Cost of Living
Forbidden Pleasures
Project Narratives
Dreaming Awake
Services for the Blind
Self- Preservation: the Art of Riva Lehrer
Mercury Stole my Fire
I Were Torn Between the Parrot & the Armadillo
Symphony of Silence
Revel in the Light
Night Swimming
Shifting Shadows
The Miracle
The Egg
The Man Who Couldn't Dance
John and Michael
Wood Diary
The Crippendales
Whole-- a Trinity of Being
Urban Myth
Vital Signs: Crip Culture
Happy Birthday, Thalidomide
Look Who's Laughing
The Collector of Bedford
Her Name is Sabine
Born Freak
The Station Agent
How's Your News
Forbidden Pleasures
Everytime You Look at Me
The Epidemic
Black Sun
Invitation to the Dance: Body & Taboo

Student Learning Centre (SLC)

  • F 892
  • Archief
  • 2008 - ?

Fonds contains records related to the planning, construction, and operation of the Ryerson University Student Learning Centre (SLC)

SLC textual records - various

File contains a variety of compiled textual records related to the SLC, and arranged in chronological order. Documents in this file include:
New Student Learning Centre Survey 2008 (Compendium of Results for Discussion including Verbatim Responses) prepared by the University Planning Office
A Ryerson Library and Student Learning Centre for the 21st Century: A Place of Interaction, Introspection and discovery (discussion paper)
Genivar Ryerson University Student Learning Centre Handout building Committee meeting March 25, 2010 & work plan to completion of schematic design stage
Audio Visual Tender Specification
SLC groundbreaking event outline.

Student Learning Centre furniture planning

File contains various reports related to SLC furniture and furnishings. Reports include:
Ryerson University/Student Learning Centre Session 2
Ryerson University/Student Learning Centre Session 3
Fabric recommendation/Colour Selections/Workstations
Ryerson University Furniture Fair

Photography : Vital tool in reaching the moon / A Kodak exhibit

A portfolio with 12 images of the moon landing produced to exhibit "some of the photographic highlights along the United States' path to the moon." The portfolio is accompanied by a letter dated February 9, 1970 from Canadian Kodak Sales Limited (no addressee) and an additional 5 photographs taken with Kodak Ektachrome EF film by astronaut Neil Armstrong on July 16, 1969.

Eastman Kodak Company

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