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Photographic equipment and materials series

Series contains 251 photographic materials and equipment donated by Kodak Canada Inc. including cameras, camera accessories, film and paper, photographic viewing and editing equipment, and processing equipment and materials. Objects have been arranged by the above stated categories. Most of the eqiupment and materials originated from the Kodak Canada Heritage Collection Museum, and specific reference to this original intent has been included in the notes and subject fields.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Published Materials

Series contains published materials (books, newsletters) related to the School of Nutrition.


Series contains articles authored and co-authored by Marilyn B. Lee in her various roles as student, Public Health Inspector, and Professor at Ryerson University.

Maple Leaf Gardens time capsule

The series consists of the following.

  • Four daily newspapers, September 21, 1931 : The Globe ; The Mail and Empire ; The Evening Telegram ; The Toronto Daily Star
  • A four-page, typewritten manuscript and envelope likely from the directors of Maple Leaf Hockey Club
  • A four-page stock prospectus
  • A miniature Canadian Red Ensign flag
  • An ivory elephant pendant with blue ribbon fragments
  • 1930-1931 Official Rule Book, National Hockey League (NHL)
  • 1930-1931 Ontario Hockey Association Rules (OHA)
  • 1931 Official Hockey Rules, Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA)
  • 1931 Toronto Municipal Handbook

Maple Leaf Gardens

Provincial Home Support Services and Ryerson Continuing Education Division

Series contains information on the collaboration between Ryerson's Continuing Education division and Provinicial (later renamed Ontario) Home Support Services.
What was initially planned as a single conference evolved into a series of conferences. This material has been kept under one series but has been separated by year or subject matter.
RG Funding request proposal for a provincial home support conference, May 29-31, 1985
RG First Ontario Conference on Home Support Services for Elderly and Disabled People
RG Second Ontario Conference on Home Support Services for Elderly and Disabled People
RG "Unity in Diversity" Joint conference of Meal on Wheels of Ontario, Home Support
Services, and Older Adult Centres Association of Ontario
RG CAUCE Award submission

Department of National Defence and Ryerson's Continuing Education Division: Certificate in Public Affairs

First offered in 1992, the certificate program was designed by the Faculty of Applied Arts (RTA, Journalism, Business and Technical Communication) and the Continuing Education Division. It was created at the request of the Department of National Defence.
Series contains correspondence, working papers, meeting minutes, copies of the proposals, along with other documents created in the organization and creation of a Public Affairs certificate program for members of the Department of National Defence.

Mastery Learning Workbooks.

Series contains 4 Mastery Learning workbooks created by Arthur Cooper for the Mechanical Engineering Department at Ryerson. Included are Mechanics of Machines, Statics, Applied Strength of Materials, and Dynamics.

Cooper, Arthur E.


Series contains texual records relating to the design and creation of the sundial and a copy of the sundial.

Ryerson Positive Space

The file consists of textual announcements, graphic posters, and bracelets relating to campaign launches and educational sessions.

Please note RSU records contain Positive Space records.

Equity, Harassment and Safety Services Department

Student Awards

Series consists of materials from a variety of student awards ceremonies held for Business Division and later Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM). The series has been divided into to files - Business Division awards which included overall and individual departmental awards; and TRSM awards overall awards for undergraduate and graduate students.

Summer at Ryerson materials

Series contains items created to promote summer courses at Ryerson. The series is divided into the following files.

RG Calendars
RG Pamphlets, Flyers, Notices RG Reports: Summer at Ryerson
RG T-Shirts: Summer at Ryerson
RG Button Collection

Course Calendars and class schedules

File contains copies of the Evening Studies calendars, Extension Course calendars, and Continuing Education course calendars and class schedule bulletins. The final print version of the course calendar was for the 2018-2019 school year. The Chang School plans to continue publishing the class schedule bulletins.

Howard Kerr Memorial mace

This series consists of records pertaining to the Howard Kerr Memorial Mace.

Through the primary efforts of Dr. Eugen Bannerman, a proposal was made in 1992 to the Seaforth, Ontario Town Council to commemorate Howard Hillen Kerr, one of Seaforth's native sons and the founding principal of Ryerson University, through the creation of a ceremonial mace for use during official University events such as Convocation.

Dr. Bannerman was the driving force behind a fundraising drive to raise $18,000 to bring this project to fruition. Joining him on the Howard Kerr Memorial Mace Committee were: Clare Westcott, a Ryerson Journalism graduate (1950) and former resident of Seaforth; Harry Scott, former principal of Seaforth & District High School; Alf Ross, fomer Mayor of Seaforth; and Ross Ribey, President of the Agricultural Society.

The handcrafting of the Mace was commissioned to cabinetmaker Douglass Morse of Nova Scotia. It is made of solid turned walnut and carries a variety of traditional and historic symbols relating mainly to Howard Kerr and Ryerson University. In the Spring of 1994, the Mace was presented to Ryerson's newly-installed and first Chancellor, David Crombie, at the University's first Convocation following its attainment of university status in 1993. The Mace was presented to Mr. Crombie by Alf Ross and Ross Ribey, on behalf of the donors -- the citizens of Seaforth. Dr. Bannerman was appointed Bedel or mace-bearer and fulfilled this role until his retirement in 2001.

The contents of the sub-series are arranged as follows:

F 364-2.01 Photographs - Kerr, Mace, Convocation
F 364-2.02 Correspondence - Mace, Miscellaneous
F 364-2.03 History, Genealogy, Reminiscences - Howard Kerr And Family
F 364-2.04 Articles - Howard Kerr, Ryerson History
F364-2.05 Remisicences - Clare Wescott Re. Howard Kerr, Seaforth
F 364-2.06 Speeches, Talks, Presentations - Eugen Bannerman
F 364-2.07 Articles - Historical, Miscellaneous
F 364-2.08 Mace - Donors! - RESTRICTED file
F 364-2.09 Mace - Convocation
F 364-2.10 Mace - Design
F 364-2.11 Mace - Committee
F 364-2.12 Mace - Costs, Donations, Budget
F 364-2.13 Maces - General
F 364-2.14 Contact Information - Kerr Family
F 364-2.15 History - Egerton Ryerson
F 364-2.16 Rendering (With Caption) - Kerr Mace
F 364-2.17 Rendering - Artist's Concept of Other Potential Design - MC1.05

Memorial services of Ryerson individuals

Series consists of memorial services conducted or moderated by Dr. Eugen Bannerman for Ryerson individuals. The series is arranged into four files:

364.04.01 Brennan, Bluie, 1922-1989 (A.1994-025)
364.04.02 Kenyon, John, 1931-1989 (A.1994-025)
364.04.03 Paulin, Murray, 1917-1986 (A.1994-025); accompanying Order of Service (A.1986-001)
364.04.04 Mordell, Donald, 1920-1988 (A.1994-025); accompanying Order of Service (A.1988-036)

Administrative Materials

Series consists of administrative files for the Working Group on Design Education. Included are proposals, meeting minutes, agendas, memorandums, programs, and correspondence.

Jack Layton School for Youth Leadership materials

This series contains materials related to the Jack Layton School for Youth Leadership, which ran its inaugural session in the summer of 2014. Events were coordinated by Myer Siemiatycki, Jack Layton Chair (2013-14), Ryerson University.

Board of Directors meetings

File contains agenda, meeting minutes, committee notes, meeting notices, and other materials relating to the Board of Directors of the Ryerson Union. Majority of the material is from 1971.


Papers authored and co-authored by Linda Cooper for various conferences.


Series consists of an article authored by Linda Cooper.


Articles authored and co-authored by Kathy Gates.

Library and Mordell Centre floor plans

Series contains photocopied and original architectural drawings/floor plans/elevations/furniture layouts of the Library Resource Centre aka the Mordell Centre

Library Planning

File consists of the following reports prepared with Rounthwaite, Dick & Hadley and Roger Jones & Associates:

  • Interim Report on Master Plan for Ryerson University Library (July 2005)
  • Ryerson University Library Long Range Plan (November 22, 2005)
  • Ryerson University Library Long Range Plan (December 7, 2005)
  • Ryerson University Library Long Range Plan (December 13, 2005)
  • Ryerson University Library Long Range Plan (January 2006)

Discover Engineering Camp planning files

Series contains planning and promotional files for the "Discover Engineering" Summer Camp program. Series has been divided into two sub-series:
RG 521.003.001 WIE Volumes 1-10
RG 521.003.002 DESC Office Files 1991-1997


File contains 7 photographs taken over a span of at least 20 years.

Audio-Visual Library (Media Centre) photographic slide collection

Originally organized into the Audio-Visual binder collection with no assigned record group, it became evident that these files belonged under the Library - as the Audio-Visual Resource Library and Media Centre were once part of the Learning Resources Centre. The Series is organized using the binder number that the slides were stored under. Included are staff and faculty photographs, departmental photographs, general campus photographs, building photographs, and events.

Information services and reference files

Under the restructing of the responsibilities of the librarians in 1998 "Reference" has been included with this sub-series. All librarians having portfolios relating to this area will be included under this subseries: Library user analysis; publications; data/GIS; library user education; collections, series; and collections, monographs.This area involved into Research & Learning Services (RG 5.248) with further re-organization of the Library in 2002.


Series contains 40 sleeves of slides removed from the catalogued collection of the audio-visual department of the Library. A decision was made to retain 34 of these sleeves. Information about the subject matter (dates and description) had to be retrieved from microfiche according to call number and shelf list.


Series contains papers authored and co-authored by Denise Woit.

The Jack Layton Chair

File contains of an introduction to The Jack Layton Chair with pledge information.

Developing for the 80s fundraising campaign

The series holds records documenting preliminary work in establishing the five-year fundraising campaign aimed at improving Ryerson's learning environments through non-governmental donations to upgrade student program equipment, perform building renovations, and ...

The financial goal was $6,000,000 aimed primarily at industry organizations, as well as, alumni, faculty, staff and families, Ryerson intended to promote the school's expertise in technical education, the increasing demand for such education with the lack of adequate funding.

I.T.U. Lessons in printing - a series of practical printing texts for shop, home, and school

Series consists of courses entitled I.T.U. Lessons in Printing by the International Typographical Union in Indianapolis, Indiana. Contains 8 units of learning that appear to be from 2 different course sections, one in general printing and the other is newspaper printing. Used by the Training and Re-establishment Institute of Toronto, some of the booklets have their crest on the front.
Topics include elements of composition, display composition, job composition, english for printers, imposition and lock up, newspaper advertising, and newspaper practice.

International Typographical Union

Objects and Photographs

Series consists of photographs and objects created by Rho Alpha Kappa.

Forms and Surveys

Series consists of forms and surveys related to Food Services.

Eric A. Campbell series

Series consists of materials collected by Eric A. Campbell when he attended the Training and Re-establishment Institute, taking a course in Horology. It is a unique donation as when he started his coursework it was the Training and Re-establishment Institute and completed the course at Ryerson Institute of Technology.

Gordon Bean materials donated in 1992

Series contains records donated by Gordon Bean in 1992 relating to the development of two certificate programs at RPI's Continuing Studies: Library Arts and Information Studies. The files have been arranged according to their original order when donated by Gordon Bean.

Unsorted materials

Series consists of materials previously stored on the UM (unsorted materials) shelves in the Archives. They are believed to be files maintained by Gail Donner in her role as the chairman of the Nursing Department.

Included are files on:
Nursing Advisory Committee records; Curriculum Committee records; Assistant Chairman's and Administrative meeting minutes; Departmental Council records; Total Faculty meeting records; Curriculum working parties; College of Nurses of Ontario; Correspondence with the Dean of Community Services; Advisory Committee for post diploma programs in psychiatry, paediatrics, and adult intensive care; Learning resources committee; conference attendance; faculty lay-offs; Heads of Diploma Nursing Programs committee; admissions; and some general information from the various campuses of Ryerson's program - Sick Kids, Women's College, and Wellesley.

Donner, Gail

RYESERT - Ryerson Student Emergency Response Team

RyeSERT (Ryerson Student Emergency Response Team) is a volunteer based student group that provides on-site medical coverage at Ryerson events and in all Ryerson residences. RyeSERT is made up of students with backgrounds as firefighters, paramedics, first responders, lifeguards, and those just interested in serving the Ryerson community with a genuine desire to help others.

Series contains records and artifacts related to the Ryerson Student Emergency Response Team.

Administrative Materials

Series consists of administrative materials of the School of Distance Education including papers, correspondence, policy recommendations. job vacancies, and agreements.

Sound Recordings

Series consists of audio cassettes of workshops held by or in association with the School of Distance Education.


RG 80.1.1 Wine, Beer and Spirits - Spare Time Guide Series, 1975 RG 80.1.2 Wines, Beers and Spirits - A Consumers' Sourcebook, 1985 RG 80.1.3 Finding Answers (Drafts 1,2,3,4), 1991 (Draft 3 - Floppy Disk), 1992 (Draft 4 - MegaSources), 1999 (Edited Print Version Of Book)


Papers authored and co-authored by Kathryn Woodcock.

Administrative Materials

Series consists of administrative materials related to the Electronic Alumni Association. Included are stationary supplies, constitutions, stencils, correspondence, notices, and receipts.

Published Materials

This series consists of textual records published by the Ryerson Media Center such as guidebooks and price lists for their services.


Series contains textual records as of 2005 that are related to seminars and workshops organized by the Department of Mathematics, which include the Mathematics Colloquium, the Master's Seminars, Graphs at Ryerson (G@R) seminars and workshops, and the Biomathematics and Fluids Seminar series.

Commerce Society orientation materials

Series contains documents and other materials created and used by the Ryerson Commerce Society for the Ted Rogers School of Management Frosh week activities. Includes a data CD that contains photographs of one of the events.

Trinidad & Tobago hotel school

In September of 1972 Ryerson entered into an agreement with the Government of Canada, through the Canadian International Development Agency (C.I.D.A.) to provide technical and related assistance to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago for the establishment of a hotel training school, and the training of the faculty and staff to run it.
Sub-series consists of 49 files relating to the establishment of a hotel training school on one of the islands and contain correspondence, agreements, minutes, reports, financial data, personnel records, clippings, background materials, curriculum documents, and photographs.

Administrative records

Series contains administrative type materials related to the Hospitality department. Included are class and faculty lists, new student orientation materials, an office stamp, departmental sign stencil, job postings, memos, correspondence and other materials related to the running of the department.

December 24, 1997 accrual

Series contains original drawings done by Ben Wicks for his syndicated single frame cartoon and for 4 books.
The syndicated cartoons date from January 1, 1997 to December 27, 1997. The books include "Born to Read and Write" 1996, "Life Insurance for Seniors" 1996, "Sure we're covered...Aren't we?" 1996, and "So you've got Cancer" 1997.
The series is divided into the following sub-series:
RG 959.002.001 Daily Cartoons
RG 959.002.002 Born to Read and Write
RG 959.002.003 So You've Got Cancer
RG 959.002.004 Sure, We're covered....Aren't we?
RG 959.002.005 Life Insurance for Seniors

Wicks, Alfred (Ben)

Hot Docs Digital Records

This series contains born-digital records related to the Hot Docs Festival such as media kits, press clippings, festival event photographs and documentary trailer videos. The original orders of the digital files have been kept. The files are organized by in folders by year, from 1994 until 2017, although the collection transfer did not include folders for the years 2002, 2003 and 2004.

Proposals and Reports

Series contains new program proposals, periodic program reviews, self study reports, curriculum revisions, degree designation reports, and accompanying materials from the departments and schools that deliver Ryerson's Undergraduate, Graduate, and Continuing Education programs. The series has been divided into sub-series by Faculty:

RG 961.003.001 Faculty of Science
RG 961.003.002 Yeates School of Graduate Studies
RG 961.003.003 Faculty of Communication and Design
RG 961.003.004 G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education of Community Services
RG 961.003.005 Faculty of Arts
RG 961.003.006 Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Science
RG 961.003.007 Ted Rogers School of Management
RG 961.003.008 Faculty


Series contains examples of tintypes, collected from various sources.

Tintypes, sometimes referred to as ferrotypes or melainotypes, are direct positive images created with sensitized collodion on a metal (iron) surface that has been coated with lacquer or enamel. While the process is similar to the ambrotype in that it is essentially an underexposed negative image, the tintype does not need to be mounted with a dark backing to view the image, as the dark coating creates the positive image.

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