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[Ontario: dump truck in trench]

glosst gsp, white border. Dump truck and other construction vehicles depicted working in rocky trench/quarry. Flat fields, power lines in background. Verso bottom right, black ink stamp: "C.A. Love Druggist, Jun 8 - 1944, Ingersoll, Ont. Guaranteed Photo Finishing." Verso, top right, in pencil, "9"

[Ontario: Steam shovel]

glossy gsp with white border. Depicts steam shovel picking up load of rock from sloping wall of quarry, below grade. Farmers' fields are visible in background at grade level. Verso bottom right, black ink stamp: "C.A. Love Druggist, Jun 8 - 1944, Ingersoll, Ont. Guaranteed Photo Finishing." Verso bottom left, pencil, "7"

1966 Pontiac Parisienne Sport Coupe (car sub-series)

glossy gelatin silver prints with white border. Car depicted in black studio setting with man and woman standing behind it. Recto bottom left corner in pencil: "2." Verso inscriptions and cropping lines in pencil. Verso top right: "55/mm-Nov. '65." Verso centre: "26 picas." Verso bottom right: "100 scr. zinc half."; "98"; "49.5%"; "9771"; '$12." Verso bottom righ tin blue ink: "4- GM- Pontiac Parisienne Sport Coupe- '66"

[Automobile advertisement shot "M 10-98"] (car sub-series)

Glossy gsp with white border. Depcits a car in front of a building, parked diagonally on a paved surface. The liscence plate reads "M 10-98." Verso has cropping lines in pencil and blue ink. Verso inscriptions in blue ink- top right: "55/mm-April"; centre: '27 1/2 picas"; bottom right: "100 Scr. 3inc halftone." Verso inscriptions, pencil- centre: "49.3"; bottom right: "$10." Black ink stamp, verso bottom right: "0637."

Chevrolet Toronado (car sub-series)

Glossy gsp, white border. Depicts a car with man and woman standing behind it, outdoors, with a brick wall and trees in the background. Recto caption printed in photograph: "Toronado - A Chevrolet Experiemental Car on Exhibit at General Motors Futurama New York World's Fair." Verso crop lines and inscriptions in pencil. Vero top right: "55/mm-July"; centre: "20 picas"; bottom right: "1186," "36.3," "$15."

Sunbeam Minx (car sub-series)

Glossy gsp with white border. Car in studio with woman is depicted. Recto caption, bottom right: "Herb Nott and Co Ltd" Recto inscription in black ink, bottom left: "2." Verso Purple ink stamp, centre: "Herb Nott & Co. Ltd. 263 Davenport Rd. Toronto 5, Canada WA. 5-3177, Re-order No. 64-2303-1" Verso pencil inscriptions- top right: "55/mm-Feb"; centre: "2701/2 picas"; bottom left: "Rootes Motors Sunbeam Deluxe Sedan"; bototm right: "$10," "440," "49." Verso also has cropping lines in pencil.

Vauxhall Victor (car sub-series)

Glossy print with large white borders. Car paked in front of stables. One man and two women stand looking at the car. Liscence plate reads "Victor." Lettering on front of car hood reads "Vauxhall." Recto inscription in ink, bottom left: "2 Vauxhall (A) Victor 101." Verso inscriptions include croppings marks in pencil. Top right: "55/mm-Feb"; centre: "20 picas"; bottom right: "$10," "4410," "44.5."

1965 Vauxhall Viva (car sub-series)

Glossy gsp with white borders. Man and women depicted sitting in a car white two children run towards it. The setting is a tree-lined grassy field. Recto inscription in ink, bottom left: "Vauxhall B Viva 2" Verso inscriptionsin pencil: cropping marks; top right: "55/mm-april"; centre: "20 picas"; bottom left: "'65 Vauxhall Viva deLuxe"; bottom right: "120, "37.5%," "5546," "$10."

1961 Volkwagen (car sub-series)

Glossy gsp with white border. Car depicted on road next ot wooden fence. A woman is in driver's seat and another is getitng in to the passenger seat. Liscence plate reads: "Volkswagen De Luxe Coach." Recto inscription in grease pencil, bottom left: "2." Recto caption, bottom centre: "The 1961 Volkswagen features a newly designed engine putting out 40 horse power. Al four forward gears are synchronised. The Volkswagen now has an automatic shoke and windshield washers as standard equipment. Bright new colours and matching upholstery trim compliment the Volkswagen's exciting new poiwer and greater flexibililty. Reproduction allowed free of charge Volkswagen Canada Ltd." Verso label pasted in centre: Nor Baker Limited Artists :: Engravers :: Photographers 362 6411." Verso inscriptions in pencil- top right: "55/mm-Sept '65"; centre: "18 picas"; bottom right: "100 scr. 3inc half"; bottom right: "Calgary." Verso inscriptions in blue ink- top right: "36"; bottom right: "B1208."

Bison (car sub-series)

Glossy gsp with white border. Depcits a futuristic truck/industrial vehicle in a studio setting. A man is in the driver's seat. The vehicle has the number '75' printed on the back, and the vehicle's reflection is visible in the shiny floor. REcto has red ink cripping marks on right and left sides. Recto centre left has a printed number pasted to the image surface: "4." Recto caption, bottom centre: "Bison." Recto inscription, bottom left, in blakc ink: "2." Verso inscriptions in pencil- centre: cropping lines; top right: "55/mm-July"; bottom centre: "pic D"; bottom right: "strip up," "1186," "32.7," $25."

Jaguar E-Type Roadster (car sub-series)

Glossy gsp with white border. Side view of a sports car on white studio background. Recto inscription, bottom left, black ink: "2." Verso red ink stamp, top centre: "Please Credit Jaguar Cars Inc. 32 East 57th Street New York 22." Verso inscriptions in green ink- top right: "55/mm-Sept"; centre: cropping marks, 27 1/2 picas"; bottom right: "100 scr. 3inc half." Verso inscriptions in pencil- centre: "23 3/4 R"; bottom right: "$25," "B669."

[Jewelry store interior]

Brown-toned print mounted on brown mat with embosed border and striped pattern. Depicts interior of jewelry store, display cases, tin ceiling, three male clerks. Embossed Recto caption, bottom right: "Eagle Photo Co. Fall River Mass."

Tilbury East Farmers' Club

Item consists of a glossy gelatin silver print mounted on tan mat board with an embossed border. It depicts a display at an agricultural fair in an exhibition hall. Four men stand around the display. It consists of a feriis wheel, flags and corn on display. It reads: "Tilbury East Farmers' Club. The County Worth While."

[spaceship illustration]

glass-covered slide with black tape on edges. A photo reproduction of an illustration of a spaceship. Verso reveals caption (backwards) not visible from recto: "Hermann Gansindt's spaceship. The two cylindrical containers right and left of the bell-shaped explosion chamber were to hold the supply of explosion 'pills.' The long passender cabin had a center well to permit passage of the exhaust."

Westeel Prototype Semi Trailer

slide in cardboard mount. Depicts semi tanker trailer and front end of orange pickup truck inside a warehouse. Recto inscription, top, blue ink: "Feb '57 Westeel prototype semi trailer." Recto captions in blue- top left: "date," right side: "made in Canada," left side: "Patented," bottom edge: "Project from this side arrow shows position." Verso captions in blue- "Mitchell Photo Supply Ltd. Dominion Sq., Montreal," bottom centre: "Processed by Etco."

[cargo ship deck]

slide in cardboard mount. Image taken from deck of cargo ship in port. Recto captions in blue- top left: "date," right side: "made in Canada," left side: "Patented," bottom edge: "Project from this side arrow shows position." Verso captions in blue- "Mitchell Photo Supply Ltd. Dominion Sq., Montreal," bottom centre: "Processed by Etco."

[sailboats at pier]

grey mottled cardboard mount. Captions on recto and verso: "Insist on Ariston Color Prints; Ansco Color." Image depicts sailboats docked at concrete pier, with figures on both the boats and the pier.

[road and hills]

grey mottled cardboard mount. Captions on recto and verso: "Insist on Ariston Color Prints; Ansco Color." depcits dirt road leading down hill, with forested hilyl landscape beyond.

[river landscape]

white cardboard mount with grey spiderwed pattern, red stripes. Recto captions in red: "Ansco Color." Verso captions: "date; made in canada." depicts large river with some rapids, coastline visible.


grey mottled cardboard mount, blue captions recto and verso: "Insist on Ariston Color Prints; Ansco Color." Image depicts whie lilies and other foliage in garden.

[christmas card with countryside photo]

borderless print mounted on offwhite greeting card with brown inner paper. Fastened with fabric ribbon. Front cover of card includes photograph of rural hilly landscape as seen from hilltop, and caption bottom centre: "Best Wishes." Inside right hand of car includes flower icon, and caption centre top: "To wish you every happiness this chrismastide and througout the coming year." Inscription, centre bottom, black ink: "From All, to Jennie, When upon this desk you write, you must study with all your might, and if you wuse it faithful and true, I'm sure it will be useful for you."

Toshogu, Nikko

Unmounted print with border. Depicts temple complex with gates, trees, rock gardens, terraces. Recto caption, bottom left: "Toshugo, Nikko" (also includes Japanese characters)

[horse and equestrian]

print with white border, depicting man in equestrian garb holding reins of horse. Stables, man in turban, and second horse in background. Verso inscriptions, blue ink: "Jabberwocky, O.H. Gymkhana, May '46 (Hortense in the background)."

[horse race]

print with white border depicting a horse race and spectators with umbrellas. Hilly landscape in background. Verso inscription, blue ink: "Quand Meme after winning 7 1/2 furlong on the flat by 15 lengths ! Muddy course dogged my competitors; I won by cantering along the cinder track on the outside."

[Hillman 1600] (car sub-series)

border on print. Image depicts convertible on road in front of stone structure. Car marked "Hillman 1600." liscence plate reads "179-949 Ontario 1961." Verso inscriptions include cropping markings, "Hillman 1600 Deluxe." Verso caption, red ink stamp, "Ron Viskers, ARPS photography 168 Davenport Road WA 2-1227 Toronto 5, Ont, ref. no. ___"

[horse-drawn mayflower float]

print on grey mat. Depicts forse-drawn parade float in the shape of a ship. Reads: "Mayflower 1620." Riders have pilgrim costumes on. Embossed recto caption, bottom left: "Dinkler, Chapman St. Greenfield Mass." Verso inscription "Mayflower #5." Image transfer on verso from another platinum print.

[horse-drawn turkey float]

Print on grey mat. Depicts horse-drawn parade float with turkey, coat of arms, and children riders. Embossed recto caption, bottom left: "Dinkler, Chapman St. Greenfield Mass." Verso inscription, ink: "Nov 32." Image transfer on verso from platinum print.

[horse-drawn float with ram]

print on grey mat board. Depicts parade float with ram crest (and zodiac symbol?), evergreen branches, riders, and grandstand in background. Embossed recto caption, bottom left: "Dinkler, Chapman St. Greenfield Mass." Verso inscription, pencil: "#24 March." Image transfer on verso from another platinum image.

[Christmas card with photo from Fiji]

white christmas card with photo pasted inside. Image is of a building and cars on street, in tropical locale. Front cover caption: "Christmas Greetings." also, coat of arms with "greetings from fiji" in gold letters. Inside left caption: "May the joys of the xmas season remain with you throughout the coming year" INscription: "G.F. & J.C. Ewing." Inside right: photo and inscription: "Cable Office, Suva."

Santa Barbara

10 gelatin silver prints on either side of a mount. Images are of buildings in Santa Barbara and a Friar. Inscriptions in pencil read, 'John L Parks Model Farm' and 'Beginning of club houses Santa Barbara' and 'Club house, Santa Barbara' and 'Club house, Santa Barbara' and 'Potter Hotel, Santa Barbara' and 'Mission Church, Santa Barbara' and 'One of the Holy Friars, Santa Barbara' and 'The bells of San Gabrielle, California'. Also inscribed in pencil in a different script is '$100'.


Gelatin silver prints of various settings in California on either side of a cardboard mount. Inscriptions in ink read, 'Trunkee River Nevada Mountains' and 'Santa Barbara Pier' and 'Ocean, Delmonte' and 'Boring Maetime for hot water, Nevada Mountains' and 'Ocean Beach, Delmonte, Mrs. Clifton in trap' and 'View of club house centre, Santa Barbara' and 'Mrs. Clifton, in front of Delmonte hotel, Mr. Clifton' and 'View of (illegible)' and 'Sample of American advertisements in some gardens, Pasadena' and 'Pacific Ocean View, Monteray' and 'Seals on Rocks, Pacific Ocean Beach, Monterey' and 'Seals on Rocks, Monterey' and 'Pacific Grove Ocean Beach'. Inscription in pencil reads, 'Sita, $60'

Ostrich Farm and Utah

Five images on either side of cardboard mount. Three gelatin silver prints of a Mormon tabernacle in Utah and two photomechanical prints of an Ostrich farm. Inscription in ink reads, 'Mormons' and 'Utah 1903'. Inscription in pencil reads, 'SITA $75'

Santa Barbara and Los Angeles

Four gelatin silver prints on either side of a cardboard mount. Images of Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Inscriptions in pencil read, 'Hotel delMonte, Monterrey, California' and 'Santa Barbara' and 'The Old Spanish Mission home, Santa Barbara' and 'Interior of San Gabriel Mission Los Angeles'. Also inscribed in pencil, 'SITA $65'

Warwick Lilly

Mounted image of man on horse. Inscription in black text beneath photograph reads, 'WARWICK LILY Winner of Silver Cup in the Jumping Competition; Silver Medal in the Combination Class, at the Victoria Horse Show, 1912. Owned and Ridden by Mr. E. Henderson, Victoria, B.C.'

Frankfurt, Germany

Mounted image of city square, seems reproduced from a lithograph. Text in gold above image reads, 'Frankfurt a M' Text in gold beneath image reads, 'Roemerberg', and 'Phot. Jm v. Rau jr Frankfurt a/m' and 'Verl v Hr Keller, Flrt. a/m'

Tree Huggers

Mounted image of three men with arms stretched out encircling a big old tree and holding hands. Text in blue ink below photograph reads, 'Korner-Eiche Dallwitz'. Text in blue ink on back of mount reads, 'W Fritsch Neu-Drahowitz bei Karlsbad, Specialist fur Platinbilder u. Vergrosserungen. Die Platten werden fur Nachbestellungen aufbewahrt.'

Bridge over water

Scene of river and bridge between two little towns. More graphic than photographic. White text on bottom of image reads 'Khmer Keene' and 'Bidetord'. Raised letters read, 'Worcester' and 'Bristol'.

Panoramic scene

Panoramic scene of village. Illegible pencil inscription below photograph. Inscription on bag that was holding photograph reads, 'Unknown American Circa 1905 $10.00'

Portraits series

Series consists of cabinet cards, cartes de visite, ambrotypes, daguerreotypes, tintypes and gelatin silver prints made by professional photographers, generally featuring a studio mark or imprint. Prints are usually found mounted on cards.

People and boats album

No cover. Item consists of the insidess of an album, spine in poor condition but in tact. Photographs are inserted under cut-out windows on the page. Many photographs missing. Very little handwritten notations; some on back of loose photographs.

Majority of photographs are portraits; a few photographs of boats. Some loose tintypes and photographs mounted on cards.

Dates include May 20th, 1902; 1908. Photo studios include Fredericks Art Photography, Brooklyn, N.Y. and Richard S. Baxter, N.Y.C.

Grand and Central America tour album

Black cover and pages.Album manufactured in New York by F.L. Schafuss & Co. Photographs glued in. Handwritten notations in black ink. Includes panoramic photographs and one navigational chart for sailing. Some loose photographs.

Photographs are travel snapshots from a cruise aboard the S.S. Vigilancia, a steamship that traveled from New York to Vera Cruz, Mexico. There are photographs of the popular sites and activities in Cuba, Bahamas and Mexico, including bullfighting, shoe shining, street scenes, cattle ranches, restaurants, mahogany, rubber, cocoa and banana trees, canoeing, vendors, Pico de Orizaba, markets. cathedrals, monuments, etc.
Other notable photographs are of the interior of The Grand Hotel, Wreck of the USS Maine at Havana, Monument to Cubans executed by the Spanish at Fort Cabana, ox-carts, and horse-drawn trams. Photographs taken at The Sequential Great Bull Fight, Havana. Vera City Mexico, Frontera Tobasco Mexico, Monte Cristo, Balancan, San Carlos, Santa Margarita, Vega Canal, Calle de Mayo and Mexico City.

Europe albumen & photomechanical album

Item is a photograph album with a blue cloth cover and leather spine. Binding is intact. White pages. Includes 88 photographs, including albumen, platinum and photomechanical reproductions. Photographs mounted with glue. Notation in brown/black ink. Photographs on one side of page only. Handwritten notations in black ink; some scribbling and childish drawings in pencil.

Themes include architectural images of well-known sites and one or two famous paintings, including the Descent of the Cross painting by Ruben.

Sites and locations include Notre-Dame, Rouen, and Notre Dame, Paris; La Madeliein, Place de la Concorde, Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees, Palais de Versailles - including Galeries des Glaces, Bassin du Char, , Colomne Vendeome, Les Invalides, La Conciergerie, Napoleon I (tomb), La Saint Chapelle, La Grand Opera and Le Grand Escalier, all in France; Saint Gudule in Brussels, Palais de la Bourse (Stock Exchange), Le Beffroi, Belgium; Roslin Chapel, Scotland; Exeter Catherdral, The Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Hall and Westminster Abbey, London Bridge, Trafalgar Square, St. Paul's Catherdral, Piccadilly Circus, Lambeth Palace, Buckingham Palace, St. Jame's Palace, The House of Guards, The Marble Arch, Natural History Museum, The Albert Memorial, The Albert Hall, Crystal Palace, Alexandra Palace, Norwich Cathedral, Holyhead, England.

Japanese accordion album

Item is an accordion album with 50 handcoloured albumen photographs. An embossed red and gold cardboard sleeve protects the cover. Red and white woven fabric cover. White accordion folded pages. Photographs mounted with glue. Tissue interleaving.

Photographs are hand-coloured and largely depict women and girls in various activities and settings, some men - possibly monks, scenic landscapes and sites of interest, agriculture and crop farming, buddha statues.

Aloha Hawaii

Black cover with an eagle made of shell in 3D on cover. Very fragile. Hard cover. Black pages with photos held in with photo corners. Interlveaving between each page.


Blue cover with gold embossed letters- "Scrap Book." Bound with black string. White pages, photographs mounted photo corners or glue. Notation in black ink. Photographs are snapshots of people in front of buildings, street scenes, houses, streetcars, a transmitter station, soldiers, air force, Bolton Abbey, Bernard Castle, and other sites.
Other materials include a postcard of Robbins Drug Store in New Brunswick, five telegrams from Allan Jackson, four newspaper articles about wireless operators, three articles about women entering the Royal Canadian Air Force, a booklet from Westminster Abbey entitled "Westminster Memories," and eleven small souvenir picture cards featuring different interiors, a brochure called "What's on and Where to Go in Glasgow," a pamphlet about the Castle of Edinburgh, a letter from Allan Jackson to his wife Mrs. G.A. Jackson in Montreal, a map of London, a London Underground map, two London transport day tickets, and several pamphlets from various sites in London.

Carte de visite album

Brown leather cover embossed with black and gold designs. Spine also embossed with stripes and lettering- "Album." Simple metal clasp. Front leaf and title page included. White pages with window opening and gold border. Brown fabric binding.

India military album

Purple textured cardboard cover bound with red string. Black pages, photographs mounted with glue. Tissue interleaving with spiderweb pattern.
Subject of photographs is primarily British military men riding horses and at camp in India. Some family photos are loose at the back of the album.

Mass. State House, Boston Mass.

matte gsp with white border. Aerial view of government building and surrounding city scape. Signs on buildings include: "Hotel Taft," "Chevrolet." recto caption, bottom left: "(0130-885-0-8)(5-25-32-1P)(12-2500) MASS. STATE HOUSE, BOSTON MASS."

[Ontario industrial landscape]

Glossy gsp, white border. Depicts an industrian landscape, perhaps gravel pit and production. Crane and processing plant/ factory are in centre of frame. Verso bottom right, black ink stamp: "C.A. Love Druggist, Jun 8 - 1944, Ingersoll, Ont. Guaranteed Photo Finishing." Verso top right, in pencil, "10."

Portrait of a young woman, graduate

Item is a folded card card with glassine tissue insert and portrait of a young woman with graduate hood (bachelors?) affixed to yellow card. Embossed at lower right of inside card, "Freeling/ TORONTO." At upper left on front of card, pink and gold embossed decoration.

Freeland, George P.

Portrait of five children in a drawing room

Item consists of a cream coloured card with brown letterpress at bottom, "W.N. Malby" and "68 EAST STREET,/ CHICHESTER." Photograph shows a group of five children in a drawing room setting, holding toys like a doll or domestic items like yarn. The two older girls wear spanish jackets that were very popular in the early 1890s, and the bot on the right wears a sailor style suit. On verso, in brown letterpress, an elaborate decorative border with the text "PATRONIZED BY H.R.H. PRINCE OF WALES K.C." and "PHOTOGRAPHED/ By/ W.N. Malby/ 68/ EAST STREET,/ CHICESTER./ ALL NEGATIVES PRESERVED FOR/ ADDITIONAL COPIES, ENLARGEMENTS,/ OIL PAINTINGS & OPAL PORTRAITS."

W. N. Malby

Curling team with trophy

Item consists of a cream coloured card mount with black and white print of a four man curling team posed on the ice with brooms, rocks and trophy. At bottom edge of print, handwritten in pencil, "TRIPPS". On verso, math problems handwritten in pencil across bottom; at top left, "9.50".

Workers on the Grand Trunk Line 1902

Item consists of a grey card with photograph affixed. Image shows four rows of men standing and seated on a wagon in front of a brick building, all workers on the Grand Trunk Railway line. On verso, handwritten in pencil, "Grand Trunk line" and at top right corner, "1901". On plastic bag accompanying photograph (discarded), a sticker was attached with the text "Grand Trunk Railway/ 1902/ 9.25".

Seedtime and harvest shall not fail

Item consists of a photograph mounted on grey card with a group of musicians posed behind a many-tiered display of harvest fruits and vegetables inside a building. The banner across the back of the display reads "SEEDTIME AND HARVEST SHALL NOT FAIL", a variation on the Biblical verse Genesis 8:22. On verso, a blue stamp at the bottom centre reads "Robson's Studio/ BOWMANVILLE, ONT."

Thomas Robson

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