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Canada's 125th Anniversary at Building #5 and Kodak PhotoCD

File contains two identical photographs featuring an image of a group of employees standing with a Canada flag outside in the parking lot of Building #5. A flag in the foreground indicates the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada. The third photograph features an image of the Kodak PhotoCD compact disc with PhotoCD Player and remote, likely taken for advertising purposes.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak commercial advertising photographs

Commerical photographs: one still life of a tea set, one advertising a fisher price camera for children - the image is of three children (two boys and a girl) and a note with the photograph reads "Put a camera in the hands of children and sharpen your own view of the world. The Fisher-Price camera was designed for younsters in the five-to-eight-year-old group". Four are head shots of a young man wth a mohawk. Two are of Grey Line red double decker buses with Kodak advertising on the side of the buses. Two are studio shots of Kodak cameras with boxes of Kodak film. One is of men in the middle of a soccer game, this photograph includes a note that reads "Participants in the 1986 Kodak 'Run for the Money' color reporduction contest will be working from this colorful sports action photo in their attempts to accurately reproduce the image for the ninth annual Kodak 'Run for the Money." Other images are still lifes of coloured umbrellas, chalk, and casino lights taken at night. As well as two commercial 'beauty' shots of two women.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak promotional panoramic mountain view

File contains a panoramic mountain view. Enclosed with the print is a caption that reads: "A panoramic vista snapped with the new Kodak Stretch 35 camera. A great travelling companion!" The Stretch 35 was a 35 mm single-use camera loaded with 12 frames of Kodacolor Gold 200. It was manufactured during 1989.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Published materials

Sub-series consists of textual materials published by Kodak, its subisidiaries, or external publishers between approximately 1891 and 2004. Includes published monographs, product catalogues and price lists, promotional pamphlets and brochures, instructional manuals and reference guides, and annuals and periodicals. Most published materials in the sub-series pertain to the history of Kodak or of photography more generally, Kodak products, photographic techniques and aesthetics, photographic chemistry, and other related topics.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Graflex catalogues

File contains catalogues, brochures, price lists and other promotional materials featuring Graflex cameras and accessories. Catalogues span the years 1925 to 1939, with some years missing. Graflex cameras were manufactured by the Folmer & Schwing Division of Eastman Kodak Co. The Folmer & Schwing Company was acquired by Eastman Kodak in 1905, forming the Folmer & Schwing Division of Eastman Kodak in 1907. In 1926, Eastman Kodak Co. divested itself of this division and the Folmer Graflex Corporation began operating independently.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Making the most of your Ciné-Kodak / Eastman Kodak Company

Item is an illustrated guidebook detailing techniques for making motion pictures with Kodak's Ciné-Kodak camera. The guide was printed before the Ciné-Kodak Model B was marketed in 1925, an invention which caused the name of the original Ciné-Kodak camera to change to the Ciné-Kodak Model A.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Making the most of your Ciné-Kodak (Model A) / Eastman Kodak Company

Item is an illustrated guidebook detailing techniques for making motion pictures with Kodak's Ciné-Kodak camera. The guide was printed after the Ciné-Kodak Model B was marketed in 1925, an invention which caused the name of the original Ciné-Kodak camera to change to the Ciné-Kodak Model A.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Materials related to the Kodak Digital Science DVC 300 digital video camera / Eastman Kodak Company ; PictureWorks Technology, Inc.

File part contains: 1 instructional manual for the Kodak Digital Science DVC 300 digital video camera; 1 envelope containing service warranty information in English and French; 1 CD containing accompanying software; and 1 instructional manual for PictureWorks Live, the mulitmedia application software that accompanied the camera.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Eastman reference manual for salesmen / Eastman Kodak Company

Item is a binder with printed reference material for Kodak salesmen to refer to when discussing Kodak products and equipment with customers. The preface page states: "This manual is provided to help the saleman answer the technical questions asked by his customers. These questions cover a wide field both in the theory and practice of photography. Photographic knowledge has become so vast that it is impossible to carry all the pertinent information in one's mind, so this manual is now provided as a ready reference. It may be used in the presence of the customer." Organized by tabs, the subjects include: 1 - Still Cameras; 2 - Negative Materials; 3 - Color Filters; 4 - Miniature Camera Technique; 5 - Photographic Papers; 6 - Development; 7 - Formulas; 8 - Exposure; 9 - Negative Print Faults; 10 - Cine Kodak; 11 - Color Photography; 12 - Darkroom. Item was designed to be added to over time. Includes correspondence related to the Eastman Photographic Course for Salesmen, as well as two letter from John W. McFarlane, Eastman Kodak editor of the reference manual. Item likely belonged to W.H. Davis, before being passed onto W. Bruce Poldon.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Reference Handbooks and Technical Data

Sub-sub-series contains publications produced by Kodak for the consumer between 1940 and about 1995. Publications are pamphlets ranging from 1 to over 50 pages and intended to be stored in a series of specialized binders. The information pamphlets were published in series with an alpha numeric code, which form the sub series in this collection. Customers subscribed to receive updates based on their specific interest. Early publications, from the 1940's, were simply titled "Kodak Photographic Handbook" and later versions included: Kodak Reference Handbook, Kodak Industrial Handbook, Kodak Color Handbook, Kodak Graphic Arts Handbook, Kodak Professional and Industrial Data, and Kodak Scientific and Technical Data.

Each pamphlet has a unique, alpha-numeric Pamphlet Number, following classification scheme devised by Kodak to make ordering and subscription easy for clients. Schema is as follows:
A - Amateur Photography (also under KW)
AV - Audiovisual Programs from Kodak
B - Filters
C - Arctic Photography
CC - Publications about Kodak
D - Microfilming and Reprography Materials (also under P); Dental Radiography
E - Color Photography
F - Black and White Film
G - Black and White Papers, Industrial Photography, and Instrumentation
H - Motion Picture, TV Applications (also under D and S)
J - Chemicals, Processing, Silver Recovery, and Waste Disposal
JJ - Kodak Laboratory Chemicals
K - Darkroom Design and Construction
KW - Amateur Photography )see section A also)
L - Index
LC - Library of Creative Photography
M - Aerial, Applied, and Medical Photography
N - Medical and Scientific Photography
O - Professional Studio Photography
P - Instrumentation and Industrial Photography (see section G also)
Q - Graphic Arts
R - Exposure and Processing Guides
S - Audiovisual Applications (also under T and V)
T - Audiovisual, Education, and Professional Video Tape Products (also under AV, and V)
TD - Graphic Arts (see sections G, P, and Q also)
U - Optical Materials
V - Audiovisual (also under AV, S, and T)
W - Industrial Radiography, Chemistry
X - International Publications
Y - Processing and Equipment Record Forms
Z - Processing Monitoring Systems, Self-Instruction Materials, Literature Library Collections

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