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IBM/CATE Collaboration*

  1. IBM Applications School 1985-1987
    1. IBM Retraining Program 1983-1990
    2. IBM Certificate Program 1987-1990
    3. Skill Dynamics Canada 1992-1996
    4. Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1983-1995
    5. Computer Science Certificate Program, 1987 - Course Outlines & Schedule - Miscellaneous Correspondence
    6. Programming Fundamentals Course - Course Materials - Supplementary Course Materials - Planning Meetings - Contracts
    7. PF/CSC Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1987-1989

Dr. Roberta Bondar

RG 646.106.1 NSERC/CSA/MRC Site Visit, 1993-1996
RG 646.106.2 Agreement - Univ. of Western Ontario/RPU, 1996
RG 646.106.3 Grant Applications, 1992-1996
RG 646.106.4 Dr. Bondar's Appointment as Professor, RPU, 1991-1996
RG 646.106.5 Proposal of Endowed Chair/Funding, 1996
RG 646.106.6 Project File: TCD-Microgravity Research, 1991-1993
RG 646.106.7 Research Proposal: Physiological Responses to Stand Test With/Without Countermeasures, 1992-1993
RG 646.106.8 Project File: Cerebral Auto Regulation During Environmental Challenge, 1992-1997
RG 646.106.9 Project File: Cerebral Auto Regulation Plasticity, 1994-1995
RG 646.106.10 Canadian Space Agency, 1989-1993
RG 646.106.11 General Files: Microgravity Research (NASA), 1989-1996
RG 646.106.12 Budget Files, 1994-1995

Constitution Committee/Business Administration Dept.*

A.1984-069A.1999-053Documentation from Jacek Kryt (chairman of the committee - DPG area) has been physically incorporated into the existing collection: 154-3 (Business Management Group). Mr. Kryt provided a chronological list of the documents he turned over to the Archives (see Accession Record A.1999-053 for list).

Appeals committee records

  • RG 57.35
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1983-1985
  • Parte deSenate

File contains minutes, reports and documentation regarding some appeals filed by students during this period of time.

Videotapes: Student Television Lab Productions

Videotape productions written, acted and produced by 2nd and 3rd year RTA students as part of their course assignments. The collection includes three VHS videotapes and four 3/4" tapes. In some cases duplicates were made. Information about the productions is included with each video.

General Information Directories

This file contains Faculty of Applied Arts Student Awards documents, Faculty of Arts and Community Services Student Awards document, Faculty of Business Student Awards document, and The Book of Scholarships and Awards for Ryerson Students.

Distance Education Committee

  • RG 57.15
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1990
  • Parte deSenate

Co-arranged under RG 27.95.
Discussion paper and Report are included in this file.

Bachelor of arts degree project

A collection of loose documents and records pertaining to the possible creation of a Bachelor of Arts Degree Program at Ryerson and the committee(s) established to examine this issue. Dean of Arts Errol Aspevig constituted the first committee in February, 1994. The records in this sub-series were turned over by Ron Stagg, Chair of the History Department, who inherited them from the previous Chair, Al Wargo, who was involved with the B.A. Curriculum Committee. The activities described in this material presumably led to the formation of a B.A. in Arts and Contemporary Studies, first offered in the Fall of 2003. Items found in this sub-series include: a discussion paper; a mission statement; e-mail messages; a copy of the Ryerson Act; several reports; computer Web site printouts and photocopies relating to programs at Toronto Area community colleges and British universities; and a document from the Vice President Academic entitled, "The Development, Review and Approval of New Undergraduate Degree Programs".The contents of this collection record were reorganized and arranged in chronological order.

Class of 1952 photograph

This print was donated to the Archives, via the School of Graphic Communications, by an alumnus and the GCM Alumni Association executive member. The alumnus was present at the official opening of the GCM Building: Heidelberg Centre on April 7, 2003.

" Winning Concept" catalogue

Catalogue of design entries for the Winning Concept contest to create and display designs and/or concepts for lottery games to the lottery industry. This catalogue contains entries by Ryerson Graphic Communication Mgmt. students.

Miscellaneous Newpapers and Magazines

Samples of newspapers and magazine used by retired faculty member Mel (M.M.) Johnston, as a teaching aid, during his tenure at Ryerson. These samples include:

  1. The Public Ledger (Philadelphia), Vol. 1 #1, March 25, 1836, 26 x 39cm.
  2. Scientific American Supplement No. 17, Week ending April 22, 1876, 29 x 40cm.
  3. The Virgina Gazette, Number 14, From March 30 to April 6, 1951, 32 x 45cm.

Program Review Process

File contains:
Program Review - Graph Arts Mgmt. June 1978
Program Review - Graphic Arts Mgmt. March 1980
Program Review - Graphic Arts Mgmt. Feb. 1982
RPRP - Graphic Arts Mgmt. May 1982PRP - Academic Quality Element c 1990
PRP - Societal Need Element c1990
PRP - Financial Viability Element Jan. 31, 1991
Proposed Curriculum Revision October 1997
Modified Curriculum Revision December, 1997

Mail Log

  • RG 57.46
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1994-1995
  • Parte deSenate

Applied Research Committee

  • RG 57.48
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1979-1980
  • Parte deSenate

Committee appointed by and responsible to the Academic Council of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute.

Miskilc University degree inquiry

  • RG 57.49
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1984-1992
  • Parte deSenate

These files contain some undated background and historical information about the University of Miskolc and material forwarded by the Dean of Engineering, the Director of CATE and the Director of RIDC and other areas to Academic Council regarding the University of Miskolc - Ryerson relationship and other Ryerson international activities. The material is arranged in chronological order. A chronology of events from January 1988 - 1991 regarding the Agreement is included.This material was reviewed by the A. Wargo (Ass't. to V.P. Academic, Secretary of Academic Council and Secretary of the Committee of Inquiry) and the Committee before drafting a final report.

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