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Career Centre newsletters

  • RG 110.10
  • Série organique
  • 1975 - 2013
  • Fait partie de Career Centre

Newsletters include "The Job Spot" and "Career News" for students and alumni.

Career Centre

Photographic display materials

Series contains various foam cores that were generated and used in displays featuring Ryerson archival images. Series also contains plaques of enlargements of the Ryersonian newspaper.

Kodak Chair lecture series, 1999-2000

Series contains audio recordings of lectures by photographers and filmmakers that took place as part of the Kodak Chair Lecture series at Ryerson University in the 1999-2000 academic year. Lectures were recorded in both audio and video formats. Th...

Image Arts


Series contains files of correspondence as they were arranged and retained by David Reville.

The Veterans Group

Series contains records generated or collected by David Reville related to 'The Veteran's Group,' which would eventually become the Toronto Psychiatric Survivors.

Administrative Materials

Series consists of administrative materials of the Rho Alpha Kappa fraternity. Included are meeting minutes, correspondence, manuals, their constitution, notices, and lists of members.

Toy and promotional cameras

Series contains cameras designed for children or created and distributed as marketing materials for different corporations. These cameras became most popular after the advent of film cartridges, as this greatly simplified the handling and lowered ...

O'Keefe House Alumni - Ted Brock collection

  • RG 209.14
  • Série organique
  • 1963 - 1998
  • Fait partie de O'Keefe House

Textual and photographic records donated to the Archives by Douglas Brock, brother of former O'Keefe House Don Ted Brock. This series includes records related to student and residence life at O'Keefe house, materials gathered in preparat...

Committees and Councils

Series contains records relating to councils and committees that the Faculty of Community Services organized or took part in. The series consists of the following files:RG 186.006.001 December 6th Memorial CommitteeRG 186.006.002 Community Service...

Research and Publications

File contains publications and research created by the Faculty of Community Services. Included in the series are:RG 186.007.001 Research Directory - A compilation of Faculty of Community Services ResearchRG 186.007.002 Faculty of Community Service...

Promotional Materials

Series containing promotional materials created by/for the Faculty of Community Services. Included are:RG 186.004.001 Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex brochureRG 186.004.002 RPI Community Services Division buttonsRG 186.004.003 Faculty of C...

Awards and Special Events

Series contains records relating to awards and special events within the Faculty of Community Services. Included are invitations, posters, and programs for faculty awards nights, Scholarly Research, lectures, open houses, and convocation.

Conferences, forums, lectures, and workshops

Series contains records related to conferences, forums, seminars, and lectures sponsored by or organized by the Faculty of Community Services. The series contains:RG 186.003.001 Caribbean Family and Youth conferenceRG 186.003.002 Promoting Health ...

Administrative Records

Series contains administrative records for the Faculty of Community Services. The Series is divided into three areas:RG 186.001.001 Chair/Director meeting minutes and accompanying recordsRG 186.001.002 Dean of the Faculty of Community Services doc...


Series contains articles written by Philip Rawkins.


Series contains copies of papers written by Phillip Rawkins

Exhibitions - Image Arts gallery or studio installations

Series contains posters, postcards, and other promotional materials for exhibitions held in the exhibit space in the Image Arts Building, as well, colour slide photographs of exhibit installations and photographic images displayed by students and ...

Image Arts

Ryerson Media Centre productions

  • RG 76.01
  • Série organique
  • 1951-2004
  • Fait partie de Media Centre

Ryerson related productions created and co-ordinated by the Media Centre. Subjects include guest lectures, departmental and program activities, curriculum and course presentations, and internal and external interviews.

Ryerson Media Centre


Series contains texual records relating to the design and creation of the sundial and a copy of the sundial.

Promotional film packages and stills

The series consists of promotional packages and film stills (press kits) put together by various Canadian, American and international film production companies and collected by the Toronto Film Society.

Toronto Film Society


Series contains papers authored and co-authored by Anna Stahmer while employed as a Senior Associate at the Ryerson International Development Institute.

Wet plate negatives

Series contains wet plate collodion negatives, a process usually credited to William Scott Archer , in wide use between 1851 and 1885. The process uses light-sensitive silver halides in collodion on a glass base and the negatives needed to be expo...


Series contains examples of tintypes, collected from various sources.Tintypes, sometimes referred to as ferrotypes or melainotypes, are direct positive images created with sensitized collodion on a metal (iron) surface that has been coated with la...

RSU Histories

Histories written by or commissioned by the student union under any of its variant historical names.

Digital and pre-digital cameras

Series contains cameras that are designed to capture images using sensors and digital storage media instead of film, as well as pre-digital cameras that combined digital technology with film. The digital camera replaced the traditional film camera...

Floppy Discs and related textual records

This series contains a collection of Jack Layton floppy discs from the 1980s and 1990s. The series also includes a collection of textual records that represent the portion of the discs that were readable/printable in 2014. The textual records in t...

Layton, Jack

Equity Service Centres

This series consists of materials created by and related to the six RSU Equity Service Centres: The Centre for Women & Trans People, The Good Food Centre, Racialised Students’ Collective, RyeACCESS, RyePRIDE, and the Trans Collective.

Documentary Films series

Series consists of biographical films about Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870-1924), leader of the Soviet Union and father of Communism. These films were created and produced in the Russian Soviet State and reflect the ideals of the state and the popula...

Lenses and lens accessories series

Series contains various photographic lenses and accessories from many manufactures, for use with a variety of camera models. Items include wide-angle, zoom and specialty lenses, along with lens caps and filters.

Reports and proposals

Series contains reports pertaining to the creation of a Faculty of Law at Ryerson University. Included are:RG 175.001.001 Report of the Academic Standards Committee - Proposal for a Juris Doctor program, June 2017 (2 copies)RG 175.001.002 Faculty ...

Photographic assignments

Series contains images taken by University Advancement photographers. They cover a wide range of subjects including campus events, staff and faculty portraits, donor receptions and building demolition and construction. A majority of the images wer...

Motion-picture viewers

Series contains cameras that use film to capture moving images for display. While still image cameras expose one image at a time on photographic film, motion picture cameras take a series of images (or frames) on long strips of film that are then ...

Stereoscope Viewers

Series contains stereoscopic viewers, photographic images, and emphera. This includes a wide range of stereoscopes and three-dimensional viewers. Stereoscopes are devices used to view two mounted identical images as a single three-dimensional pho...

Folding (bellows) cameras

This series contains cameras designed for roll film and employed a folding design, in which a front flap opened and lens and bellows extended from the camera body. This design balanced the need to produce large sized negatives while making the cam...

Dry plate cameras

This series contains cameras designed for use with commercially manufactured dry plate negatives. Produced between about 1880 and 1900, these cameras began to be marketed to amateur photographers due to the relative ease of using dry plates. Expos...

Stereoscopic Cameras

Series consists of 17 cameras designed to take identical images of the same subject from two lenses, approximately 2.5 inches apart or the same distance between human eyes. Cameras are able to make stereo pairs or single images. Cameras in this s...


Series contains papers authored and co-authored by Denise Woit.

Papers authored or co-authored by L Anderson

Series contains papers authored and co-authored by Lisa Anderson during her time as co-ordinator of the Women in Engineering Office at Ryerson. Papers were created for various conferences

Anderson, Lisa


Papers authored and co-authored by Kathryn Woodcock.

Video cameras

Series contains hand-held, shoulder-mounted, or structurally-attached cameras that use electronic components to record moving images and sound. Most items in this series are for home use. For cameras that record moving images using digital compone...

Weisblatt, Betty

One-time use cameras

Series contains cameras designed to be disposable. Usually simple, point and shoot cameras made of plastic cases with cardboard housings, these cameras were sold pre-loaded with film and returned to the photofinisher in tact for development. The p...

Point and shoot cameras

Series contains mainly inexpensive, fully automatic 35 mm cameras marketed strictly for amateur use. These cameras are the high tech descendants of the box camera and most models have no manual control over focus, aperture, shutter speed, film win...

In-camera processing (instant) cameras

Series consists of cameras that combine exposure and development in one step to create photographs instantaneously. While Polaroid is by far the most well known of these cameras, the first patent for instant photography was for the Dubroni, a Fren...

Twin lens reflex cameras

Series contains cameras designed with two identical lenses, mounted one above the other, for composition and the other for exposure. The twin-lens design allows the photographer a continuous view of the subject while photographing, as the 45 degre...

Single lens reflex cameras

Series contains single lens reflex, or simply reflex, cameras. This deign used a mirror at a 45 degree angle to allow the photographer to look through the lens when composing the photograph, therefore seeing exactly what will appear on the film. B...

Stereoscopic and multi lens cameras

Series contains cameras that have with more than one lens, to create multiple images on the same light sensitive film or plate. These cameras were designed for several purposes, the most popular being the stereoscopic, or three-dimensional, image....

Professional and press cameras

Series contains cameras designed to fulfill specific, professional functions such as surveying, aerial photography, studio portraits and press work. These cameras are often the best items in the manufacturers line, offering more features and a stu...

Miniature and sub-miniature cameras

This series contains cameras designed to take photographs on flexible film sized smaller than 135 format film (24mm x 36mm). The size of the camera also tended to be very small, and often simply designed. While several companies manufactured high ...

Panoramic cameras

Series contains cameras designed to take wide-angle photographs (images that are least twice as wide as they are tall). Cameras of this nature began to be produced soon after photography was invented, as photographers have always wanted to capture...

Detective cameras

Items in this series are photographic devices designed to be inconspicuous, intended for photographers to make candid exposures without the subject being aware. The first detective cameras appeared with the production of commercially available dry...

Scovill & Adams Company

Box and snapshot roll film cameras

Series contains simple, snapshot cameras designed for mass public consumption, taking advantage of the new flexible roll film that was developed in 1883. The box camera was a logical follow up from the original simple camera obscuras, often having...

Field cameras

This series contains view cameras whose lighter and more compact design, as compared to larger, studio style cameras, allowed for them to be easily transported for use in outdoor settings and for travelling. Alterations like collapsible bellows (f...

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