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CJRT Open College Canadian History - source interview audio cassettes

This file contains 152 audio cassettes of various durations, that contain interviews conducted by Desmond Glynn and Myer Siemiatycki of a broad selection of academics and historians addressing the main themes and events in Canada's history f...

Canadian History Update 1990-1991 audio cassettes

This file contains 47 audio cassettes of various durations containing interviews conducted by Desmond Glynn in order to update the Canadian History course program ,circa 1990-1992. This file includes the following source interview audio cassettes:...

Open College Canadian History Interview transcripts

This file contains a collection of one hundred and ninety one (191) transcribed interviews of a numerous historians and academics conducted by Desmond Glynn, Myer Siemiatycki, Bob Bothwell, and Tom Fulton as source material for Open College course...

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