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Alumni Expo (Graduate Fair)

The first Graduate Fair was held in the upper floor of the Hub cafeteria on March 4, 2009 for graduands going to graduate in 2009. The purpose was to enhance services to new graduates and improvement relations between the university and grads. The...

Ryersonia 1962

2 copies of the Ryersonia 1962, and 1 copy of Our Talking Yearbook vinyl record (sleeve inside front cover of the yearbook)

School of Nutrition

  • RG 303
  • Arquivo
  • 1950 - ?

Fonds includes archival records related to the Ryerson School of Nutrition.

Dennis Mock fonds

  • F 394
  • Arquivo
  • 1976-2000

Dennis R. Mock began teaching courses in Geography as a professor in the Social Sciences Department at Ryerson in 1971. By 1974, Mock was a permanent Ryerson Faculty member. From 1979 to 1987, he acted at the Chair of the Department of Geography a...

Mock, Dennis

Irene Devine fonds

  • F 400
  • Arquivo
  • 1989 - 1993

This fonds contains the following files: F 400.1 - Principles of Modern Management. A Canadian Perspective. Third Edition, 1989. Open. Records are available for consultation without restriction. F 400.2 - Journal articles, 1990. Records are under ...

Devine, Irene

Developing for the 80s "Phone 5000" phonathon

The file consists of planning records, correspondence, alumni lists, and blank forms in preparation for the eight-night, alumni-initiative fundraising event in April 1982; the photographs of a draw for a prize.

Deep Lake Water Cooling Investigation Group reports

File contains reports generated by the Deep Lake Water Cooling Investigation Group. Includes:1. A Cooling Strategy For Toronto - study 2F the Final Report for the Deep Lake Water Cooling Investigation Group authored by the Cooling Strategies Integ...

Ontario Economic Council

File contains various Ontario Economic Council working papers and reports, press releases, clippings, and a lightly annotated copy of 'Issues and Alternatives 1976 - National Independence.'

Jack Layton - MA papers

File contains various papers written by Jack Layton - apparently as part of work on his MA.

The Waffle - Movement for an Independent Socialist Canada

File contains textual records related to the Ontario NDP radical splinter group 'The Waffle' (aka the Movement for an Independent Socialist Canada). Includes Waffle newspaper publications, notes, promotional materials, meeting minutes, f...

Jack Layton For Mayor Election Planning Committee

File contains textual records related to the Jack Layton for Mayor Election Planning Committee. Includes meeting minutes, correspondence, financials, participation lists, and notes.

Toronto Sky Dome financing and municipal political context

File contains textual records related to the Toronto Sky Dome, and Layton's position on the financing and ongoing ownership of the stadium. Includes: "Preliminary Report on the Financing Arrangements for the Construction of a Domed Stadi...

Open House

Minutes of Open House meeting (Sept. 14, 1971) and a report on the Open House (Dec. 7, 1971) made to Information Services.

Charles Weidman Theatre Dance company

File containing a programme, correspondence and related documents concerning a cooperative effort by the University of Toronto, York University, Toronto Public Library System and Ryerson, to bring Charles Weidman and his Company, to Toronto, to gi...

Drama Productions

News clippings, programmes, tickets for R.T.A. (1st/2nd year) drama productions as part of their course curriculum.

Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre

  • RG 933
  • Arquivo
  • 2007-2012

The Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre was established in 2005. Its mandate is to research the literary and cultural production in the modernist era (from 1880 to 1940), to preserve and advance modernist women’s heritage and to promote ...

Ryerson University Magazine

This file contains "Ryerson Magazine"published twice a year by the Office of University Advancement.The magazine Alumni Relations publishes for the alumni started in 1962 as, The Rambler. Alumni Relations felt the magazine needed to prom...

2016 ceremony

File contains programmes and invitations for the Thursday February 11, 2016 ceremony.Alumni Award of Distinction recipients were: Lynn Factor, Social Work '80; Justin Poy, RTA '93; and Robert Schauer, Business Management, '97. The I...

Ryerson Image Centre

Materials relating to the Ryerson Image Centre including news, publicity, exhibitions, programming and photographic documentation.

Teaching Awards Program and Miscellanea

File includes e-mails, posters, programs and other materials created for the awards ceremony and the associated lecture series of award recipients.The awards are grouped into University level and faculty level. The university level are university ...

Graphic Materials

Series consists of graphic materials pertaining to Open College.

Ted Rogers School of Management

  • RG 222
  • Arquivo
  • 1967-2014

The fonds contains a variety of materials including newspapers, newsletters, correspondence, advertising, photographs, programmes, and brochures related to the Business Division, Business Administration Division, Faculty of Business and the Ted Ro...

Ted Rogers School of Management

Open College Canadian History Interview transcripts

This file contains a collection of one hundred and ninety one (191) transcribed interviews of a numerous historians and academics conducted by Desmond Glynn, Myer Siemiatycki, Bob Bothwell, and Tom Fulton as source material for Open College course...

LDC Asset Renewal discussion series

The LDC Asset Renewal Series was a series of discussions on the future of electricity distribution in Ontario and were chaired by Paul Murphy, past president and CEO of the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). The roundtables involved L...

Centre for Urban Energy

RADmag (Ryerson Art + Design Magazine)

File contains copies of RADmag - Ryerson Art + Design magazine. It is a creative magazine spotlighting students all the schools under the Faculty of Communicaiton and Design. Issue 00 was an alumni edition and Issue 01 was published with 3 differe...

RAC promotional materials

File consists of promotional materials of the Recreation and Athletics Centre. It includes flyers, posters, brochures, membership application forms, schedules, and a bookmark.

Equity Service Centres

This series consists of materials created by and related to the six RSU Equity Service Centres: The Centre for Women & Trans People, The Good Food Centre, Racialised Students’ Collective, RyeACCESS, RyePRIDE, and the Trans Collective.

RTA Awards Ceremony materials

File consists of: RTA Awards Ceremony programmes; photographs of award winners from 1992-1995 and 1997; and a cassette tape from the 1974 awards event.

Ceremonials Office

  • RG 928
  • Arquivo
  • 2008-

During the 1950s, convocation preparations were arranged by a Convocation Committee. Academic Council assumed responsibility in the 1960s until the early 1980s, when the Information Services Department took over. In November 1986, the Department o...

OPSEU job evaluation process project

In a collaborative arrangement between Human Resources and OPSEU, a project was initiated to review and improve the efficiency of the job evaluation process.The file consists of an e-memo informing OPSEU staff the pilot for the project has been la...

Department of Human Resources

Ryerson Music Series

The Ryerson Music Series - Interdisciplinary Perspecitives was created by Prof. Kim Chow-Morris in 2008 as a way to "connect faculty, students, staff, and community members from diverse disciplinary perspectives with interest and research bac...

Library Committee

  • RG 460
  • Arquivo
  • 1983 - 1996

The Learning Resource Committee was formed in 1980. It had 3 representatives from each division at Ryerson (Applied Arts, Arts, Business, Community Services, Technology, and Continuing Education) - one student, one faculty member, and a representa...

President's celebration notices

File contains invitations extended to the Ryerson community or to faculty and staff to celebrate a noteworthy event. This primarily includes the Annual Holiday Celebration for the whole community.

Photographic assignments

Series contains images taken by University Advancement photographers. They cover a wide range of subjects including campus events, staff and faculty portraits, donor receptions and building demolition and construction. A majority of the images wer...


  • RG 57
  • Arquivo

Alumni Weekend 2015

A series of photographic images in the form of a newsletter documenting Alumni Weekend 2015; included are registration, barbeque lunch, the SLC building, and Archives and Special Collections. File also contains promotional materials including pamp...

2016 awards

File contains 3 copies of the program for the Ryerson Awards Night dinner held Thursday March 17, 2016 in the Churchill Ballroom at the Chelsea Hotel on Gerrard St. in Toronto; 3 copies of the program for the Faculty Teaching Awards luncheon and r...

Ryerson ice carnival and winter carnival

File contains posters, 2 t-shirts for RyeSAC/RSU's Winter Carnival and Ice Carnival ,Winter Fest Handbooks, correspondence, minutes of meetings, planning and budgeting information, reports.

Library posters

Posters in this file were generated to promote library events or programs, or to serve as signs and wayfinding assistance within the library itself.

miscellaneous posters - non Ryerson

File contains a collection of posters with no apparent Ryerson connection, that had been collected but not accessioned at some point in the 1980s. Posters in this file include:Mackenzie Printing Establishment - Mackenzie HouseThe GrangeTocam poste...

Ryerson Student Nutrition Action Committee

  • RG 912
  • Arquivo
  • 2006 - ?

Ryerson Student Nutrition Action Committee (RSNAC) was established as a peer education group by students for students, staff and faculty around 2006. Initially RSNAC developed a healthy eating tutorial and worked with Food Services to distribute e...

Election Posters

The file contains posters collected from campus halls after the election period. It has been divided into two folders: (1): 1972 - 1995 (2): 1996 -

Faculty of Arts posters

The file contains o/s posters, as follows : - The Role of Liberal Studies conference, 1986 : Career eduction for the 1990s, 1986 - Ryerson in Europe - Credit Courses, 1993 - Celebrating Authors event, 2012 ; See also folder RG 71.40. Poster create...


This file contains 3 posters.

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