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Faculty of Arts floor hockey tournament photographs

Photographs of faculty members and spectators taken during and after a Faculty of Arts floor hockey tournament. Participants in the tournament were faculty members from the departments of History, Economics, Politics and Applied Geography.

Student Activities Committee records

File consists of correspondence, plans, and reports from the student union's Blue and Gold Society regarding orientation and dances, primarily the location of dances in the gymnasium vs. the Great Hall.

Academic Steering Committee on the Credit System

  • RG 57.11
  • Ficheiro
  • 1968-1969
  • Parte de Senate

For several years Academic Council had been interested inconsidering the feasibility of a credit system but no serious study was undertaken because of the volume of work it represented and the complexity of the situation. In the Spring of 1969 the...

Election records

  • RG 57.10
  • Ficheiro
  • 1973-
  • Parte de Senate

The file contains email notices of upcoming elections, candidate profiles or platform statements, posters, and election results. Candidates are faculty, student, and alumni representatives. Ryerson staff are not eligible to stand as a representative.

Academic Council Statutes and Procedures

  • RG 57.8
  • Ficheiro
  • 1988-1995
  • Parte de Senate

This file contains Statutes And Procedures for the years 1988 and 1995. See Collection Record RG 57.3 (Minutes/Agendas - September or October) for documents prior to 1988 and after 1995.

Reference file photographs

5cm of black and white photographs taken by Journalism students for publication in the campus newspaper, THE EYEOPENER, during the 1988-1989 academic year.

Reference file photographs

7cm of black and white photographs taken by Journalism studentsf or publication in the campus newspaper THE EYEOPENER, during the1986-1987 academic year.

Finance System Project files

RG 63.53.1 Westinghouse Information Services/York-RPI Agreement, 1982 RG 63.53.2 Proposal for Financial Accounting System, 1981 RG 63.53.3 Request for Proposal for Financial Systems, 1981 RG 63.53.4 Review of Financial Systems Report, 1981 RG 63.5...

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