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[Portrait of a seated man]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of a young man, seated in a chair. His posture is very casual, his chin resting in his hand, legs crossed. He leans low in the chair. The studio backdrop is of a fireplace and plants. There is carpet underneath him. He is wearing a hat with no brim, vest, bowtie, suit jacket and striped pants. Three corners are cut off at an angle. His cheeks are hand painted.

[Photograph of a photograph]

Item is an unmounted tintype is a photograph of a photograph of an older couple. Original photograph is in a decorative frame/case (daguerreotype or ambrotype?), and it is a studio portrait of a man and woman, sitting side by side, looking straight out at the camera, hands folded in lap. Woman wears a white bonnet and checked dress. Clothing of sitters suggest that original photograph dates from the 1850s. Handwriting on the back in pencil, not able to decipher.

[Young girl posed on a chair]

Item is an unmounted tintype featuring an image of a young blond girl sits in a chair, in a studio portrait with elaborate background. Her one leg is crossed underneath her. The chair is made of wood, and looks like branches. She wears a sailor style dress.

[Portrait of two women both seated]

Item is in a cream coloured card-frame embossed opening, with embossed letters "Potter's Patent March 7 1865." Which is how we dated the tintype. Photograph is a studio portrait of two women, both seated, arms resting on the one armrest with fringes. Woman on right is dressed all in black, with black hat and veil - perhaps mourning wear. The woman on the left is in full skirt with black trim and black top, white collar and black hat. Both have pink tinted cheeks.

Visions in View

File includes promotional material, VHS tapes, and manuscript notes from 1988 to 1990 related to Visions in View, a series of commercial/industrial photography seminars offered by Kodak.

Advance Films & Video Ltd.

Portrait of a man, tinted

Crayon finished photograph showing a man with beard in suit with watchchain affixed to the top button of his waistcoat. Image is oval in shape on a rectangular card mount. Tears at all four corners show were cover mount would have been adhered. On verso, light blue stamp reads "Universal Copying Co./ MANUFACTURERS OF/ India Ink, Berlin Finish, Crayon, Pastel and Oil Portraits,/ also, Cabinets and Cartes de Visites./ All orders promptly attended to:/ Jeffers, Wells & Kipps, Proprietors./ Office 1436 & 1438 Market St., between 8th and 9th,/ SAN FRANCISCO, CAL."

Universal Copying Company

Portrait of William J(?)

Item is a cream coloured card with photograph mounted on the diagonal to create a diamond-shaped presentation. Photograph is a vignetted portrait of a young man with starched collar pressed back into "wings" and wearing a double-breasted wool coat with a floral boutonniere. On verso, handwritten in black ink, "April 19" 1895/ WmJ."

Portrait of a young man

Item is a brown cabinet card with brown letterpress at bottom, "J. Al. Llyod York, Neb." Photograph is a portrait of a young man in suit and tie, with a handkerchief in his breast pocket. On verso, handwritten in pencil, "1890".

J. Al. Lloyd

Portrait of F. C. McClellan

Item is a cream cabinet card with brown letterpress at bottom, "J. Al. Llyod York, Neb." Handwritten in pencil below that, "Prof. McClelland". Photograph is a portrauit of a young man in suit and tie. On verso, handwritten in ink, "F.C. McClellan" and below that, in pencil, "I began teaching under/ him".

J. Al. Lloyd

Portrait of a woman

Item is a cream card with silver letterpress at bottom edge, "Regent Portraits Ltd., London & Provinces." Photograph is a portrait of a young woman in plain white blouse with her short hair curled forward on either side of her face, and a section pulled up and rolled back on top - a very popular style for the 40s. On verso, "Further copies may always be obtained/ from our local Studio by quoting index/ letter and Negative Number." Handwritten in pencil, "PA61.99.8" and again in letterpress, "OR FROM/ REGENT PORTRAITS Ltd.,/ 30/31 GREAT SUTTON ST.,/ LONDON, E.C. 1."

Regent Portraits Ltd.

Portrait of a child with oar and sled

Photograph of a child dressed in a winter coat and hat, holding an oar and standing next to a winter sled. Snowy hills are painted on the studio backdrop. At the lower right of the card is a design with the photographer's initials intertwined: "A" "G" and "P", and the words "Pittaway/ OTTAWA,/ ONT." On the verso, and handwritten note identifying the recipient of the card.

Pittaway, Alfred G.

[Portrait of Selma Owen]

Item is a grey and green mottled-pattern bi-fold card with, art nouveu floral design embossed into the upper left corner of the front flap. On the front of the right flap is embossed the name of the photographer: "Craswell/ Charlottetown, P.E.I." Inside, a photograph of a woman with a short haircut. The image is very dark, causing the rest of her body to be obscured. On the inside of the left flap, a handwritten note gives her name and the date.


[Portrait of a boy in sailor suit]

Item is a brown bi-fold card with text at the bottom edge of the front left flap in black letterpress: "Portrait by Bayer, Charlottetown, P.E.I." Inside, a photograph of a boy in a sailor-style suit holding a small toy ship in his left hand. A piece of knotted rope hangs from his shirt pocket.

Bayer, J. A. S.

[Portrait of women and baby in a family group]

Item is a brown bi-fold card with an embossed design with shield and helmet on the front left flap, beneath which is the photographer's name in letterpress: "A.E. Lyon/ Photo./ Charlottetown, P.E.I." Inside, a photograph is adhered to the card showing three women in a studio, one holding a baby. All 4 are identified by a handwritten note on the inside of the right flap.

Lyon, A.E.

[Portrait of Canadian WWI army officer in uniform]

Item is a cream coloured bi-fold card (3 flaps) with an embossed ribbon on the front flap at lower right. Inside, a vignetted photograph of a man in Canadian army uniform, with a badge on his right shoulder labeled "Toronto". The back of the photograph is stamped "HALKSWORTH WHEELER/ 109A SANDGATE ROAD./ FOLKESTONE". This is handwritten on the front of the photograph, and the date August 1917 is written on the card.

Wheeler, Halksworth

[Female residents of Macdonald Hall, University of Guelph]

File contains three cream-coloured cards embossed with the coat of arms of the University of Guelph and the words "Macdonald Hall/ Guelph" in the upper left corner. On the lower right, the photographer's studio is identified as "The O'Keefe's/ Guelph, Ontario". Two of the portraits are duplicates. The third portrait is identified as "Jennie". Each card has a piece of glassine tissue covering the photo inside.

O'Keefe's Studio (Lionel C. O'Keefe)

Artist catalogues takeaways

Series contains pamphlets, cards, catalogues and booklest produced by photographers as handouts between 2000 and 2005. Artists include:

Lili Almog
Matthre Barlow
Mette Bersang
Beth Block
Joergen Brandt
Brittain Bright
Andrew Buurman
Catherine Cameron
Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Marcelo Coelho
Lois Conner
Michael Corridore
Vincent Delbrouck
Gair Dunlop
Beth Dow
Sebastian Friedman
Johannes Galert
Moyrah Gall
Edouard Glissant
Jules Greenberg
Myar Greene
Kyna Gourley
Linda Hansen
Mark Edward Harris
Heinrich Heidersberger
German Herrera
April Hickox
Julia Hoerner
Michael Itkoff
Adam Jeppeson
Max Kandhola
Misty Keasler
Karen Keating
Jens Knigge
Michael Kolster
Oliver Krebs
Bob Kubiak
James Lerager
Rania Matar
Heather McMlintock
Beatrice Minda
Rizwan Mirza
Edgar Moreno
Huong Ngo
Christian Nielinger
Dan Nelken
Rachel Papo
Mary Parisi
Patricia Pastore
Gilles Perrin
Liv Carle Mortenesen
Liza Nguyen
Elizabeth Orbutt
Betty Press
Susan Raab
David Ramkalawon
Scully & Osterman
Sole, Magdalena
Kristopher Stallworth
David Star
Amy Stein
Wei Leng Tay
Mogens Ulderup
Jim Vecchi
Carla Williams
Dennis Witmer

Pawel Zak

Nordström, Alison

Undated musem and gallery brochures

Series contains pamphlets, maps, guides and publications for cultural sites and photographic exhibitions between 2000 and 2005. Venues include:

Bath Abbey, England
The Boston Public Library
East Lambrook Manor Garden, England
The Finnish Museum of Photography
Forma International Centre of Photography, Milan
Glastonbury Abbey, England
Harry Ransom Humanities Research Centre, University of Texas at Austin
Harvard University Art Museums
The High Desert Museum, Bent Oregon
Horn Park Gardens, Dorset
International Visual Society Association
Japanese Gardens, Portland
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego
Museum fur Photographie, Berlin
National Film Theatre, London
National Museum of Natural History, Washington
National Trust, UK
Oregon History Centre
Peabody Essex Museum
Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
Pittock Mansion, Portland
Parnham House, England
Portland Art Museum
Salvadore Dali Museum, Florida
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities
Suntory Museum of Art, Tokyo
The Tate Modern, London
The Victoria and Albert Museum, London
University of Oxford Botanic Garden

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Nordström, Alison

Exhibition prior to 2000

Series contains pamphlets, press releases, invitations and publications for photographic exhibitions at museums, galleries, festivals and universities in the United States and some abroad, between 1985 and 1999. Venues include:
621 Gallery, Tallahassee
Akron Art Museum
Amon Carter Museum
Bibliotheque Nationale de France, site Francois-Mitterrand
Bronx Museum of Art
California Museum of Photography
The Corcoran Gallery of Art
Denver Art Museum
Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia
The Flagler Museum
George Eastman House, Rochester <BR>
Grey Art Gallery, New York University
Haas Gallery of Art, Bloomsburg University
Hood Museum of Art, Darmouth College
The International Center of Photography, New York,
James Howe Gallery, New Jersey
Kanagawa Arts Festival, Japan
Klebenov Gallery
Lehigh University Art Galleries
Missoula Art Museum
The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
The Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago
The National Trust, UK
Octagon Galleries, Bath
Photographic Resource Centre Boston
Rose Art Museum, Brandis University
Seattle Art Museum
Smithsonian Institution, Washington
Southeast Museum of Photography
Taft Museum, Cincinnati
Tozzer Library, Harvard University
University Gallery at the University of Massachusetts
University of Southern Main
Wellesley College Museum
Wolfsonian, Miami Beach

Nordström, Alison

Kodak Publication C/CC : Publications about Kodak, Arctic Photography

File contains instructional booklets published by Eastman Kodak on how to photograph in certain situations. Topics include: astrophotography; composition; photographing flowers; winter, flash, underwater, travel, night, close up and tropical photography; photography through binoculars; and photography the television.

Eastman Kodak Company

Photographic portraits of Lenin on small posters

Small card posters printed with a photographic image of Lenin. There are 2 different poses, one in which Lenin faces the camera smiling, the second where Lenin is leaning an arm over the back of a chair. "V. I. Lenin" is written on both posters, beneath the photographs. They were produced in Moscow.

Photographic poster of Lenin and sister Olga as children

Small card posters printed with a photographic image of a young Lenin and his younger sister Olga. This photograph was taken by photographer E. L. Zhakrzhevskaya in 1874. Beneath the photograph it reads: Volodya Ulyanov with sister Olga. It was produced in Moscow.

Portrait of Jack Fellows Laubert(?), age 17 years

Item consists of a cream coloured mount with embossed text at bottom right, "HARRODS LTD./ BROMPTON TOAD/ S.W." Photograph is a of a young man in suit and tie with high collared shirt. On verso, handwritten in ink, "Jack Fellows Laubert(?)/ age 17 years." Mount slides inside a glassine tissue envelope with the same Harrods logo at top left.

Portrait of a woman in furs

Item is a black folded card card with tissue insert and a photograph of a woman in fur scarf and fur muff on a cream-coloured mount. At the bottom of the mount, embossed, "Kraft/ ST. PAUL". On the front of the card, at the centre, "KRAFT. PORTRAITS" is embossed in a circle design.

Portrait of Ruth Vogan Hamilton

Item is a beige cabinet card with gold scalloped edges and brown letterpress at bottom edge, "A. W. Phipps, NEW CASTLE, PA." Photograph is a portrait of an older woman in bonnet and glasses. On verso, a design with flowers, brushes, and the text "INSTANTAENOUS/ PORTRAITS/ OF CHILDREN/ A SUCCESSFUL/ SPECIALITY./ ARTISTIC/ PHOTOGRAPHY/ A. W. Phipps,/ 6 1/2 Washington Street,/ NEW CASTLE, PA./ DUPLICATES CAN BE/ PROCURED/ AT ANY TIME." Handwritten in blue ink at the top edge, "Ruth Vogan Hamilton/ Mother of Mary Jane Marshall/ (My grandmother)/ Stoughton".


[Portrait of man with round glasses]

Item is potentially made of celluloid. It is a large photographic button, that had a stand like a frame. Image is a portrait of a man, with glasses and mustache, wearing a suit and tie. Image is brown/red hue, like sepia. Verso is metal, plated gold with the inscription "Columbia Medallion Studios Chicago." Unable to locate this studio, or find any information on it.

Redbook reader

Photograph is of a woman sitting in front of a fireplace, with Redbook magazine open on her lap. The support for the image is a neon-red paper. On the lower right of the tan card mount is embossed the studio logo. On the verso is inscribed in green ink: "To Jessie, Wishing you many happy returns of the day. Violet. Jan. 1 1912."

Rembrandt's Studio

Canterbury cathedral and girl

Two pairs of photographs originally grouped together. Two photographs are of a girl seated on a miniature chaise longue in front of garden wall, and two photographs are of the interior of Canterbury Cathedral. The cathedral photographs have both been written on verso in pencil "Canterbury Cathedral," and individually in ink, "Presbytery and Archbishop Bourchier's Tomb" and "Effigy of the Black Prince from his Tomb."

Shields, Lorne

Consumer mkts french ad

File consists of 2 contact sheets and 2 prints featuring images of a life-sized cutout french advertisement at the Image Centre in Toronto for Kodak Colorwatch System, featuring an image of a man holding a baby standing beside a dog wearing a birthday hat and sunglasses and a stuffed Kosmic the Kolorkin mascot toy.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Portrait of Lauren(?) Druehl

Item consists of a photograph mounted on cream card with decoratively frayed edges. Handwritten note at bottom right of image on card in black ink, "To my friend 'Alf' Martin/ P Lauren(?) Druehl" Photograph shows a man in dark suit with pinstriped shirt. Underneath the text, embossed in the card, "RICE/ MONTREAL". On verso, handwritten in pencil, "65769".

Rice Studio

Portrait of W. A. Harrison

Item consists of a photograph mounted on cream card with decoratively frayed edges. Handwritten note at bottom right of image in blue ink, "To my Friend,/ Alf Martin/ W. A. Harrison". Photograph shows a man in light checked suit.

Portrait of Wals(?)

Item consists of a photograph mounted on cream card with decoratively frayed edges. Handwritten note at bottom of image on card, in black ink, "Alf, Kindest regards./ Wals(?)." At left, Toronto photographer's stamp in gold, "Ballard & Jarrett". Photograph shows a man in wool suit with patterned tie.

Ballard and Jarrett

Portrait of Phil Mal--m(?)

Item consists of a photograph mounted on cream card with decoratively frayed edges. Handwritten note at bottom right corner of image in black ink, "Best regards has(?) to/ my friend Alf/ Phil Mal--m/ 1944" In white, at bottom left of image, "Don Baltim-". In pencil, at bottom right of image on card, "Sufters(?)-Colmer(?)/ Vancouver BC." Photograph is portrait of a man in checkered suit with pince-nez.

Mrs. Orr

Item is a portrait of woman in white dress standing in front of rocky beach. Inscription on back in pencil reads, 'Mrs. Orr 80%'. Inscription in black ink reads, 'Kitimat - Aug. 1956 (Note Snow). Green stamp reads, 'August 1 (illegible)

[Portrait (drawing) of a young man in tartan tie]

Item is a cream cabinet card with scalloped edges and red letterpress at bottom edge, "E. R. Owen, RED BUD, ILL." At the centre, printed inside a design of artist's palette and brushes, the text "EXTRA FINISH". Photograph of a drawing of a young man in suit jacket and tartan tie, vignetted so the image is quite small. The photograph has a pink tone.

E. R. Owen

Portrait proofs of Helen Ballock

5 photographs of the same woman in light-coloured blouse, different poses and backgrounds. Each image is stamped "PROOF ONLY" on the front, and again on the back with more explanatpry text. The studio's name is given as "The Stride Studios". The sitter was identified as "Miss Helen Ballock." on a manilla envelope which contained the images. [Envelope removed]

Stride, Charles Edgar

Coronation Day at the Home of Mr and Mrs Smith, June 22nd 1911 Toronto Canada

Glossy print with white border mounted on thick card of the same size, and black paper of a larger size. Depicts a group of people outside a house surrounded by flags. A picture of the royal family hangs behind them. Recto caption, bottom right of image area: "Coronation Day at the Home of Mr and Mrs Smith June 22nd 1911 Toronto Canada."

Portrait of a woman in black ribboned dress

Item features green patterned paper on black-backed mount with embossed border and thin, rectangular photograph inset of a woman seated on a bench wearing an elaborately ribboned blouse and holding a fur muff. At bottom right, embossed, "Thompson Bros/ 177 1/2 YONGE ST. TORONTO."

Thompson Brothers

Portrait of Glenn Kelsey

Item consists of a grey card with embossed text at bottom right, "F. C. Barnum/ MORRISON/ ILL." Photograph is a portrait of a young man with high starched collar and patterend bowtie. On verso, handwritten in blue ink, "Glenn Kelsey".

F. C. Barnum

Portrait of Mary, Catherine and Julia Reed

Item is a grey card with white letterpress at bottom centre, "THE/ DOREMUS/ STUDIO" contained in a wreath design, with "52 BROADWAY/ PATERSON, N.J./ GROUND FLOOR". Photograph shows three women in high collarded dresses. At the top edge, handwritten in blue ink above each of the women, from left to right, "Mary Reed", "Aunt Catherine Reed", and "Julia Reed".

Doremus Studio

Portrait of a baby

Item is a white cabinet card with gold letterpress border and text at the bottom, "W. Farmer 35 KING STREET/ HAMILTON, ONT." Photograph shows a baby in white dress seated on some fabric. On verso, printed sideways, an elaborate lithograph with a camera, woman and cherubs admiring a pictures with a city scene in the distance and the text "W. Farmer/ 35, King Street,/ Hamilton, Ont./ ENLARGEMENTS IN INDIA INK, WATER COLOR, CRAYON AND OIL./ SPECIAL DEPARTMENT FOR PICTURE/ FRAMES AND MOULDING./ DUPLICATES/ CAN BE HAD/ AT ANY TIME./ Manufacturer/ of Dry Plates./ NEG. C. E. & C."

W. Farmer

Portrait of a child in stroller

Item consists of a photograph mounted flush with plain beige card. Edges of negative, probably plastic, are visible. Photograph shows a boy seated in a four wheeled stroller with cushions, a blanket and an umbrella. The child wears a dark suit jacket with bishop sleeves and white trim, sailor suit style and a large lace collar. Stroller is placed in front a blank studio canvas.

Portrait of girl and baby

Item is a grey cabinet card with beige border and a photograph of a young girl, probably around 6 or 7 years old, in a a dark coloured dress with light coloured stiching and ribbons. She holds a bouquet of flowers in her right hand and stands next to a chair on which is seated a baby in a white dress. A studio backdrop of curtains and faux mantlepiece are behind them.

Portrait of man with white tie

Item is a cream coloured cabinet card with portrait of a man with light-coloured suit jacket and pale or white tie. At bottom of card, in gold letterpress "R. L. Hinde" and a print resembling an artist's palette and brushes with the words "EXTRA FINISH" inside image, and at right, "HARRISTON". On verso, handwritten in ink across top, "No. 118 May 21/ 95". Beneath and across entire card in faded pencil, [illegible]/ 1901 L-?/ 6 years(?) Allen Beau. / Mrs. R. E. / Johnson./ West Point of town near/ Ludl(?)/ Posted BW./ Sold for 6.00/ Paint(?)". Along left side, the imprint of an envelope flap with a purple stamp reading "The North Wester Picture Frame Co, Winnipeg".

R.L. Hinde

Portrait of a woman in a fur coat

Item is a green bi-fold card with a design in silver letterpress at the top left of an artist's palette and brushes with the text "The/ Gainsboro". Inside, a portrait of a woman with a wavy bobbed haircut and a fur coat with thick fur collar. At the bottom centre, in black letterpress, "THE/ GAINSBORO/ STUDIOS/ TORONTO/ HAMILTON/ ST. CATHERINES".

Gainsboro Studios

Portrait of woman with pearls

Item is a marbled brown bi-fold card with oval overmat on photograph of a young woman wearing pearls and a gauzey wrap. At bottom righ ton mat, in brown letterpress, "Barrett Studio/ 327 YONGE ST./ TORONTO." On front left flap, art nouveau style design embossed in gold.

Barrett Studio

[Dog portrait]

Item is a silver gelatin print that has been adhered to centre of a matt board. Matt board is grey. Image is a profile portrait of a bulldog. Inscription on verso "$15/4."

Portrait of child at desk with magazine

Item is a grey card with photograph of a young girl sitting at a table with an opened magazine. She leans across it, looking at the camera. At bottom right, embossed geometric decoration with letter "N" and the text "CHAS. M. NOBLE,/ 11 KING ST. W.,/ TORONTO, ONT."

Noble, Charles H.

Portrait of soldier, outdoors

Item is a folded card card, brown, with lighter brown mount inside and photograph of a soldier standing on the edge of a deck or patio with woods behind him. At bottom right, embossed in brown, a wreath with two letter Ms intertwined and the text "Morton/ LINDSAY/ CANADA." Floral tissue insert. On front, embossed shield with dragons.

M.M. Morton

Portrait of male graduate

Item is a black card with oval photograph affixed of a young man wearing a graduate gown (no hood or cap). At bottom right, embossed in silver, a drawing of a windmill with the text "THE DUTCH SCHOOL" and "Vander Feen/ 318 YONGE ST/ TORONTO,/ CANADA." On verso, in pencil, "9.60".

VanderFeen, Guilliaume B.C.

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