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Stereographs, Art

File includes stereographs depicting a variety of artworks, including statues, glassware, monuments, the ballet, posters, architecture, and paintings.12 Stereoscopic photographs by W. England6 Stereoscopic photographs by London Stereoscopic Co.1 S...

Stereographs, Ireland

File consists of stereographs depicting various locations, buildings, and monuments in Ireland.15 stereoscopic photographs by Underwood & Underwood.6 stereoscopic photographs by J.F. Jarvis Publishers.2 stereoscopic photographs by Strohmeyer &...

Stereographs, Mining

File contains stereographs, depicting people working in the mining industry (miners, prospectors, mining camps and mines).4 Stereoscopic photographs by Keystone View Co.2 Stereoscopic photographs by Underwood & Underwood3 Stereoscopic photogra...

Wet plate negatives

Series contains wet plate collodion negatives, a process usually credited to William Scott Archer , in wide use between 1851 and 1885. The process uses light-sensitive silver halides in collodion on a glass base and the negatives needed to be expo...

Normal School Frosted Window Panes

A window pane with design and decorations from the Normal School building. The pane was probably located at the front (south) of the main building according to photographs. The design shows a crest, a cross, three maple leaves and leaves in the c...

Normal School Stained Glass Window sections

Two pieces of stained glass window believed to be from the upper section of the long windows in the Normal School auditorium. One piece is triangular with clear, green and red glass and the second piece is red, orange, yellow, and green clover shape.

Roly Salvas fonds

  • F 367
  • Fonds
  • 1853-2000

Fonds contains items created and collected by Roly Salvas. It has been divided into 3 series - Papers, Invitations, and Canadian Institute Journals.

Holmes stereoscope viewer

Item is a Holmes stereoscope with a detachable pedestal made to be a handheld stereoscope or standing stereoscope.Originally designed by Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894), the Holmes stereoscope became the prototype for all stereoscopes of the 19t...

Holmes, Oliver Wendell

Pontioscope viewer

This item is an optical instrument designed to create larger three-dimensional experiences from a two-dimensional photograph. Item is made of wood and has two sets of lenses made to enlarge images. Lenses also create different effects: "day e...

Ponti, Carlo


Series contains examples of tintypes, collected from various sources.Tintypes, sometimes referred to as ferrotypes or melainotypes, are direct positive images created with sensitized collodion on a metal (iron) surface that has been coated with la...

Kromskop stereoscopic table viewer

Item is a Kromskop viewer developed by Frederic E. Ives in 1895. Item comes with 1 monochrome transparency made from 3 colour separation negatives layered together; these transparencies were often referred to as kromograms. Kromograms were known a...

Wooden pedestal stereoscope viewer

Item is a wooden Holmes style stereoscope attached to a pedestal. Stereoscope viewer is made of cardboard and lined with velvet. Viewer is able to bend at the base.This object was used to view two nearly identical photographs, or stereographs, as ...

Cabinet and CDV album

Album is a Victorian cabinet card and CDV album, manufactured by D.L.R. & Co., containing 25 mounted albumen portrait photographs. Studios are from Melbourne, Australia and Yeovil, Somerset, England.


Wooden shutter

Item is a wooden time shutter that could be mounted on any plate camera. Is still functional. The spring wound mechanism oerates a sil curtain to open and close.

Heritage Camera Collection

  • 2005.006
  • Collection
  • [between ca. 1860 and 2010]

The Heritage Camera Collection is comprised of cameras, mainly from the Wilhem E. Nassau Camera Collection, the Irving G. Rumney fonds, and several other small, individual donations. This collection traces the evolution of the tools of popular pho...

Oakham House dogs

Two cast iron golden retriever dogs used as horse ties when house first built.The dogs were designed by architect William Thomas to hitch horses to and were located in front of his Oakham House residence. Thomas lived in the house until his death ...

Thomas, William, 1799-1860

Achromatic stereoscope viewer

Item is a wooden and brass stereoscope with wooden hood cover. This object was used to view two nearly identical photographs, or stereographs, as one three dimensional image. The stereograph would be placed in the sliding card holder and adjusted ...

Portrait Photo Album

1 photo album, with two metal hooks and a black fabric back cover. Meant for containing portraits. Most portraits are of individuals, with a few of pairs or groups. Subjects are adults and children.

Ryerson Press Collection

  • 2017.014
  • Collection
  • 1862-1997

Collection contains books published by Ryerson Press in Toronto between 1862 and 1971. Subjects include educational texts and guides, Canadian history, religion, fiction and poetry. The collection also includes 3 boxes of records from Ryerson Pres...

The Ryerson Press

Ryerson Press Collection Books

Series contains books published by the Ryerson Press company between 1862 and 1973, as well as publishing catalogues. The series does not represent a full run of titles produced by the publisher during these dates.

The Ryerson Press

Portrait Photo Album

1 photo album with a burgundy cover, with a black border, possibly made of wood. It has two hooks to close the album. Meant for containing portraits. Most portraits are of individuals, with a few of pairs. Subjects are adults and children.

Assorted Cabinet Cards

Cabinet card by a variety of publishers. Mostly portraits with some landscapes, and a comedy.13 cards by S. H. Ray5 cards by Notman & Sandham5 cards by J. W. Grealy2 cards by Wm. H. Leonard2 cards by Beazell2 cards by Ray & Maxwell2 cards ...

Natural philosophy, Part I

One copy of 'Natural philosophy, Part I : including statics, hydrostatics, pneumatics, dynamics, hydrodynamics, the general theory of undulations, the science of sound, the mechanical theory of music, etc. designed for the use of normal and g...

[Portrait of Man with Mustache]

Item consists of a black and white photograph of a man with a mustache. The man is wearing a suit, vest and tie, and is looking off to the left. Behind him is a plain white backdrop. He has a large mustache that connects to his sideburns. The phot...

Toronto Normal School Hand-Bell

Brass hand-bell with black wooden handle belonged to Dr. James Carlyle, the fourth Head master of the Boys Model School (1858-1871) and Mathematical Master of the Toronto Normal School (1871-1893).

Dry plate cameras

This series contains cameras designed for use with commercially manufactured dry plate negatives. Produced between about 1880 and 1900, these cameras began to be marketed to amateur photographers due to the relative ease of using dry plates. Expos...

Magic Lantern Slide, Series II

Majority of printed images depict battles(Russo-Japanese War, Battle of Port Arthur, Second Boer War) and there a couple slides with depictions of generals, as well. Other slides depict train passing through town, people riding small animals, and ...

Kodak XL 362 movie outfit

Item consists of a Kodak XL 362 movie outfit, including camera, 4 AA--size batteries, wrist strap, and eye cup. Originally also included a super 8 cartridge of Kodak type G Ektachrome 160 movie film.

Biunial Magic Lantern

A large biunial mahogany and brass magic lantern. Biunial or double lens projectors have two separate optical systems that allow transition effects such as dissolves between slides.

Lampascope Boule

The Lampascope Boule is a circular magic lantern projector with a hole at the base. This consumer lantern was meant to be placed on top of an oil lamp for home use. Lampascope projectors were elaborately painted with bright colours. This lantern i...

Auguste Lapierre

Portrait Photo Album

1 brown cardboard photo album, with a smaller album in the back and a metal ring. Meant for containing portraits. Most portraits are of individuals, with a few of groups. Subjects are adults and children.

Premo Box Camera

Item consists of a Premo 4x5 inch plate camera with 1 plate holder within. This camera opens a the top for reloading. It has a [stiff] safety shutter, a two speed shutter, two viewfinders, an adjustable diaphragm, and two tripod sockets. The plate...

Late Victorian cabinet card album

Item is a late Victorian cabinet card album on a metal stand, with slots for 54 photographs and a storage drawer. Album cover is celluloid, wood and velvet and features floral and aviary scenes. Pages are illuminated with a gold, printed floral pa...

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