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Open College Canadian History Interview transcripts

  • RG
  • Dossier
  • 1973-1997
  • Fait partie de Open College

This file contains a collection of one hundred and ninety one (191) transcribed interviews of a numerous historians and academics conducted by Desmond Glynn, Myer Siemiatycki, Bob Bothwell, and Tom Fulton as source material for Open College course...

The History of Canada and Quebec - course program cassettes

  • RG
  • Dossier
  • 1990-2000
  • Fait partie de Open College

File contains a copy of the final 12 cassette audio program for the course "The History of Canada and Quebec".Program Topics and Interviewees1. New France: From Contact to Conquest: 1608-1763Olive Dickason W.J. Eccles James MillerDal...

Canadian History I & II & Special Programs - source audio cassettes

  • RG
  • Dossier
  • 1985-1996
  • Fait partie de Open College

This file contains 30 audio cassettes of various durations containing interviews bearing on Canadian history and current affairs conducted principally by Desmond Glynn, together with additional CJRT-Open College audio recordings of archival inter...

Canadian History Update 1990-1991 audio cassettes

  • RG
  • Dossier
  • 1988-1991
  • Fait partie de Open College

This file contains 47 audio cassettes of various durations containing interviews conducted by Desmond Glynn in order to update the Canadian History course program ,circa 1990-1992. This file includes the following source interview audio cassettes:...

CJRT Open College Canadian History audio cassettes

  • RG
  • Sub-sub-series
  • 1980 - 2000
  • Fait partie de Open College

This sub-sub-series contains the audio cassette collection related to various editions (updates) CJRT Open College course in Canadian History (COCR 920, COCR 921) first broadcast in 1980-82. The original course was updated and recast in 1990-92 fr...

Canadian History - Search for a Nation (original)

  • RG
  • Dossier
  • 1980 - 1982
  • Fait partie de Open College

This file contains the original 48 cassette course pack for the course Search for a Nation: A History of the Canadian People, developed and broadcast 1980-82Program #1: Discovering Canadian HistoryPierre Berton WriterRamsay Cook York UniversityDav...

Canada to 1867 : The Founding Societies - audio cassettes

This file contains two copies of the 16 cassette course pack containing the complete broadcast audio portion of the class 'Canada to 1867: The Founding Societies' COCR 920.1. ApproachesRAMSAY COOK CRAIG HERONFERNAND OUELLET PAUL AXELRODJ...

Canada from 1867 : The Struggle for Identity - audio cassettes

This file contains the 16 cassette course pack containing the complete broadcast audio portion of the class 'Canada from 1867 : The Struggle for Identity COCR 9211. Federalism and Provincial RightsJohn Saywell Peter Waite Alan Wilson ...

Open College Canadian History courses (various iterations)

  • RG 7.14.01
  • Sub-series
  • 1973 - 2000
  • Fait partie de Open College

This file contains audio cassettes and textual records related to the Open College course: in Canadian History (Search for a Nation (A History of the Canadian People) Textual records include transcriptions of source interviews used in the finished...

The Literary Review of Canada

Series contains a run of 'The Literary Review of Canada' starting with Volume 1, Issue 1 in December 1991, and running to Volume 3, no. 11 in December 1994.

Physical Resources

  • RG 8
  • collection
  • 1981

January 1, 1981 : The Department of Physical Resources is established with the consolidation of three existing departments: Campus Planning Physical Plant Communications Engineering Services Thus, the new department's responsibilities include...

Canadian Perspectives Conference Transcript

  • 2012.006.05.31
  • Pièce
  • October 1979

Item consists on one published transcript of the proceedings of the Canadian perspectives conference conference on Canadian photography.

La Photographie

One copy of the book "La Photographie - Histoire. Techniques. Art. Presse." Co-authored by Thierry Gervais and Gaëlle Morel.

Morel, Gaëlle

La fabrique de l'information visuelle

One copy of the book "La fabrique de l'information visuelle - Photographies et magazines d'actualité " Co-authored by Thierry Gervais and Gaëlle Morel.

Morel, Gaëlle

Thierry Gervais Fonds

  • F 399
  • collection
  • 2008 - 2015

Fonds contains textual records and published material related to Thierry Gervais' academic career.

Gervais, Thierry

Second Annual Jack Layton Lecture bookmark

Bookmark featuring the second Jack Layton Lecture by Ed Broadbent, former federal NDP leader (1971-1989) entitled, "Social Democracy: Dead as a Dodo or the Only Option?"

Pimatisiwin (Life) : Indigenous Filmmakers

The flyers advertise a "documentary film screening and talk exploring culture, resilience, and the effects of colonialism in First Nations communities." Presented by The Jack Layton Chair and 'Colectivo' Toronto.The films incl...

The Jack Layton Chair

File contains of an introduction to The Jack Layton Chair with pledge information.

Promotional RSU brochures, pamphlets, postcards

File contains brochures, pamplets, and postcards relating to RSU and club events, elections, Ram in the Rye promotions, and other promotions. In March 2015, the RSU led students in a "Freeze the Fees" campaign in which ithose interested ...

Peter Di Gangi Papers

  • 2018.008
  • collection
  • 1925-2011

The fonds contains records created by Peter Di Gangi (Sicani Research), containing research related to indigenous governance in Canada. Much of the content is unpublished and topics include: policy and research papers on indigenous law and policy,...

GRADTalks: Growing you Network

File contains two copies of the handout "GRADTalks: Growing your Network" created by the Career Centre for the Graduate Studies/Career Centre seminar of the same name in March 2018.

Career Centre

Daniel Bratton fonds

  • F 656
  • collection
  • 1996

Daniel Bratton is a former instructor of Canadian Literature in the Department of English at Ryerson University. Bratton earned his PhD in English Literature and Language from the University of Toronto (1983). After leaving Ryerson, Bratton taught...

School of Fashion

  • RG 216
  • collection
  • 1912 - ?

Towards the end of World War II, the Training and Re-Establishment Institute, Toronto (T.R.I.T.) was established in the existing Toronto Normal School buildings to provide rehabilitation training to the men and women who served in the Royal Canadi...

School of Fashion

Ryersonian: bound volumes

Bound and loose copies of the Ryersonian newspapers from 1948 until the present day. Access copies available for consultation in the Archives and Special Collections reading room.

David Harris interview, CBC

Item consists of and audio recording of a CBC interview with David Harris, conducted by Elanor Wachtel, on the subject of the exhibition Harris curated opening at the Art Gallery of Ontario. The exhibition, entitled Paris Itineraries: Photographs ...

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Kodak Premo No. 9 combination case

Item consists of a black leather case with red velvet lining containing a Premo No. 9 Kodak folding camera, two wooden negative holders, and the camera manual. The camera used 5 x 5 or 5 x 7 plates or film packs.

Campus - general

Several photos of campus buildings. O'Keefe's warehouse on Bond St. became the Photo Arts Building (now the Image Arts Building), 1983. Ryerson Community Park which opened in Oct. 1978. Gerrard and Victoria Streets where Jorgenson Hall n...

Carleton University

File contains a certificate from Carleton University Chancellor Charles Chi and President, Vice-Chancellor and Senate Chair Roseann O'Reilly Runte to Ryerson University to commemorate Chancellor Bloomberg's installation.

Carleton University

File contains a certificate from Carleton University's Chancellor, President, and Senate to commemorate President Lachemi's installation.

Zone Learning

  • RG 953
  • collection
  • 2012 -

Zone Learning administers to the entrepreneurial centres or zones mentoring students to create their own businesses. Digital Medial Zone (DMZ) was the first and with its success, other schools established their own zones.The zones, organized into ...

Digital Media Zone

DMZ publicity materials

File contains publicity materials for Ryerson's Digital Media Zone.

Digital Media Zone

DMZ posters

Series contains poster related to the Digital Media Zone.

Digital Media Zone

Viola Desmond Day Awards

This file contains memorandum to Ryerson Community regarding nominations for Viola Desmond Day Awards of the 2nd annual awards; announcements, pamphlets and a poster to the 2nd and 3rd Annual Viola Desmond Day Awards Ceremony.See also RG 294.21 fo...


This file contains 9 Papers authored/co-authored by Barbara Orser: -Academic Attainment, Assimilation and Feminism in Canadian Schools of Business -Macroenvironmental Factors and Myths of Home-based Work -Methodological and Theoretical Issues of R...

miscellaneous posters - non Ryerson

File contains a collection of posters with no apparent Ryerson connection, that had been collected but not accessioned at some point in the 1980s. Posters in this file include:Mackenzie Printing Establishment - Mackenzie HouseThe GrangeTocam poste...

Ryerson Positive Space

The file consists of textual announcements, graphic posters, and bracelets relating to campaign launches and educational sessions.Please note RSU records contain Positive Space records.

Equity, Harassment and Safety Services Department

Positive Space - LBGTQ+

This file contains promotional records and memoranda promoting the Positive Space campaign at Ryerson that included Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Intersex, Questioning, Queer and Two-Spirited People.

Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Services

Ryerson Union Fair

The Ryerson Union Fair was first held on Wednesday March 12, 1986. It was co-sponsored by the Ryerson Labour Studies Group, SURPI, and CESAR and had two faculty organizers - Phyllis Clarke and Myer Siemiatycki - from the Department of Politics.Ser...

Myer Siemiatycki fonds

  • F 403
  • collection
  • 1979 - 2018

Fonds contains records related to Myer Siemiatycki's academic career.

Siemiatycki, Myer

Siemiatycki - correspondence

This file contains correspondence including printouts of emails sent by Siemiatycki to RFA Net as well as letters sent to and from Siemiatycki in regard to Union Fair.

Jack Layton research file

File contains textual records generated by various parties during research on Jack Layton conducted in 2009. Includes research summaries, lists of archival holdings at various institutions, a summary of Layton's PhD thesis, and correspondence.

Ryersonia 1962

2 copies of the Ryersonia 1962, and 1 copy of Our Talking Yearbook vinyl record (sleeve inside front cover of the yearbook)

RYERSONIA yearbooks

Series consists of editions of the Ryersonia yearbook - published 1950-1969, with a special edition in 1998.

Ryersonia 1963

2 copies of the Ryersonia 1963 and 1 copy of Our Talking Yearbook vinyl record (record sleeve inside yearbook front cover)

Grandfather Bird in his young days

Item is a hinged union case (plastic case) with scroll design. Die Engraver is Frederick C. Key, Casemaker is S. Peck and Company who began manufacturing in 1852, as per example in Union Cases: A Collector's Guide to the art of America's...

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