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Shields, Lorne
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Quebec album

Flexible green plastic cover with gold lettering ("photographs"). Coated metal ring binding. Black pages, notation in pencil and ink on adhesive labels. Photographs mounted with photo corners. Many photographs missing. Some drawings in white pencil.

Album also includes some photographi reproductions, almost small postcards, of well-known sites such as Hotel de Ville - City Hall; The Basilica; Kent House, and others.

Locations and sites include: City Hall; Basilica; Statue of Taschereau; Duffering Terrace; The Chateau Monument to Wolfe; Cathedral of the Holy Trinity; St. Louis Gate; Provincial Parliament Buildings; Montmorency Falls.

Themes include street views, cathedrals, monuments, cannons ("old guns") of the Main Battery; mortars.

H.M.S. Superb Voyage album

Decorated blue cover with green pages. Photographs inserted into openings in pages. Handwritten notations in black ink. Some loose photographs; back indicate they were postcards.

Inside front cover: "Photographs taken from H.M.S. Superb during her voyage under sealed orders from Rosythe (Scotland) to take supreme command of the allied fleets in the Mediterranean and Near East, arrange the Armistice with Turkey and capture the German fleet in the Black Sea."

Themes include: exercises on the deck, uniformed sailors and marines, British Marines Guard of Honour to Sultan, German fleet surrendering and held captive, French flagship.

Locations include: Malta, Mundros, Grecian Archipelago, "River Clyde", Sea of Marmara, Golden Horn in Turkey, Sultan's Winter Place, Constantinople, Bosphorus, Sebastopol - Black Sea, Balaclava Bay - Crimea,

Homesteads album

Black cardboard and leather cover with gold embossed letters "Photos", bound with white string. White pages with white fabric guards/binding. Notations in black ink. Photographs mounted with glue on one side of page only. Some pages loose where fabric guards/binding have worn through. Some pages left blank towards end of album.

Themes include group portraits at social gatherings, photographs of houses, scenic views, "Parliament Buildings" (place unknown),.

WWI family album

Brown cloth cover with gold embossed letters- "Photographs." Black pages with photographs mounted with glue. Notation on photo borders with black ink. Sewn binding. Photographs are mostly family snapshots of people, sometimes with automobiles or in uniform from the Northcote family. Also included are images of golfing, bridges, fishing, horse riding, camping, farms, cattle, sheep, chicken coops, horse drawn sleigh, the beach, trees, houses, dogs, trains, children, biking, deer and wagons. Three newspaper articles are pasted in. One about the Northcote family (mother, six sons and two daughters) all serving in the war, one about Pte. Wm. Clements dying in battle, and one of Corporal Northcote being the first Royal Engineer to be awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

Carte de visite album

Item is a decorated hard cover album (CDV album). Closes with clasps. Album pages are beige with open slots for photographs. Hand-painted flowers frame the openings on every page. Gold trimmed. Contains tintypes and albumen cartes-de-visite.

NYC, Flying Clubs album

Blue fabric cover, bound with white string. Black pages, photographs mounted with photo corners. Features photographs taken in of landscapes, farms, and flying clubs in various North Eastern states, as well as Southern Ontario and Quebec.

Seaside album

Red fabric cover with gold embossed letters- "Sunny Memories." Fabric spine and binding. White and green pages have window openings of various shapes and sizes for different sized photographs. Some drawings are interspersed throughout as well.
Photographs show the coastline of Gordon, Scotland and a variety of snapshots.
Activities include swimming, farming, hay-baling, hunting,
Subjects include people, dogs, landscapes, ships, waterfalls, buildings, farms, trains, seashores, parks, gardens, sailboats, horse-drawn carriages

England album

Textured, decorative print album bound by red braid string. Black pages with photos glued in and with photo corners. White labels with handwritten notations in blue ink. Includes newspaper clippings and handpainted photogrpahs.
Photographs are family snapshots taken in the 1930s, mostly all labeled, taken around different locations in England and Canada. It briefly describes a family's move from England to Toronto.

Albert Kahn Inc., Architects and Engineers

Print album

Black soft cover album with word "Photographs" on front in white lettering. Bound by green braided string. Black pages with photos glued in as well as tape. Mostly illustrations and sketches only 1 photo (g.s.p.) but note in pencil on photo says 1858 - Crimean War? Includes a receipt of "returned soldier's insurance" - 1930

Europe album

Album covered in blue fabric. Light brown pages with photographs glued smoothly on. Handwritten labels in black ink directly onto album pages.
Places: Rauceby Hall in Lincolnshire, English homes, Bottom Castle in Yorkshire, the St. John's College and Chapel at the University of Cambridge, the Swiss Alps, views of Paris - Palaise du Luxembourg, Palaisides Tulleries, Versailles, La Madelaine, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, L'Opera, [Parc] St. Cloud -, Mer de Glace in France, military, Norway - such as Nidaros Cathedral - and Lapland region, and various other imagery from England, Switzerland, Italy, France and Norway.

Themes: portraits, scenery and landscapes, cameras , 4-plate panorama of Lyngenkjeden, architecture - castles, homes, cathedrals.

Dates included: 1872, 1873, 1890.

Shields, Lorne

Victoria Foundry

item is a mounted, burnished albumen prints, slightly glossy surface. Depicts exterior of Victoria Foundry building, surrounding landscape, equipment and several workers. Recto caption at bottom of mat board: "United States Photo Company, Montreal." Verso centre, "Further copies may be had by referring to No. 298. United States Photo Co. Wm. Martel, Manager, 3 Place D'Armes Hill, Montreal."

[Mormon family, Utah.]

albumen prints mounted on cabinet card with gold border. Depicts 6 women, 1 man, 4 children in front of small log cabin in dry landscape. Verso has a crest with birds and "H". Verso caption: "G.S. Smith's Gallery, Fanny Hoyt, Artist, Salt Lake City, Negatives Retained." Verso purple ink stamp: "Low Bros. News Agents, Ogden Utah." Verso ink inscription: "Picture of a Mormon family grandfather Kirkpatrick saw on a trip to Utah." Verso pencil inscription: "$100."

Cutting the Wheat 1909, Prince Albert Sask.

Postcard with no border depicting a man driving a team of horses with a plow through a field of wheat. Recto caption in white: "Cutting the wheat 1909 Prince Albert Sask." Verso caption, top centre, "Postcard"; top right, "AZO place one-cent stamp here"; left, "For inland postage only this space may be used for communications"; right, "The address only to be written here." Verso blue rubber stamp, bottom left, "The Waterworth Series."

[Covered Bridge]

gelatin silver print with white border and scalloped edges. Depicts a covered bridge, river, road and brush landscape. Sign at left of bridge entrance reads "speed 10 miles, load limit 2 tons." Verso inscription, blue ink: "Longest Hartford Covered Bridge N.S."

Branding - Texas

Item is an albumen stereograph. Glossy image surface. Depicts a man standing on ramp with railroad tracks in front, fenced in corral behind. Recto ink inscription, lower left: "Branding - Texas."

[Mormon Tabernacle Construction]

albumen prints with white border, glossy surface. Mounted on grey cabinet card. Depicts construction of the Mormon tabernacle arched roof. Two men stand in the foreground of the scene. Caption verso: "Bureau of information and church literature. Souvenir views, albums, photos, etc. always on hand... Full line of church works. for information on Utah, its people, or the docturines of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, address Bureau of Information and Church Literature Office, 214 Templeton Bldg. Salt Lake City."

[Ontario: dump trucks in water-filled trench]

Glossy gsp, white border. Two dump trucks and a steam shovel are depicted working in a trench with water covering the bottom. Dump trucks are marked "60" and "65". Steam shovel is marked "Lorain," "No.10." Verso bottom right, black ink stamp: "C.A. Love Druggist, Jun 8 - 1944, Ingersoll, Ont. Guaranteed Photo Finishing." Verso bottom left, in pencil, "14"

66 Chevrolet Caprice (car sub-series)

Glossy gelatin silver prints with white border. Depicts car parked ouside palatial structure, man and woman walking towards car. Recto bottom right in blue pen: " '66 Chevrolet Caprice A". Verso inscriptions include various cropping marks and arrows in pencil, as well as upper right "55/mm Nov. '65," middle "26 picas," bottom right "98"; "49.5%"; "9771"; "$12"; "100 SCR zinc half." Verso bottom right in blue pen: "5"; "GM- Chevrolet '66 'Caprice'."

Rover 3 Litre (car sub-series)

Glossy gsp with white border. Dpicts an automobile from the front, parked in front of a large stone building. A woman stands behind the car. The liscence plate reads "SSJ540." A plaque above the front grate reads "Rover 3 Litre." Recto bottom left in black ink is written "2." Verso has cropping lines in pencil. Verso inscriptions in blue ink- top left: "B1420"; bottom centre: "June '61 Rover 3 Litre." Verso inscriptions in pencil- top right: "55/mm-July '61"; centre: "20 picas, 38 1/4 R"; bottom centre: "100 scr. 3inc half"; bottom right: "6010-74-1," "$10"

Vauxhall Victor Instrument Panel (car sub-series)

Glossy gsp with white border. Depicts the steering wheel and driver's side interior of a car. Recto inscription in black ink, bottom left: "2." Typed caption on paper taped to recto top edge of photograph: "FOR REALEASE IMMEDIATELY This handsome instrument panel is one of the many styling features of the new Vauxhall Victor, introduced today by General Motors of Canada, Limited. The Vauxhall is built in England by General Motors. -30- (E)"

Firebird IV reverse view (car sub-series)

Glossy gelatin silver prints with white border. Depicts a futuristic concept car from the rear corner in a studio setting. A printed number '1' is pasted to the left side of the image area. Recto caption, bottom centre: "Firebird IV." Recto inscription, in black ink, bottom left: "2." Verso inscriptions in pencil- cropping lines; top right: "55/mm-July"; bottom centre: "A"; bottom right: "1186," "strip up," "42.9," "$30."

[automobile hoists] (car sub-series)

Glossy gelatin silver prints composite photo depicting four different auto hoists, three with cars on them. The print has white borders. Recto has cropping marks in blue ink. Recto caption, bottom left: "H-228." Verso black ink stamp, top right: "MAR 26 1958." Verso inscriptions in ink- centre: "20 1/2," bottom right: "$15," bottom right: cropping lines, "13 picas," "55/mm-May," "100 scr. 3inc half," "Rotary." Verso black ink stamp, bottom right: "3415."

Studebaker Commander (car sub-series)

Glossy gsp with white border. Depcits navy officer in crested hat and jacket sitting in a convertible. The car is sitting on grass in fron of a building. The front of the car reads "commander." The liscence plate reads "Michigan 1963 LN 9269 Water Wonderland." Recto inscription, bottom left, black ink; "2." Verso inscriptions in pencil include cropping marks. Top right: ""; centre: "20 picas"; bottom left: "Commander & car"; bottom right: "100 scr. 3inc half," "3067," "30," "$25." Remnants of blue printed paper pasted to Verso bottom read: "from [...]HENY LUDLU[...]"

[car headlights and taillights] (car sub-series)

Five glossy prints pasted to cardboard mat. Depict various headlights and taillights of automobiles. Names visible on the cars: "Impala SS," "Mercury," "Thunderbird." Recto inscription, bottom left, black ink: "2." Verso printed label, centre: "Nor Baker Limited Artists :: Engravers :: Photographers 362 6411."

Rochester, Castle & Cathedral from the Medway

Sepia-toned print, slightly hand tinted with green and blue, of a river with boats and background of town with church steeple an castle. Mounted on thick mat board. Recto caption in white on image area, bottom: "Rochester, Castle & Cathedral from the Medway. Photochrom Copyright 74859." Verso label, bottomleft, reads: "Real photo calendar made by Photochrom Co. Ltd. at thier works in Turbridge Wells, Kent. Design no. LV32." Verso insription in pencil, centre: "1/2 236 Sold 50 c ea"

Rom. Villa Soriana (sub-series 2)

matte borderless print mounted on slightly larger white apper, mounted on large brown card with deckled edges. Depicts landscape with ruins, including ionic columns. Verso inscription, in pencil, upper left: "Rom. Villa Soriana." upper right: "Halien, N 50."

B.C. Electric Railway Co's Observation car, Vancouver, Canada.

print with white border. Depicts an open air street car filled with sight-seers. Stores and traffic visible on surrounding street. Store awning reads "Normandy Hats." Signs on side of streetcar read: "Seeing Vancouver 2hr Trip fare 50c," "Sightseeing car trips leave Robson & Richards at 10 & 11 AM, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7 PM daily," "BC Electric Rly. co. 123." Recto caption, bottom: "B.C. ELectric Railway Co's Observation Car, Vancouver, Canada. Harry Bullen Photo 1747 west 5th Ave." Verso purple ink stamp: "Jul 24 1948," "350."

[fox hunt]

borderless unmounted print depicting two figures on horses, many dogs, and three children in background. Verso inscription, blue ink: "Sir Lionel and Landy Gasson M.F.H., Ootacamund Hunt, May '46."


print with white border. Depicts four main figures on horses, two more partially obscured. Verso inscription, blue ink: "Ken Leech and Lord & Lady Shannon, Ooty- May '46, Miss Jean Wise."

[horse-drawn float with may pole]

print on grey mat board. Depicts parade float with children surrounding may pole. Decorated bicycles and grandstand are in background. Embossed recto caption, bottom left: "Dinkler, Chapman St. Greenfield Mass." Verso inscription, ink: "May."

[Riverside girls' float]

print mounted on grey mat board. Depicts horse-drawn parade float with flower decorations and many riders. Reads "Riverside" in flower letters. Embossed recto caption, bottom left: "Dinkler, Chapman St. Greenfield Mass." Verso inscription, pencil: "Riverside #18." Image transfer on verso.

Women washing

Mounted image of women washing clothes in a small river. Black text below image reads, 'Self-Toning'. Inscription in pencil on back of mount reads, 'Specimen $6.00'

Toboggan Run

Mounted image of people on a tobaggan run. Inscription in ink on envelope that was originally holding object reads, 'Quebec Toboggan Run $10.00'. Inscription in pencil on back of mount reads, '$10.00'

Palais du Champ de Mars

Mounted image of city square. Text in red below image reads, 'Palais du Champ de Mars'. Stamp on back of mount reads, 'Au Jardin des Tuileries 204 Rue de Rivoli Bte Guerard, Estampes, Gravures, Photographies, Encadrements Papeterie, Stereoscopes, loupes, jumelles, Albums, Vues stereosc'. Inscription in pencil reads, 'Pal - $A - May 97 Pritchards'

Welding booth

35mm slide in cardboard sleeve. Depicts a piece of machinery by a large window in a factory building. Recto captions, printed in blue- top left: "date," right side: "made in Canada," left side: "Patented," bottom edge: "Project from this side arrow shows position." REcto inscriptions, top edge: "Welding boom (I.M.A.) used by westeel Regina, Feb '57." Verso captions, printed in blue- top centre: "Mitchell Photo Supply Ltd. Dominion Sq., Montreal," bottom centre: "Processed by Etco."

[worker welding]

35mm slide in cardboard holder. Depicts a worker in a welding mask working on a piece of machinery. A large spool of wire is visible in the top right corner. Recto caption, left edge: "5, Made in U.S.A.," embossed: "Apr 59." Recto inscription, top right, pencil: "4." Verso captions, left: "Processed by Kodak." right; "Kodachrome Transparency."

[map of england]

glass-covered slide with silver paper mat and red tape on edges. Depicts a graphic of a map of england which shows major city centres. The cities are labeled and the slide contains title "England." Recto inscription on white label, upper right: "2."

Westeel Prototype Semi Trailer

slide with cardboard mount. Depicts stell taker trailer in warehouse along with two figures. Recto inscription top, in blue ink: "Feb '57 Westeel Prototype Semi Trailer." bottom left: "10." Recto captions in blue- top left: "date," right side: "made in Canada," left side: "Patented," bottom edge: "Project from this side arrow shows position." Verso captions in blue- "Mitchell Photo Supply Ltd. Dominion Sq., Montreal," bottom centre: "Processed by Etco."

[country road]

green flecked cardboard mount. Captions on recto and verso: "Authorized Ansco Color Finisher; Insist on Ariston Color Prints." Image of grassy landscape with road, telephone poles, barbed wire fence.

[cows in field]

green speckled cardboard mount. Captions on recto and verso: "Authorized Ansco Color Finisher; Insist on Ariston Color Prints." Image depicts cows in field with wire fence in foreground. Leaves on trees are autumn colours.

[ship in icy water]

green cardboard mount. Captions on recto and verso: "Authorized Ansco Color Finisher; Insist on Ariston Color Prints." Depicts ship with one smoke stack in icy waters. Shoreline visible in background.

[on board ship in icy water]

green cardboard mount with captions recto and verso: "Authorized Ansco Color Finisher; Insist on Ariston Color Prints." depcits cables and passengers on board ship in icy water. Another ship and shoreline are visible in distance.

[wide river landscape]

white cardboard mount with grey spiderwed pattern, red stripes. Recto captions in red: "Ansco Color." Verso captions: "date; made in canada." depicts river with rapids, shoreline visible on both sides of frame.

[peony plant]

white cardboard mount with grey spiderwed pattern, red stripes. Recto captions in red: "Ansco Color." Verso captions: "date; made in canada." Depicts peony plant in garden.

[waterfalls and rock ledge]

white cardboard mount with grey spiderwed pattern, red stripes. Recto captions in red: "Ansco Color." Verso captions: "date; made in canada." Depicts rocky ledge with several small waterfalls. Small strucure to the side of river at top. One figure at water's edge at bottom. same location as 2007.001.707.

[peonies in glass on windowsill]

white cardboard mount with green captions. Recto captions: "location; date; project from this side; projeter do ce cote." Verso captions: "commercial photo." Depicts yellow peonies in glass on windowsill. Nighttime landscape outside window. Flash and photographer's hand visible in reflection.

[christmas/new year card with town photo]

print depciting small town from hilltop, mounted on cover of white greeting card with deckled edges. Recto caption bottom right: "Hearty Greetings." Interior right side caption: 'Greetings, all good wishes for xmas and the new year from" inscription in black ink: "elizabeth with love."

Coronet Midget camera

Item is a molded walnut Bakelite camera with cast metal hardware and dual lenses. The front metal plate is cast with "CORONET, MIDGET, 16 mm FILM, MADE BY THE CORONET CAMERA CO. BIRMINGHAM, BRITISH PATENTS APPLIED FOR, DESIGN REGISTERED." The Moroccan leather case has the company logo and "MADE IN ENGLAND" in gold letterpress.

Agfamatic camera kit

Item is a camera box set, complete with accessories. Orange and white cardboard box is printed with "AGFAMATIC 1a FULLY AUTOMATIC 35 mm CAMERA", a b&w illustration of the camera, and a contents list of ", leather case, Tully flash with case, Agfachrome film, with processing." The camera is metal, plastic and glass. Around the lens is printed "AGFA COLOR - AGNAR 1 : 2.8 / 45" The leather case is printed with "MADE IN GERMANY" and comes with 2 straps. There is a paper box of Agfa ISU 135-36 Isopan Ultra film (exp. Feb 69), an Agfa metal film canister with exposed film inside, a box of 12 Sylvania flashbulbs, a leather and plastic-cased flash assembly, and 2 instruction pamphlets.

Banff album

Brown soft cover album with word "Photographs" on front. Bound by green braided string. Black pages with photos glued in. Handwritten notations in pencil. Back cover folded in upper left corner.
Photographs are family snapshots taken around Toronto, Orillia, Banff, Regina, Ancaster, Moose Jaw and Saskatoon. Some activities include rowing, tennis, canoeing, and attending various events.

Men in car

Item consists of a photograph mounted on grey card. Image shows a group of 7 men in suits seated in the back of a car with the roof drawn back. American flags hang from the lantern, door, and in front of the vehicle. There is a barn in the background. On verso, handwritten in pencil at upper left, "WSBCJ" and at upper right, 12.00/ 3c".

Portrait of boy holding paddle, beach setting

Item is a cream cabinet card with red letterpress at bottom, "G.A. OLDHAM, COLCHESTER." On verso, graphic design with text, "G.A. OLDHAM/ PHOTOGRAPHER/ AND/ MINIATURE PAINTER/ 11 QUEEN ST./ COLCHESTER/ NEGATIVES KEPT./ COPIES MAY BE HAD BY/ SENDING TO ABOVE ADDRESS./ Marion Imp. Paris, London - Déposé - Copyright." Photograph shows a boy holding a paddle, standing in front of a painted lake or seaside backdrop with a small boat on the shore. Boy is same as pictured in 2005.001.107.

G.A. Oldham Photographer and Miniature Painter

Portrait of a woman

Item is a bi-fold card with grey card and silver embossed key design at top. Inside photograph of a young woman with a short, bobbed hairstyle. In black letterpress at bottom of inside card, "Portrait by Fulton C. Stewart, Lindsay, Ont."

Fulton C. Stewart

Portrait of W.J. Richards

Item is a white cabinet card with purple letterpress at bottom, "NEGRETTI/&/ZAMBRA/ CRYSTAL PALACE/ SYDENHAM." Photograph shows a bearded man in plain wool coat wearing a flat hat. On verso, in purple letterpress, "Negretti & Zambra/ CRYSTAL PALACE,/ SYDENHAM/ Copies may be had by/ quoting the above number." At top left, "No." is printed with "83297" handwritten in black ink immediately following. Along bottom right, written sideways in black ink, "W. J. Richards".

Negretti & Zambra

Portrait of boy in checkered suit

Item is a grey carte de visite with portrait of a boy in checked suit and bowtie, leaning on an upholstered chair back. Drapery falls over chair on left side. On verso, in black letterpress "H. LUTHER,/ SOUTH PART/ Photograph Gallery/ 444 1/2 Third Street,/ Between Silver and Bryant Streets,/ San Francisco, Cal./ Particular attention paid to Children's Pictures./ Negatives Preserved."

H. Luther Photograph Gallery

Portrait of ladies in hats

Item is a portrait of two women wearing hats and coats, mounted on a green, textured card with white border, inset and emboxxed name at left, "Morton/ LINDSAY, ONT." Image has been stuck onto card where a probable previous image was removed.

M.M. Morton

Portrait of young soldier in Iowa National Guard

Item is a green card with beige border around photograph of a young soldier (same as 2008.001.158). Soldier wears hat with design of two crossed rifles and the number 2 and letter B. On collar, an "H" is pinned to the left lapel. Card has been cut down on left and right to approximate a cabinet card size.

Portrait of soldier, outdoors

Item is a folded card card, brown, with lighter brown mount inside and photograph of a soldier standing on the edge of a deck or patio with woods behind him. At bottom right, embossed in brown, a wreath with two letter Ms intertwined and the text "Morton/ LINDSAY/ CANADA." Floral tissue insert. On front, embossed shield with dragons.

M.M. Morton

Portrait of child at desk with magazine

Item is a grey card with photograph of a young girl sitting at a table with an opened magazine. She leans across it, looking at the camera. At bottom right, embossed geometric decoration with letter "N" and the text "CHAS. M. NOBLE,/ 11 KING ST. W.,/ TORONTO, ONT."

Noble, Charles H.

Portrait of woman with pearls

Item is a marbled brown bi-fold card with oval overmat on photograph of a young woman wearing pearls and a gauzey wrap. At bottom righ ton mat, in brown letterpress, "Barrett Studio/ 327 YONGE ST./ TORONTO." On front left flap, art nouveau style design embossed in gold.

Barrett Studio

Portrait of man with white tie

Item is a cream coloured cabinet card with portrait of a man with light-coloured suit jacket and pale or white tie. At bottom of card, in gold letterpress "R. L. Hinde" and a print resembling an artist's palette and brushes with the words "EXTRA FINISH" inside image, and at right, "HARRISTON". On verso, handwritten in ink across top, "No. 118 May 21/ 95". Beneath and across entire card in faded pencil, [illegible]/ 1901 L-?/ 6 years(?) Allen Beau. / Mrs. R. E. / Johnson./ West Point of town near/ Ludl(?)/ Posted BW./ Sold for 6.00/ Paint(?)". Along left side, the imprint of an envelope flap with a purple stamp reading "The North Wester Picture Frame Co, Winnipeg".

R.L. Hinde

Portrait of a young boy in lace-cuffed jacket and skirt

Cream card with embossed text at bottom, "Gillespie" within a decorative artist's palette and brushes design, and "New Castle, Pa." The photograph is a full length portrait of a young boy standing on a chair piled with furs. He wears a dark jacket with high lace cuffs and wide, square collar toward the back (visible on the right shoulder) and an ascot tie. Instead of cropped trousers, he wears a skirt. A muffin-shaped hat is on his head.


Portraits of man and woman in circles

Item is a cream cabinet card with gold letterpress, partially obscured by the photograph which is pasted on top, sideways. "Van Aken/ ELMIRA, N.Y." with a decoration with letters "V" and "A" intertwined. Photograph shows two individual circular portraits of a man and a woman. Handwritten in ink at the base of the woman's portrait is "1851" and the man's, "1850". Given the style of dress and hair, this is probably the date of the original picture and not a birth or death date. On verso, an elaborate border and design with griffon and foliage, with the text "E.M. Van Aken/ Photographic/ Art/ Studio./ Practical Photographer,/ 120 West Water Street,/ ELMIRA, N.Y./ COPYRIGHTED 1889."

Portrait of father and infant

Item consists of a white card with embossed text at bottom, "Arthur & Philbric Studio". Photograph is a vignetted portrait of a man and infant, very casual. The man wears a dark suit and tie, and holds the infant of about 1 year of age on his right shoulder, laughing. The infant wears a white lace dress and has its left hand to its mouth, also laughing. On verso, elaborate design with spiderweb, sunflowers and rolled parchment in the shape of a shield, with the text "Wilkie G. Coss,/ SUCCESSOR TO/ ARTHUR & PHILBRIC,/ PHOTOGRAPHERS,/ 21 Canal Street,/ GRAND RAPIDS,/ MICH."

Wilkie G. Coss

Portrait of a young man

Item is a brown cabinet card with brown letterpress at bottom, "J. Al. Llyod York, Neb." Photograph is a portrait of a young man in suit and tie, with a handkerchief in his breast pocket. On verso, handwritten in pencil, "1890".

J. Al. Lloyd

Portrait of a couple

Item is a cream coloured carte-de-visite featuring a full-length portrait of a man and woman, seated in front of a studio backdrop with window frame and painted scene including trees and an acquaduct. Woman wears a dress belted at the waist with a ribbon in her hair. Man wears a suit and tie and thick beard. On verso, stamped in blue ink, "Wills & Bryant,/ PHOTOGRAPHERS,/ WOODSTOCK,/ ONTARIO."

Willis & Bryant

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