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Little Octobrists flag

Small red flag with yellow stitching shows the emblem of the Little Octobrists, which is a star with a childhood image of Vladimir Illyich Lenin in its centre. It was made in Moscow.

Young Pioneers flag

Small red flag with yellow stitching shows the emblem of the Young Pioneer organization of the Soviet Union, which is a star with flames behind it and Vladimir Illyich Lenin's face in centre and the words "Always Ready!" White tag still on flags with writing and numbers. It was produced in Moscow.

Young Pioneers banner

Small red banner, with yellow tassels on three sides and yellow writing, shows the emblem of the Young Pioneer organization of the Soviet Union. The star with flames behind it and Vladimir Illyich Lenin's face in centre is the symbol for the mass youth organization of the USSR for children of age 10-15 in the Soviet Union between 1922 and 1991: Komsomol. One of the flags has a tag still attached, with Russian text. One of the flags has hand written numbers on it indicating its price. The banners read: To fight for the cause of the Communist party of the Soviet Union. In two places, on the emblem and beneath it, the banners reads: Be ready!

Little Octobrists small banner

Small red banners with yellow trim and cord from which to hang it. Yellow writing on banner with the red five-pointed star with the portrait of Vladimir Illyich Lenin in his childhood in its centre. Some still have their tags. Recto banner reads: For the best October (adj.) group.

Marx and Lenin Agriculture flag

Large red flag with orange tassels. Gold lettering, hammer and sickle imagery, and a likeness of Karl Marx and Vladimir Illyich Lenin. Recto reads: For active participation in harvesting. Under the banner of Marxism-Leninism. Under the guidance of the Communist party. Forward to victory of Communism. From the October District Party Committee, Regional Executive Committee Agricultural Order of Lenin Komsomol District Committee Turgay region. Verso reads: Proletariat of all countries, unite!

Gold tassel banner

Large red banner with gold tassels around three sides, top side has loops for hanging. Banner has writing with images of Vladimir Illyich Lenin's likeness, USSR logo, a clock tower, and six wreaths with banners and dates. Recto reads a quote attributed to V. I. Lenin: Union of Communist youth should be a shock group, which in every task shows its help, shows its initative, its handsel. A quote attributed to M. I. Kalinin reads: The Young Communist League has played a huge role in the civil war and helped the party to its selfless courage and heroism to completed it victoriously.

Gold tassel flag

Large red flag with gold tassels around three sides, fourth side for inserting the pole stand. Embroidered likeness of Vladimir Illyich Lenin with laurels and sickle and hammer. On verso, wreath of wheat stalks with star, globe with sickle and hammer and rising sun. Writing on both sides in gold lettering. Recto reads: Proletariat of all countries, unite! Verso reads in the different languages of the USSR: Proletariat of all countries, unite! It was produced in Moscow.

Lenin flags

Large red flag with white circle in centre with profile view of Vladimir Illyich Lenin's likeness. It was produced in Irkutsk.

Red Lithuanian flag with yellow tassels and cord

Red nylon flag with yellow tassels and cord on one corner. Embroidered lettering on both sides. Embroidered portrait of Lenin on one side, crest with sun, hammer and sickle, wheat, and laurel wreath on the other. Recto reads: Lithuania Lithuanian SSR Council of Ministers of the Republican Council of Trade Unions. Verso reads: Proletariat of all countries, unite! Socialist competition winner for rationalization and inventiveness.

Red Rostov CPSU harvesting flag with gold tassels

Large red velvet flag with gold tassels and gold embroidered lettering. Embroidered potrait of Lenin on one side and crest with wheat, sun, and hammer and sickle on the other. Recto reads: Proletariat of all countries, unite! In the centre it reads: Rostov (adj.) Regional Committee of the CPSU and the Executive Committee. Verso reads: RSFSR. Forward battalions - the winner of the socialist competition for harvesting and grain procurement 1973.

Cigarette packs with Lenin's portrait

Packages of 20 cigarettes each. Red box bears Russian text and graphic portrait of Lenin. A graphic of the Soviet paper Truth is behind Lenin's portrait. Recto text reads: Cigarettes Prime Nostalgia. A side of the box reads: Cigarettes Fifth Class. The top reads: Smoking harms your health. On the bottom, the company's address is provided. Verso text reads "Prime Nostalgia". A Russian government label depicts the Russian emblem and reads: "Special Tabacco Brand" and "Russia".

The Public Corporation "Pogarskaya Cigarette-Cigar Factory"

[Servant with tea service]

Item is a photograph adhered to cream-coloured card with gold letterpress. Text at bottom reads "L. L. Christmas/ 104 STOKE NEWINGTON Rd. N/ (OPPOSITE PRINCE GEORGE Rd.)". Photograph is of a maid holding a tray with a teacup and pots of cream and sugar. Studio backdrop with palm fronds. On verso of card, decorative gold stamp with floral motif and the photographer's name and address repeated, with the additional information: "Alexandra Studios" and "NEGATIVES KEPT EXTRA COPIES CAN ALWAYS/ BE HAD BY SENDING NAME."

Christmas, Lea Latimer

Cross stitch of Lenin in wood frame

Cross stitch on canvas of Vladimir Illyich Lenin's head and shoulders, in black, white and grey embroidery floss. In a wood frame with glass protection. Hook on verso to hang the frame.

[Portrait of a man]

Item is an ambrotype photograph in a velvet-lined thermoplastic union case, showing a male sitter in front of a studio backdrop. The case was intended for use with 1/4 plate daguerreotypes, as indicated by the manufacturer's stamp on the inside back cover beneath the ambrotype plate: "Littlefield, Parsons & Co.,/ MANUFACTURERS OF/ Daguerrotype Cases./ L., P. & Co., are the sole/ Proprietors and only legal Manu-/ facturers of UNION CASES, with the/ Embracing Riveted Hinge./ Patented October 14, 1856,/ and April 21, 1857."

Littlefield, Parsons & Co.

[Portrait of three women]

Item is a wood frame covered in red paper with gold details, with ambrotype held in place with brass matt and brass preserver. Ambrotype is a portrait of three women, sitting on a bench outside, in front of what looks to be a boat on shore. All three wear elaborate hats, with long dresses and white collars, and their hands in their laps. All three look directly at the camera. Ambrotype is a single sheet of glass, the ashphaltum was painted directly overtop the collodion surface and so it is only one piece of glass with no need for a cover glass.

"Five-a-Minute and a Million!"

Item is an article about the Phototeria, written by Frederick Griffin and published in the Toronto Star Weekly on April 14th, 1928.

Griffin, Frederick

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