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Price & Knott Film

This file consists of three film reels related to the production of Price & Knott. This includes a cutting copy and two reels of original film footage that have shots of a miniature mechanical valve and a Price & Knott box packing machine....

French 101/201 Multimedia Courseware

This file consists of records related to the development and execution of a French 101/201 Multimedia course. Items include, program scripts, audio CD, courseware development notes and a program operation manual. Computer interface and design by J...

Ryerson Is - Cutting Copy

Contains footage from various departments, secretarial science, nursing, RTA television broadcast, etc.

Ryerson Is - Titles

Contains one black and white silent reel with opening titles, and one sound and colour reel with closing credits layered on aeriel footage.

Ryerson Is - Original Outs

Original outs and trims for the promotional film Ryerson Is. Showcases Ryerson's different programs (urban planning, food science, nursing,etc.)

Ryerson Is - Workprint

Contains one workprint for the promotional film Ryerson Is. Includes multiple takes for the introduction of Ryerson Is. Shot inside the Media Centre

Ryerson Is - Answer Print

Contains one answer print for the promotional film Ryerson Is. Includes shots of various departments (nursing, fashion, chemistry, interior design, etc.)

Open College Promotional Film

This file consists of film elements and prints related to a promotional film on Open College. There are two versions of the film. Open College Promo #1 features a man getting ready in the morning, having coffee, taking the subway and rushing to cl...

Oral Medication

This file consists of film elements and prints related to an educational film co-produced by the Ryerson Nursing Department. The film describe the types of oral medication and how they work, explains rates of absorption and administration. The fil...

What's an Expert

This file consists of a release print of a promotional film for the Department of Secretarial Science.Credits: Produced by the Audio Visual Resource Center for the Secretarial Science DepartmentTyper: Yvonne Wegriknowski (Secretarial Science class...

1972 Convocation

Contains one 16 mm reel of original reversal Kodak Ektachrome film stick. The film shows students students attending an outdoor convocation ceremony location in the Kerr Hall Quadrangle. It include shots of speakers at the podium, families around ...

Convocation Films

This file consists of film reels and audiotapes recordings taken during the 1972 and 1973 convocation ceremonies.

Pneumatics Film

This file consists of four film reels related to the production of Pneumatic. This includes the original reversal A and B rolls, the narration optical track and a cutting copy.

Miscellaneous Film Reels

This file consists of miscellaneous film elements produced by the Ryerson Media Centre. This includes cuts, trims, original cutting copies and reversal film elements.


1 VHS produced by the Ryerson Media Centre.

Wines Of The World TV Series

This file consists of correspondence, scripts and other documents related to the Wines of the World TV series co-produced by the Ryerson Media Centre and Corby Distilleries Limited.

Media Centre VHS Collection

Collection of 5 VHS tapes that were transferred to the Ryerson Archives in the Spring of 2013 from the library's Borrowing and Lending Services department.

Ryerson Is - Videocassette

"D" roll only onto a VHS videotape format. The videocassette is a 12 minute colour production (no audio) showing brief vignettes on Ryerson academic programs.FILM:A 12-minute colour film showing brief vignettes on Ryerson academic progra...

Miscellaneous Reel-to-Reel tapes

Tapes No. RR-119 to RR-143 were retrieved from the unprocessed material. Although provenance is unclear there are indications that some, if not all, of these tapes originated in or were produced by the Media Centre.No. 119 About Ryerson: Kerr/Mord...

Twenty-five Year Club audio recordings

File contains two audio recordings from Ryerson's annual Twenty-Five Year Club celebrations.RG - master audio-cassette recording from the 1981 eventRG - reel-to-reel audio recording of the 1982 Twenty-Five Year Club ...

The Technology Show

Series contains records related to the creation of the Technology Show for the Faculty of Technology by Ryerson's Media Centre. The show was a 6 carousel of slideshow with accompanying audio.Included in the series are correspondence, scripts,...

Textual records

File contains textual materials related to the creation of the Technology show for the Faculty of Technology. Included in the file are budget records, work flows, slide show scripts, interview notes, and correspondence.

Technology Show - Out-Takes slides

File contains extraneous slides (out-takes) from the Technology Slide Show (RG 76.147). Included in the slides are photographs of Barb Ruttle, Bel Tronics (Glen Martinson), CATE, Electronic Technology, Professor Fernbach, Hydrolics and robots, Ken...

Rogers Communication Centre - drawings

File contains photographs and negatives of the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's Rogers Communication Centre. Photographs include images of architectural models and drawings of the Ryerson campus. and Rogers Communications Center. File also c...

Ryerson Media Centre

Digital Media Projects productions

This series consists of textual, graphic and audiovisual materials produced by the Digital Media Projects Office.

Digital Media Projects (DMP) Office

Rogers Communications Centre - construction

File contains photographs and negatives of the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's Rogers Communications Centre construction project. Photographs include images of various parts of the construction site located at Church and Gould streets.

Ryerson Media Centre

Rogers Communications Centre - ground breaking

File contains photographs and negatives of the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's ground breaking ceremonies for teh Rogers Communication Centre building. Photographs include images of Ryerson President Terry Grier; Braodcasters, Betty Kennedy...

Ryerson Media Centre

A Tribute to Claude Lajeunesse DVD

This item consists of two DVD recordings of the tribute dinner to Claude Lajeunesse. One DVD is an edited 4 minute recording of the dinner with narration by RTA Instructor Dana Lee (this version was gifted to Claude Lajeunesse).

Sheldon Levy "calling card" DVD

The item consists of a DVD created as a calling card for Sheldon Levy to hand out during his trip to India. The DVD contains descriptions of the programs available at Ryerson and general information about Toronto.


Consists of two data DVDs created showcase the partnerships between the Faculty of Engineering and architectural science and the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. One DVD has the PowerPoint presentation and videos (.w...

Frank Stronach Centre for Computing and Engineering

The item consists of a DVD created as an investment pitch during the construction of the new Centre for Computing and Engineering. The video shows an animated walk-through with rendering of the proposed building.

Christopher Plummer Honorary Doctorate DVD

The item consists of an edited video of Christopher Plummer speaking during the Fall 2008 convocation ceremony. A copy of this DVD was gifted to Plummer during his Honorary Doctorate Ceremony.

DMP Promotional Audiovisual Items

This files consists of audiovisual material produced by the DMP for promotional content or to be given to speakers as gifts. Materials were donated by John Hajdu from the DMP Office.

Yabu Pushelberg DVD

DVD gifted to Ryerson School of Interior Design graduates George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, co-founders of the firm Yabu Pushelberg.

Pedestrianizing Gould Street DVD

DVD of photograph montages from the first year after Gould Street's pedestrianization, includes fall orientation and other 2010 events.Disc has video montage in .mov and .wmv formats.

Ontario University Fair DVDs

Event loop DVDs created for Ryerson Admissions to be shown at the Ontario University Fair (OUF). Includes DVDs from 2007, Feb 2008, Sept 2008, Oct 2008 and 2009 DVDs. Some have a soundtrack with audio interviews.

DMP brochures

This file consists of two brochures, one explains the Digital Media Projects Office services (workshops, production suites, consulting and support, production assistance) and one promotional brochure on the Interactive Learning Connection: Univers...

Media Centre

  • RG 76
  • Fonds
  • 1965-

This fonds consists of photographs, audiovisual and textual materials produced by or related to the Ryerson Media Centre.

Ryerson Media Centre

Normal school - facade

File contains photographs and negatives of the Ryerson Polytechnic University's Normal School facade. Photographs include images of the exterior of the facade.

Ryerson Media Centre

Administration and Information Management (AIM) slide Show

A six-carrousel Administration and Information Management (AIM) promotional slide show with script and audio cassette. The collection also includes additional slides in negatives, a promotional brochure and the synched audio-visual recording of th...

Early Childhood Education slide show

A two-carrousel promotional slide show, accompanied with an audio tape. The collection includes scripts, project arrangement documentation and extra slides and some negatives.

Nutrition Resource Centres slide show

A one-carrousel slide show for the Nutrition Information Services centre in the Ryerson Library with audio cassettes. The collection also includes scripts and additional slides.

This Is Ryerson - promotional slide show

A six-carrousel Ryerson promotional slide show accompanied with an audio cassette (dated 1983/84). The collection also includes project arrangement documentation and scripts for 1979/80, 1983/84, 1984/85, 1985/86 and 1986/87.

Nursing: promotional slide show

Two slide shows, with audio narration, promoting Ryerson's"Nursing" program.The 1976 version "A Time For Growth", received from the School of Nursing was originally arranged under the Nursing group but was removed and inco...

Academics and miscellaneous

File contains photographs of students and staff in general academic settings. It also includes miscellaneous head shots of unidentified people and locations.

Students and student activities

File contains photographs of students walking from Kerr Hall to Library on bridge; Casino night 1978; a games room with foosball, table tennis, pool, and video games; a hallowe'en party; and just general photographs of students.

Aerospace Engineering

File contains photographs of two students using the subsonic wind tunnel for low-speed aerodynamic evaluation of various test models located in Howard Kerr Hall. There is also 3 photograph of two other students using another piece of equipment.

Landscape Architecture - Urban landscapes

File contains a variety of photographs. The majority of them are of a group of men working at a table. There are also photographs of a man working at a computer printing out large scale plans.

Laboratories and equipment

File contains photographs taken in various laboratories on campus, students working, equipment and general scenes.

Bruce Hemstock - Landscape Architecture alumnus

File contains photographs of Ryerson Landscape Architecture '84 alumnus Bruce Hemstock. Also included in the files are photographs of design drawings of Chinguacousy Park in Brampton. He wrote a report "Chinguacousy Park: Found, Lost, an...

Computer Science class - Fashion students

File contains photographs of students in a computer lab. Some show their professor helping them. Photographs taken to advertise Ryerson's Computer Science program. The students in the photographs were actually from the School of Fashion.

Elena Morandi-Bonner, Degussa Canada

File contains photographs of Elena Morandi-Bonner working with chemistry lab equipment, and some photographs with a giant periodic table behind her. Degussa Canada (now Evonik Degussa Canada Inc.) is an international chemical company based out of ...


File contains photographs of students in a lab using computers and other equipment, and in a classroom. File titled "Surveying" unclear as to what program it is from - Civil Technology/Engineering or Landscape Architecture.

English Literature

File contains photographs of students and their professor in a seminar room. The students are seated around a long table with their professsor at one end.

Survey Camp

File contains photographs of students attending a survey "camp". The majority of the photographs were taken in the field showing the students using a variety of surveying equipment. There is a Landscape Architecture title slide in the fo...

Administration and Information Management

File contains photographs of students in the Administration and Information Management course (AIM). Photographs from inside the classroom, presentation preparation and giving presentations.

This Is Ryerson - Robotics

File contains photographs of people in the Centre for Advanced Technology Education using a robotic arm.

Survey - Department of Geography

File contains photographs of three geography students conducting surveys with people inside the Yonge & Dundas entrance of the Toronto Eaton Centre.

Eaton's Centre construction

File contains photographs of the construction[?] of the Eaton Centre along Yonge Street between Dundas and Shuter. Photographs concentrate on the first entrance to the mall after the Eaton's Store.

This Is Ryerson - RTA

File contains photographs of RTA (Radio and Television Arts) students working in the control room and in the T.V. Studio.

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