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School of Journalism Shields, Lorne Portraits
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Portrait of Alfred Thorburn Orr and a woman

Item is a colour photograph of a man and woman smiling in front of a landscape. Inscription on verso in ink reads, 'This is a kodacolor print made by Eastman Kodak Company T.M. Regis. U.S. Pat. Off. Week Ending Sept. 3, 1955.' The man has been identified as Alfred Thorburn Orr from other photographs in the collection.

Cabinet card album

Hard leather album with embossed design of a page turning on cover. Thick cardstock pages with openings for cabinet cards and cartes de visite. Sparsely populated, some tintypes. Mainly portraits from Quebec and United States.

St. Agnes

albumen print of engraving mounted on card. Depcits medieval woman with ahlo, holding a lamb. Recto caption, bottom: "St. Agnes." other captions are too small and faint to be legible. Blue border on card.

[Notman winter scene]

montage of images on cabinet card, depicting winter scenes and portraits. Central image is an ice palace. Many are group/ composite photos. Recto captions: "Wm. Notman & Son. Montreal". Verso inscription in gold, "Wm. Notman Montreal, -oni soit qui mal-, Photographer to her Majesty, also at Toronto, Halifax, Ottawa & St. John. N.B. (etc.)"

William Notman & Son

[Dog portrait]

Silver gelatin print that has been adhered to the centre of a matt board. Matt board is grey. Image is a portrait of a bulldog, standing on all fours on a porch outside a house, door in background. Dog is facing camera but is turned slightly sideways, looking to its right. Inscription on verso "$15/4."

[Dog portrait]

Silver gelatin print that has been adhered to centre of a matt board. Matt board is grey. Image is a profile portrait of a bulldog. Looks like dog has a studded collar on. Inscription on verso "$15/4."

Portrait of a balding man in a suit

Item is a portrait of a man, possibly affiliated with the Stanley Cup. It is mounted on brown card in a folding paper housing. Inscription in black ink below photograph reads, 'From Uncle Curly'. Inscription in pencil below photograph reads, 'Selby'. Embossment below photograph reads, 'Rice Montreal'.

Rice Studio

Portrait of Mrs. John E. Cameron and A. S. Hamill(?)

Item is a brown coloured card, probably used to have an overmat. Photograph is of a woman, seated with a younger man standing behind her. On verso, in pencil, "A.S. HAMILL(?)" and "Mrs John E Cameron". A red stamp reads "7916". Image is quite blurred, and both sitter's eyes or eyebrows have been touched up with pencil.

Portrait of a young girl and boy

Item is a black card with rectangular photograph surrounded by plain, embossed border and the text at the bottom right, "E & R. Trull/ NEW LISKEARD,/ ONT." Photograph shows a young girl standing on an ornate wicker chair with the young boy standing on the ground next to her.

Trull, E. & R.

Portrait of a deck hand

Item consists of a black card with rectangular photograph surrounded by plain, embossed border and text in silver at the bottom right, "Lord Photo. Co/ 386 1/2 YONGE ST./ TORONTO. CANADA." Photograph shows a man in double-breasted suit jacket, seated in an upholstered chair, wearing a hat that reads "DECKMAN". He holds a curled piece of paper in his right hand.

Lord Photo Co.

Portrait of Maria

Item consists of a cream card with light blue embossed oval at centre with photograph of a woman in black dress with pleats down the front and a small, high white lace collar inset. At bottom, embossed design of a young woman in bonnet with flowers and scroll banner. To right of image, also embossed, "FLAGG & PLUMMER/ LEWISTON, MAINE." Card is glued onto a darker piece of cardboard. On verso, handwritten in pencil upside down, "Maria".

Flagg & Plummer

Portrait of John S. Morris

Item consists of a grey card with oval photograph of a man with checkered cap and light-coloured wool overcoat. At bottom right, in silver letterpress, "E. R. Turner/ Ch(?)town P.E.I." followed by a decorative finial. On verso, handwritten in pen, "John S. Morris."

Turner, E.R.

Portrait of brother and sister

Item consists of a black card with embossed oval decoration and a photograph inset of a young man and woman, probably brother and sister. The photograph is situated horizontally on the card. The man wears a suit and tie, the woman high collared blouse and scarf with cameo pin, and a small cap with bow on her head. At bottom left, embossed in gold, "Smith/ Galt, Ont,."


Portrait of Mary Jane and John

Item consists of a grey card with text embossed in black at bottom, "W.L. MURRAY,/ PHOTOGRAPHER./ RAVINE BANK,/ WAPELLA, SASK." Photograph is a full length portrait of a old man and woman. The man is seated ina chair, wearing a fitted suit and waistcoat. The woman wears a dress with bishop sleeves, and plain front and flounce at bottom with embroidery down the front of the vest. They are outdoors, next to the wall and window of a house. On verso, handwritten in pencil, "sister/ Mary Jane and John".

Murray, W.L.

Portrait of a man in patterned suit

Item consists of a gold edged card with a light pink base, and text in gold letterpress at the bottom edge, "A.I. Witter, Pecatonica, Ill." A long, narrow photograph gives a full length portrait of a man in a 3 piece suit all done in the same white flecked wool fabric. The coat is a little overlarge, probably a late 1860s style, and is buttoned at the top button only. He wears a striped ascot, and leans against a chair in front of a painted studio backdrop depicting a window and mantel. On the verso, a long text handwritten in pencil that indicates the sender (probably the man pictured in the card) could not come for New Year's as he had other obligations with a family called the Bowlys(?). He signs his initials "A.H." At the top left, in a different hand, "805/ 12.-".

Portrait of two women in lace blouses

Item consists of a cream card with yellow embossed oval. Photograph inset of two women, vignetted. The woman on the right looks towards the camera and the one on the left looks towards the right. Both wear high-collared lace blouses in the Edwardian fashion. At bottom right, embossed, "Solean(?)/ SO. SIDE/ KIRKSVILLE, MO."

Portrait of a young woman

Item is a small brown folded card card with embossed coat of arms design on front. Inside, glassine tissue covers a white matted vignetted photograph of a young woman in plaid dress with lace collar. Embossed at lower right on inside card, "F.D. Lee/ LINDSAY, ONT."

Lee, Frank D.

Portrait of a woman with checkered skirt

Item consists of a photograph printed with a large white border, mounted flush with a post card backing. Photograph depicts a woman seated sideways on a stool, with her hands on her knees. She wears a white blouse, checkered skirt and thick black leather watch. There is a piece of a mantel with flowers and leaves on the painted backdrop. On verso, the words "POST CARD" are printed sideways with a dividing line for address and correspondence. A small design at upper right indicates where to place postage.

Portrait of a young man

Item is a photograph of a boy approximately 10 years old wearing a suit jacket, short tie pinned to a plain white shirt and shorts. He sits on the edge of a table. The photo is mounted on a postcard backing with the text "POST CARD" and a line delineating space for "CORRESPONDENCE" on the left and "ADDRESS ONLY" on the right. At the far left, printed sideways, "Hall & Siggers, Keighley." Handwritten in brown ink across the postcard, "December 31/ 1916/ To Cousin Annie & Maurice/ With Love & Best Wishes/ for/ The New Year".

Hall & Siggers

Portrait of Nancy Maguire

Item is a cream cabinet card with gold letterpress at bottom edge, "Thompson & Son/ 75 KING ST. EAST/ TORONTO". Photograph is a portrait of an older woman seated by a small table. Her plain dark dress with lace collar has a tassled, perhaps leather(?) collar which hangs down to her waist in the front. On verso, two sets of stamped gold borders and a third of a floral pattern surround the text "THOMPSON/ & SON/ Photographers/ 75 King St. E./ TORONTO, ONT./ DUPLICATES CAN BE HAD AT ANY TIME/ BY SENDING NAME IN FULL." Handwritten in black ink at top left, "Aunt Nancy/ Mrs. Maguire".

Thompson & Son

Portrait of a man

Item consists of a cream coloured card with photograph of a man in plain suit with paisley tie in profile. Handwritten in pencil at the bottom right edge of the image, "Nussbaumer/ 98." On verso, also in pencil, "$10.00".

Portrait of Crawford Gordon Jr.

Item consists of a photograph mounted on cream card with decoratively frayed edges. Portrait of a man. There is a embossed stamp at the bottom right of card with the letters "NFB" above a version of the Canadian shield and the text "CANADA" below. Handwritten in red ink at the lower right of image, "To Alf Martin/ With sincere best/ wishes/ Crawford Gordon/ Dec. 5/45".

Portrait of A Edleman(?)

Item consists of a photograph mounted on cream card with decoratively frayed edges. Handwritten note at bottom right of image on card in brown ink, "Alf./ A tough old mug/ for your Rogues Gallery/ A Edleman(?)" Embossed at bottom centre of card, Canadian shield with the text "NFB" above and "Canada" below. Photograph shows a man in military uniform seated behind a desk..

Portrait of a woman, tinted

Painted photograph showing a woman in dark dress with broach affixed to white lace collar. Image is oval in shape on a rectangular card mount. Tears at all four corners show were cover mount would have been adhered. On verso, light blue stamp reads "Universal Copying Co./ MANUFACTURERS OF/ India Ink, Berlin Finish, Crayon, Pastel and Oil Portraits,/ also, Cabinets and Cartes de Visites./ All orders promptly attended to:/ Jeffers, Wells & Kipps, Proprietors./ Office 1436 & 1438 Market St., between 8th and 9th,/ SAN FRANCISCO, CAL."

Universal Copying Company

[Photograph of a photograph]

Item is an unmounted tintype is a photograph of a photograph of an older couple. Original photograph is in a decorative frame/case (daguerreotype or ambrotype?), and it is a studio portrait of a man and woman, sitting side by side, looking straight out at the camera, hands folded in lap. Woman wears a white bonnet and checked dress. Clothing of sitters suggest that original photograph dates from the 1850s. Handwriting on the back in pencil, not able to decipher.

[Portrait of a seated man]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of a young man, seated in a chair. His posture is very casual, his chin resting in his hand, legs crossed. He leans low in the chair. The studio backdrop is of a fireplace and plants. There is carpet underneath him. He is wearing a hat with no brim, vest, bowtie, suit jacket and striped pants. Three corners are cut off at an angle. His cheeks are hand painted.

[Portrait of man and woman]

Item is an unmounted portrait of a man seated and a woman standing with her left arm resting on back of his chair. There is a table in front of her, beside him with a book on it. She also holds a book, that is resting on the table. She wears a hat and shirtwaist with buttons, the sleeves are puffy which are in keeping with fashion of the 1890s. She wears a brooch at her neck. He is sitting with his legs crossed, his body rurned away from the camera, but his face looking right at camera. He holds a scroll in his hand, and wears a sash of somesort across his chest. He looks very pleased with himself. Both their cheeks are tinted pink. Top corners angled off, and bottom edge is curved.

[Portrait of two men facing each other]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of two men, both seated and turned toward each other, but not looking at each other. Both wearing dark frock coat with white shirts, no ties. One on left has a mustach. Both cheeks are inted pink. Man on right has his arm on armrest, and the other one on his knee. Varnish coating gives tintype a brownish colouring. Studio background looks like a fireplace.

[Portrait of a woman]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of a woman in a black dress standing against a plain background. She has a pin at her throat, and a white collar is visible under her black coat. Hair tied back with soft bangs is in keeping with the fashion of the 1880s. Her hands are held together in front, in black gloves. She is shown from the waist up.

[Portrait of a couple]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of a man sitting and a woman standing with her hand on his shoulder. The man sitting rests an arm on the table and one in his lap. The woman is wearing a dress with layers in fashion during the 1870s. Her hair is tight curls fringing her head in fashion after 1876. The studio backdrop is of an interior. The man's feet are crossed. A book rests on the table. All four corners are angled off.

[Group portrait of seven women]

Cream card-frame with red vignetting and details. Backing is pink cardboard that folds out, and looks like it is the page of an album. Tintype is a group portrait of seven young women, four sitting and three standing. All the women have white bow in their hair and white lace collars that date this photograph from the 1880s. Studio backdrop used, and you can see where it ends up top. Perhaps this is a class photograph, as they are similarly dressed. Or possibly housemaids?

[Portrait of a woman]

Item is an unmounted portrait of a woman in dark dress with white collar. Brooch and ring painted on in gold. Cheeks painted pink. She is sitting and one hand rests on a table and the other in front of her, on her dress.

[Portrait of a man with beard]

Item is an unmounted portrait of a man, in a suite with jacket, double breasted vest, bowtie and watch chain. His shirt has a white collar and is checked. His beard frames his face, with his chin and upperlip are bear.

[Portrait of a man in a hat]

Item is a daguerreotype framed in brass matt, cover glass and brass preserver, but no case. Image is of a man with a mustache and a hat. He's wearing a dark suit with vest and silk tie tied in a bow. Looks as though the daguerreotype has been removed from its case.

Portrait of couple with flowers

Item is a bi-fold card with grey marbled paper and embossed fleur-de-lis on cover. Inside photograph of a couple, the woman seated with a boquet of flowers (possibly newlyweds). In gold letterpress, at bottom right, "Hunter/ CORNWALL". On verso, in blue ink, "September 12th. 1922."

Hunter Studio

[Portrait of Stan Kenton]

Item is a studio headshot with white border. It depicts man wearing suit jacket and tie, with hands clasped. Verso ink stamps: "Stan Kenton" and "This portrait through courtesy of A. Gilbert Studios, Toronto."

A. Gilbert Studios

[Portrait of Frank Sinatra]

Item is a studio portrait of man wearing white jacket and dark pants, no tie. Possible copy print of existing print. Recto inscription on negative or original print: "To a swell 580 member, fondly, Sinatra." Verso ink stamp: "This portrait through courtesy of A. Gilbert Studios, Toronto."

A. Gilbert Studios

starter and assistant on racetrack

unmounted DOP depicting four men, one with bowler hat, others with fedoras, standing on grass racetrack. Ole holds flag, one holds pad of paper. Verso inscription, "W.A. Dade the starter and his assitants." Verso ink stamp: "This photograph was made by Pringle & Booth, 181 George St. Toronto, duplicates can be had at any time."

Two men beneath palm trees

Item is a photograph of two men standing under some palm trees. Inscription on verso reads, 'June 4th 1950 Hialeah Race Course, Miami, Florida A.T.O & Baldy the Pretzel? (Bent over like one) better still it is a good snapshot of the 'Royal Palms''

Canada album

Item consists of a brown album with gold embossing and darker brown detailing. Item has part of a metal clasp on right of cover. Pages are white with gold embossing and sleeves with cutouts to insert the photographs into. Spine is torn and in very poor condition.
Photographs are all carte de visite size, and there are 5 tintypes in paper mats spread throughout the album. Some are hand-coloured. They are all portraits, some are labeled in pencil or black ink on the back of or below the photograph with the subject's name and sometimes a date. The photographs were taken accross Canada in Charlottetown, Montreal, Halifax, Pictou, Ottawa, and others as well as Boston, Washington D.C., New York and Auckland New Zealand. Some of the studios that made the photographs in this album are the Notman Studio, Brady's National Portrait Galleries, James Inglis, and J.W. Black. Photographers include C.S. Lewis and Tanton.

Loose materials include: photographs, tintypes in individual envelopes.

Shields, Lorne

Grandfather Bird in his young days

Item is a hinged union case (plastic case) with scroll design. Die Engraver is Frederick C. Key, Casemaker is S. Peck and Company who began manufacturing in 1852, as per example in Union Cases: A Collector's Guide to the art of America's First Plastics by Clifford and Michele Krainik p. 173. Inside cover has a brown velvet cushion. Image side has brass matt, cover glass and brass preserver over tintype. Image is of a little boy, right hand on armrest. Cheeks tinted pink.

[Photographic portrait pendant]

Item is a piece of photographic jewelry, a pendant with makeshift loop at top for chain. Very detailed gold plated metal pendant with glass image in centre. Image is adhered beneath a rectangular piece of glass, brown colour. Image is a portrait of a man standing, in a top hat and suit and bow tie. The glass is adhered to the centre of the piece.

[Portrait of Cressie & Billy Leonard]

Item is a publicity photograph of two men in tuxedos and top hats holding canes. Identified to be Cressie Leonard (1887-unknown) and Billy Leonard (1891-1974), both Irish-born English variety theatre entertainers, musical comedy actors and singers. Here they are photographed for the 1916 and 1917 touring revue, "A la Carte".

Dobson Studios

Portrait of woman

Item is a white card with gold border and in gold letterpress at bottom, "Wilber" and decorative initials "W" and "C" intertwined, followed by "CHARDON/ OHIO". Photograph shows a woman in black high-collar dress. Photograph is a cabinet card set inside card page from cabinet card album.

Portrait of a woman

Item is a thick grey card with photograph flush with the edges. Shows a woman in high-collar dress with a floral decoration down front. At bottom right, handwritten in white, "Freeland"

Freeland, George P.

Portrait of a man and woman

Item is a grey card with both an embossed border and a thin white border around a rectangular photograph of a man (seated) in a suit and a woman in a ruffled white dress. At bottom right of card, embossed in gold, "S. Askin/ TEESWATER,/ ONT."

Askin, Samuel

Portrait of Mr and Mrs. Ralph E. Johnston

Item consists of a beige card with dark beige border with shell motif at edges, and a second border around photograph in center. At bottom right, embossed in dark beige, "HERBERT J. UNWIN/ STETTLER, ATLA." Image shows an older man and woman against a dark studio backdrop. On verso, handwritten in pencil at the top, "Mrs. Ralph E. Johnson./ [illegible]/ '15".

Unwin, Herbert J.

Portrait of two girls

Photograph of two girls in light coloured blouses with wide collars. The girl on the left has her hair pulled back with a large ribbon. The photograph is mounted flush with a postcard backing. On verso, the text "POST CARD" is followed by a line delineating space for "CORREPSONDENCE" on the right and "ADDRESS ONLY" on the left. At the far right, printed sideways, "Hall & Siggers, Keighley".

Hall & Siggers

Portrait of Dr. Jim (or John?) Wallace

Item is a beige cabinet card with gold scalloped edges and brown letterpress at bottom edge, "A. W. Phipps, NEW CASTLE, PA." Photograph is a portrait of a man in suit with high collar. On verso, a design with flowers, brushes, and the text "INSTANTAENOUS/ PORTRAITS/ OF CHILDREN/ A SUCCESSFUL/ SPECIALITY./ ARTISTIC/ PHOTOGRAPHY/ A. W. Phipps,/ 6 1/2 Washington Street,/ NEW CASTLE, PA./ DUPLICATES CAN BE/ PROCURED/ AT ANY TIME." Handwritten in blue ink at the top edge, "Dr. Jim or ? John Wallace/ Louise Miller's Grandfather".


Portrait of an infant with necklace

Item consists of a beige card with light grey embossed text at lower right, "Biles Art Shop/ 113 E. WASHINGTON ST./ NEW CASTLE, PA." Photograph is a portrait of an infant seated on a dark fabric with very little background visible. The infant wears a white dress with necklace, and is shaking his/her right hand so that it is blurred in the image.

Portrait of a woman with large feathered hat

Item is a square cream card with thin brown line framing a square photograph of a woman with a large feathered hat. A lithgraphed drawing of flowers in red and green frames the photograph on the diagonal. Beneath the image, in brown letterpress, "CARTE DE VISITE" and at the lower right of the card, "CARRIERE & CIE./ 159 RUE SAINT LAURENT/ MONTREAL."

Carriere & Cie.

Portrait of two young men in parlour, with photograph of a girl

Item consists of a white card with scalloped edges and silver embossed text along the right side, "Dunham/ PORTRAITS/ BELMOND,/ IOWA." The word 'portraits' is encircled by a graphic showing an artist's brushes and palettes. Photograph shows two young men seated in a parlour (painted backdrop). The man on the left leans over the chair of the man seated on the right who holds a card photograph in his hand of a woman. On verso, handwritten in ink "Patsy Burke" and "3".

Portrait of an old man

Item is a black cabinet card with gold border and gold letterpress at bottom edge, "Wynne S. Smith, Painesville, Ohio." Photograph is a blurred portrait of a man with mismatched trousers and jacket and holding a walking stick. He is seated on steps.

Wynne S. Smith

[Two men posed with fists up]

Item is an unmounted tintype featuring an image of two men posed in studio, with their fists up in imitation of a fight. They face each other, man on right has a pipe in his mouth. He is wearing a long coat, tall hat with a coloured flower in it.Man on left has a pink spot near his mouth. Studio backdrop is of a mountain, plants, water. Sticker on the back of tintype says "$4.00."

[Portrait of two men with a book]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of two men. One on right is wearing a top hat (tilted to left side), with a black suit and striped pants. He has a big handlebar moustach, cigar in his mouth, open book in his lap and his legs are crossed. The man on the left has a cigar in his mouth, and is wearing a hat, with black suite. His legs are crossed and both hands rest on his lap, with his left arm resting on a table. Both their cheeks are tinted pink.

[Portrait of a man in costume]

Item is an unmounted portrait of a man standing against a studio backdrop of a castle in the mountains with a lake and flowers in foreground. He right arm is held behind his back, the left one hangs at his side. His feet are apart, and he wears dark slippers with dark leotards. His shirt hangs down to mid-thigh, and is fringed around the bottom and at the sleeves. It has a pattern of leaves on it. He is blond, and his cheeks are tinted pink. He stands still with the aid of a body stand. Top and bottom left corners angled off.

[Portrait of a woman seated]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of a woman sitting with her elbows on the armrest, and her hands up to her face. Her hair is in keeping with the fashion after 1876, of close crop curls on forehead. She wears a bracelet with a charm on each wrist, and a ring on her finger. The studio backdrop is of an interior, and there is a fur carpet underneath the chair.

[Portrait of two men]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of two men sitting on the same wood bench, facing the camera. They look stiff and posed. Their arms rest on the armrest and on their laps. They both wear suit and tie, with only the top button done on the jacket. Their cheeks are tinted pink. The top and bottom left corners are angled off.Man on left with blond hair looks like the man in 2008.001.1833 - not sure if same person.

[Portrait of a man in fedora]

Item has a cream card-frame with green details of ivy around square opening. Edges of card mount are rounded out, like bubbles. Tintype is a portrait of a man standing on a sidewalk outdoors. He wears a suit jacket, vest and tie with high white collar and fedora hat. There are people in the background, walking on the sidewalk, and what looks like a car parked beside him. You cannot make out any details in his face. He wears something on his lapel, maybe a handkerchief in his breast pocket. Image dated in the 1930s due to the popularity of the fedora in this decade.

[Portrait of John Lonctot's father]

Item is a tintype, loose from mount. Cream card-frame with gold details and oval opening. Handwritten on back of card-frame "Probably the father of Uncle John Lonctot." Tintype is portrait of a man with beard and mustache. Hair is standing up on left side, like he has just removed a hat. He stares a camera. He wears a suit jacket and vest, no tie. White shirt underneath. Cheeks are tinted pink. All four corners are angled off.

[Portrait of a couple, arms entwined]

Item is an unmounted portrait of a man and woman, sitting side by side, woman's arm through the man's. She is holding a book on her lap. He has a hand inside his vest and one on his knee. Both are looking directly at camera. Both their cheeks are tinted pink. Brooche, rings and tie clips are painted in gold. Background is of a window and bookshelves.

[Portrait of a man and woman]

Item is a daguerreotype framed in cover glass and brass preserver, but no case. Image is of a man and woman. Woman wears a white bonnet with bow tied under her chin. Man wears a suit with double breasted vest and bow tie. He has a can between his legs.

[Portrait of a young girl]

Item is a brown hinged with tape case with daguerreotype inside, held in with a brass mat, cover glass and brass preserver. Inside cover is a soft red velvet cushion with detail of a butterfly. Red cloth frames image side too. Image is of a young girl, staring at camera, in a polka dot dress with white lace collar. Her hair is in two braids. One arms rest across her stomach. Her cheeks are tinted pink.

[Portrait of a couple]

Item is a loose daguerreotype in a frame with cover glass and brass matt, no case. Image is of a man and woman seated. Man wears a suit with vest and white shirt with black bowtie. The woman wears a dark dress with white bonnet and bow tied under her chin.

[Dog portrait]

Item is a silver gelatin print that has been adhered to centre of a matt board. Matt board is grey. Image is a profile portrait of a bulldog. Inscription on verso "$15/4."

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