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Asia Lenin, Vladimir Il´ich, 1870-1924
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Posters of Lenin leaning over one arm

Item is 5 umounted posters with a black and white photograph portrait of Lenin. Three posters also have a red border and a slogan in left top corner of the poster.

Our socialist responsibilities

Item consists of four unmounted posters depicting a portrait of Lenin on left side, with a text background. The right side has been left blank for something to be written or glued on.

Poster depicting Soviet youth group (Pioneers)

Item is 4 posters depicting adult Lenin on the background, and Lenin as a young Pioneer in front. Pioneers were pre-Comsomol members aged 10-14 years. There is a slogan written in blue.

Images of Lenin reading

Eight loosely rolled posters depicting Lenin reading a book at a desk. Two different interpretations.

Certificate, military

Citation cards with Soviet flags and crest featuring profile of Lenin. Military aircraft and tanks are depicted along the bottom edge. It reads: For our Soviet homeland! A quote attributed to V. I. Lenin reads: Our slogan should be one - study the...

New Komsomol Member Citation

Citation cards with ribbon graphic and profile drawing of Lenin. On recto, there is text congratulating the new Komsomol member and space for a photograph of member. On verso, design with Soviet crests and images at significant dates. It reads: 19...

Certificate of merit (filled out)

Folded citation card with portrait drawing of Lenin on the interior, addressed to a recipient in black ink and stamped. On recto it reads: Glory to labour! Certificate of Merit. Inside it reads in Russian: Proletariat of all countries, unite! Cert...

Certificate of merit (filled out)

Folded citation card with profile portrait of Lenin on a red cover, addressed to a recipient in black ink and stamped. On verso, it reads: Certificate of Merit. Inside there is a quote by L. I Brezhnev. It also reads: Proletariat of all countries,...


Rectangular citation card with image of Lenin against a sky background and crowd of people, a red Soviet flag in front. Beneath the picture it reads: V. I Lenin on podium. The artist was A. Gerasimov.

Certificate of merit

Folded citation card with Kremlin clocktower image on front and drawing of Lenin inside. Very similar to 2008.005.204. On recto it reads: Certificate of Merit. Inside it reads: Proletariat of all countries, unite! Certificate of Merit. Some of the...

Citation to a new Little Octobrist

Citation cards with badge design of the Little Octobrists. It is meant to be given to a child that achieves Little Octobrist status. On recto, there is a design featuring Lenin as a child within a red star with emanating rays, a message to the new...

Photographic poster of Lenin and sister Olga as children

Small card posters printed with a photographic image of a young Lenin and his younger sister Olga. This photograph was taken by photographer E. L. Zhakrzhevskaya in 1874. Beneath the photograph it reads: Volodya Ulyanov with sister Olga. It was pr...

Photographic poster of Lenin on Gorky Park bench

Small card posters printed with a photographic image of Lenin seated outdoors on a Gorky Park bench. Original photograph dates to 1922 and was produced in Moscow. Beneath the photograph it reads: V. I. Lenin in Gorky Park, 1922.

V. V. Lobody

Photographic poster of Lenin wearing cap

Small card posters printed with a photographic image of Lenin outdoors wearing the beret-like cap in which he was often seen. "V. I. Lenin" is written beneath the photographs. The posters were produced in Moscow.

Photographic portraits of Lenin on small posters

Small card posters printed with a photographic image of Lenin. There are 2 different poses, one in which Lenin faces the camera smiling, the second where Lenin is leaning an arm over the back of a chair. "V. I. Lenin" is written on both ...

Lenin and Children

Set of seven small posters in a book format, depicting Lenin with groups of children, most in a winter/festive setting. The drawings are by Soviet artist Nikolai Zhukov. The author of the stories was Aleksandra Terent'yevicha Kononova, the au...

Leading power of society

Originally 12 posters, missing 3. Two smaller posters have been placed inside the front cover. Recto quote, attributed to V. I. Lenin, reads, "Party... we believe, in it we see the mind, honour and conscience of our epoch.." The author w...

Lenin: Posters, portraits, leaflets 1917-1924

Set of twelve small posters in a book format, depicting the political life of Lenin. Recto reads, "Lenin: Posters, portraits, leaflets 1917-1914 from the Lenin State Library of the USSR." The author was N. Baburina, the designer was B. F...

Baburina, N.

Under the banner of October

Set of fourteen small posters in a book format, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the October revolution. On the back of the folder holding the posters, the dates 1917-1987 are written. The author-compiler was A. Murzin, the designer was V. Ko...

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: Pages of the Biography

Set of twenty small posters in a book format, depicting the life and work of Lenin. The editor waqs V. A. Krysov, the designer was A. S. Krivenko, the literary editor was L. A. Chernova, the design editor was A. N. Khvatov, the technical editor wa...

Lenin's memorable places in Leningrad

One fold-out poster. On recto the view of the city and small photographs of Lenin's office in Smolny. On verso: photographs of interior of Lenin last secret apartment. Written in English, German and Russian.

Postage Stamps series

Series consists of several collections of postage stamps, usually held in albums or envelopes with stamps printed on them.

blue stamp albums with Ukrainian and Russian language stamps

blue, cloth-bound, hard cover albums with thick cardboard pages. Cover bears image of rocket and stamp perforated edge and reads: stamps. The pages include horizontal plastic strips to hold postage stamps in place on the pages. Each page is covere...

red and white stamp folder

Red and white cardboard folder, the cover of which bears the image of Lenin and a stamp-shaped title area. Inside, the spine is reinforced with fabric, and the inside of the covers have plastic strips to hold postage stamps in place. The folder co...

grey postage stamp album

Grey cardboard album with grey plastic cover. Cover is decorated with several children's stickers. Pages have plastic strips to hold postage stamps and FDCs in place. Each page contains approximately 6-12 postage stamps, many bearing the imag...

large green postage stamp album

Green hardcover album with black cardboard pages. Cover bears a gold symbol of postage stamp with inuit and caribou. Pages have plastic strips to hold postage stamps in place. The album holds at least one hundred Soviet stamps, many bearing the im...

envelopes with illustrations and comemorative postage stamps

various envelopes bearing illustratioins and Russian text, most including postage stamp and cancellation stamp. The cancellation stamps' designs honour congresses of the CPSU and anniversaries The envelops are not addressed. Some Ukrainian is...

All-union CPSU Conference ommemorative postage stamp

Framed commemorative postage stamp with a drawing of Lenin's head in the upper left corner, the Communist Party symbolic hammer and sickle in the lower left, and the Kremlin buildings to the right. Value 50 kopeks. It reads: Revolutionary res...

Audio Discs

Series consists of audio recordings. The content of the recordings varies, from the National Hymn of the Union of Soviet Socialistic Republic International performed by the choir and orchestra of the Bolshoi Theatre, to the poem "Portrait of ...

V. Mayakovsky: Vladimir Ilyich Lenin LP record

33 rpm LP record in paper and exterior cardboard sleeves. Cover depicts woodcut of Lenin as well as titles text. Back is red and white and contains significant Russian text. Mikhail Astangov reads V. Mayakovsky's commemorative poem about Leni...

USSR Ministry of Culture

Meeting with Lenin

Double 33 rpm record album in plastic and external fold-out sleeve. Cover depicts sketch of Lenin and title. Centerfold is red and white with extensive Russian text, as well as photo and second sketch of Lenin. The title reads: Reading the Biograp...

USSR Ministry of Culture

The History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Double 33 rpm record album in plastic and external fold-out sleeve. Cover has large red letters that stand for Communist Party of the Soviet Union and a depiction of the USSR constitution document. Centerfold contains numerous historical photograp...

USSR Ministry of Culture

Scultpures and Reliefs series

Series consists of sculptures and reliefs of Lenin, as well as a piece of marble from Lenin's mausoleum. Media include metal, wood, bronze, plaster, stone, plastic, glass, porcelain, and clay.

Centennial statue with silver profile of Lenin

Black, shiny, crystal-shaped plastic statue with applied silver relief image of Lenin's profile, as well as gold inscription of his signature and centennial birth years: I. Ulyanov (Lenin) 1870-1970. (one housed in red plastic case with clear...

Portrait of Lenin on Porcelain

Hand painted profile of Lenin on oval porcelain with gold boarder. A sign or possible an artist's stemp on the base, which includes the letter "B."

Lenin profiles on stone

Triangular prism shaped stones, partly polished and partly rough, with applied copper coloured profile portraits of Lenin in their upper right hand corners. One of three has an applied printed label in Russian on verso.

Lenin portraits on stands in cases

Off-white plastic frames with stands, with metallic gold front bearing the likeness of Lenin. Housed in plastic cases with transparent lids so image is visible. The frames are boxes that open. Three of four boxes have papers inside of them that in...

Miniature relief carving of Lenin

Three transparent plastic blacks mounted on black plastic base. Each block has a relief carving in the back, depicting Lenin or a statue of Lenin, a locomotive, and a submarine. Adhesive sticker on bottom.

Metal relief of Lenin in profile

Gold-coloured profile portrait of Lenin pressed in relief from a sheet of metal. The portrait has metal clips soldered to the back, as if it was made to be attached to a larger object.

Clay sculpture of Lenin

light brown clay sculpture of Lenin from the waist up, including one are with fist clenched and coat collar. Very roughly sculpted or not finished. Unfinished clay on back, tool marks visible on surface.

Life-sized reproduction Lenin's head

life-sized cast of Lenin's head, or a cast of a sculpture of Lenin. ceramic or clay painted white, with multiple seam lines. Hollow interior.

Mosaic portrait of Lenin

wooden plaque on which is mounted a mosiac made of amber, creating a profile portrait of Lenin. Hole in wood verso made for hanging the object on a wall.

Statue of Lenin, seated and holding a rolled paper

Small statue, composed of a metal alloy, shows the figure of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin seated on what appears to be a tree stump. He holds a rolled paper in his left hand. A piece of paper, probably the manufacturer's stamp, is adhered to the bot...

L. Torich

Profile portrait of Lenin

Metal alloy sculpture in low-relief of side profile of Vladimir Illyich Lenin's face. Hollow on verso, with a screw for hanging. Small sticker adhered on verso at the top, with inscription.

Circular wall hanging of Lenin

Circular metal alloy with heavy metal rim and hook on back to hang. Gold plated relief of Vladimir Illyich Lenin. The hook reads: ZNAR.

N. Sokolov

Bust of Lenin

Bust of Lenin, cast in bronze, showing head and top of torso, dressed in waistcoat, jacket and tie, but with shoulders cropped off.

Bust of Lenin

Bust of Lenin in ceramic, showing full length of chest, hollow interior.

Profile portrait of Lenin

Rectangular glass with impression on one side depicting the face of Lenin in profile. A reproduction of his signature is molded into the glass below the portrait.

Porcelain bust of Lenin

Bust of Lenin in ceramic-coated porcelain, showing full length of chest, hollow interior. Two words in Russian etched into the back of the figure: Bogolyubov Ingll.

Head of Lenin

Sculpture moulded in plaster of Lenin's head, mounted on a wooden base with a velvet backing.

Drawing of Lenin, applied to wood

Wooden plaque ornament with graphic drawing of Lenin in profile applied with lacquer. There are 2 pegs inserted at the base of the plaque, which are inserted into the base to allow the plaque to stand upright on a desk or other flat surface. Lenin...

Ephemera series

Series consists of sculptures and reliefs of Lenin, as well as a piece of marble from Lenin's mausoleum. Media include metal, wood, bronze, plaster, stone, plastic, glass, porcelain, and clay.

USSR newspaper Truth

Front section of Soviet Russian newspaper containing 6 pages of text and halftone images. Identified as issue no. 313 (21282). Newspaper title is flanked by crests of Lenin and a military star type crest. The images include that of a press confere...

Lenin or Soviet themed bookplates

Various paper bookplates, printed with black ink using a woodblock process. They bear imagery of Lenin or Soviet symbolism and sometimes Russian text.

Cigarette packs with Lenin's portrait

Packages of 20 cigarettes each. Red box bears Russian text and graphic portrait of Lenin. A graphic of the Soviet paper Truth is behind Lenin's portrait. Recto text reads: Cigarettes Prime Nostalgia. A side of the box reads: Cigarettes Fifth ...

The Public Corporation "Pogarskaya Cigarette-Cigar Factory"

1917-1957 commemorative plate

Commemorative plate of Vladimir Illyich Lenin standing with one arm raised to the sky, with the other at his chest. At the top of plate are the dates 1917-1957, marking 40 years since the Great October Socialist Revolution. City scape and water in...

CCCP watch in box

Watch resting in plastic case, on foam. Red letters (CCCP) on the watch face, with a red star at the 12 o'clock position. CCCP is the Russian abbreviation which translates in English to Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). "Perest...

Leniniana Collection

  • F 2008.005
  • Colección
  • 1917-2003; predominant 1980-1990

The collection consists of more than 800 items featuring the image of Vladimir Ilych Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union. There is a variety of media, including paper, textile, bronze, alloy, gold, clay, wood, porcelain, stone as well as books,...

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