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Lorne Shields Historical Photograph Collection Unidad documental simple
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Young couple

Item is a snapshot photograph of a man and a woman standing in front of a house where guests dressed formally scatter the patio. Inscription on verso reads, 'Betty Bowker Slaudish Wedding'.

Couple in Miami

Item is a snapshot photograph with beveled edges featuring an image of a couple smiling and posing in front of Hialeah Park. Inscription on verso in blue ink reads, 'Jan 4th, 1950 A couple of smiling 'As' in the paddock at Hialeah r...

School pageant

Item is a snapshot photograph of chairs set up outside facing a stage where girls are lined up to perform. Inscription on verso in black ink reads, 'School pageant for charity. Trafalgar School 27th May 1916 Dorothy Orr taking part.'

[Three young men and a car]

Item is a snapshot photograph of three young men and a car. Two are standing beside the car while one is inside. Car is parked outside infront of some trees, picket fence and a shed. Back of the photograph has handwritten in black ink: 'Winst...

Florence Roe Orr

Item is a professional portrait of young woman. Inscription on verso reads, 'Florence Roe Orr'. Edges of the item have been unevenly cut circularly around the subject's face.

Two men beneath palm trees

Item is a photograph of two men standing under some palm trees. Inscription on verso reads, 'June 4th 1950 Hialeah Race Course, Miami, Florida A.T.O & Baldy the Pretzel? (Bent over like one) better still it is a good snapshot of the '...


Item is a photograph of a lake with a boating dock in the distance. Inscription on verso reads, 'H.M.C.S. Cornwallis Main Drill Deck & Police Office Main Gate Flag Pole, Oct. 45'

Man on motorocycle

Item is a photograph of a man riding a motorcycle in front of a building named 'Venoome Garage'. Inscription on verso reads, 'Alexander - 0 5/8, Algoma - .02 3/4, Astoria Rowyn - .02, Buffcon - .02, Fed. Kirk - .02, Halcrows - .02 3...

Six men holding string of fish

Item is a photograph of six men standing in a row outside holding a string of fish. Inscription on verso reads, 'Raymond C. Franklin Phila. W. H. McElwee Phila. D.J. Gilwour Quebec. A.E.Orr, G.A. Moutain, Ottawa. Lawson, Ottawa. Kennybunck Be...

Portrait of young woman

Item is a portrait of young woman wearing a dress and standing in violets. Inscription on verso reads, 'Summer 1950, Vashon Island Betty Schappert' In black stamp, 'Dayne Storey Photography'.

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