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Ryerson Community Task Force

The material in this collection has been separated into two files: File #1 (Committee Records): This file folder received from University Advancement consists of correspondence, agendas/minutes (both hand written and typed) of committee meetings, ...

"Alcohol and Ryerson - A Review" report

A review of Ryerson's alcohol policies and procedures with draft resolutions for changes. The report followed the coroner's inquest recommendations stemming from the accidental death of a high school student at the ferry docks after atte...

Student Union files

File contains Student Union files. It includes job descriptions, constitutions, correspondence, reports, financial statements, budgets, member listings, agendas, newsletter clippings, and a copy of the student handbook.

Student Clubs and Organizations files

File contains student clubs and organization files. It includes invitations, correspondence, budgets, newsletter clippings, tickets, invitation lists, member lists, and schedules.

Student Union financial matters files

File contains the files on Student Union financial matters. It includes financial statements, a copy of the students' union constitution, estimates, petitions, correspondence, budgets, and recommendations.

Ryerson Centre files

File contains the Ryerson Centre and Ryerson Union files. It includes correspondence, reports, memorandums, by-laws, a copy of the pre-programme study, proposals, and financial statements.

Physical Plant Matters, Equipment, Purchases

File contains documentation on Physical Plant Matters, Equipment, and Purchases. It includes correspondence, policies, quotations, a listing of band instruments, plans, and a list of long distance telephone calls.

Electrical Technology files

File contains the Electrical and Electronics Technology Department files. It includes correspondence, memorandums, proposals, and reports.

Personnel department files

File contains the personnel department documentation. It includes correspondence, vacancy notices, drafts, a questionnaire, and turnover statistics.

Nursing department files

File contains the Nursing Department's files. It includes correspondence, listings, publications, brochures, and special certificate course information.

Geodetic sciences program files

File contains records related to the Geodetic sciences program. It includes correspondence, programmes, memorandums, copies of the Surveyors Act, brochures, and meeting minutes.

Social Event files

File contains records on social events. It includes correspondence, memorandums, a photograph, invitations, schedules, clippings, a guest list, and brochures.

Technology Division files

File contains the Technology Division files. It includes correspondence, reports, memorandums, a copy of the Operating Engineers Act of 1965, programs, meeting minutes, publications, a sample certificate, a directory, and a program syllabus.

Task Force on Fund Raising

File contains the Task Force on Fund Raising's records. It includes correspondence, brochures, a directory, proposals, reports, and meeting minutes.

Terry Grier documentation files

File contains Terry Grier's documentation files. It includes notices to the Ryerson Community, vacancy notices, flyers, a presidential budget statement, and a copy of a Ryerson insert that appeared in an issue of Maclean's magazine.

Dr. Brian Segal documentation files

File contains Dr. Brian Segal's documentation files. It includes vacancy notices, clippings, correspondence, closing remarks, plans, a memorandum of internal control, a curriculum vitae, and a management report.

Walter Pitman documentation files

File contains Walter Pitman's documentation files. It includes correspondence, memorandums, greeting cards, a list of the Ryerson media library motion picture and videotape holdings, proposals, position papers, programs, statements, agreement...

Dr. George Korey documentation files

File contains Dr. George Korey's documentation files as Acting President. It includes correspondence, invitations, memorandums, a menu, an attendance list, and greeting cards.

Dr. Donald Mordell documentation files

File contains Dr. Donald Mordell's documentation files. It includes correspondence, memorandums, workshop information, proposals, speeches, statements, greeting cards, notes, drafts, reports, and a publication.

A. Wilkinson documentation files

File contains the A. Wilkinson's documentation files as the Acting President. It includes correspondence, proposals, reports, memorandums, and schedules.

F. C. Jorgenson documentation files

File contains F. C. Jorgenson's documentation files. It includes memorandums, correspondence, a curriculum vitae, convocation documents from 1967 to 1969, policies, open letters, reports, the Ryerson Philosophy, drafts, programs, and a photog...

Strategy Study on Ryerson Polytechnical Institute

As part of the requirements for successful completion of the MBA programme at York University, groups of students are required to study an organization and prepare a report on the its strategy and policy. Permission was granted by President Brian ...

Walker Johanson survey

File contains records related to the Walker Johanson survery. It includes the final summary report of the market research project and supplementary information.

President's office purchasing files

File contains the President's office purchasing files. It includes invoices, correspondence, purchase orders, purchase requisitions, rental orders, delivery slips, and memorandums.

President's Development Task Force

The President's Development Task Force was announced in December, 1975 by President Walter Pitman. Pitman declared that a series of task forces was necessary to develop "a whole battery of academic activities which would have positive fi...

Task force on professional development

File contains records related to the task force on professional development. It includes correspondence, workshop materials, reports, flyers, memorandums, agendas, report drafts, meeting minutes, and reports.

OCUA briefs

Sub-series includes briefs to OCUA and its predecessor organizations.

Time Capsule Message

File is a message from the president's office to be placed in the 100-year Time Capsule at the Ontario Place.


File contains a memoranda from Sage Publishing to Segal on the matter of royalty payment.

University strategic mandate, 2012

File contains 2 copies of Ryerson's strategic mandate. Also included are the general announcment to the Ryerson community, Sheldon Levy's introductory letter, and a copy of the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities discussion ...

Ryerson Presidential photographs

Six framed colour photographs of Ryerson's first principal and subsequent presidents and acting presidents. These are: Howard Kerr, Fred Jorgenson, Tony Wilkinson, Donald Mordell, George Korey and Walter Pitman.

Guest Register

Guest book for various events associated with the Office of the President including: June 24th 1970 Board Dinner in honour of W.m.M.Kelly retiring Chairman of hte Board (sponsored by) Donald L. Mordell, President. Twenty Five Year Club First Annua...

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