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Kodak copier and duplicator brochures / Eastman Kodak Company

File consists of 6 colour illustrated brochures featuring Kodak photocopying machines and duplicators for the business market. Products include: Kodak 1570 and 1575 copier-duplicators; Kodak Color-Edge 1550 copier; Kodak Color-Edge 1525 copier; Kodak 2110 and 2120 duplicators; Kodak 2085 copier-duplicator; and Koda Ektaprint 95 copier.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Canada In Focus employee portraits, Photography Drive

File consists of Kodak employee portraits. Adhered to the verso of each are labels that indicate the images were for Kodak Canada In Focus, April 1981, Vol. 27 No. 4. Subject info for the portraits read: "Mary Rowntree has 10 years of service pg. 6", "Kodak lawn bowler displays his winning medals over the years. pg. 6", "Vida Lainson has 40 years service. pg. 5", "George Lugsoin put in 41 years of service. pg. 5", "Winnie Tomlinson has 25 yrs service pg. 5", "Alec Young has 40 yr service pg. 5". Portraits include Ron Eaton, "Carmela", Sharon Reid. The final image in this file is a smaller photograph of a road sign, with a label included that reads "Road sign of Photography Drive. pg. 2" and is from the same issue of In Focus.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Young adult gathering, employees at warehouse

File contains a collection of snapshots, all with borders and some with bevelled edges, that feature images from a gathering of young adults at someone's home or cottage. Additionally, there are images of employees inside a warehouse and office building. A photographer's stamp on the verso of many of the images reads: "W. P. Edwards / 26 Monterrey Dr. / REXDALE, ONT. 741-0192". Previously in green 3-ringed binder. Previous title: Camera repair 1950-1975

Kodak Canada Inc.

George Eastman self-portrait

George Eastman took this self-portrait in 1884, with the following handwritten note: "made on paper with soluble substratum developed after transferring." The print is the self-portrait with the handwritten statement printed over the image.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Mounted photographs of Eastman Kodak Stores, Ltd., Montreal, QC

Item is a leaf from a photo album containing 2 mounted black-and-white photographs of the Eastman Kodak Stores, Ltd. property at 286-288 Craig Street (Rue Craig) in Montreal, Quebec from 1934. Captions indicate the images represent the front of the building, looking south, and the top of the building, looking north.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Olympic torch bearer-road to Seoul

File contains an image of an Olympic torchbearer running with the torch. A caption included with the image reads: "This evening photo of an Olympic torchbearer on the road to Seoul was shot with Ektapress Gold 1600 film. Exposed at E.I. 1600, it demonstrates the film's ability to capture images under all but the dimmest available light. Photo copyright Maja Moritz, Bongarts Sportpressphoto, 1988."

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak promotional shots of sailboats, cyclers, golfers

File contains promotional colour photographs of sporting activities. Eight prints are duplicate prints of a saiil boat, with the caption "This colorful photo of catamarans in full sail is now on view as the latest Kodarama...This print was made on new Kodak Ektacolor 2001 paper." inserted with each image. Similarly, there are four prints of a man golfing mid-swing, five prints of a group of cyclers approaching the camera head-on, and a single print of a group of men wearing Kodak hockey jerseys posed for a group portrait on an ice rink.

Kodak Canada Inc.

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