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Opening of Kodaks PET Bottle Polymer Plant with officials planting the Canadian flag on the building

Mounted; velcro on back. Dave Small, Project Manager, Engineering and Construction (top), Kodak Canada President and General Manager Ron Morrison (middle), and Gord Wilson, Manager, Corporate Staff and Operations Support (below), plant the Canadia...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak baby pictures

File consists of 4 prints featuring French & English versions of Kodak advertisements reading: Kodak. The official film of us just hanging out. with an image of a long row of babies beneath.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Newsreleases - Abstracts

File contains photographs of artistic and abstract subjects. One caption reads: The textures and patterns of peeling paint, old wood and shadowed ivy can produce memorable abstract pictures worth enlarging.

Kodak Canada Inc.


File contains photographs featuring images of children decorating and searching for Easter eggs. Each is housed with a typed caption. One caption reads: While he is absorbed in deciding whether his egg has reached exactly the right shade of purple...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Winter scene

Item is a photograph featuring an image of coniferous covered in snow. Caption housed with photograph reads: The pristine beauty of the woods in winter can be pictured by anyt photographer willing to venture into a natopmal park.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Movie camera stills

File consists of enlargements of motion picture film featuring film stills. One enclosed caption reads: "The stages of learning to stand up and walk are marvelous to watch and to remember. When you record them on movie film, you can enjoy the...

Kodak Canada Inc.

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