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Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples Sub-series
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[RCAP terms of reference, research plans, publications]

Sub-series consists of 13 books/booklets/brochures published by the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. They include

2018. RCAP Public Hearings Discussion Paper 1 - Framing the Issues
2018. RCAP Public Hearings Discussion Paper 2 - Focusing the Dialogue
2018. RCAP Public Hearings Overview of the First Round
2018. RCAP Public Hearings Exploring the Options Overview of the third round
2018. The Circle newsletter Volume 1, No. 3
2018. RCAP - The Mandate
2018. RCAP - terms of reference
2018. Opening Statements on the Occasion of the Launch of the Public Hearings of RCAP
2018. RCAP Sharing the Harvest - the road to self reliance
2018. RCAP Integrated research plan (2 copies)
2018. RCAP People to People, Nation to Nation
2018. RCAP Partners in Confederation - Aboriginal Peoples, Self-Government, and the Constitution
2018. RCAP - The Right of Aboriginal Self-Government and the Constitution - a commentary

Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples

RCAP Folio Infobase

Sub-series contains folders containing records related to the RCAP's Folio infobase and is divided into 5 files.