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Gillies, Donald Unidad documental compuesta
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People "G"

File contains photographs of people associated with and people who visited Ryerson whose last names start with "G".

Pencil sketches

File contains three pages of head and shoulder pencil drawings done by Robert Scott of different faculty in the Photographic Arts Department. Included are sketches of Phil Bergerson, Wayne Pittendreight, Heinz Dreege, Bruce Elder, Bill Scanlon, Da...

Scott, Robert B.

Correspondence - Donald Gillies

File contains correspondence written and received by Donald Gillies. File covers some correspondence from when Don was part of the Business Department. The majority are from the when he taught, and was chairman, in Photographic Arts/Film and Photo...

Radio and Television Arts

File contains information about timetabling, scheduling, registration and promotion, and research projects.

Departmental Chairmen

File contains 2 copies of Chairmen's meeting minutes from September 3, 1964 and three memos sent to the departmental chairmen.

Faculty/Staff memorandas

File contains all staff, faculty and community memoranda of varying topics. The majority of the memos were sent 1964-1965 by by W. B. S. Trimble, VP Faculty Affairs. There is one memo from 1969, and one from 1980.

Photographic Arts/Film and Photography Department

File contains records pertaining to the Photographic Arts, and Film and Photography department. Included in the file is a summary report regarding secure display space on campus; course descriptions and timetabling information; student show announ...

Newman Club

The Newman Club was for Catholic students at Ryerson. File contains meeting announcements and pages of handwritten notes.

Merchandising Administration - Advertising

File made up largely of mid-term and final exams for the Merchandising Administration department advertising courses. Also in the file is correspondence, assignments, course outlines, and other records related to this department.

ETV - 1970

File contains correspondence related to the Media Centre's Instructional Media Office and a copy of the final report of the President's Committee on Educational Television "Planning for Educational Television at Ryerson Polytechnica...

ETV - 1969

File contains records created in 1969 relating to ETV, and ETV at Ryerson. Included in the file is correspondence, meeting minutes, draft copies of the "Summary of Activities and Recommendations" from the President's Committee on Ed...

ETV - 1968

File contains records created in 1968 relating to ETV, and ETV at Ryerson. Included in the file is correspondence, meeting minutes, an Ontario Department of Education educational television program synopsis, and copies of "The Recommendations...

ETV - 1967

File contains records created in 1967 relating to ETV, and ETV at Ryerson. Included in the file is the brief to the Commons Committee on Broadcasting "Criteria for the Establishment of Educational Mass Media on a Democratic Society" by H...

ETV - general

File contains Ryerson specific materials related to the President's Committee on Educational Television; the National Film Board Policy on ETV; Ontario Department of Education ETV materials; Metropolitan Educational Television Association of ...

Communication and informatics Applied Research Centre

File contains a copy of the letter and attached proposal sent to the Honourable Larry Grossman, Minister of Industry and Tourism. The proposal was for the establishment of a centre, to be administered by Ryerson, to develop, implement, and co-ordi...

Curriculum vitae and scholarly research

File contains copies of Donald Gillies curriculum vitae and a 1996 listing of this scholarly research - which was submitted to the now defunct SRC database for Applied Arts.

Miscellaneous materials

File contains assorted materials collected by Donald Gillies. Included is an election poster for Jon Gillies, Progressive Conservative candidate in Don Valley; an invitation to "Our Encounter with Nature" sponsered by the Spiritual Welln...

Information Technology Committee

File contains correspondence, meeting minutes, and s draft policy on Information Technology Access and Acceptable Use for Ryerson students, faculty, and instructors.

Office of the Registrar

File contains records relating to the office of the Registrar. Included is student registration information, a cross reference list of old and new course numbers and titles, an exam supervision schedule, registrar's office newsletter, section...

Business Department

File contains curriculum documents, and general correspondence regarding the day to day running of the department, its classes and its faculty and staff.

RISIS Advisory Committee

File contains correspondence, meeting minutes, and accompanying materials related to the Advisory Committee for RISIS - the Ryerson Integrated Student Information System.

Centre for Industrial Development

File contains correspondence to and from Donald Gillies in relation to the establishment, function, grants, and conference participation. Also in the file is the program for the May 14-15, 1980 "Quality Education for the 1980's" edu...

Ryerson Faculty Association

File contains RFA bulletins, meeting minutes, correspondence, draft and final agreements, and other records related to the Ryerson Faculty Association.

Ryerson '70 open house

Ryerson '70 was a three day open house that ran from Friday October 16 - Sunday October 17, 1970. It coincided with Alumni day on the saturday. Every day had different activities.File includes draft program outlines, terms of reference, and m...

Ryerson Literary Society

File contains an invitation to Ryerson Literary Society's first Christmas Party December 5, 1980 and a copy of the November 1980, Vol. 1 No. 2 newsletter.

Distance Education and Open College

File contains correspondence, handwritten notes, and other records relating to Continuing Education's Distance Education and Open College.

Media Studies and Media Arts

File contains materials relating to Media Studies and Media Arts. Included is correspondence; a course outline for media and communications course; and a report on media studies;

Centre of Entrepreneurship

File contains meeting minutes from the Internal Advisory Committee; 2 copies of the Activities report for the Ministry of Colleges and Universities; invitations to Student Entrepreneurship Competition Awards ceremonies; and other general correspon...

President's Committee on Educational Television (ETV)

File contains 1 draft copy and 3 final copies of the final report of the President's Committee on Educational Television (ETV). Also in the file is internal correspondence related to space planning for the initiative and the final report.

Instructional Media program

File contains correspondence, course schedules, course outlines and other materials related to the Instructional Media program in Photographic Arts.

Teaching Faculty election card

File contains Donald Gillies signed teaching faculty election card, attached to the memo regarding the Board of Governor's election on March 29, 1978.

Photographs of Donald Gillies

File contains photographs of Donald Gillies. Three of them show him in front of the Photographic Arts building and in his office in 1977. One shows him at table with other unidentified people, and there are 2 headshots that were used in the FORUM ...

Sauro, Elvino