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Sampson, Paddy, 1926-2005
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Indigo [part 1]

Item is a tape on part one of a sales courtesy program by Indigo.

Insight Productions

The lonely machine / Eye opener

  • 2010.
  • Unidad documental simple
  • February 11, 1982 [original record date March 1965]
  • Parte dePaddy Sampson fonds

An adaptation of a Jules Feiffer cartoon starring Rich Little, originally aired in a 1965 episode of the CBC series Eye Opener.

Treasure of kings / NBC Network, USA

A 90 minute feature film documentary about the discover of lost art treasures for the NBC network in conjunction with Phil Stein/ Belafonte Productions. Filmed on location in Czechoslovakia, West Germany and Austria.

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

Olympic medal presentation

Medal ceremony showing RCMP officers, close-up of medals, downtown Calgary, the torch relay, winners for the 20km Biathalon from East Germany, Italy, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Soviet Union (Ukraine), Switzerland.

A Northern Light

Item is a production called "A Northern Light".

B.C. Place opening ceremonies

Opening ceremonies for the B.C. Place stadium in Vancouver, British Columbia, which was the largest air-supported domed stadium until May 2010 when it was deflated to be replaced by a retractable roof.

Square Dance

Item is a recording of a square dance from July 1987.

Tears are not enough [documentary]

"Tears Are Not Enough" was a song written and performed by a group of Canadian artists in 1985 to raise relief funds for the famine in Ethiopia. This documentary explored the song's creation and recording, and aired on CBC televisio...


Item contains a recording of the program Supremacy.

Youth concert exerpts

Produced as 12 one-hour specials of Canadian orchestral works and original ballets, jazz and classical, with international soloists. Hosts included Lois Applebaum and Mario Bernardi.

The 30's / Music Canada [television series]

  • 2010.003.01.33
  • Unidad documental simple
  • July 19, 1979 [originally recorded 1967]
  • Parte dePaddy Sampson fonds

A series of eight one-hour concert programs, this episode featured music from the Great Depression. Originally aired 22 February 1967.

The Thirties

Music documentary on the 1930s.

Teen Canada

Item is a tape of a program called Teen Canada.

Donnellys of Biddulph / Heritage

An episode of the long-running CBC program "Heritage", a show which presented dramatized stories taken from different religious denominations, prepared with the cooperation of the National Religious Advisory Council and approved by the C...

Black Hallelu-jah [television special]

Performance and broadcast of a song called "Black Hallelujah" composed by Russ Little and Norm Symonds; a 60 minute gospel music version of the trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The Corsican Brothers / Purple Playhouse [television series]

The Purple Playhouse featured a series of eight television melodramas from the United States and Europe that were adapted for Canadian television. The story of the Corsican Brothers was adapted from a story by Alexandre Dumas, first published in 1...

Superspecials [television series]

A recurring special weekend broadcast that showcased many of Canada's international and up-and-coming stars, supported by well-known foreign talent. The Superspecials slot was the place for four annual Wayne and Shuster hour-long shows, as we...

Happy ending / Program X [television program]

A television anthology series that showcased dramatic writing by new, domestic writers. It was also a showcase for performances by actors such as Gordon Pinsent and Barbara Hamilton.

Alligator pie

Item is a tape of the program Alligator Pie.

Roy Thompson hall gala opening (exterior shots only)

The opening festival for the Roy Thompson Hall ran from September 13-25, 1982 and included the performance of two commissioned pieces: "Fanfare" by Ray Ludeke and "Sun" by R. Murray Schafer. The hall continues to be a major mus...

Queen's gala

Queen Elizabeth II makes an official visit to Winnipeg, Canada.

Zhao Gala

The last 10 minutes of the televised music special.

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