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Emmet Gowin seminar

Item consists of 6 audio cassettes featuring a seminar led by American photographer Emmet Gowin as part of the Image Arts 1979-1980 lecture series at Ryerson University

Gowin, Emmet, 1941

David Em

Item consists of 4 audio cassettes of a talk American computer artist David Em gave about his work. The lecture took place at Ryerson University as part of the Kodak Chair Lecture Series.

Em, David

Barbara Norfleet

Item consists of 2 audio cassettes of a talk American photographer Barbara Norfleet gave about her work. The lecture took place at Ryerson University as part of the Kodak Chair Lecture Series.

Norfleet, Barbara

Kodak 400 File Box of 52 slides

Item consists of 52 black and white transparency slides in a red plastic file box labeled Kodak 400 File Box with 16 plastic dividers inside to organize the slides. The slides are all in metal housings, made in Switzerland by Perro Color, US Pat. 2919840. They are individually numbered in black ink with a 4 digit number on white sticker labels, but there is no index to go with the slides. They appear to be part of a historical fine arts teaching collection.

Image Arts

Robert Heinecken

Item contains two copies of an audio recording of a lecture by photographer Robert Heinecken. The originally scheduled lecture, by Lisette Model was cancelled.

Image Arts

Griswold Film Splicer Model R-3

Item consists of a Griswold Film Splicer Model R-3 from Jefferson, New York. The serial number is 7065. It was made by Neumade Products Corp., New York, N.Y. Factory, Buffalo N.Y. The body is made of cast iron. For 35mm film.

Image Arts

Philips Magicubes

Item consists of a 12 pack of Philips Magicubes. They introduced in 1970 as an improvement on flashcubes. As oppsed to being fired electrically by batteries, they were fired mechanically by a small bar striking a pin coated in fulminating material. This advancement made cheap flash cameras possible. They were used in cameras such as the Kodak Instamatic and the Agfa Autostar X-126, among others.

Image Arts

Canon BC-60N Battery Charger

Item consists of a Canon BC-60N battery charger. It has an input of AC 120V 60Hz 110mA, and an output of DC 12V 350mA. There are two lights on the top to indicate if the battery is charging or if the charge is complete.

Image Arts

Fuji Neopan SS Safety Film

Item consists of 2 rolls of 36 exposure Fuji Neopan SS black & white safety film with 100 ISO. This was the most common and least expensive of all the Fuji Neopan films.

Image Arts

Kodak Mailer for Color Movies

Item consists of of 2 Kodak mailers for color movies. They are prepaid processing packages that allowed the user to mail in and have processed 1 super 8 - 50 ft. cartridge, or super 8 - 50 ft. sound cartridge Kodachrome or Ektachrome 40, 160 or Type G movie film.

Image Arts

Picturol Projector

Item consists of a Picturol Projector, model E.A.Q-2 no. 1045, made by the Socety for Visual Education for The Magnavox Company in Fort Wayne Indiana. The Magnavox Company is Currently owned by Philips. The projector has a wooden base with a brown faux alligator covering, with cord to plug into an electrical outlet and metal mechanisms.

Image Arts

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