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Ficheiro Kodak camera
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Kodak Fling 35 promotional images

File contains a variety of promotional images, including beauty portraits, city landscapes, desert landscapes, Kodak cameras, sand dune shorelines, and goats. Many include captions, such as a print of a group of girls at a picnic table "If you receive an invitation to an outdoor gathering you cannot attend, you might send a Kodak Fling 35 camera in your place. Other attendees can use the camera-film combination easily to capture some of the merriment in pictures."

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak S Series promotional images

File contains promotional images of people riding bicycles in the rain, trees with narrow trunks, graduation ceremonies, and sculptures. All include captions, such as a close up of leaves: "Just about all of the new Kodak S Series cameras provide ways of adding flash to pictures taken in bright sunlight. The Kodak S500AF camera automatically fires its flash to lighten shadows."

Kodak Canada Inc.

Corporate histories and overviews

File contains miscellaneous overviews and histories of Kodak, written and used as reference material by Kodak Canada's communications department between 1958 and 2004. Includes brief background accounts and "fast facts," as well as "Kodak Canada Milestones" documents, which provide year-to-year accounts of Kodak Canada's activities. Most documents provide general corporate information, but some cover more specific topics, including the Ryerson Chair in Photography, Kodak's Toronto Expansion Program, the history of the Kodak camera, Kodak's offices in Quebec, Ottawa, and Edmonton, and the history of the Kodak Heights Power House (building #1). Many of the histories were written by Mel Rubinstein, Company Information Specialist, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs. Corporate histories in this file appear to have been written retroactively and can thus be differentiated from Kodak Canada's "Corporate History Notes," which were written on an ongoing basis and provided day-to-day accounts of the company's life.

Kodak Canada Inc.