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Portraits series

Series consists of cabinet cards, cartes de visite, ambrotypes, daguerreotypes, tintypes and gelatin silver prints made by professional photographers, generally featuring a studio mark or imprint. Prints are usually found mounted on cards.

Albums series

Series consists of albums on a variety of subjects, but all are personal in nature, created by individuals or families. Many focus on geographic locations as subjects of a tour. Some WWI and WWII family and military tour records.

Miscellaneous series

Series predominately consists of photographic reproductions of drawings or paintings, often on a cabinet card or carte de visite bases--these objects were mass produced for the commercial market using photography, but the original images were not photographic. Also included in this series are published photographic materials in the form of advertisements, books, and stereocards.

A.T. Orr family photographs series

Series consists of photographs and negatives that belonged to Mr. A.T. Orr and his family. Series also contains several business cards of Mr. Orr's, some of his personal correspondence, newspaper clippings pertaining to birth and wedding announcements, a hymnal, and a lock of Florence E. Orr's hair. Design plans for the Montreal Light Heat & Power Co. are also found in the series.

Lantern slides series

Series consists of sets of lantern slides, often of historical monuments or landscapes. One set of painted slides appears to recount a story, with images of people outdoors on a farm, in a carriage, dancing and fighting. Another set of non-photographic painted slides depicts children working and playing. The slides in this series were mass produced for the commercial market.

Landscapes and industry series

Series consists of photographs of landscapes, usually featuring factories, mills, bridges or other industrial and man-made objects, and images of agriculture. There area few small sub-sets of images in this series related to sports, which show horses and jockeys, cars and grandstands at racing events.

Cameras and optical devices series

Series consists of camera models, from individually hand-crafted to mass-produced, and camera equipment, including filters, light meters, and timers, and darkroom equipment, including enlargers, chemicals, and printing papers. Several non-photographic optical devices are also found in this series, including two toys, a mono print viewer, and a stereo film viewer.

What's Happening Around Ryerson / On Campus This Week

This circular provided the Ryerson Community with information on day-to-day events taking place on Campus. From 1971 to April 1977, the publication was called "What's Happening Around Ryerson" with the name changing to "On Campus This Week" on the September 2, 1977 issue. "On Campus This Week" was last published in 1986. As an alternative, a number of departments agreed to pool their resources to sponsor, on a non-profit basis, a weekly full-page listing of campus events in the student newspaper, THE EYEOPENER.

Annual reports and financial statements

The master copy of the Ryerson Annual Reports and Financial Statements is arranged under three sub-series as follows: 1965-1986 Office of Information Services RG 4.7
1987-1994 Office of Community Relations RG 122.3 1995-1996 Office of University Advancement RG 395.17

I.T.U. Lessons in printing - a series of practical printing texts for shop, home, and school

Series consists of courses entitled I.T.U. Lessons in Printing by the International Typographical Union in Indianapolis, Indiana. Contains 8 units of learning that appear to be from 2 different course sections, one in general printing and the other is newspaper printing. Used by the Training and Re-establishment Institute of Toronto, some of the booklets have their crest on the front.
Topics include elements of composition, display composition, job composition, english for printers, imposition and lock up, newspaper advertising, and newspaper practice.

International Typographical Union


RG 80.1.1 Wine, Beer and Spirits - Spare Time Guide Series, 1975 RG 80.1.2 Wines, Beers and Spirits - A Consumers' Sourcebook, 1985 RG 80.1.3 Finding Answers (Drafts 1,2,3,4), 1991 (Draft 3 - Floppy Disk), 1992 (Draft 4 - MegaSources), 1999 (Edited Print Version Of Book)

Operational correspondence

File contains information relating to library hours, policy changes, library events, new equipment and general correspondence to library staff.

Ryerson Institute of Technology Advisory Committee proceedings for individual program departments

Collection of bound Ryerson Institute of Technology Advisory Committee proceedings.
RG 167.07.01 Electronics Technology, 1955-1963
RG 167.07.02 Fashion, 1955-1958
RG 167.07.03 Furniture and Interior Design, 1955-1963
RG 167.07.04 Gas Technology, 1957-1963
RG 167.07.05 Graphic Arts (Journalism/Printing Management), 1955-1963
RG 167.07.06 Industrial Chemistry/Chemical Technology, 1955-1963
RG 167.07.07 Institution and Home Management/Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Administration, 1950-1953
RG 167.07.08 Instrument Technology, 1960-1963,
RG 167.07.09 Retail Merchandising Administration,
RG 167.07.10 Mechanical and Industrial Technology
RG 167.07.11 Photographic Arts.

Research Mandate Committee

Series contains materials relating to the Research Mandate Committee established by the Vice President, Academic in November 1990. Files within the series contain: the final report, correspondence, studies, minutes, bibliographic documentation and clippings.

Gordon Bean materials donated in 1992

Series contains records donated by Gordon Bean in 1992 relating to the development of two certificate programs at RPI's Continuing Studies: Library Arts and Information Studies. The files have been arranged according to their original order when donated by Gordon Bean.

Reports and Records : Committee to Review Academic/Promotion Policies

Working Files : Committee to Review Academic/Promotion Policies (graduation Requirements, Academic standing, Course Grade Designation and Grade Point Averaging), c. 1985-1988. Records donated by James L. Packham in 1990, original arrangement kept.
James Packham was the Chairman of the Promotions Committee.

Toronto Normal School - Harry Couse Donation

John Gordon Lawrence Monkman was an ancestor of Harry R. Couse, brother-in-law of Phyllis Couse, who taught in the School of Early Childhood Education from the mid-1960s to 1988.This small collection consists of: John Monkman's teaching certificate ("Grade B of the Second Class") issued by the Educational Department for Upper Canada, dated 1863 and signed by Egerton Ryerson; ten examination papers from the Thirtieth Session of the Normal School for Upper Canada (December, 1863); and two timetables entitled "Syllabus of Lectures in the Normal School for Upper Canada" (Twenty-Ninth Session, 1863) and "Programme of Lectures in the Normal School for Ontario (Forty-Sixth Session, August to December, 1871). The 1871 document may suggest a possible return by John Monkman to the Normal School to upgrade his qualifications.

Toronto Normal School


Series consists of reports written or co-written by Phillip Rawkins

Academic planning

Series contains information relating to academic planning at Ryerson including the Academic Planning group, and the planning and priorities advisory committee.

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