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"Wholly Moses!" film stills

File consists of film stills from the motion picture Wholly Moses. Released in 1980. Directed by Gary Weis. Distributed by Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. Starring Dudley Moore, Laraine Newman and James Coco. Comedy, fantasy.

Toronto Film Society

"Who's Life Is It Anyway?" film stills

File consists of film stills from the motion picture Who's Life Is It Anyway? Released in 1981. Directed by John Badham. Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Starring Richard Dreyfuss, John Cassavetes and Christine Lahti. Drama.

Toronto Film Society

"Windows" film stills

File consists of film stills from the motion picture Windows. Released in 1980. Directed by Gordon Willis. Distributed by United Artists Corporation. Starring Talia Shire, Joe Cortese and Elizabeth Ashley. Drama, thriller.

Toronto Film Society

"Young Guns" film stills

File consists of film stills from the motion picture Young Guns. Released in 1988. Directed by Christopher Cain. Distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. Starring Emilio Estevez, Kiefer Sutherland and Lou Diamond. Action, crime, drama.

Toronto Film Society

"Yiddle with his Fiddle" film stills

File consists of film stills from the motion picture Yiddle with his Fiddle. Also known as Yidl mitn fidl (original title). Released in 1936 in Poland. Directed by Joseph Green and Jan Nowina-Przybylski. Distributed by Pan-Canadian Film Distributors. Starring Molly Picon, Simche Fostel and Leon Liebgold. Comedy, musical, romance.

Toronto Film Society

1991 Summer Movie Preview kit

File contains film stills and textual records related to Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation's 1991 Summer Movie Preview kit. Films included are "The Super", "Dying Young", "Love Potion #9", "Point Break", "Only the Lonely", "Barton Fink", "Hot Shots!", "Dutch", and "The Commitments".

British Film Institute Publications

Series contains monthly publications by the British Film Institute outlining the current films as selected and reviewed by a panel.
Critics Choice:
Monthly Film Bulletin:
NFT (National Film Theatre):
Three Sixty : British Film Institute News:

Toronto Film Society

Seal figure

Light grey-green stone with nature white veining and black spotting. The figure relclines toward the left. The sculpture is traingular in shape with minimal detail. Eyes and scales have been very lightly etched into the stone.

Hunter in kayak

Small carving of a kayak with figure inserted. A float and a drinking container are adhered to the rear of the boat. A bone paddle and spear (removable) can be held by the figure.

Palliser, William

Miscellaneous Archival Materials

  • RG 0
  • collection

This RG contains a collection of miscellaneous archival materials that had been brought into the archives over the years (and especially in the early days of operations) without being properly documented, appraised for selection, or accessioned. Rather than deaccession them, it was decided to retain them in the archives under this RG.

Eric Palin Hall print

Framed print of "Eric Palin Hall Ryerson Polytechnical Institute Toronto 1970" by Walter Coucill. The drawing was framed and given to Mama and Papa Wycik. On matte "Presented to Mama and Papa Wycik by the President, Staff, Students, and Alumni of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute October 2nd, 1975 in grateful recognition of their contribution to Campus Life for the past twenty-five years."

Coucill, Walter

Ryerson Polytechnical Institute beer stein

Ceramic beer stein with green exterior and blue interior. Stamped with "Ryerson Polytechnical Institute" and the crest in gold. There is a price sticker on the bottom from the Ryerson Bookstore for $3.98. The bottom is stamped with a maker's mark - the stein was made in Ireland.

Mente et Artifio pewter mug

Tall pewter mug/stein with the Ryerson crest and motto engraved in centre on one side. Bottom of mug is glass. There is also a Ryerson Institute bookstore sticker on the bottom, the mug was sold for $8.75.

Ryerson crest glass mug

Barrel shaped glass mug with textured sides. "Ryerson", the crest, and motto are on one side in black. The rim is silver. There is a price tag on the bottom - Ryerson Institute bookstore.

Wood benches

Two long wooden benches with desk arms for students to use to rest books on. Each bench is numbered 49-60. An alumnus indicated that people would be assigned seat numbers in class.

Bank of Novia Scotia plaque

Brass plaque that appears to have been attached to something at one point. Inscribed "Presented to The Students of Ryerson by The Yonge-Dundas Branch of the Bank of Nova Scotia".

Video Cameras

File contains three professional video cameras that were collected by the archives from RPI Architecture and RPI Radio and Television Arts.

RG - Sony Trinicon Color Camera ; 25 x 32 x 61cm in metal case
RG - Panasonic AG-7450 Portable Video Cassette Recorder ; 29 x 44 x 69cm in plastic Model WV-CC71A Carrying
RG - Panasonic AG-7450 Portable Video Cassette Recorder ; 29 x 44 x 69cm in plastic Model WV-CC71A Carrying


The file consists of newspaper publications having no apparent relation to Ryerson University, but having been in the Archives for many years.

Student Learning Support

This file consists of promotional records offering learning support services to both undergarduate and graduate students.

Within the department of Student Services is the team Student Learning Support, located in the Student Learning Centre building, centralizing learning assistance in the form of individual help, group sessions, and workshops for :

  • Academic Accommodation
  • English Language Support
  • Graduate Student Support
  • Math Support
  • Writing Support
  • and a Test Centre

Retention - The Student Experience seminar

In 1986 President Brian Segal established a Promotional Planning Group to help ensure that Ryerson retain its current enrolment share of a high school student pool that was expected to shrink by 20% during the next decade.The early work of the Promotional Planning Group included references to retention and the student experience on campus, but it was decided to focus more on the traditional student and specifically on the development of a promotional plan. Arnice Cadieux, a member of the Planning Group, attended a convention which focused on marketing and recruiting and Ron Taber, also a member of the Planning Group, attended one ofthe many sessions related to the topic of retention. It was decided to present their information, with the assistance of the Registrar, Jennifer Brunzell, at Ryerson's Senior Management Retreat, May 1986, in the form of a seminar 'Retention - The Student Experience'.

Project-Funds Allocation Committee for Students (P-FACS) files

Project-Funds Allocation Committee for Students or P-FACS is administered by the Office of Student Community Life under Student Services. It consists fo student representatives from various interests at Ryerson to support, by application, student events. A portion of student fees supports the funds.

Tri-Mentoring Program brochures

File contains the Tri-Mentoring Program's promotional materials including posters, brochures, bookmarks, and a temporary tattoo.

Plastic sword

The sword is a sample of those used in a Student Services sponsored event to host the world's largest sword fight during Orientation Week. Held in the Quad, participants were required to pass through one entry/exit point with turnstiles. Among the participants were President Sheldon Levy and Eggy. RSU students and a representative of Guinness World Record monitored participant exit. Ryerson broke the world record for the largest sword fight.

Stained glass window

Stained glass window in green painted window frame. Glass largely yellow with purple and blue shape in centre and red and other coloured round spots overall.

Student Life Calendars

This series consists of calendars produced by Student Services or Student Life.

Joseph Springer fonds

  • F 101
  • collection

This fonds contains the following files:

F101.1 - "Possible Impacts Of The Charter On Neighbourhood....", 1986.
Open. Records are available for consultation without restriction.

F101.2 - Papers, 1990.
Records are under review. Contact the Archives for information on access.

F101.3 - City Of Toronto Housing-Employment Linkage Study++, 1990.
Records are under review. Contact the Archives for information on access.

Papers authored or co-authored by Joseph Springer

This file contains 4 papers authored and co-authored by Joseph Springer:
-Linking Office Development in Toronto to Affordable Housing; Policy Choices Based on Sound Evidence
-Who are We serving? A Comparison of the Student in graduate and Undergraduate Planning Programs
-Ideology, Interests, and Economic Constraints: A Review of the Ontario Housing Corporation Expenditure Control Plan
-Women and Minorities in the Academy: Towards a strategic Research Process
-The Aging Experience of Chinese and Caribbean Seniors

The RTA School of Media

  • RG 102
  • collection

The School of Radio and Television Arts changed its name in 2011.

RTA '73 2013 reunion photographic slides collection

This file contains a collection of 113 photographic slides compiled by RTA Class of 1973 Alumni and Video Lab Assistant at the Roger's Communication Centre (as of 2014) Sal Greco. The slides show various members of the Class of 1973 in their graduation year and in childhood.

First live Canadian television broadcast materials

Photograph, negative and press clippings of the first live television broadcast in Canada, as presented to an audience of over 300 members of the radio industry (including dealers) from the Toronto area. Entitled "This is the Fashion", the show was a collaborative effort between the schools of Electronics, Broadcasting and Fashion Design and was produced in the Ryerson boardroom and transmitted via coaxial cable to viewing screens in the Institute's auditorium. This special event was intended to promote not only television but the FM band (on which Ryerson's new radio station --CJRT-- was just starting to operate).

TV Cameras - Classroom Props

A TV camera made out of a cardboard box and a tin can. Prop was used in Bill Lawrence's (RTA '54 graduate, RTA faculty member 1980-1996 and TV personality) classes by his students as a means of helping them relax in front of a live TV camera. Bill Lawrence signed his name on the bottom of the base.

TARA Awards: Miscellanea

1992 Awards Video: (approximately 40:00 minutes) Audio: inaudible. Visual: poor This may be because this video is a Super VHS and the Archives does not have a compatible machine to view tape.

1994 Award: 4 photographs

1998 Awards: Press Release and Program and poster; video: edited (approximately 46:52 minutes, commercial-free) version provided by Mark Bishop, Producer of the TARA Awards production April 16, 1998. Credit to the Ryerson Archives for archival footage used for this production, not appearing on the taped televised version (2 hrs) aired July 25, 1998 on CFMT, was added to the edited version.

1999 Video: 1 hour show, including commercials, aired June 19, 1999 on CFMT. This copy was taped by Archives staff.

2001: Mounted Poster:

2002: Program, posters

2003: Program, poster

2004: Videotape, poster, photographs

2005: Program

2006: Program, photographs on CD-R

2011: Program

Videotapes: Student Television Lab Productions

Videotape productions written, acted and produced by 2nd and 3rd year RTA students as part of their course assignments. The collection includes three VHS videotapes and four 3/4" tapes. In some cases duplicates were made. Information about the productions is included with each video.

Sony Equipment Donation

This file contains An Agreement between Sony and RPI regarding lending the Scheduled Equipment" , financial documents, memorandums, Policy Background Paper.

Various RTA-related promotional brochures

File contains various promotional brochures related to RTA programs and related external programs:

  1. Radio and Television Arts Ryerson Polytechnical Institute - program brochure
  2. The Ryerson School of Radio and Television Arts Summer Seminar Series - brochure 1984
  3. The Ryerson School of Radio and Television Arts Summer Seminar Series - brochure 1985
  4. British Columbia Institute of Technology - Broadcast Communications - brochure
  5. BCIT Part time courses in broadcasting and film - brochure
  6. TVOntario Telefest '91 - small poster
  7. The Ryerson School of Radio and Television Arts Presents Computer Animation/Video Post Production - brochure 1985
  8. Broadcast Beal (H.B.Beal Secondary School) career opportunities in radio & television broadcasting - brochure
  9. Intensive Workshop - Dramatic Television Production - brochure 1990
  10. Intensive Workshop - Television Studio Production - brochure 1990
  11. Intensive Workshop - Single Camera Documentary Production - brochure 1990


This file contains memorandums, correspondence, clippings, reports, Proposals for development of CJRT programmes in adult education and training, budget report.

Constance Orr sitting at a table

Item is a portrait mounted on card of young woman in white side button boots and white opera length gloves and white bow in her hair. Text below photograph reads, 'Westlake Chatham, Ontario'. Inscription in black ink on back of mount reads, 'Constance L. Orr. April 19th, 1913.


Sketch of interior of Cornelius Vanderbilt House

Item is a sketch of the interior of a room with furnishings, made with ink on glassine paper. Inscriptions read: "Geo. S & Polley & W. Pub. Boston" "Interior Cornelius Vanderbilts Residence". The mansion was located on 1 West 57th Street in New York City and was built in 1883. Cornelius Vaderbilt II was an heir, socialite and businessman. The house was sold at the beginning of the First World War for seven million dollars.

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