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Ponti, Carlo photographs
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Pontioscope viewer

This item is an optical instrument designed to create larger three-dimensional experiences from a two-dimensional photograph. Item is made of wood and has two sets of lenses made to enlarge images. Lenses also create different effects: "day effect" caused by reflected light, and a"night effect" created from a transparency with light shining through it. Item folds down onto itself. The pontioscope was one of many optical instruments designed by Carlo Ponti (1823-1893). Ponti also made and distributed stereoviews of Italian cities and reproductions of art. In 1866, Ponti became the official photographer to the king of Italy. Eventually opening other branches throughout Europe, America and Canada. In 1868, a legal battle began between Carlo Naya and Carlo Ponti over the rights to Ponti’s inventions. Naya had worked with Ponti from 1857 onwards developing pictures under his trademark,however, in 1868 Naya began selling imitations of Ponti’s inventions. In 1876, Ponti attempted to get back the sole rights to his invention but was unsuccessful.

Ponti, Carlo