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Kodak Canada Inc. Europe
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Canadian Kodak Ltd. trays

Ceramic trays for processing photographic materials sizes 4 x 5 inches, there are two imprinted stamps on the side, "Canadian Kodak Co Ltd." and "4 x 5", the bottom of the trays are imprinted with "Made in Austria".

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodachrome II colour movie film for daylight

Boxes of Kodachrome II Colour Movie Film for double 8mm roll cameras. Both films are sensitized for daylight exposures. The larger box gives directions to process before Oct. 1969, the smaller one before Nov 1972. There is a sticker on the larger ...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Photolab envelopes

Packaging for photographs, used by various photolabs or photographic developers to deliver finished prints to the consumer. All used, open and empty.

Kodak Canada Inc.