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Sixty-two colour and black & white photos of Circle K Club activities including District Convention, parades and children sponsored by Ryerson Circle K in various parts of the world. Some early photos are identified.

First Edition Photobook Award

  • 2015.004
  • Collectie
  • 2014-2018

Collection contains books created by the winners of the First Edition Book Award. The Award was established to honor 3rd year photography students who have made exceptional achievements in photobook production. It provides incentive for them to achieve early recognition that will have a lasting legacy in our collection.

As part of MPS507, a 3rd year Image Arts class in The Photographic Book, students are expected to conceive of and create their own book. This is, in part, related to work that has been completed in the co-requisite class, MPS506 - Photographic Production. These are both required courses for the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Image Arts) Photography Studies Option.

The Award was established in 2015, enabling the Library to annually purchase the top five books in the class, as judged by the professor, and the Special Collections Librarian. Books are judged at the year end exhibition of the books and evaluation is focused particularly on design, sequencing, and integration of images and text.

Winning books are catalogued in the Ryerson Library system, including a note about the award, and housed in Special Collections. Occasional exhibits are created to showcase the works.

2015 Winners:
Rebecca Zynomirski, Sheila's Tropical Vacation (Toronto: Rebecca Zynomirski, 2014). TR655.Z96 2014
Lodoe Laura Haines, Stateless / Photographs by Lodoe Laura, forward by Tashi Wangdi (Toronto: Lodoe Laura, 2014).
Evan Hutchinson, 43.7000 79.4000 (Toronto: Evan Hutchinson, 2014).
Lucy Lu, Memories of Nowhere : A book by Lucy Lu (Toronto: Lucy Lu, 2014).
Imogen Wallis-Mayer, An Ambiguous Form (Toronto, Imogen Wallis-Mayer, 2014).
Emily Pleasance, My Relative Life : A Mapping of Memories (Toronto, Emily Pleasance, 2014)
Kristina Smith, Orillia: A Photographic Exploration (Toronto, Kristina Smith, 2013).

2016 Winners:
Andrea Chartrand, Save As. (Toronto: Andrea Chartrand, 2015).
Kayla Blaze Kelley, Dear Dad. (Toronto: Kayla Blaze Kelley, 2015).
Mina Markovic, Komlikovani Identiteti. (Toronto: Mina Markovic, 2015).
Terence Reeves, Looking Outside Looking In. (Toronto: Terence Reeves, 2015).
Gabriel Steele, Jackson. (Toronto: Gabriel Steele, 2015).
Alia Youssef, Self-portraits of my Family in our Backyard. (Toronto: Alia Youssef, 2015).

2017 Winners:
Adrian Walton-Cordeiro – Contesse De Bertren
Ailene Devries – Two Cities and a River
Fehn Foss – Remembering, Faring
Julia Garnet – Elements
Feline Gerhardt – About Mankind and the Attempt to Increase Significance
Warren Rynkun – The Yard

2018 Winers:
After Grapefruit, Clea Christakos-Gee
Untitled, Raelene Giffin
In Nocte, Rafaela Conde
In the Water, Lisa McElroy
9869518588, Heather Rattray
Home and Glory, Kalen Huxhan
It’s Good Once You Get There, Hayley Wilsdon

2019 Winners
How to Run Away, Lucy Alguire
Istanbul, Neha Bokhari
Urban Drift, Bahar Kamali
Cowboy, Austen Ambraska
Shallow Season, Ally Ambler
Overdressed, Jared Miller

Zone Learning

  • RG 953
  • Archief
  • 2012 -

Zone Learning administers to the entrepreneurial centres or zones mentoring students to create their own businesses. Digital Medial Zone (DMZ) was the first and with its success, other schools established their own zones.

The zones, organized into series. include :

Biomedical Zone
Fashion Zone
Design Fabrication Zone
Digital Media Zone (DMZ)
iBoost Zone
Innovation Centre for Urban Energy (iCUE)
Legal Innovation Zone
Science Discovery Zone
SocialVentures Zone
Transmedia Zone

Digital Media Zone

Polyorama style stereoscope viewer with stand (Murray and Heath)

Item is a wooden polyorama style stereoscope with a detachable brass stand made to be a handheld stereoscope or standing stereoscope. There is a glass stereograph of a park view inside the stereoscope. Item comes with 3 prize ribbons for "Best in Category" at the National Stereoscopic Association Photography Shows. Lenses in viewer slide out to the side for cleaning, Reflecting lid is fitted with a convex mrror. Written on base of stand: 34 Picadilly London Registered Feb 1858

Peter Di Gangi Papers

  • 2018.008
  • Archief
  • 1925-2011

The fonds contains records created by Peter Di Gangi (Sicani Research), containing research related to indigenous governance in Canada. Much of the content is unpublished and topics include: policy and research papers on indigenous law and policy, federal government reports and statistics, Ontario government reports and statistics (focused on northern and northwestern Ontario), draft reports and intervenor submissions prepared for the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP), Assembly of First Nations reports and committee kits, records from the Centre for Treaty Advocacy, policy papers on federal legislation and the Indian Act, social programs, taxation, lands, various court cases and decisions with analyses, materials on the evolution of federal Claims policy and efforts at reform, some material related to United States Indian policy and treaties.

See attached PDF for a complete box list.

Margaret Norquay fonds

  • F 598
  • Archief
  • 1993 - 2003

Fonds consists of a single article authored by Margaret Norquay.

Norquay, Margaret

Medical magic lantern slides depicting skin conditions

Item consists of 14 glass magic lantern slides depicting various skin conditions, along with 2 slides of poison ivy plants. Conditions pictured include chicken pox, hives, athlete's foot, acne of the face, impetigo, poison ivy, ringworm, boils, pediculosis, scabies, measles, and animal ringworm. The slides are accompanied by a short, typewritten sheet with a script entitled "Description of Slides" and dated July 15th, 1944, which describes poison ivy and athlete's foot. The slides appear to be written for prospective campers, and intended to be presented by a Miss Hankinson and Mrs Benham. the series was published by the Ryerson Film Service department of Ryerson Press.

O'Keefe House

  • RG 209
  • Archief
  • 1963 - 2015

Fonds contains textual records, graphic material, and artifacts related to the Ryerson residence O'Keefe House.

O'Keefe House

Kodak "Petite" camera

Item is a compact folding camera with green and blue bellows. The Kodak Petite was a smaller, roll film camera specifically designed for and marketed to women. They came in several colours, and were also sold in gift sets that included a mirror and compact. Printed on the bottom of the two-part cardboard box is "Made in U.S.A. by Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N.Y., Trade Marks Reg. U.S. Pat. Office, Green."

CJRT Radio

  • RG 159
  • Archief

Fonds contains records related to the history of CJRT Radio.

CJRT Radio

Ted Brock Recognition of 20 Years

Plaque given to Ted Brock in honour of his contributions to O'Keefe House. Inscription on plaque reads:

To Ted Brock. In Recognition of 20 years of dedicated leadership, guidance, and friendship toward the many young men of O'Keefe House. March 30, 1985. The Alumni of O'Keefe House Men's Residence.

O'Keefe House Alumni - Ted Brock collection

Textual records donated to the Archives by Douglas Brock, brother of former O'Keefe House Don Ted Brock. This series includes records related to student and residence life at O'Keefe house, materials gathered in preparation for the 35th anniversary of the residence in 1998, various clippings, ephemera, photographs, and textual records related to O'Keefe House.

Bond House/O'Keefe House Scrapbooks

Series consists of compiled scrapbooks that documented student and residence life at Bond/O'Keefe House. Includes photographs, correspondence, financials, meeting minutes, ephemera, clippings, and administrative records. A collection of binders (scrapbooks) maintained by Ted Brock, retired "Don" of O'Keefe House, a former resident and a 1960 graduate of the Radio & Television Arts program.The binders provide some insight into the life of students in the Ryerson residences Kerr Hall, 323 and 333 Church St., Bond House (re-named O'Keefe House) from1964 to 1998. The binders contain photographs, lists of residents, correspondence, minutes of meetings, clippings, notices, annual banquet programs and administrative documents dealing with the day to day operations.

Ted Brock

Series contains records related to Ted Brock's involvement with O'Keefe House.

Ted Brock Tribute: Program

This file contains 1 Programme to the "40th Anniversary of Bond/O'Keefe House and Tribute to Ted Brock", held on November 15, 2003.

Floor Plans

This file contains 5 architectural drawings related to O'Keefe house.

O'Keefe House Plaques

File contains various plaques related to O'Keefe House:

Residence Challenge 2002-2003 for supreme participation in the intramural program
Ryerson Intramural residence challenge champions 1999-2000
Residence Challenge 2007-2008 for supreme participation in the intramural program
Residence Challenge 2004-2005 for supreme participation in the intramural program
Residence Challenge 2008-2009 for supreme participation in the intramural program
Residence Challenge 2005-2006 for supreme participation in the intramural program
Team participation award for participation, spirit, and fun 2003-2004
Ryerson Intramural residence challenge champions 1998-1999
O'Keefe House Brewers Most Valuable Athlete 1991 Rob Mooy
O'Keefe House Brewers Most Valuable Athletes male and female 1993-2002
The Wally Cleaver and Eddie Haskell memorial shuffleboard tournament champions 1981-1989
O'Keefe House Euchre Champions 1993-98
O'Keefe House Brewers Co'ed V-Ball / 3 on 3 Volleyball 1994-2002
Ryerson and Residents of O'Keefe House thank alumni for O'Keefe House Kitchen Renovations
O'Keefe House Brewers MVP Awards Volleyball Football Soccer 1997-2002
O'Keefe House Annual Frosh vs. Senior/Alumni Football 1998
O'Keefe House Annual Frosh vs. Senior/Alumni Football 1997 Runners Up: First loss in 20 Years
Team Participation Award for participation, spirit, and fun 2004-2005
O'Keefe House Dart Champions 1983-94
O'Keefe House Brewers MVP Awards Basketball Ice Hockey Ball Hockey 1990-96
O'Keefe House Brewers MVP Awards Basketball Ice Hockey Ball Hockey 1997-2002
O'Keefe House Brewers MVP Awards Volleyball Football Soccer 1991-96
O'Keefe House Brewers MVP Awards Basketball Ice Hockey Ball Hockey 1983-88
O'Keefe House Brewers MVP Awards Volleyball Football Soccer 1985-90
O'Keefe House Crib Champs 1979-87
Team Participation Award for Participation, Spirit & Fun 2001-02

Ernie's Dogs - Ernie Dog Days

File contains three plaques with photographs and information related to Ernie's Dogs and the Ernie's Bursary Fund 'Dog Days' in 1995, 1996 and 1997

O'Keefe House: Pencil Sketch

This file contains two pencil sketched pictures of O'Keefe House. One is in a greeting card format and the other was a larger framed item that has now been unframed. The work is signed by John E. Secord.

O'Keefe House - sports team photographs

File contains photographs of various O'Keefe house intramural sports teams:

Ryerson Intramural Football Champions 1976-77
Winter Carnival Broomball Champions O'Keefe House Brewers 1990-91
Ryerson Intramural Ball Hockey Runners-Up 1979-80
Ryerson Intramural Volleyball Champions Bond House Bombers 1977-78
Ryerson Intramural Champions

O'Keefe House Residents photo album photographs

File contains photographic prints that were previously housed in two (non-archival) photo albums. Images show O'Keefe house residents posing for formal group and couple photographs.

O'Keefe House Residents - official group photographs

This file contains various photographs of residents at Bond House, re-named O'Keefe House. There is also one photograph of four men sitting on chairs in front of a fireplace. The photographs are on plaques or standalone. The plaque for the year 1986-1987 is signed. File contains the following years:
1964-1965 : The First Year
1967-1968 : The Fourth Year
1975-1976 : The Twelfth Year
1976-1977 : The Thirteenth Year
1978-1979 : The Fifteenth Year
1979-1980 : The Sixteenth Year
1980-1981 : The Seventeenth Year
1982-1983 : The Nineteenth Year
1985-1986 : The Twenty Second Year
1986-1987 : The Twenty Third Year
1987-1988 : The Twenty Fourth Year
1988-1989 : The Twenty Fifth Year (2 versions)
1989-1990 : The Twenty Sixth Year (2 versions)
1990-1991 : The Twenty Seventh Year
1991-1992 : The Twenty Eight Year
1992-1993 : The Twenty Ninth Year
1993-1994 : The Thirtieth Year (2 versions)
1994-1995 : The Thirty First Year
1995-1996 : The Thirty Second Year
1997-1998 : The Thirty Fourth Year
1998-1999 : The Thirty Fifth Year
2000-2001 : The Thirty Seventh Year
2001-2002 : The Thirty Eighth Year
2002-2003 : The Thirty Ninth Year

O'Keefe House Dons photographs

File contains various photographs of O'Keefe House Dons throughout the years. Includes two unidentified years as well as pictures of the Dons from:


Annual Banquet programmes

This file contains 11 Programmes to The Annual O'Keefe House Banquets, and to The Eugene O'Keefe Memorial Ball.

Ron Pardo show poster

File contains a small show poster for Ron Pardo, comic and impressionist. Ron Pardo was a Ryerson student and lived in Bond House residence.


This file contains Notices of The O'Keefe House events.

O'Keefe House Media Guides

This file contains a 4 copies of a programme for the Thirty- Fifth Anniversary Reunion of The O'Keefe House/Bond House.

O'Keefe House renaming - correspondence

Correspondence re. the renaming of Bond House to it's original name of O'Keefe House and information regarding the historical plaque for the building provided by the Toronto Historical Society.

Temple Building, Toronto

Contact sheet with four black and white images of the Temple building in Toronto, originally constructed in 1896. The building was Toronto's first skyscraper. Corresponding negatives: 2009.002.2393.

Gouinlock, George W., 1861-[1926-1927]

Renderings by William Thomas

Two framed renderings by William Thomas, noted architect who designed and lived in Oakham House. One rendering is of the steeple of St. Michael's Cathedral (Thomas is credited with the main design of the Cathedral although the final design of the steeple is attributed to another architect). The other is a rendering from a book entitled, "Designs for Monuments and Chimney Pieces by William Thomas", published by John Weale of London, England. Both renderings are reproductions of originals held in the Baldwin Room of the Toronto Reference Library.

Open College Canadian History Program transcripts

File contains original source program transcripts of the entire collection of audio cassette programs from the original (1980-82) broadcasted Open College Canadian history course Search for a Nation (COCR 920) , comprising therein programs #1 to #48.

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