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Assorted Cabinet Cards

Cabinet card by a variety of publishers. Mostly portraits with some landscapes, and a comedy.13 cards by S. H. Ray5 cards by Notman & Sandham5 cards by J. W. Grealy2 cards by Wm. H. Leonard2 cards by Beazell2 cards by Ray & Maxwell2 cards ...

Assorted Cartes de Visite (Portraits)

Items are portraits, primarily of individuals but there are also a few of pairs and families1 Cartes de Visite by Fowler & Co.6 Cartes de Visite by Fowler & Oliver11 Cartes de Visite by S. H. Ray1 Cartes de Visite by Daniel Jones1 Cartes d...

Gelatin Silver Postcards

One displays a family of people outside in front of a building with numerous trees. The other shows two boys, one is standing and the other is sitting, one wears glasses, the other does not.

Cartoon Albumen Prints

1 print is a cartoon of winged creatures chasing a man on a horse( with the inscription "Ae spring brought off her master hale, But left behind her ain grey tail.") and the second is of a composer and imps/satan. Cover of the second is t...

Cavalry (Albumen, Kodak No. 1 print)

Item is a mounted albumen print on paper manufactured by Kodak and likely taken using the Kodak No. 1 camera, which came pre-loaded with film. When all 100 exposures had been made by the consumer, the entire camera was sent back to the Kodak comp...

Assorted Gelatin Silver Prints

Portraits of people by different publishers:1 print by G. Marr1 print by Evans & Hastings1 print by Ea. Ray1 print by McVey2 prints by Edy Bros.1 print by J. J. Schmidt1 print by the Maitland Studio1 print by Dixon1 print by Hadden's Stud...

Colour Magic Lantern Slide

Item is an automatic coloured magic lantern slide containing several hand painted glass slides that could be rotated against each other with a small attached hand crank. Hand crank appears to be made of wood, as does the mount.

Assorted Lantern Slides

Items depict scenes from along the Canadian Pacific Railway, people, locations, animal, the sun, tombs, ships, indigenous Peoples, cities and trails. Wooden box has the word ``Songs`` on it.

Magic Lantern Slide, Series II

Majority of printed images depict battles(Russo-Japanese War, Battle of Port Arthur, Second Boer War) and there a couple slides with depictions of generals, as well. Other slides depict train passing through town, people riding small animals, and ...

Lantern Slide, Four Portraits

Printed slide depicts four different individuals. The first has gray hair and a blue hat. The second is smoking a pipe and has brown hair. The third is smoking a cigar, has a green hat, brown hair and beard, a gold hoop earring. The fourth is wear...

Lantern Slide, Boys with Instruments

Printed slide depicts four boys using common household items as musical instruments including a barrel as a drum, garbage can lids as cymbals, a water can as a horn and a stick for the conductor. Boys are wearing hats with feathers, stockings, pan...

Magic Lantern Slide, Four Scenes

First scene of printed slide shows people gathered around a cross, in front of mountains and there is a building nearby, possibly a church. The second shows three figures in a jungle crossing using a downed tree. The third shows a family of three ...

Lantern Slides, Ships

Two slides feature two ships: in one slide the boat sails peacefully along the water in Newfoundland, and in the other slide a boat is caught in a storm. In the third slide, a crew is working on either loading or unloading a boat and crew members ...

Lamb Chart (lantern slide)

Item is a lantern slide produced by the Ontario Picture Bureau, featuring a chart outlining cuts of lamb created by the Dominion Department of Agriculture.

Province of Ontario--Picture Bureau

Magic lantern slides, animals

Item consists of 2 hand painted Magic Lantern Slides, each depicting a story in 4 circular images. Slides show frogs, cats and dogs swimming, driving cars and riding bicycles. Produced by Gebruder Bing, Nuremberg.

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