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CDIN 510 (The Internet): Course syllabus

File contains the course syllabus for CDIN 510 - The Internet. An introductory course designed to help students connect to and engage with the internet. Don Kinder, Bob Jackson, Zita Murhpy, and Sally Wilson were instructors.


File contains the staffing announcements within the library from 1968-2007.


File contains the staffing announcements within the library from 2008-2012.

Instructional Resources Catalogue

This item is a guide to non-print materials that were available to the Ryerson academic community created by the Ryerson Media Centre. The catalogue refers to films-video, filmstrips-loops, transparencies, and audio.

Library button

Badge with the words, "Ryerson Library Staff", was required to be worn by Library staff.

Library conditions photographs

Photographs were taken on Monday November 10 by a library staff member to record the condition the library was found in after Sunday's opening. After President Brian Segal and Vice President Tom Sosa inspected the facilities, Segal issued a letter to the Ryerson Community expressing his disgust and concern. He further announced the closure of the library for Sunday November 16. SURPI reacted by organizing an overnight sit-in from Saturday, November 15 to Sunday, November 16 in protest of Segal's actions. Segal later reversed his decision but the sit-in went ahead as planned. For more details see : Library Doc. File, Forum November 14, 1986.

Library newsletters

The Series consists of newsletters published to inform its readership of the activities of the Library, including employee profiles and administration updates.

The LRC newsletter (Library and Research Centre) was produced simply and in-house (within the Library) in 1987 and had no official title. No other issue was produced.

"Nexus" replaced the first newsletter in April 1990, as a more formal newsletter and aimed at a readership including Ryerson faculty and Library staff. With the November 2009, Issue 21, NEXUS became available only as an e-issue. The last issue was Spring 2014, Issue 29.

LRC newsletter

File contains the inaugural issue of the LRC newsletter. Its purpose was to impart information about the activities of the Library and Research Centre (LRC) and to provide a forum for the writings of people who worked in the LRC; to profile individual employees; publish original short fiction and non-fiction; report relevant activities of RFA, OPSEU and the LRC administration; and publish other news and information that the readership would find interesting.

NEXUS newsletter

Contained in the file are issues of the Library's second newsletter, Nexus, the purpose of which was to inform its readership - Ryerson faculty and Library staff - of Library activities, including employee profiles and relevant administrative changes. In November 2009, with Issue 21, NEXUS became available only as an e-issue. Due to increased use of electronic communications within Ryerson, Nexus was discontinued, the last issue being Spring 2014, Issue 29, and replaced in 2016 by a News section on the RULA* website home page.

*RULA - Ryerson University Library and Archives

Library posters

Posters in this file were generated to promote library events or programs, or to serve as signs and wayfinding assistance within the library itself.

Censorship Issues in the library

File contains textual records, Posters and buttons. Textual records relate to the library's treatment of various issues related to censorship including challenged books and Bill C-54. Buttons and posters were generated as part of the Library's protest against the proposed Bill C-54, which would have increased censorship.

Food Nutrition bibliographies I

File contains three bibliographies created by the library's Nutrition Information Service in 1981:

  • Food and Nutrition: Newsletters, News Releases, and Journals, A Selected List
  • Food, Nutrition and the Disabled: An Annotated Bibliography
  • A Manual on Food and Nutrition for the Disabled

Food Nutrition bibliographies II

File contains two bibliographies created by the library's Nutrition Information Service in 1982:

  • Infant Feeding: An Annotated Bibliography
  • Nutrition & Aging: A Selected Bibliography

File contains two bibliographies created by the library's Nutrition Information Service in 1983:

  • Resources on Food, Nutrition and Culture
  • Nutrition and Fitness Manual: A Summary of Research and Resources

Nutrition Information Service brochures

These brochures, Nutrition Publications and Audiovisuals, are guides to nutritional resources, bibliographies, directories, and audiovisual material available for purchase, through the library's Publications Office, by nutrition faculty for student use.


The Library's Geospatial Map & Data Centre collaborated with the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies to participate in global GIS Day, promoting the field and sharing information. Ryerson first hosted this event in 2014.

The file contains notices of the event taking place in the Library.

1992 Library Re-organization

File contains documents and drafts for the library's 1992 re0organization and re-design. Includes meeting minutes, floor plans, discussion documents, and correspondence.

Library stamps

Twelve Library stamps :
RG 5.033.01 - IUTS MAIL
RG 5.033.02 - Property of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute
RG 5.033.03 - Distance Support Services
RG 5.033.04 - R.P.I. Library map
RG 5.033.05 - Library Only
RG 5.033.06 - 30 minutes
RG 5.033.07 - 1 Hour
RG 5.033.08 - Newspaper
RG 5.033.09 - 3 Day
RG 5.033.10 - ARMA Collection
RG 5.033.11 - Reason withdrawn
RG 5.033.12 - Property of Ryerson Polytechnic University Library

Library committee records

File contains textual records related to the library committee. Includes correspondence, meeting minutes, and terms of reference.

Library assistants committee report 1

Item is the Ryerson library assistants committee report 1 with aims and objectives to establish the best system of shelving and shelf maintenance of book and periodicals.


File contains public service librarians committee records from 1978-1985.


File contains public service librarians committee records from 1986-1990.

1974 Correspondence

File contains the correspondence of Arthur Paulaitis, the Chief l Librarian, from 1974.

Letters and Complaints

File contains the correspondence of the Library dealing with the letters of complaint and responses from 1974 - 1980.

L.76 Exhibition Space correspondence

File contains the correspondence about the L.76 exhibition space. It includes documentation about changes that the space underwent to perform its original purpose and subsequent correspondence in regard to the various exhibitions that took place. In addition, the file contains a student's proposal for an exhibition space to be created.

Media Centre correspondence

File contains the correspondence, service listings, and invitations of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's Media Centre.

Library general files

File contains records that have not fit into other series or files of the Library from 1977 - 1979.

Library Liaison files

File contains the liaisons files of the library including student surveys, correspondence, and a statement of purpose.

Book Donation files

File contains the documentation for book donations made to Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's library.

Publicity files

File contains the publicity files for the Library including suggestions for speakers at the fall dinner or annual meetings, and an introduction and guide to the Library.

Physical Plant files

File contains the correspondence between the Library and the Department of Physical Plant.

John North - United Kingdom trip

File contains various forms of documentation of John North's trip to the United Kingdom in which he visited a few British polytechnic library and media facilities. It includes reports, correspondence, and statistics.

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