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Library Newsletters

The purpose of the Library and Research Centre's (LRC) newsletter was to provide information about the Library and Research Centre activities, provide a forum for the writings of people who work in the LRC, profile individual employees, publish original short fiction and non-fiction, report relevant activities of RFA, OPSEU, and the LRC administration, and publish other news and information that the readership would find interesting.

The inaugural issue of 1987 had no official title and was produced simply and in-house (within the library). No other issue was produced in this simple format.

In 1990 a more professional looking newsletter, NEXUS, was published.

As of the November 2009, Issue 21, NEXUS became available only as an e-issue initially emailed to each member of Library staff, later accessed through: hhtp://

Censorship Issues in the library

File contains textual records, Posters and buttons. Textual records relate to the library's treatment of various issues related to censorship including challenged books and Bill C-54. Buttons and posters were generated as part of the Library's protest against the proposed Bill C-54, which would have increased censorship.

Operational correspondence

File contains information relating to library hours, policy changes, library events, new equipment and general correspondence to library staff.

Technical services files

This area evolved into "Collection Services" (Collection Record RG 5.247) with the re-organization of the Library in 2002.

Information services and reference files

Under the restructing of the responsibilities of the librarians in 1998 "Reference" has been included with this sub-series. All librarians having portfolios relating to this area will be included under this subseries: Library user analysis; publications; data/GIS; library user education; collections, series; and collections, monographs.This area involved into Research & Learning Services (RG 5.248) with further re-organization of the Library in 2002.

Access Services files

Access Services evolved into "Borrower Services" (RG 5.246) with the re-organizationof the Library.This collection contains e-mail messages and minutes of Access Services staff meetings.

Library statistics

Series contains various files related to library statistics including: turnstile, circulation, shelving, and reserve.


Series contains 40 sleeves of slides removed from the catalogued collection of the audio-visual department of the Library. A decision was made to retain 34 of these sleeves. Information about the subject matter (dates and description) had to be retrieved from microfiche according to call number and shelf list.

Library manuals

Series consists of 2 library manuals - one circa 1990 and the other circa 1996.

Borrower Services files

File contains:- E-Mail messages- List of Borrowers team members- Borrowers goals & objectives- Reports- Minutes of Meetings of : - Borrowers Services Team - AV Staff - Circulation & Reserve Staff

Journal articles

Series contains:

RG 5.253.1: Restructuring the Academic Library: Team-Based Management by Librarians Ophelia Cheung Susan Patrick Brian D. Cameron Elizabeth Bishop and Lucina Fraser

RG 5.253.2: Unmediated is the Message by Librarians Ophelia Cheung and Susan Patrick

Committee records

RG 5.254.01 Agenda Committee
RG 5.254.02 Budget Committee
RG 5.254.03 Public Relations & Communications Committee
RG 5.254.04 Facilities & Infrastructure Committee
RG 5.254.05 Instructional Planning & Assessment Committee (includes Student Success Programs
Working Group)
RG 5.254.06 Performance Measurement Committee
RG 5.254.07 Image Collection Implementation Committee
RG 5.254.08 Space Planning Comitteee
RG 5.254.09 Transition Planning Team
RG 5.254.10 Library Appointments Committee
RG 5.254.11 Library Pomotions Committee
RG 5.254.12 Copyright Committee
RG 5.254.13 Health & Safety Committee
RG 5.254.14 ERM Implementation Team
RG 5.254.15 Communications, 2009
RG 5.254.16 Students Advisory Committee, 2009-
RG 5.254.17 Library Appointments Committee, 2009- (Note: Cttee was established before 2009)
RG 5.254.18 Technology Planning Group, 2009-
RG 5.254.19 Communication Working Group

Library and Mordell Centre floor plans

Series contains photocopied and original architectural drawings/floor plans/elevations/furniture layouts of the Library Resource Centre aka the Mordell Centre

Library Awards

Series contains textual, graphic, and artefact records pertaining to various awards applied for and/or won by the library or groups representing the library.

Library Renovations

Series consists of materials related to various renovations within the Library building.

Library Planning

File consists of the following reports prepared with Rounthwaite, Dick & Hadley and Roger Jones & Associates:

  • Interim Report on Master Plan for Ryerson University Library (July 2005)
  • Ryerson University Library Long Range Plan (November 22, 2005)
  • Ryerson University Library Long Range Plan (December 7, 2005)
  • Ryerson University Library Long Range Plan (December 13, 2005)
  • Ryerson University Library Long Range Plan (January 2006)

Audio-Visual Library (Media Centre) photographic slide collection

Originally organized into the Audio-Visual binder collection with no assigned record group, it became evident that these files belonged under the Library - as the Audio-Visual Resource Library and Media Centre were once part of the Learning Resources Centre. The Series is organized using the binder number that the slides were stored under. Included are staff and faculty photographs, departmental photographs, general campus photographs, building photographs, and events.