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Entrepreneur alumni night - Allan Slaight

File contains photographs taken at entreneur alumni night. Speaker was Allan Slaight of Slaight Communications. Mr. Slaight donated money to Ryerson University to support the Start Me Up Ryerson student business plan competition at the Ted Rogers School of Management.

Financial Planner

This file contains 1 copy of Financial Planner guide prepared for the Alumni and Friends of Ryerson Polytechnic University by Alumni and Community Relations Department.

E-Mail: Information Line*

This file contains E-mail information messages sent to Ryerson community.
Infoline has been discontinued effective October 19th, 2009. Announcements and information provided through these emails will now be provided by Ryerson Today (395-112). See email in folder for further information.

December 6th Memorial Ceremony

A group of Ryerson staff, faculty and students memorializing December 6th in the Quad. A plaque accompanying the memorial sculpture was unveiled to remember the 14 women who were murdered at Montreal's Ecole Polytechnique on this date in 1989.

Ryerson family papers

File contains photographs taken of individual pages of the Ryerson Family papers that were donated to the Ryerson Archives in 1997. Also included in the file are photographs of Ryerson Archivist Claude Doucet looking throught the scrapbook. Photograph can be found in the Ryerson Magazine, Spring 1997.

Jazz concert - "Jazz Becuzz"

File contains Harry Thornton and his Hot Four playing at Lake Devo. People particating in the music and dancing. Picture of couple dancing at Lake Devo can be found in Forum Oct. 18, 1996.

I.D. cards - faculty and staff

Noha Saab of Admissions/Liaison/Curriculum Advising demonstrating with Manuela Riqueza the new photo I.D. cards (One Card) for staff and faculty. A photocopy page from the FORUM Nov. 8, 1996 Vol. 22(4) pg. 5 title of article - "Photo ID cards lead way to cashless campus of future."

Internet Radio Research (SPIRIT)

Co-ordinator Mark Banbury works on programming with students Vanessa Arscott and Hussein Madhavji to launch Ryerson's Internet radio station SPIRIT An article entitled "Internet radio gets SPIRIT: sound of Ryerson coming to your PC throught the Web can be found in Forum January 17, 1997 page 4.

Internet Radio Station - launch

Melinda Rogers (daughter of Ted Rogers) and Mark Banbury (instructor RTA) launches the 24-hour internet radio station, SPIRIT. The SPIRIT Launch took place on Thursday January 23, 1997, 11:50 am - 12:30 p.m. People in attendance was Jerry Good, Linda Rogers, Claude Lajeunesse, Ira Levine, Robert Gardner and J.Lyman Potts. Picture of Melinda Rogers and Mark Banbury appeared in Forum, February 7, 1997, vol.22 no.7

Gladys Doyle - 45th Anniversary

Gladys Doyle is presented with flowers and a gift given by Claude Lajuenesse and Linda Grayson for her work and dedication for 45 years at Ryerson for working at the switchboard. A page from the Forum, February 28, 1997 (pg.11-12) entitled "Voices from the past celebrate 45 years on the line" shows Gladys in a "then and now" photograph.

Wendy Cukier - Mayor's reception

Wendy Cukier and Heidi Rathjen joined by Mayor Barbara Hall for the launch of the Canadian Coalition for Gun Control. The reception took place at Oakham House on Oct. 2, 1996. A page from Forum (p.12), October 18, 1996, "Ryerson - Toronto reception honours all who supported gun control law".

Megacity - public forum

A panel discussion regarding the megacity debate lead by then, Mayor Barbara Hall. Welcoming remarks was made by Claude Lajeunesse which took place in the Commons on Janurary 23, 1997. 5;30-7:00 pm (free admission). Speakers included Ursula Franklin, Mitchell Kosny and Peter Russell, the moderator ; Andrew Coyne. A press release was issued January 20, 1997 and flyer entitled "Megacity : what are the issues?". A page from Forum, Februray 7, 1997 "Megacity forum draws crowd of 300".

GREET - teaching awards

Vera Straka, Marie Dowler, Janet Chappell and Ravi Ravindran made up this years (1997) winners of GREET (The Group of Renew and Enhance Effective Teaching). A page from Forum July 1997 p.2 "Teachers par excellence : four recognized by GREET for achieverments inside and outside the classroom

Degree BASc ceremony at Academic Council

Lisa Braverman, 91, grad in Nutrition, Consumer and Family Studies was the first grad to receive a Bachelor of Applied Science degree (in that discipline) from President Claude Lajeunesse in a special ceremony. From the Forum, March 21, 1997 page 6 there is photograph of Claude Lajuenesse and Lisa Braveman holding the degree in a special ceremony.

NCFS student Bruce C. Thompson

A picture of Charles Bruce-Thompson. Also taken from Forum July 1997, pg.6 entitled "Back to school at 45" former chef, restaurant owner studies Nutrition., his address to the graduating class of 97 is mentioned

Fundraising - ECE faculty

Faculty members June Pollard and Kenise Kilbride take on the initiative to raise money for the Early Childhood Education initatives along with three of Ryerson's 30 student Telemail callers - Vanessa Thomas, Joachim Vallentin and Garry McClean. A page (pg.13) from Forum, January 17, 1997 entitled "Student aid endowment tops $500,000; gov't will match pledges up to March 31.

Scholarships, John Brooks Community

Shakeel Adam of Aerospace and Andrea Fraser of Adminstration and Information Management are the first winners of the Ryerson sponsored John Brooks Scholarhips. A page from Forum (pg.6) December 6, 1996 entitled "Aero, AIM studentst are first to win John Brooks awards.

Consumer Info web site - launch

To launch the website Claude Lajuenesse and then Minister of Consumer and Commercial Relations, and others attend the kickoff of this new website. This was a joint venture between the Consumers Council of Canada, CIBC and the Consumers Association of Canada. A copy of the January 1997 issue of Canadian Insurance and Consumer Quarterly is added to the folder.

Architecture Grad - Greg Papp

Greg Papp an Architectural Science grad on the Dean's List set to graduate from Ryerson in 1997. Left paralized from a mountain bike accident, through his determination he was able to finish his program. A page taken from Forum July 1997 page 6 entitled "Beating the odds".

Queen's Silver Jubilee Award presentation

Frederic Lebrun a third year Aerospace student is one of the students to win the Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee award. Claude Lajeunesse presented him with a certificate of merit and he also received a cash award of $5,000. The Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee award encourages young Canadians to improve proficiency in their second official language by studying at a university which functions in the other official language. From Forum April 11,1997 pg.8 "Student from Quebec wins $5,000 award.

Roberta Bondar -CIBC donation

A $500.000 donation from CIBC to Roberta Bondar to continue her research work at University of Western Ontario and Ryerson. A picture of Claude Lajeunesse, Ted Garrad (Western), Roberta Bondar and Holger Kluge (president of CIBC) at the announcement. From Forum Sept. 27, 1996 pg. 3 "CIBC donation boosts Bondar research".

Baskeball - Raptors Youth Clinic

Leo Rautins and Damon Stoudamire hosts a free youth basketball clinic in West Kerr Hall Gymnasiim for children ages 7-15. Their focus is to try and teach the kids to stay in school and stay away from drugs. Speedy Mufflier King Inc. and Toronto Raptors Basketball Club Inc. are partners in this free clinic. From Forum Sept. 12, 1997 a picture of Damon Stoudamire presenting a basketball to one of the 700 children attending the free youth basketball clinic.

Greg Moore - lecture

Race car driver Greg Moore was at Ryerson to talk about the engineering component of auto racing. This was part of the Mechanical Engineering Seminar series. Photo of Greg Moore,in Forum December 8, 1997

Sam The Record Man - ROSOTF donation

Sam Sniderman, Claude Lajuenesse and Bruce Hurley meet in the store of Sam the Record Man to launch the Ryerson Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund (ROSOTF). Investment income from the ROSOTF will be used to provide financial assistance to Ryerson student in financial need. From the Forum, February 28, 1997 pg.10 "Sam (the ROSOTF Man) makes some sweet music for student aid".

Seniors' Microcomputer Lab dedication

Dedication of the seniors microcomputer lab in Palin Hall . The computers were a donation from IBM. and the lab will be run by the L.I.F.E. Institutue. Claude Lajeunesse, Marilynn Booth, Ayman Antoun (IBM), Cam Jackson (Minister Responsible for Seniors) and Harold Wakefield (President of the L.I.F.E. Institue) was there for the ribbon cutting and dedication of the lab. A picture of seniors checking out the new equipment appeared in "Forum, July 1997 vol. 22, no. 12.

Oakham House cook - Tony Castillo

Several pictures of Tony Castillo, Oakham House cook. His picture appeared in Forum because he helped a man find his lost wallet. The man who happen to be a lawyer at the firm Miller Dallas Inc. wrote a letter to Claude Lajueness and Mayor Barbara Hall congratulating Tony Castillo for his kindness and actions he took in finding this wallet. From Forum Nov 8, 1996

Convocation (Spring)

(2 files) 1997 Convocation Ceremonies for Applied Arts, Applied Science, Engineering, Community Services, Arts and Community Services held in the Ryerson Theatre. From Forum July 1997 "First Midwifery grads in historic convocation", 19, "Change of venue, attitude for Segal Award winner", pg.11, "Serving community mark of gold medallists", pg.7, "Back to school at 45", pg.8, "It's now Dr. Sam the Record Man" pg.5, "Beating the odds", pg.6, "Grads at vanguard of changes in health care", pg.9, "A mileston for distance ed", pg. 10.

Nursing Honour Society

Ryerson School of Nursing inaugural induction ceremony, May 29, 1997, inducted the first members into its Honour Society in recognition of excellence in research, practice and scholarly activity. The standing-room-only induction ceremony in May saw 163 individuals become members, including faculty, alumni, students and nursing leaders from the professional community. Janice Waddell ( co-chair steering committee) read the opening remarks and welcome, Sue Williams (Director School of Nursing) said the welcoming remarks, Judith Sandys (Dean) more greetings and remarks. From Forum Seot. 12, 1997 "Honour society for Nursing".

Social Work Lecture (Poverty)

This file contains notice and photographs from Plenary Session "Sounding the Alarm" Poverty in Canada organized by and Ryerson School of Social Work, presented by The Honourable Erminie Joy Cohen, The Senate of Canada and Angela Petten Action Centre for Social Justice, Monday, October 20, 1997.

United Way Pancake Breakfast (Eggy)

United Way Pancake Breakfast on Tuesday October 28, 1997 raised $1281.Service was provided by VP Dennis Mock, Ryerson's United Way co-ordinator Marg Macmillan, Executive Director of University Advancement Bob Crow, Nicole and Claude Lajeunesse, VP Michael Dewson, and VP Linda Grayson. A picture of the group appeared in Forum November 10, 1997. A yellow flyer advertising the location and the menu, with Nicole and Claude's favorite items.

Human Resources Orientation for Chairs

John Cowan of Queen's University was keynote speaker at the orientation session for chairs, who are central to achieving the mission of the university, The orientation called for a lot of interaction among chairs, something that typically dosesn't happen in the course of the school year. Dr. Dewson commended Larissa Allen and Sandy Schwartz of Human Resources for organizing the orientation. Article appeared in Forum, September 12, 1997 "Orienting chairs'.

Bring Your Kids to Work Day

Pictures of Hani Elias a visting professor in Civil Engineering, and a few other staff and faculty including Dennis Mock attend and welcome the 30 students to this popular program. Picture of Hani Elias with his son and niece in Forum November 24, 1997.

Career Fair

Companies and Banks such as Bell Canada, Sun Life, Canada Trust and Ford Canada were on campus recruiting and head hunting students.

J. Stuart Mackay Award (Lombardi)

John Barba-Linardo Lambardi, president and CEO of CHIN Radio/TV International was named 1997 reicipient of the J. Stuart MacKay Communicator of the Year Award. The award presentation was made at the Rogers Communication Centre by President Calud Lajeunesse. Toronto Mayor Barbara Hall thanked the MacKay family and congratulated Mr. Lombardi on his award. Forum, April 11, 1997 "Johnny Lomardi honored with Mackay Award".

Twenty-Five Year Club

26 new inductees to the 25 Year Club (1997) pose for photos after the special ceremony on November 26 th in the Commons, hosted by President Claude Lajeunesse.

Architecture - Rooftop Gardens

Third-year Landscape Architecture students at Ryerson Polytechnic University have created eight rooftop garden designs and models for their "cilent", the Maurice Cody Public School of Toronto. The Toronto Board of Education's Greening Schools Program started in 1993 was to provide a set of guidelines to encourage schools to tie their curriculum to the progam's seven areas.

Architecture - Rooftop Gardens display

Landscape Architecture students displayed eight rooftop garden designs draw up for their client, Maurice Cody Public School in the artrium of the Architecture Building. Working with the Toronto school's 500 sutents and teachers, the third-year Ryerson Students designed plans and models for environmentally-firendly rooftop garden to be built at the school. From Forum Vol. 22 no. 10, April 11, 1997

Royal Commission Report Writers

Editors, Mary McDougall Maude and Rosemary Shipton are busy editing Royal Commission reports. Ms. Shipton and Ms McDougall Maude's partnership also includes their Publishing certificate program at Ryerson which began in 1990.
"Nobody knows these famous editors" from Forum, February 16, 1998.

Security - phones in Quad

A new safety device in the Ryerson quad provides direct communication to the security desk in Jorgenson Hall. Director of Equity and Harassment Services Jane Mays said the device, "moves us so much forward in communicatin and safety on campus". A picture of VP Linda Grayson at one of the new safety intercoms in the quad. "Blue strobes signal safety effort in quad" from Forum, November 10, 1997.

This is Ryerson

A collection of different faces and activities at Ryerson. Things happening in and around the campus. Images of students participating in athletic activities, theatre, fashion and the sciences.

Exchange students from USA

2 students of the University of Detroit Mercy are studying at Ryerson, through the North American Design Institute exchange program, an offshoot of the North America Free Trade Agreement. "Free trade spawns student exchange", from Forum, March 9, 1998.

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