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Office of University Advancement
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Various CDs related to the Office of University Advancement

File contains various CDs related to the Office of University Advancement. Included are CDs containing photographs from the 2010 Gould Street Park Festival and photographs from the 2008 Press conference on the Government of Ontario investing in the Student Learning Centre. There is also a CD of the television coverage of when Peter Gilgan visited the athletic centre at the Gardens in 2011.

Ryerson University Magazine

This file contains "Ryerson Magazine"published twice a year by the Office of University Advancement.

The magazine Alumni Relations publishes for the alumni started in 1962 as, The Rambler.

Alumni Relations felt the magazine needed to prominently show the school name in the masthead. With the Spring 1997 issue, the name changed to "Ryerson Magazine". The magazine was to be more than just an alumni affairs journal -- it was also to be used to help recruit new students and to communicate with university associates.

The next two issues, Spring 2001 and Fall 2001 were entitled, "Ryerson University the magazine".

Quickly another rename called the magazine, " Alumni magazine" with the Winter 2002/03. This name was used until the Winter 2010 issue.

In January 2011 a redesign gave another name, "Ryerson University Magazine, for Alumni and Friends". It is current and ongoing.

Homecoming 2003

Homecoming was held Friday September 19 and Saturday September 20, 2003. File contains reunion invitations for the classes of 1953, 1973, and 1993, correspondence, 2 class of 1953 memory books and some 1952-1953 trivia facts.

Alumni Weekend 2009

Alumni Weekend 2009 was held Thursday October 1 - Saturday October 3. File contains a newspaper clipping, mailings, calendar of events, and 2 copies of the class of 1959 memory book. Also in the file is an invitation, programme, and ticket to the Ryerson Dinner held on October 3 and the Fairmont Royal York Hotel.

Alumni Weekend 2012

Alumni Weekend 2012 was held Saturday September 22. Included in the file are mailings, a cd of photographs from various events including the Ryerson Dinner, and event programmes. Also included are programmes and a table sponsorship sign, from RULA , for the Ryerson Dinner held at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel.

Alumni Weekend 2016

The file consists of material for Alumni Weekend 2016 including advertising for the 2016 Gould Street Party, information on the "Our Time to Lead" video spotlights, and The Ryerson Dinner program.

Alumni achievement awards and wall of recognition

On the occasion of its 50th Anniversary in 1998, Ryerson Polytechnic University established the Ryerson Alumni Achievement Awards to pay tribute to alumni who have excelled in their respective careers and who have made a significant contribution to their profession, their community and their country.

Ceremony records

The Alumni Achievement Awards program was inaugurated in 1998 on Ryerson Polytechnic University's 50th Anniversary. There were initially two categories - Alumni Award of Distinction and Outstanding Recent graduate. The Alumni Award of Distinction is given for professional achievement. The Outstanding Recent Graduate Award is given an alumnus who brought honour to Ryerson withing 10 years of graduation. The winners are gifted with a medal created with funding from the Board of Directors of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in honour of Mr. Sharpe's induction into the Business Hall of Fame in 1998. The award was re-named for Mr. Sharpe in 2002. In 2008 the Outstanding Alumni Volunteer Award was introduced, recognizing alumni who have provided outstanding volunteer assistance to the University. In 2013 the Outstanding International Alumni Award was introduced, recognizing the alumnus that has demonstrated exceptional accomplishment in their chosen profession, exceptional service in community affairs, and has contributed to the advancement of Ryerson University.
Sub-series contains promotional materials relating to the Alumni Achievement Awards and the Wall of Recognition. It is divided by year. For more information on each ceremony, including lists of honourees, see the file level records.

2007 ceremony

File contains a programme and an invitation for the September 6, 2007 ceremony held in the George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre.
Alumni Award of Distinction recipients were: Tania Bortolotto, Architectural Science '90; Sheri Cohen, Social Work '96; Bryan Cantley, Journalism '69; Tony Gagliano, Business Management '80; and Jenny Gumbs, Public Administration '02. The Isadore Sharp Outstanding Recent Graduate award recipients were Andy Lai, Lee Liu, Sundeep Mokha, and Chris Nguyen - all of ITM '05.

2012 ceremony

File contains a programme and an invitation for the Thursday February 16, 2012 ceremony held in the George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre.
Alumni Award of Distinction recipients were: Paul Cocker, Civil Engineering '70; Tom Gunter, Business Management '80; Stephanie Asare Nti, Social Work '01; Keith Pelley, RTA '86; and Frank Walwyn, Business Administration '89. The Isadore Sharp Outstanding Recent Graduate award recipients was Hossein Rahnama, Computer Science '03 and Electrical and Computer Engineering '06. The Outstanding Alumni Volunteer Award winner was Jane Langdon, Food and Nutrition '75.

2016 ceremony

File contains programmes and invitations for the Thursday February 11, 2016 ceremony.

Alumni Award of Distinction recipients were: Lynn Factor, Social Work '80; Justin Poy, RTA '93; and Robert Schauer, Business Management, '97. The Isadore Sharp Outstanding Recent Graduate award recipients was Andrew Cividino, Image Arts 06. The Outstanding International Alumni Award recipient was Zanele Muholi, Documentary Media MFA '10. The Outstanding Alumni Volunteer Award winner was Jillian McKinley, Business Management '07

Alumni membership card samples

The file consists of membership cards : two blank (no alumni member name) and two with textual information. These cards were the first "plastic" cards to be issued between March 2007 to June 2013.

Included is a sample of the application form.

Alumni Relations

Convocation records

Records consists of convocation programmes, transcripts of speeches/addresses, press kits, photographs, invitations, cassette tapes, some videocassettes and related documentation.

In December 1996, the name of the Office of Development, Alumni and Community Relations was changed to University Advancement Office and, thus, responsible for Convocation and ceremonies until 2008 with the creation of a separate department, the Office of Convocation and Awards.

See also:

RG 4.04 - Information Services - 1950 to 1986
RG 122.02 - Community Relations - 1987 - 1994
RG 395.12.01 - University Advancement - 1995 to 2007
RG 928.01 - Convocation and Awards - 2008 to present

Financial Planner

This file contains 1 copy of Financial Planner guide prepared for the Alumni and Friends of Ryerson Polytechnic University by Alumni and Community Relations Department.

50th Anniversary Celebration materials

Collection includes: Notices, invitations, artifacts, speech, Christmas card, Ryerson wall calendars and slides of calendar photographs, A History of Ryerson, Guest Book, etc. received through internal mailings and accessions

Ryerson family papers

File contains photographs taken of individual pages of the Ryerson Family papers that were donated to the Ryerson Archives in 1997. Also included in the file are photographs of Ryerson Archivist Claude Doucet looking throught the scrapbook. Photograph can be found in the Ryerson Magazine, Spring 1997.

I.D. cards - faculty and staff

Noha Saab of Admissions/Liaison/Curriculum Advising demonstrating with Manuela Riqueza the new photo I.D. cards (One Card) for staff and faculty. A photocopy page from the FORUM Nov. 8, 1996 Vol. 22(4) pg. 5 title of article - "Photo ID cards lead way to cashless campus of future."

Internet Radio Research (SPIRIT)

Co-ordinator Mark Banbury works on programming with students Vanessa Arscott and Hussein Madhavji to launch Ryerson's Internet radio station SPIRIT An article entitled "Internet radio gets SPIRIT: sound of Ryerson coming to your PC throught the Web can be found in Forum January 17, 1997 page 4.

Gladys Doyle - 45th Anniversary

Gladys Doyle is presented with flowers and a gift given by Claude Lajuenesse and Linda Grayson for her work and dedication for 45 years at Ryerson for working at the switchboard. A page from the Forum, February 28, 1997 (pg.11-12) entitled "Voices from the past celebrate 45 years on the line" shows Gladys in a "then and now" photograph.

Wendy Cukier - Mayor's reception

Wendy Cukier and Heidi Rathjen joined by Mayor Barbara Hall for the launch of the Canadian Coalition for Gun Control. The reception took place at Oakham House on Oct. 2, 1996. A page from Forum (p.12), October 18, 1996, "Ryerson - Toronto reception honours all who supported gun control law".

GREET - teaching awards

Vera Straka, Marie Dowler, Janet Chappell and Ravi Ravindran made up this years (1997) winners of GREET (The Group of Renew and Enhance Effective Teaching). A page from Forum July 1997 p.2 "Teachers par excellence : four recognized by GREET for achieverments inside and outside the classroom

Scholarships, John Brooks Community

Shakeel Adam of Aerospace and Andrea Fraser of Adminstration and Information Management are the first winners of the Ryerson sponsored John Brooks Scholarhips. A page from Forum (pg.6) December 6, 1996 entitled "Aero, AIM studentst are first to win John Brooks awards.

Continuing Education - awards

15 Continuing Education awards presented at the Awards Dinner sponsored by The Continuing Education Students' Association of Ryerson and The Continuing Education Division. Hugh Innis is pictured giving the Hugh Innis Award to Yolanda Furrmanek, In the color negatives there are staff and faculty presenting awards to selective students.

Richard Van Der Ross - lecture

Richard Van Der Ross , the first coloured rector at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa anti-apartheid educationist gave a lecture to a group of Ryerson students.

Oakham House cook - Tony Castillo

Several pictures of Tony Castillo, Oakham House cook. His picture appeared in Forum because he helped a man find his lost wallet. The man who happen to be a lawyer at the firm Miller Dallas Inc. wrote a letter to Claude Lajueness and Mayor Barbara Hall congratulating Tony Castillo for his kindness and actions he took in finding this wallet. From Forum Nov 8, 1996

Social Work Lecture (Poverty)

This file contains notice and photographs from Plenary Session "Sounding the Alarm" Poverty in Canada organized by and Ryerson School of Social Work, presented by The Honourable Erminie Joy Cohen, The Senate of Canada and Angela Petten Action Centre for Social Justice, Monday, October 20, 1997.

United Way Pancake Breakfast (Eggy)

United Way Pancake Breakfast on Tuesday October 28, 1997 raised $1281.Service was provided by VP Dennis Mock, Ryerson's United Way co-ordinator Marg Macmillan, Executive Director of University Advancement Bob Crow, Nicole and Claude Lajeunesse, VP Michael Dewson, and VP Linda Grayson. A picture of the group appeared in Forum November 10, 1997. A yellow flyer advertising the location and the menu, with Nicole and Claude's favorite items.

Bring Your Kids to Work Day

Pictures of Hani Elias a visting professor in Civil Engineering, and a few other staff and faculty including Dennis Mock attend and welcome the 30 students to this popular program. Picture of Hani Elias with his son and niece in Forum November 24, 1997.

Ryerson portraits - unveiling

Portrait unveiling of Egerton Ryerson and his wife in the Archives. Claude Lajueunesse , Ryerson Archivist and Chief Librarian were on hand with Peter and Janet Ryerson to help with the unveiling.

Twenty-Five Year Club

26 new inductees to the 25 Year Club (1997) pose for photos after the special ceremony on November 26 th in the Commons, hosted by President Claude Lajeunesse.

Architecture - Rooftop Gardens display

Landscape Architecture students displayed eight rooftop garden designs draw up for their client, Maurice Cody Public School in the artrium of the Architecture Building. Working with the Toronto school's 500 sutents and teachers, the third-year Ryerson Students designed plans and models for environmentally-firendly rooftop garden to be built at the school. From Forum Vol. 22 no. 10, April 11, 1997

Royal Commission Report Writers

Editors, Mary McDougall Maude and Rosemary Shipton are busy editing Royal Commission reports. Ms. Shipton and Ms McDougall Maude's partnership also includes their Publishing certificate program at Ryerson which began in 1990.
"Nobody knows these famous editors" from Forum, February 16, 1998.

Bridge Building Competition (Civil/Architect)

Model bridges built by Ryerson architecture and engineering students were put to the test in the university's annual competition February 19. The 34 bridges, built with only popsicle sticks, white glue and dental floss were tested for their resistance to various weights to the point of collapse. Picture of Barry Chan Civil Engineering student being interviewed by TFO (French TVO) can be found in Forum March 23, 1998

Image Arts - Kino Flo Demo (Hochleim)

Frieder Hocheim the Photographic Arts alumnus visited Ryerson to donate three sets of the revolutionary lighting system for which he won an Oscar in 1995.The Kino Flo motion picture set lighting systems ("Kino" is German for cinema and "flo" is short for fluorescent) "Oscar-winning grad lights up Hollywood" from Forum, November 24, 1997.

Alumni Awards ceremony

Graduates of Ryerson who have made achievements in different subject areas are honored. Plaques of the different honoraries are posted on the wall for alumni achievements.

Pebbles/Gretsky/The Bay Reception

PEBBLES - Providing Education by Building Learning Environments to Students. Wayne Greztky and in collaboration with The Bay presented Ryerson University with a cheque for $50,000.00 as part of the funding for the PEBBLES project.

Continuing Education - UCEA Marketing Awards

'Get there. Start here.' ads win U.S. honors for CE. Continuing Education's marketing campaign has been named "Best of Show" by the U.S. based University Continuing Education Association. The campaign won the New York Times Best of Show title. From Forum, March 29, 1999.

Yonge-Dundas Development

This file contains photographs, clippings and News Release regarding the Yonge - Dundas development. Toronto Mayor Barbara Hall and Ryerson University President Claude Lajeunesse announced an innovative agreement between the City and Ryerson that brings a $90 million redevelopment of Yonge-Dundas area.


File contains photographs taken during Homecoming weekend. Included are images of the 50th anniversary reception, the 10th anniversary reception, and of campus tours.

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