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Archives Department
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Guest registers

Registers used by the Archives to record visitors and researchers. Although the Archives was established in 1971 a register was not initiated until April 1972. The initial register was previously used to record guests at two separate events at Rye...

Archives Department

Archives brochures

This file contains brochures promoting the Archives as well as a brochure for the Jack Layton Collection donated by Olivia Chow.

Archives Department

Ryerson Archives letterhead

The file contains samples of two letterhead styles used by the Ryerson Archives. The letterheads have no date of use, but estimates are inferred based on the start date of the Archives (1971) and the university’s name change to Ryerson University...

Archives Department

Archives forms

This file contains forms used by Archives staff.

Archives Department


This file contains correspondence, work order forms, invoices, petty cash reimbursement forms, project reports, clippings, book order forms, purchase requisition forms.

Archives signs

File contains two formerly used library signs. The first says "Ryerson Polytechnical Institute Archives. The second says "Entrance to Library, Jorgenson Hall, Archives located on 3rd".

Ryerson 50th Anniversary

This is a working file, which was maintained by the Archivist, on the Archives' involvement in Ryerson's 50th Anniversary celebrations and events in 1998. It includes, among other things, information and documentation on the Ryerson Hist...

Archives And The Library Committee

This file contains "Ryerson Library Committee-Terms of Reference", and agenda/ minutes of the Learning Resource Committee meeting, held on Jan.25, 1983. Archivist was appointed a member of Learning Resource Committee at this meeting.

Archives L387 photographs

Photographs were taken of the Archives area before the installation of new carpeting to use as guide for replacing moved or boxed items.

Ryerson Polytechnical Institute Archives stamps

Three stamps used by the Ryerson Archives for documents and when copying photographs and documents for others use.RG 149.28.01 - Ryerson Polytechnical Institute Archives DO NOT REMOVERG 149.28.02 - Ryerson Polytechnical Institute ArchivesRG 149.28...

Toronto Stamp Limited

Ryerson Archives website

The file consists of correspondence related to the development of the Archives' first website as well as Ryerson history articles and sources for web links to related history websites. A completely new and updated website was developed in 20...

Archives Department

Egerton Ryerson Postage Stamp

This file contains clippings,articles, and correspondence regarding issuance of a stamp by Canada Post to honor Egerton Ryerson.

Archives and records management policy and procedures

This file consists of files maintained by the Archivist on the establishment and subsequent revisions of the University's Policy-Procedure for Archives and Records Management. RG 149.34.01 1982-1987 RG 149.34.02 1988-1993 RG 149.34.03 2000-2004

Senior directors presentation - Archives business case

This file consists of two elements. One is a presentation by the University Archivist to a Senior Directors' meeting on the Archives and Records Management Program. The other is a business case prepared by the Archivist on "Additional St...

Ronald D. Besse Information Commons Launch

This file contains correspondence related to the fundraising campaign "Meet the Future" and the reception for the Ronald D. Besse Information and Learning Commons held on November 15, 2004

Library and Archives fundraising

This file contains correspondence, clippings, Library Council Minutes regarding fundraising campaign for the Library; and Building for Excellence 2000-2004 Goals and Objectives document.


This file contains loan forms, Inquiry/Research Requests forms, correspondence, and Permission forms between 1978 and 2015.

Past Employees

This file contains correspondence, employee resume, job posting, Employee Information Forms, Work-Study Plan Applications, Requisition for Temporary Assistance (Non-Academic) forms, greetings cards, business cards.

Collection arrangement and description

This file contains Ryerson Archives Collection Reorganization Project guidelines and procedures.This material was assembled and maintained by the Archivist.

Murray Paulin in the Archives

This file contains a photograph of Murray Paulin was a faculty member in the Sociology Department, who visited the Archives on many occasions.

Archives staff photographs

The CD consists of 6 digital images of Archives staff at the retirement party of one employee on August 31, 2006.

Oral History Program

This file contains correspondence, articles, notes, interviews, as part of the Archive's Oral History Program, Archives and Records management Committee, discussion of Oral History Program.

Objectives And Priorities!

This file contains Library/Archives mission/five year plan, The Ryerson Community Task Force Report and Recommendations, correspondence, Learning Resources Centre Objectives.

Storage Matters

This file contains correspondence regarding Storage area AB 59. Archivist was responsible for controlling access to this storage, which contained sensitive records.

Science And Technology Archives

This file contains articles, notices, notes, correspondence, "Scientific Instruments in Canada , An Inventory of Historical Instruments" report and diskette NMST Instrument Survey.

Toronto Historical Board and Ryerson task force

This file contains correspondence/memorandums re: Toronto Historical board Task Force and a Preliminary Inventory of Sources in The Ryerson Archives re. Historic Buildings at Ryerson.


This file contains Archives Activity Reports prepared by Archivist.

Box Labels

This file contains Archives box labeling issues and solutions.

University-Wide Memorandum

This file contains memorandums regarding Ryerson Archives Collection and Services sent by Archivist to The Ryerson Community.

Acquisitions Program

This file contains memorandums from Presidents office sent to Ryerson community remainding administrating personnel that all documents, papers and records generated at Ryerson belong to Ryerson, and may not be destroyed by individuals. They should...

Departmental Records Inventory

This file contains information regarding Ryerson Records Inventory Project, and template inventory form. It also also includes the completed inventory.

Archives space planning

This file contains Minutes of the Borrowers Services Meetings, Library Council Meetings, Ryerson Archives space information, memorandums from Claude Doucet regarding Archives Space requirements, newspapers clippings.

Disaster planning

This file contains Disaster planning document, memorandums, clippings/articles regarding disaster planning and recovery, minutes of meetings.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA)

This file contains memorandums, emails, and documentation regarding FIPPA, minutes of Ryerson FIPPA Implementation Team meetings.The FIPPA Committee worked on records management policy review, best practices, and retention schedule.

Archives Department

Superbuild City Hall display

Thirteen foam core posters produced to be shown together as a display celebrating the history and future of Ryerson. Panels detail various eras in Ryerson's history. Also includes a small amount of textual records (correspondence, notes) deta...

Faculty and Staff biographical cards

The file consists of index cards bearing the name of a faculty or staff member, arranged in alphabetical order by surname, with information about individuals' employment. The information was taken primarily from course calendars and provides...


Archives staff correspondence

Correspondence in the form of emails sent and received by Archives staff, excluding the archivist.

Archives Department

Scrap Book - Faculty and Staff

Scrap book compiling clippings and photographs of RPI faculty and staff during the late 1960's and early to mid 1970's. Includes clippings, an index of staff and faculty featured in the book, and photographs.

Ryerson certificates and diplomas

49 Ryerson certificates and diplomas, divided into two files: blank/template certificates and diplomas, and certificates and diplomas linked to specific individuals.

Photographic slides

File contains photographs taken from the Archives collection and taken by student for a class project. They were donated back to the Archives for use by other staff and students. Included are Slides from the RG 95.1 collection and photographs take...

ASC Staff Correspondence

The file consists of general correspondence email on the following topics : - Ryerson authors in archival collection - Copy of the October 2010 'Egerton Ryerson and Indian Residential Schools' Ryerson University statement - Library ha...

Archives Department

Photographs of the Ryerson Archives

File contains photographs taken by the Ryerson Media Centre for Library Orientation purposes. In the photographs the Archives is located on the 5th floor of the library. Included are photographs of the collection, the work area, and Archives staff.

Documentation and arrangement - exhibits and displays

File contains: RG 149.9.1 Library, 1982 RG 149.9.2 Homecoming, 1983 RG 149.9.3 Bicentennial, 1984 - includes model in reading room. The scale model was researched and constructed by Architecture students Robert Smith, Richard Zoltek and Ed Nicoluc...