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Donald Gillies fonds
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Donald Gillies fonds

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  • 1964-1996

Fonds contains records created or retained by Donald Gillies during his career at Ryerson in the Business and Image Arts faculties.

"Being Analog, Teaching Digital"

Paper written for the Computer Aided Learning (CAL97) International Conference, Superhighways, Super CAL, Super Learning, held in March, 1997 at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom.

Journal articles

Series contains 2 published journal articles and 1 book review written by Donald Gillies.

Photographs of Donald Gillies

File contains photographs of Donald Gillies. Three of them show him in front of the Photographic Arts building and in his office in 1977. One shows him at table with other unidentified people, and there are 2 headshots that were used in the FORUM publication in 1975 when he was the Chairman of the Photographic Arts Department.

Sauro, Elvino

Instructional Media program

File contains correspondence, course schedules, course outlines and other materials related to the Instructional Media program in Photographic Arts.

SightSoundSystems Festival of Art and Technology

The records relate to the preparation for the musical chess game, the major event of the SightSoundSystems Festival of Art and Technology, presented by the Isaacs Gallery Mixed Media Concerts and Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. Five major events took place throughout the week of March 5 - 10, 1968, including "E.A.T.", "Public Supply", "T.E.A.", "Supersystems", and "Reunion" (the musical chess game).

The chess game, whereby the chessboard was wired to produce musical sounds with every move, was played between French artist and expert chess player, Marcel Duchamps and American avant-garde composer, artist, and theorist, John Cage. It was a banner event for the festival and so named "Reunion" by John Cage reflecting a chess game between the then recently formed friends, Cage and Duchamps at a chess exhibit of paintings and sculptures called, "The Imagery of Chess", held in 1944 New York City.

The artistic director for "Reunion" was Udo Kassemets of the Isaacs Gallery Mixed Media Concerts. Don Gillies of Ryerson Polytechnic Institute was the business manager and Karen (Naylor) Mulhallen of the English Department was the producer for Supersystems and who also worked with Darryl Williams on the film environment.

Box Office records

File contains tickets for "Reunion", "Eat", "Tea", and "Supersystems"; daily box office data sheets; a schedule of events; and listings of people to receive complimentary tickets.


File contains memos, letters, news releases and accompanying materials related to SightSoundSystems.


File contains poster mock-ups, draft and actual press releases, memos, and correspondence related to advertising SightSoundSystems.

Normal School and College of Pharmacy

The framed and matted college of six postcards (5 Normal School, 1 College of Pharmacy) is believed to have been received unframed.The framing may have been done when they were loaned to the Office of the President (Brian Segal). They were returned to the Archives after Segal's term was over.

Centre for Industrial Development

File contains correspondence to and from Donald Gillies in relation to the establishment, function, grants, and conference participation. Also in the file is the program for the May 14-15, 1980 "Quality Education for the 1980's" educational development workshops held at Ryerson.

President's Committee on Educational Television (ETV)

File contains 1 draft copy and 3 final copies of the final report of the President's Committee on Educational Television (ETV). Also in the file is internal correspondence related to space planning for the initiative and the final report.

Report and Recommendations on a New Academic Plan for the Ryerson Polytechnic Institute

File contains a copy of the report "Recommendations for the Implementation of a New Academic Policy for the Ryerson Polytechnic Institute, July 1969". Report completed by an Academic Steering Committee consisting of Charles Temple, Dean of Business; David Crombie, Director of Student Services; Hugh Innis, Associate Registrar; P Kerr, Students' Union; Dorothy Rowles, Chairman of Nursing; D. Sutton, Business Administration; Terry Wisz, Chairman Mathematics and Physics; and Eric Wright, Chairman English.
Also in the file are some hand written notes by Donald Gillies and a copy of the Academic Council meeting minutes from October 23, 1969.

Centre of Entrepreneurship

File contains meeting minutes from the Internal Advisory Committee; 2 copies of the Activities report for the Ministry of Colleges and Universities; invitations to Student Entrepreneurship Competition Awards ceremonies; and other general correspondence related to the Centre of Entrepreneurship at Ryerson.

Film and Photography Departmental Council/Image Arts School Council

File contains a variety of materials collected by Donald Gillies in related to the Department Council of the Film and Photography Department and its successor the Image Arts School Council. Along with meeting announcements and minutes are minutes from the Ad Hoc Committee on Curriculum, Council by-laws, a copy of the revised curriculum (Oct. 1995) for the department, and a copy of the departmental access policy. Also included are meeting agendas, and revised by-laws for the new Image Arts School Council.

Telidon Public Initiatives program

File contains information collected by Donald Gillies regarding the Telidon Public Initiatives program. Telidon sent out a press release and correspondence to Ryerson regarding submitting a proposal for programming for the disadvantaged. Ryerson's Department of Communication's Working Group on New Communications Technologies submitted a proposal.
Included in the file are copies of the news release, correspondence, and a copy of the proposal.

Departmental Appointments Committee

File contains materials related to the Image Arts Departmental Appointments Committee. Included is correspondence regarding tenure status, blank job review forms and criteria listings, and various schedules for faculty/instructor review.

JRN 090 Magazine Masthead

File contains correpondence and course outline for JRN 090 Magazine Masthead. The course produces the Ryerson Review of Journalism. Course instructor was Lynn Cunningham. Also in the file are the Faculty of Communications and Design's guidelines for promotion sub-committees.

Grade registers

3 Ontario Deparment of Education Secondary School Registers used by Don Gillies to record his student's grades.

Office of the Principal/Report from the President memoranda

File contains numbered memos from the Office of the Principal Howard Kerr and Report from the President memos from Fred Jorgenson. Kerr's memos were directed to all staff or teaching staff. Jorgenson's memos were to the whole extended Ryerson Community.

Jorgenson, Fred

Ryerson Faculty Association

File contains RFA bulletins, a copy of an interim agreement between the RFA and the Board of Governors; a 1964 revised agreement between the RFA and the Board of Governors; meeting notices; minutes of the January 29,1969 annual meeting; general documents; and materials related to the 1981 professional affairs committee.

Students' Administrative Council

File contains memos from S. A. C. to Donald Gillies. File also contains a memo to all faculty members regarding housing in Rochdale College at Bloor and Huron Sts.


File contains miscellaneous memoranda sent out to faculty and staff from various sources. The majority of the memos came from the Director of Faculty Affairs William Trimble, but there are others from different departments and campus societies.

Business Department

File contains materials generated by the Business and Business Administration departments. There are course outlines, final exams, departmental memos, correspondence, departmental staff lists, and a copy of the Spring/Summer 1967 Extension Department catalogue.

Academic Council meetings

File contains meeting agenda and appendices for the Academic Council meeting held May 22, 1968 - May 28, 1969. Included are some other memos and accompanying materials related to the meetings. There are several pages relating to course weight alterations and course name changes from 1980. File divided into 3 folders.

Canadian Images '79 conference

The Canadian Images '79 conference was held March 29 - April 1, 1979 at Peter Robinson College, Trent University, Peterborough. Donald Gillies participated in a panel discussion on Photographic Education.
File contains correspondence, a conference program addenda, and a conference proposal.

Curriculum documents

File contains curriculum related documents and proposals, the majority of which relate to Image Arts. There is also a proposal for Environmental Health Administration, and Urban Planning.

Ryerson International Development Centre

File contains information about Donald Gillies involvement with RIDC projects including Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) in developing countries and attending and ITU meeting in Vancouver. Also included in the file is a RIDC brochure and October 1986 newsletter.

Computers for International Development committee

File contains meeting minutes from the first meeting of the committee on April 21, 1986. Also in the file is the agenda for the October 7 meeting, and two documents from the library's Third World Resource Centre. One is a selected list of references for microelectronics and development, and the other is a checklist of documents on computers in international development.

Ed's Black Hole Catalog

File contains copy of #1 edition of the Black Hole catalog (unsure if others were published). Ed Ackerman, the publisher and contributor, attended Ryerson for 1 year in the Film program.

George, Steve

International Communications Group of Ryerson Polytechnic University

File contains correspondence, meeting agenda and minutes and other materials related to the International Communications Group. Also in the file are two copies of the September 1994 newsletter "Interact" put out by the Group and a suggested list of participants for a colloquium on participatory communication at Ryerson.

Information Technology Committee

File contains correspondence, meeting minutes, and s draft policy on Information Technology Access and Acceptable Use for Ryerson students, faculty, and instructors.

Joint Committee on Performance Criteria

File contains memo, a letter of transmittal, transition procedures, a copy of the final report of the committee. The committee was formed by "memorandum of understanding - 6" of the agreement signed in 1992 by Ryerson, its Board of Governor and the RFA. It was comprised equally of members from the Board of Governors and the RFA. Committee members were Errol Aspevig, Dean of Arts; M. Novick, Office of V. P. Academic and School of Social Work; W. White, Dean of Engineering; L. Gray, V.P. Faculty Affairs; D. Cape, Economics professor; J. Panar, Computer Science professor; and T. Pristupa, Business Management professor.

Project 7 - Academic Building

File contains the agenda and accompanying materials for the January 23, 1978 meeting regarding project 7 - academic building and the Applied Arts division (Interior Design, Theatre, Fashion, and Photo Arts).

Photographic Arts Department Media Weekend

File contains materials relating to the three day media festival held by the Photographic Arts Department. Included is a schedule of events, event map, list of nearby restaurants, permits, permit applications, and Chum-fm public service announcement about one of the events.

Photographic Arts/Film and Photography/School of Image Arts curriculum committee

File contains materials related to the Curriculum Committee for Photographic Arts/Film and Photography/School of Image Arts. Included is one letter dated May 2, 1969; a 1994 report from the Curriculum committee submitted to the Academic Standards Committee about proposed changes to Film and Photography curriculum; and 1998-1999 correspondence regarding potential changes to curriculum.

Image Arts survey and focus groups

File contains correspondence, sample surveys, and information on student focus groups. Survey and focus groups directed at students regarding Image Arts generally and regarding the curriculum.

122 Bond Street - asbestos issues

File contains memos, correspondence and accompanying materials regarding the finding of asbestos and the remediation work on the third floor of 122 Bond Street - Film and Photography building.

Media Studies and Media Arts

File contains materials relating to Media Studies and Media Arts. Included is correspondence; a course outline for media and communications course; and a report on media studies;

Ryerson Literary Society

File contains an invitation to Ryerson Literary Society's first Christmas Party December 5, 1980 and a copy of the November 1980, Vol. 1 No. 2 newsletter.

Correspondence - Donald Gillies

File contains correspondence written and received by Donald Gillies. File covers some correspondence from when Don was part of the Business Department. The majority are from the when he taught, and was chairman, in Photographic Arts/Film and Photography department.

Correspondence - departmental chairmen

File contains correspondence from and to chairmen of the Photographic Arts, Film and Photography, and Image Arts department. Included is materials from Chairman G. M. Bullock; Acting Chairman D. A. Dickinson; Acting Chairmen Elvino Sauro; Chairman J. M. (Don) Snyder; Chairman Gaile McGregor; Chairman Brian Damude; and Interim Chairman Irene Devine.

Correspondence - Associate Dean and Dean of Applied Arts

File contains correspondence from the Associate Dean and Dean of Applied Arts. Included is correspondence from A. M. Gifford, Robert Gardner, Paul. Nowack, John H. Kitamura, and Ira Levine. The majority of the material covers the period when John Kitamura was the Associate Dean and Dean of the Faculty.

Miscellaneous materials

File contains assorted materials collected by Donald Gillies. Included is an election poster for Jon Gillies, Progressive Conservative candidate in Don Valley; an invitation to "Our Encounter with Nature" sponsered by the Spiritual Wellness Committee of Student Services; Sign up form for New Media night; a program from "Screening 1979" of films from students in Photographic Arts; a poster for "3 environments" in Jorgenson Hall; Photo Arts newsletter March 13, 1973; and an advertisment for Photo Arts professor Bruce Elder's film night at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Communication and informatics Applied Research Centre

File contains a copy of the letter and attached proposal sent to the Honourable Larry Grossman, Minister of Industry and Tourism. The proposal was for the establishment of a centre, to be administered by Ryerson, to develop, implement, and co-ordinate industry based applied research in communications, computing and informatics.

Ryerson's first fundraising campaign

File contains a letter from Ryerson President Walter Pitman to Ryerson faculty and staff regarding the first concentrated corporate fundraising campaign. Included with the letter is a brochure. The project co-ordinator was Louis Gonsalves of the Alumni Office.

Unsorted material

Series consists of materials transferred in the Archives holdings in the 1970s and left in piles on shelving units. No original order was apparent other than the creator - Donald Gillies. After viewing materials it was discerned that the best course of action was to maintain the material in their original file folders and sort the loose materials accordingly.
Materials include meeting minutes, correspondence, curriculum documents, RFA materials, memos, Principal/President's newsletters, and a large file on Educational Television. There is a lot of cross related materials that came in a later donation in 2003 from Donald Gillies.

Ryerson '70 open house

Ryerson '70 was a three day open house that ran from Friday October 16 - Sunday October 17, 1970. It coincided with Alumni day on the saturday. Every day had different activities.

File includes draft program outlines, terms of reference, and meeting minutes from the steering committee planning the event.

Ryerson Faculty Association

File contains RFA bulletins, meeting minutes, correspondence, draft and final agreements, and other records related to the Ryerson Faculty Association.

ETV - general

File contains Ryerson specific materials related to the President's Committee on Educational Television; the National Film Board Policy on ETV; Ontario Department of Education ETV materials; Metropolitan Educational Television Association of Toronto memos; and a variety of equipment catalogues and bibliographies related to ETV. File divided into two folders.

ETV - 1967

File contains records created in 1967 relating to ETV, and ETV at Ryerson. Included in the file is the brief to the Commons Committee on Broadcasting "Criteria for the Establishment of Educational Mass Media on a Democratic Society" by Howard R. J. Mountain; a brief to the Parliamentary Committee on Broadcasting by the Canadian Association for Adult Education; an address given by an unidentified person "Provincial Educational Television - the role of the Department of Education" given at Ryerson; a brief about the University of Waterloo television system from their audio-visual centre; and correspondence regarding the Ryerson President's Committee on Educational Television.

ETV - 1968

File contains records created in 1968 relating to ETV, and ETV at Ryerson. Included in the file is correspondence, meeting minutes, an Ontario Department of Education educational television program synopsis, and copies of "The Recommendations for Fall 1968 and Winter 1969 by President's Committee on Educational Television".

ETV - 1969

File contains records created in 1969 relating to ETV, and ETV at Ryerson. Included in the file is correspondence, meeting minutes, draft copies of the "Summary of Activities and Recommendations" from the President's Committee on Educational Television, a report from the Library Resources Centre on ETV, and a Summer 1969 orientation bulleting from the Ontario Department of Education summer course in television.

ETV - 1970

File contains correspondence related to the Media Centre's Instructional Media Office and a copy of the final report of the President's Committee on Educational Television "Planning for Educational Television at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute" dated April 28, 1970.

Merchandising Administration - Advertising

File made up largely of mid-term and final exams for the Merchandising Administration department advertising courses. Also in the file is correspondence, assignments, course outlines, and other records related to this department.

Newman Club

The Newman Club was for Catholic students at Ryerson. File contains meeting announcements and pages of handwritten notes.

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