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Department of Community Relations
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Department of Community Relations

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In 1986, Information Services was incorporated into the Department of Community Relations. In 1990, the Department of Development and Alumni Affairs was integrated with the Department of Community Relations to form the Department of Development, Alumni and Community Relations.


This booklet is a guide to the subject expertise of Ryerson faculty. It is divided into three sections: alphabetical listings by topic, languages spoken and faculty name. "Contacts" was initiated by the President's Office under the direction of Gail Scott, Executive Co-ordinator, Community Relations and was produced with the assistance of John North, Director of the Learning Resources Centre. Until 1986 when the Department of Community Relations was established, the Information Services Department was responsible for the distribution and updating of future publications. (Information Services was incorporated into the Department of Community Relations.)

Convocation and Awards records

Records consists of convocation programmes, transcripts of speeches and addresses, photographs, invitations, cassette tapes, some videocassettes, and related documentation,

Graphic Communications

File contains head shots and photographs of faculty, staff and students in the Graphic Arts Department and Journalism Department. File includes photographs of various awards ceremonies and a print memo regarding a Graphic Arts Management Awards Night (Nov. 1976).


File contains head shots and photographs of faculty and students in Ryerson's School of Journalism. File also contains photographs of others in the journalism community including Knowlton Nash and Pierre Berton. File includes photographs of various awards ceremonies, including the Atkinson Lecture Series. Photographs are stored in two folders one containing oversize photographs.

Radio and Television Arts (RTA)

The file consists of photographic prints, negatives, and contact sheets of RTA students and faculty, including students from the Bahamas graduating in class and graduating in 1977; the Media Skills Development Project, 1980; RTA awards presentations; and other events. Some images have been printed in the Rambler and the Forum.

Brian Segal

Images of Dr. Brian Segal, photos as he is introduced as the new president. Multiple copies of Dr. Brian Segal as he liaising with different government officials and media.

Twenty-Five Year Club

File contains photographs of Ryerson staff, faculty and administration at various Twenty-Five Year Club receptions. Photographs are stored in two file folders, 20a and 20b.

Internal Audit

Picture taken from Forum, March 25, 1983. Peter Gee and John Corallo are interviewed in the Series "The Way We Work".

Early Childhood Development

Several photos of children playing in the Early Childhood Center. Some photos from 1974. Included are photos from the day nursery Easter parade, Spring 1982 and Halloween 1986.

Oakham House

Photos of the Oakham House Choir, Variations in Quilting, a workshop for beginners and a Make Your Own Jewelry workshop. In the over size box there is a large photo of firemen attending to the flooded ceilings in Oakham House.

Professor and Ryersonian of the year

1975 Ryersonian of the Year : Murray Paulin, Larry Gray and Raymond Kao -- 1977 Ryersonian of the Year : Peter Kerr -- 1978 Ryersonian of the Year : Bob Greenberg -- 1979 Ryersonian of the Year : Ben Celliers and Larry Grey -- 1980 Ryersonian of the Year : Walter Pitman 1981 -- 1982 Ryersonian of the Year : Robin Cruckshank, Phyllis Couse - Profs of the Year : Bob Beam, Jack Miller, Ron Taber -- 1983 Ryersonian of the Year : Colin Graham - Prof of the Year : Sandra Radchenko -- 1984 Ryersonian of the Year : Roy Horney -- 1985 Ryersonian of the Year : Gretta Riddell-Dixon and Caroline Wheeler -- 1986 Ryersonian of the Year : Margaret Norquay - Prof of the Year : Jack Park -- Aug.31/86 George Parker retirement -- Apr.10/87 Fred Hainsworth RFA dinner.


The RIDC (Ryerson International Development Center) 1981-1986, Director, Phil Rawkins and Sam Mikhail RIDC Program Director of Technology initiated many partnerships with scholarly institutions, research and training centers in Brazil, China, Jordan, Peru and the Asia-Pacific region. President Dr. Brian Segal also, signing a preliminary agreement with Dr. Carlos Belona President of Instituto Superior Technologico San Ignacio de Loyola, Lima Peru (SIL), whereby RIDC would provide computer courses.


Pictures of students from SURPI holding a mock funeral in response to proposed cutbacks in certain programs (Feb.81). Broom ball on Lake Devonian(Devo?) for the annual ice carnival "Miami Ice" (Jan.86). Rally at Convocation Hall against underfunding organized by SURPI. In the oversize file a photo of a student participating in an "all you can eat match".

Civil Engineering

Photos of the Gestalt Photomapper in North Kerr Hall, donated by Spar Aerospace to be used by the Civil Technology Department. Civil Technology students train in the Ryerson pool for the concrete canoe race May 10/80 at Seneca College, King Campus. An official presentation from Spar Aerospace and Northway Map Technology to Brian Segal for the Gestalt Photomapper, Nov 28/85. A photo of Jim Abel with other instructors during convocation.

Contact sheets - miscellaneous

Various b&w photos of the TV/Radio lab, Winter Carnival and ice sculpture, Orientation, Frosh Week, Science Fair banquet, President Mordell and York University president, Library Arts, Summer Theatre, Advisory Council Dinner, Alastair Gillespie (Minister of Science and Technology, 1971), the Macaulay Dinner, 1972, Nursing (Receptionist), 1972, Evening Studies and Student Records staff, 1977 and the bookstore.

Continuing Education

Several events (1977-1983) of the Continuing Education Department are displayed through many black and white photos. Renovations and the move to their temporary office space (1977-1983). There are also photos of the farewell reception for former Dean of Continuing Education, Ken Mackeracher (1981) and Gail Sousa for winning the 1979/80 Fall/Winter calendar. Recording Your Recollections group formed following Summer at Ryerson course June, 1980. Jazz in June (1982) and Phantasmagoria for Kids (1980). Continuing Education awards (1983).

Convocation - Spring 1986

Josie Marcellin and Robert Stassen both 1986 gold medallist are photographed after receiving their gold medals. A photo of Brian Segal, Doddie Brown and Larry Gray at convocation. Another photo of Brian Segal presenting to George Thomson a fellowship award for developing public policy for the welfare of children (convocation June/86).

Academic Computing Centre and Interior Design Building (opening)

Premier William Davis officially opened the Academic Computing Information Center and Interior Design. Oct 18/83. In attendance was Brian Segal, Dr. Bette Stephenson and B. Pattison. Also a photo of the plaque commemorating the official opening by William G. Davis, Premier of Ontario, located outside the Computing Information Centre, West Kerr Hall basement.


Pictures of Timetabling Department (1981). Continuing Education and Registration annual Halloween "dress-up" (Oct./82). The opening of the new Admission's Office (1982). Continuing Education registration (1983). Orientation at Registration (1984)

People "H"

Photos of: Harry Hakomaki (President of Ryerson Alumni Assoc.(80/81), President of Ryerson Centre (82)), Barrie Hales (71), David Hamilton (Chairman of the Advisory Committee, Hosp. and Tourism Mgt. (82), Donald Harron (Guest speaker at White Wall Review reception, (82)), Denis Harvey (Instructor in the Broadcast Journalism program(82)), Susan Harada (Anchor on CBLT-TV late night news show, Hugo Harms, Ernest Harrison (71/74), Kenneth Hare (Chancellor at Trent University (88), Ted Hammer, M. E. (Betsy) Heately, Lyman G. Henderson, Peter Herrndorf (Publisher,guess at Applied Arts Convocation (84), Kai Herbranson (81), Fred Hedley,Larry Hodeson, Jim Holland, John Hood(President Ontario Assoc. of Engineering Technicians (80/81)) Kathy Hollinrake (87), Cynthia Holz, Roy Horney, Dieter Hohenberger, Roy Horney (Retirement party (84)), Paul Hunter (85), Ron Stagg and Dkimitry Klimow(84), Jim Holland (Media Centre, Graphic Artist), Helen Hutchinson (Canada AM), Catherine Hubert, Peter House, Hazell Kemp and Cathy Humphries(81).

People "I"

Photos included are: Dr. C. Denis Hall (CATE 84), Roy Horney (retirement party, 84), T. Ranald Ide (RTA awards. chairman of the OECA Board, 77), Kim Inouye (graduation 85), Hugh Innis.

People "K"

Photos included are: Mitch Kallaur (80), Gerald Kane (78), Bill Kempa (retirement party, 83), Michael Kennedy, Peter and Yvonne Kerr (retirement, 86), Gerda Kaegi, (82), Andy Kufluk (retirement, 83), Al Kneider,(75), Imre Koroknay (76), George Kneider (72), Jim Slavin, Al Kneider (1975), Sid Kling , (80), Murray Paulin, Raymond Kao

People "L"

Photos included are: Jill Livingston (farewell, 81), Judy LaMarsh (77), Bill Lawrence (79), Gene Logel (89), Carol - Ann Laraway, Philip Lapp (85), William Lougheed (81), Lorne K. Lodge (IBM, Ryerson Fellowship recipient, 86), J. Anthony Lukas (author of Common Ground), Longo reception, Celia Barker Lottridge, Andy Kufluk

People "O"

Photos included: Michael Orme, Ted O'Reilly (Ryerson fellowship, 83), Bernard Ostry(Ministry of Industry and Trade, 82), Sylvia Ostry (Deputy Minister of International Trade, guest speaker Business Convocation, 84), Mary Outerbridge,(74).

George Korey

George Korey, Dean (1971-1974) , Executive Vice President (1975) Several photos of him at the Secretarial Luncheon (1975) and President's Luncheon.

Ceremonial Shovel:Rogers Communications Centre

File consists of a ceremonial shovel used for the Rogers Communication Centre ground-breaking ceremony. It has a blue handle with blue and gold ribbon tied to it. A plaque was attached that with the inscription "'In Motion for Tomorrow' Ground-Breaking Ceremony Rogers Communications Centre November 15, 1989".

Ryerson University Status: Miscellanea

File consists of T-shirts (2) gold with blue lettering, the front proclaims, "At Last!" while the back states, "Ryerson Polytechnic University"; graphic material stickers, cards, and pamphlets ; textual records "University Status Update distributions and two memorandum ; oversized memorda (2) university status update by Terry Grier for display.

Business Management

Seven black and white cover shots for the School of Business Management (1987). Photos of Roy Williams (Centre of Entrepreneurship, 1987), Tim Reid, Donald Nolan, Jim Bullock (President of Cadillac Farirview Shopping Centres, 1987), Bonnie Patterson (Dean of Business, 1990) and Henry Knowles (former chair of the Ontario Securities Commission). The Hon. Lloyd Axworthy, former Minister of Employment and Immigration speaks on Free Trade to the faculty of Business at a breakfast meeting at Oakham House, Feb. 18/86. Also there is a photo of the Dean of Business, Timothy Reid discussing a summer internship with David Kerr (President of Noranda) and Robert Yeoman (Vice President of Corporate Development, Brascan).

Campus - general

General campus photo shots (1974-1988) include :

  • Photo of line drawing of the Interior Design building on Church Street.
  • Photo of a tree being planted at the Ryerson Community Park (1974).
  • The Ryerson fountain (1985).
  • Devonian Square (1984).
  • Photo of Barb Kelly (former communications officer, Community Relations) (1988).
  • Original photos of Oakham House, Bond House and Ryerson Hall.

Graphic Communications Management

Many changes took place during 1979-1980 with the Faculty of Graphic Communications Management and students in this subject area were learning the many resources that are available to help Graphic Arts Managers establish high quality standards. Precison colour matching for example is mage possible by the densitometer. Also leading-edge technology had transformed the operation and capabilities of modern typsetting systems. Technologically sophisticated euipment such as the electric colour scanner (picture) has made graphic arts processes faster, cheaper, and more controllable, while enhancing the overall quality of the product. Visual and machine-aided examination of press proofs are part of the process of ensuring that printing specifications are met.

Hospitality and Tourism Management

A photo of Marilyn Barker, Co-ordinator of Ryerson's Hospitality Management Program (1985). From 1980 -82 photos of students in the program. Instructors explaining different concepts of the program and preparing students for the outside world of this industry.


Oct. 1980 - Black and white photos of small class sizes, students involved in the Patient Care Conference and students enjoying opportunities to practice classroom theory in the Learning Resources Laboratory. Photos from the Nursing brochure (July 1986) - Nursing faculty - Examples of nurses in a community health setting, students working with instructor during practicum, and a 3-D model students use in the classroom for teaching - Heather Dales (photo) - Frances Murphy (photo). Photos from the Nursing brochure (November 1989) - Community Services Cheryl Van Daalen - Faculty members : Linos Cooper and Sue Williams

Radio and Television Arts (RTA)

Included in this file are shots taken for Rogers Multicultural Scholarships brochure by Dave Upham, Media Center. Images of SONY m3A camera which was popular in the late 80's is also included.

Survey Engineering

Black and white photos taken of students in the Survey Engineering program (1981). Surveying offers students a balance of indoor and outdoor work activity, also concentrating on small class size guarantees each student individual attention. Many students get the opportunity to have hands-on experience with up-to-date survey equipment and procedures which prepares them for active role in the survey industry. Survey Camp is a unique two -week practical course held in a rural setting. Other photos give a birds eye view of students participating in projects and trying out new digital instruments and equipment.

Theatre - dance

In this file there is a black and white photo of Ryerson Dances 1990, Judith Miller, choreographer. There is also a photo of theatre students in costume folk dancing. Folk dance and folklore prepares students to teach the dance form to children of all ages. The art of dance is taken very seriously amongst these students, as you see the hard work , preparation and attention to detail that goes into every dance move.

Education fair

Black and white photos and colored slides taken at the Education Fair sponsored by Community Relations. The promotion of Continuing Education and night courses with brochures and calendars.

Ryerson Christmas card rendering

The original watercolour of a Ryerson Christmas card produced for the first time in many years. The card, printed on quality stock, features the watercolour rendering of skaters on the Devonian Square ice rink with a message inside, "Season's greetings from Ryerson." The cards, with envelopes, sold for $1.25 each. According to the Promotion Services Manager, the card was designed and produced as the result of enquiries from a number of Ryerson departments about the availability of Christmas cards with a Ryerson theme.

Convocation hoods

Twelve convocation hoods - 3 with red ribbon, 3 with light blue ribbon, 3 with dark blue ribbon, and 3 with gold braid. The ribbon represented the various degrees being granted. Nursing, Social Work and Bachelor of Applied Arts graduates wore the hood with the light blue ribbon; Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Technology graduates wore hoods with red ribbon; and Business Management wore the hood with the dark blue ribbon. There is no record of which program used the hood with the gold braid. New hoods that are black with blue, white and gold striping were introduced in 1994.

James J. Abel

File contains headshots of James J. Abel. Mr. Abel was a professor in the Architecture and Civil Technology departments. Photographs were published in the "FORUM" publication.

Chris Alexopulos

File contains photographs of Chris Alexopulos, the chair of Ryerson's Math, Physics and Computer Science Department.
Photo published in the "FORUM".

Thomas Allen

File contains a photograph of Thomas Allen. He was a student candidate for the Board of Governors for the 1976-1977 school year.
Photograph published in the "FORUM".

Robert Andras

File contains photograph of the Honourable Robert Andras. At the time of the photograph Mr. Andras was the Minister of Manpower and Immigration. He spoke at the Applied Arts, Arts, and Community Services convocation in the Spring of 1976.
Photograph published in the May/June 1976 edition of the "FORUM".

Carol Baines

File contains photographs of Carol Baines. At the time of the photographs she was a member of Ryerson's Social Work department.

Olive Baker

File contains head shots of Ryerson Student Services employee Olive Baker. Her photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Oct., 1975 and another photograph was published in the "FORUMin Oct., 1976 in articles about her work answering Ryerson students' questions.

William (Bill) Barnes

File contains photographs of William (Bill) Barnes. At the time he was the campaign director for Ryerson's "Developing for the Eighties" fundraising campaign.

Bell, Chris

Dr. Donald Barr

File contains a photograph of Dr. Donald Barr. Dr. Barr was the doctor in Ryerson's Health Clinic and the director of Health Services. At the time of this photo he was also a candidate for the Board of Governors.

Dr. Stalin Boctor

File contains photographs of Stalin Boctor. At the time of the photos Stalin Boctor was a professor in Ryerson's Department of Electrical Engineering.

Hamilton (Hammy) Boyd

File contains a photograph of Hamilton (Hammy) Boyd. At the time of the photograph he was a maintenance dispatcher with the department of Campus Planning.
Photograph published in the September 24, 1976 edition of the "FORUM". Photo was part of a death announcement for Hamilton Boyd.

Ron Bradt

File contains photographs of Ryerson employee, Ron Bradt, who worked in the Receiving Room. At this time he was acclaimed staff representative to Ryerson's Board of Governors. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine in Oct. 1996.

Leigh Branderhorst

File contains a headshot of Ryerson student Leigh Branderhorst. At this time she was the President of Ryerson Students' Union (SURPI). Her photograph was published in the "FORUM" magazine May/June 1976.

Connie Briant

File contains headshots of Ryerson Economics Professor, Connie Briant. Her photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Aug., 1976 when she became Chair of Economics and also Acting Dean. Her photograph was published again in the 'FORUM' magazine Apr., 1979 when she was reappointed Chair of Economics. Another photograph was published in the 'FORUM' Oct., 1987 when she was acclaimed to a faculty seat on Ryerson's Board of Governors.

Catherine Carroll

File contains headshots of Catherine Carroll, a Ryerson Fashion student and member of the Board of Governors. Her photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine.

Gordon Cardy

File contains head shots of Gordon Cardy, vice president Central Region Operations for Canadian Pacific Hotels. At this time Mr. Cardy was appointed to Ryerson's Board of Governors. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine.

Karen Takenaka

File contains head shots of Ryerson employee, Karen Takenaka. Her photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Oct., 1995 when she was the Financial Aid and Awards Officer.

Donald Tham

File contains head shots of Ryerson alumnus (Industrial Engineering) and professor (Mechanical Engineering), Donald Tham. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Apr., 1999 when he became faculty representative on Ryerson's Board of Governors.

John Thorpe

File contains head shots of Ryerson employee, John Thorpe. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Oct., 1976 when he became the staff member for Ryeson's new Learning Skills Centre.

John Twomey

File contains head shots of Ryerson faculty in Radio and Television Arts (RTA), John Twomey. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Sept., 1978 when he was program chair of the founding conference of the Association for the Study of Canadian Radio and Television (ASCRT). His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine again in Apr., 1982 when the second ASCRT conference was held at Ryerson.

Clive Vanderburgh

File contains head shots of Ryerson faculty (Radio and Television Arts), Clive Vanderburgh. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Feb., 1996 when he was the head of TV and Video in the School of Radio and Television Arts. At this time his television program McCabe's Gold won an award at the Chicago International Film Festival and at the Yorkton Film Festival.

Drew Vasilevich

File contains head shots of Ryerson faculty (Interior Design), Drew Vasilevitch. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Oct., 1979 in article about dedicated faculty at Ryerson. Another photograph was published on the 'FORUM' Nov., 1982 when he was reappointed Senior Co-ordinator, Applied Arts, Continuing Education Division. His photograph was published again, Dec., 1996 when he was invited to make a presentation at the Lightfair International (part of the Illuminating Engineers Society of North America) in San Francisco

David Warren

File contains head shots of Ryerson student (Business Administration), David Warren. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Oct., 1985 when he ran as a student candidate for Ryerson's Board of Governors.

Sue Williams

File contains head shots of Ryerson faculty (Nursing), Sue Williams. Her photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Mar., 1993 when she was reappointed director of the School of Nursing. Another photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Oct., 1996 when she became a member of Ryerson's Vision Task Group (VTG). Her photograph was published again in the 'FORUM' when she was invited to give the keynote address at Mt. Sinai Hospital during Nurses' Week.

Morven Wilson

File contains head shots of Ryerson administrator (Computing and Communications Services (CCS)), Morven Wilson. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine May, 1991 when he was director of Computing and Communications Services (CCS). His photograph was published again in the 'FORUM' when he resigned from Ryerson.

Janice Winton

File contains head shots of Ryerson administrator (Finance), Janice Winton. Her photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine May, 1993 when she was Executive Director of Finance. Another photograph was published in the 'FORUM' Mar., 1996 when she was executive director of Finance and presented two possible budgets. Her photograph was published again in the 'FORUM' Mar., 1997 when the budget for 1997/1998 was proposed.

Ted Wisz

File contains head shots of Ryerson faculty (Technology), Ted Wisz. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Apr., 1982 when he was Dean of Technology. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' again in Mar., 1986 when he was Dean of Technology and also chaired a committee which authored a new admission policy for Ryerson.

Dr. H. H. Yates

File contains head shots of Ryerson's former Vice President Academic, Dr. H. H. Yates. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Sept., 1978 when he was retained by Ryerson to be a part-time consultant on applied research. His photograph was published again in the 'FORUM' magazine Sept., 1979.

Slides of Historical Ryerson Images

The slides located in RG 122.39 were selected from the unprocessed accession 1994-023 by Terry O'Connor for October 24th, 1992 Journalism Alumni Reunion and placed in carousel for viewing. The slides were stored in carousel for 'future use' until May 2013 when they were transferred to archival sleeves.

Rennie Charles

File contains photographs of Rennie Charles, Ryerson professor of English and Chair of Business and Technical Communications. At this time he was a full-time member of Ryerson's Development Task Force. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine in Oct., 1976.

David Checkland

File contains headshots of David Checkland, Ryerson Philosophy professor. At this time he was the Director of Ryerson's Ethics Centre. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine.

Alice Chu

File contains headshots of Alice Chu, Ryerson professor in the School of Fashion. At this time she was appointed an official delegate of the Colour Marketing Group to the Inter-Society Color Council, and presented on colour trends at the 1994 Colour Marketing Group Conference in New York. Her photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine.

William Cochrane

File contains head shots of William Cochrane, (a Ryerson Business Administration graduate, 1962). At this time he was vice-chair of Ryerson's Board of Governors, and executive vice-president of Central Guaranty Trustco. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine.

Ronald Conrad

File includes a head shot of Ryerson professor of English, Ronald Conrad. At this time he published "The Canadian Writing Work". His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine.

Philip Coppack

File contains headshots of Ryerson Geography professor, Philip Coppack. At this time he was chair of the School of Applied Geography. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine.

John Corallo

File contains headshots of Ryerson employee John Corallo. At this time (1990), he was assistant to the director of Institute Services. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Nov. 30, 1990.

Norman Creen

File contains headshots of Ryerson's first Assistant Director of Finance, Norman Creen. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine.

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