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Campus - general

Several photos of campus buildings. O'Keefe's warehouse on Bond St. became the Photo Arts Building (now the Image Arts Building), 1983. Ryerson Community Park which opened in Oct. 1978. Gerrard and Victoria Streets where Jorgenson Hall n...

Campus - general

General campus photo shots (1974-1988) include :Photo of line drawing of the Interior Design building on Church Street.Photo of a tree being planted at the Ryerson Community Park (1974).The Ryerson fountain (1985).Devonian Square (1984).Photo of ...

Mechanical Engineering / Aerospace Technology

Several photos of staff, faculty and students from the Aerospace Technology department (1970-1977). Tour and Discussion Day at Ryerson , Jerry Karpynczyk of Mechanical Technology speaks to interested perspective students in the Aerospace Laborato...

Ryerson University Week

A collection of posters, clippings, and a community notice documenting the many events during "Ryerson Week" October 11-15 1993, to celebrate Ryerson's university status, a joint venture of Ryesac (RSU), Community Relations and the ...

Annual reports and financial statements

The master copy of the Ryerson Annual Report and Financial Statements is arranged as follows : 1965-1986 Information Services RG 4.07 1987-1994 Community Relations RG 122.03 1994-1996 University Advancement RG 395.17 For additional information, se...

Civil Engineering

Photos of the Gestalt Photomapper in North Kerr Hall, donated by Spar Aerospace to be used by the Civil Technology Department. Civil Technology students train in the Ryerson pool for the concrete canoe race May 10/80 at Seneca College, King Campus...

Computer Science

Applied Computer Science 1984 -1986. Black and white photos of students interacting with instructors and technology. In one photo students are busy programming mathematical algorithms into the software and analyzing the interrelationship of the ...

Continuing Education - miscellaneous (book 3)

Black and white photos of the campus and downtown. Many landmarks and buildings are identified. A photo of city hall, the facade of the old normal school, aerial photo of the "quad", the clock and 297 Victoria St. CJRT FM/91.1. Just ...


Oct. 1980 - Black and white photos of small class sizes, students involved in the Patient Care Conference and students enjoying opportunities to practice classroom theory in the Learning Resources Laboratory. Photos from the Nursing brochure (Jul...

Theatre - technical production

Several black and white photographs of students preparing behind the scenes for a show. Illustrating how to hang and focus on theatre lights, audio operator mixing sound effects, prop mistress and set designer discussing props, wardrobe and cost...

Energy Centre

1976-1978 The Energy Seminar (Energy Centre) -- 1979 Harbourfront Energy Exposition, Alastair Gillespie (Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources and Ken Burkhardt (Ryerson Centre) -- 1980 Canadian Energy Exposition, March 15-22, 1980. Ontario Sc...

Continuing Education calendar cover

Included in this file are color negatives for the Continuing Education calendar covers(1983-1987). These negatives seems to have been sent out externally to Jones & Morris Photo-Enlarging Ltd.

Education fair

Black and white photos and colored slides taken at the Education Fair sponsored by Community Relations. The promotion of Continuing Education and night courses with brochures and calendars.

Urban and Regional Planning

Photos of Urban and Regional Planning students (1981) at work, working on projects in the planning laboratory. Also a picture of the Urban Planning Collection on the 8th floor of the library, students using the sources that are available. There ...

Theatre - dance

In this file there is a black and white photo of Ryerson Dances 1990, Judith Miller, choreographer. There is also a photo of theatre students in costume folk dancing. Folk dance and folklore prepares students to teach the dance form to children ...

Survey Engineering

Black and white photos taken of students in the Survey Engineering program (1981). Surveying offers students a balance of indoor and outdoor work activity, also concentrating on small class size guarantees each student individual attention. Many ...

Social Work

Many photos showing and preparing students in the field of Social Work the different challenges associated with the subject area. Practical experience includes work in the community, group activity planning sessions and students experiencing co...

Administration and Information Management (AIM)

From 1979-1987 photos displaying the transformation of the department from Secretarial Science to AIM. The changes of technology, the people, and the environment throughout the evolution of the department is depicted with photos and slides.

Chemistry and Biology

The one color photo is a general view of the Absorption Tower, top of the Saturation Tower and collection device. Miscellaneous photos of students in the chemistry and biology lab. A photo of Dr. Robert Miller, Director of Technical Affairs, Or...

Radio and Television Arts (RTA)

Included in this file are shots taken for Rogers Multicultural Scholarships brochure by Dave Upham, Media Center. Images of SONY m3A camera which was popular in the late 80's is also included.

Photographic Arts

Black and white photos of students in the Media Arts program, also film students working in projection and sound mix areas.A photo of Barry Philip teaching students in one of Ryerson's three studios.

Mechanical Engineering

1981-1985 Students in the Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgy programs displaying hands on learning with the many intricate devices they had available to them in the department and labs.


This booklet is a guide to the subject expertise of Ryerson faculty. It is divided into three sections: alphabetical listings by topic, languages spoken and faculty name. "Contacts" was initiated by the President's Office under the ...


Several photos of the Journalism Department, including the newsroom, classrooms and studio (1985). A photo of Stuart Mclean (Faculty) and Lorraine Hunter.

Interior Design

Photos from the Interior Design brochures (1971-1986). Staff and grads from the Interior Design department photos includes, Marian Marshall, Donna Cummings, Annick Mitchell, David S. Johnston, Andrew Vasilevich, Lorne Kelly, Douglas K. Wilson, Dea...

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering Technology (1981) - photos of students measuring and cutting forces in a Machine lab, welding metal and testing for strength. Group discussions were also included in the drafting room. Under faculty supervision students are...

Hospitality and Tourism Management

A photo of Marilyn Barker, Co-ordinator of Ryerson's Hospitality Management Program (1985). From 1980 -82 photos of students in the program. Instructors explaining different concepts of the program and preparing students for the outside wor...

Food, Nutrition, Consumer, and Family Studies

Many photos of FNCFS during the period 1979-1980. A student explains how a caliper is used to perform a skin-fold test. Also the Chemistry labs introduce students to the composition and preservation of foods, food regulations and sanitation. FNCF...

Graphic Communications Management

Many changes took place during 1979-1980 with the Faculty of Graphic Communications Management and students in this subject area were learning the many resources that are available to help Graphic Arts Managers establish high quality standards. ...


Different photos from fashion shows that the fashion department presented (1975-1985). Among them was "No Respect" program. Models Donna Rick, Dorothy Evashkevich, third-year Merchandising student ; Graham Law, Fashion program photogr...

Ryerson University Status: Miscellanea

File consists of T-shirts (2) gold with blue lettering, the front proclaims, "At Last!" while the back states, "Ryerson Polytechnic University"; graphic material stickers, cards, and pamphlets ; textual records "University...

Environmental Health

Several photos of students analysing food quality in the lab, checking the food storage facilities for temperature, cleanliness and correct storage procedures, checking large scale kitchen equipment. Also a photo of students taking the readings ...

Electrical Engineering

There were many experiments that students were involved in, from the Department of Electrical Engineering (1981). Some of the research was measuring the frequency and amplitude of sound levels, or conducting microwave experiments in a shielded ro...

Early Childhood Education

Many photos of the Early Childhood Daycare Center. Students interacting with the children as well as teachers. Play time and socializing are the two important themes in these two folders(1981-1987).

Continuing Education - individuals

C.E. Calendar 1986/87 (testimonials) : Christine Gursys (p. 150) - Ron Keren (p. 95) - Aine Scully (p. 163) - Carol Dedrick (p. 79) - Marta Izydorczyk (p. 87) - David Auchterlonie (p. 178) - Derek Auyang (p. 139) - Michael Sale (p. 132) - Peter Te...

Continuing Education - miscellaneous (book 1)

Many photos of students with the Counselling department discussing course selection and career interests, also photos of convocation of continuing education students and registration. Gracy Baptiste of Continuing Education helps register students...

Continuing Education - miscellaneous (book 2)

Photos of Continuing Education students during registration and when classes are in session. These students come from many different personal and professional backgrounds, but they share the desire to participate in adult learning opportunities (...

Continuing Education - miscellaneous (book 4)

Several photos of students in the Secretarial and Administrative Studies program using a word processor and also using typewriters. Two students in the Nursing program practicing on a dummy. There are also photos of an instructor from Math and Ph...

Slides of Historical Ryerson Images

The slides located in RG 122.39 were selected from the unprocessed accession 1994-023 by Terry O'Connor for October 24th, 1992 Journalism Alumni Reunion and placed in carousel for viewing. The slides were stored in carousel for 'future u...

Business Management

Seven black and white cover shots for the School of Business Management (1987). Photos of Roy Williams (Centre of Entrepreneurship, 1987), Tim Reid, Donald Nolan, Jim Bullock (President of Cadillac Farirview Shopping Centres, 1987), Bonnie Patte...

Basketball and hockey coaches

Group picture of the hockey RAMS team (1986-87). Number 22, 26 and 17 from the RAMS team skating for the puck. Also an action shot of one of the players trying to get the puck into the net. Photos of Jim Cairns and Mike Hickey. Group picture of...

Basketball and hockey

Several photos of the Rams and the Hawks basketball teams playing against each other (1987). Also Ryerson's hockey team playing with another team (York U) (1986).

Architectural Science

Included are photos that appeared in the Architectural Science brochure (March, 1990) and the Annual Report 1984/85. Each picture illustrating the hands-on approach to education at Ryerson. Students Richard Zoltek, Ed Nicolucci and Robert Smith w...

Applied Geography

Miscellaneous photos of students from the Applied Geography Department 1983-1986. In many of the photos a variety of map reduction and cartographic skills are emphasized.


Miscellaneous photos of students and faculty from the Aerospace and Metallurgy departments (1977-1985). Also some photos are from Jerry Karpynchak's "shoot binder". There are photos of aerospace students designing and experiment...

Aerospace Engineering

Miscellaneous photos of students and faculty from the Aerospace Department (photos taken by David Street, 1981). Also a few photos from Jerry Karypnczk's "aerospace shoot binder".

Continuing Education - general

Several examples of the Continuing Education Cover 1989/90. Photographer: Deborah Samuel (April 1989). More examples of Continuing Education Covers for their calendars, 1980-1982. Summer at Ryerson. A few self portraits of Heather Thompson, ...

Civil Engineering

Two file folders of photographs of civil engineering students. Several photos showing students experimenting with different projects from surveying, to students producing a topographic map via instrumentation, students using a computer and stereo...

Ronald Conrad

File includes a head shot of Ryerson professor of English, Ronald Conrad. At this time he published "The Canadian Writing Work". His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine.

Centre for the Study of Advanced Technology (CATE)

Photos of the old CATE facility (1985) and also construction of the new CATE facility. A $80,000 robot which will be used in a robotics course taught by Andrew Nemeth is seen discussing with a student (Chris Kulpa) how it should be programmed. Me...

Lisa Crew

File contains head shot of Lisa Crew, a student in Social Work at Ryerson. At this time she died in an automobile accident and fellow students were soliciting funds for a scholarship in her honour. Her photograph was published in the 'FORUM&#...

John Roberts

File contains head shots of John Roberts, Minister of the Environment and Minister of State for Science and Technology. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine June, 1982 when he was guest speaker at the Technology Convocation.

Toby Fletcher

File contains head shots of Toby Fletcher, Assistant Awards Officer, Financial Assistance Office at Ryerson. At this time he was Vice President of the Ryerson Staff Association (RSA) and his photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazi...

John Shields

File contains head shots of Ryerson faculty (Department of Politics and School of Public Administration), John Shields. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Sept., 1995 when he presented a paper at the Learned Societies C...

James Li

File contains head shots of Ryerson professor of Civil Engineering, James Li. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Oct., 1996 when he was commissioned to conduct a master storm water management plan by Environment Canada.

Wonderfoto & Studio

Elizabeth Hoffman

File contains head shots of Elizabeth Hoffman. Her photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Feb., 1997 when she was named Ryerson's first Ombudsperson.

Barbara Jessop

File contains head shots of Ryerson student in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Barbara Jessop. Her photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine in Nov., 1978 when she received four academic awards.

May Maskow

File contains head shots of Ryerson professor (Food, Nutrition, Consumer and Family Studies Department), May Maskow.

Gary Clay

File contains head shot of Ryerson student Gary Clay. At this time he was a candidate for Ryerson's Board of Governors. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Oct. 25, 1975.

Tom Christoff

File contains headshot of Tom Christoff, Ryerson Journalism student. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Oct. 25, 1975, when he ran as a candidate for student member of the Ryerson Board of Governors.

Thomas Cathcart

File contains a headshot of Thomas Cathcart, a graduate of Ryerson's Public Health Inspection program. At this time he was a recipient of the Ryerson Gold Medal at convocation. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine.

Mama and Papa Wycik

File contains photographs of Ryerson employees (Tuck Shop, cafeteria, Palin Hall), Aurelie and Raymond Wycik, better known as Mama and Papa. Their photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Oct., 1975 when they were inducted into t...

Robert Wilson

File contains head shots of Ontario Hydro employee in the Health and Safety Division, Robert Wilson. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Sept., 1977 announcing that he would be speaking on nuclear power and the environme...

Tony Wilkinson

File contains head shots of Ryerson's Dean of Community Services, Tony Wilkinson. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Apr., 1977 when it was projected that layoffs would be made to Nursing faculty. His photograph wa...

Elliott Turcot

File contains head shots of Vice-President, Advanced Switching, Northern Telecom, Elliott Turcot. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine June, 1978 when he spoke to Technology graduates at spring convocation.

Fred Travell

File contains head shots of Ryerson faculty (Business Administration), Fred Travell. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine May, 1977 in a profile about his extensive history at Ryerson. His photograph was published again i...

Charles Temple

File contains head shots of Ryerson faculty (Business Administration), Charles Temple. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Sept., 1976 when he joined Ryerson's Twenty-five Year Club.

Alison Smith

File contains head shots of Ryerson student (Applied Arts), Alison Smith. Her photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine June, 1977 when she received a Ryerson Gold Medal at Convocation.

Max Brem

File contains a headshot of Ryerson Sociology instructor Max Brem. At this time, he was a member of the Graduate Assistants Association (GAA). His photograph was published in the 'FORUM'.

Don Sbrolla

File contains photographs and a head shot of former Continuing Education instructor at Ryerson, Don Sbrolla. His photograph was published in the 'FORUM' magazine Sept., 1977 when he was the first recipient of the Don Sbrolla Award. Anoth...

Leigh Branderhorst

File contains a headshot of Ryerson student Leigh Branderhorst. At this time she was the President of Ryerson Students' Union (SURPI). Her photograph was published in the "FORUM" magazine May/June 1976.

Harry J. Boyle

Harry J. Boyle spoke at Ryerson Spring Convocation, 1978. He was a journalist and retired Chair of the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC).

Anna Porter

File contains a head shot (cut out of a publication) of Vice President and editor-in-chief of McClelland and Stewart Publishers, Anna Porter. She was appointed to Ryerson's Board of Governors, July 1978.

Hamilton (Hammy) Boyd

File contains a photograph of Hamilton (Hammy) Boyd. At the time of the photograph he was a maintenance dispatcher with the department of Campus Planning. Photograph published in the September 24, 1976 edition of the "FORUM". Photo was p...

Carol Perkins

File contains a head shot of a Ryerson Journalism student, Carol Perkins. Her photograph was published in the 'FORUM' May, 1977 when she won a draw for a free flight to England with British Airways.

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