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Schedules and Guides

This series consists of materials related to the schedule and outline of events related to the Hot Docs Cinema, Festival and Industry events.

Bloor Hot Docs Cinema Calendars

This file contains the monthly or seasonal calendars for the Hot Docs Cinema. In 2016, the venue changed its name to the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema.

World Congress of Science & Factual Producers Delegate Guides

This file contains Member Guides for the World Congress of Science & Factual Producers. The annual congress gathers producers, filmmakers, broadcasters and distributors working in science, history and non-fiction media. The 2006 edition only contains a delegate list, the 2007 edition holds a guide and a delegate list, and the 2016 edition is a final report.

Festival Screening Schedules

This file contains the festival screening schedules from 2002 to 2017. The 2006 and 2008 instances also include the screening schedule published by the Toronto Star newspaper.

Now Magazine Film Fest Guides

This file contains Film Fest Guides published by Now Magazine. The guides have the festival schedule, film reviews and interviews with filmmakers.

Hot Docs Industry Guides

This file contains industry guides distributed to Hot Docs Festival delegates, distributors, filmmakers and other conference attendees.The guides overview the available industry services, schedules, venue maps, event listings and general information about Toronto.

Hot Docs Forum Guides

This file contains Hot Docs Forum Guides to Attending Buyers. The Hot Docs Forum serves as the documentary market section of the festival that promotes international co-production financing. "Taking place over two days, pre-selected international projects are presented to a round table of leading commissioning editors, film fund representatives, financiers, programming executives and delegates from around the globe."

Until 2010, the event was called the Toronto Documentary Forum, following that year it was renamed the Hot Docs Forum. The 2008 edition is divided in two booklets: 2008 Buyers Survey and 2008 Toronto Documentary Forum Delegate Guide.

Hot Docs Forum Project Catalogue

This file contains Hot Docs Forum Project Catalogues, which have project descriptions for each documentary title available at the forum. The Hot Docs Forum serves as the international documentary market section of the festival that promoted international co-production financing. "Taking place over two days, pre-selected international projects are presented to a round table of leading commissioning editors, film fund representatives, financiers, programming executives and delegates from around the globe." Source:

Until 2010 the event was called the Toronto Documentary Forum, following that year it was renamed the Hot Docs Forum.

Promotional Materials

This series consists of promotional materials related to the Hots Docs Festival, Cinema and various partnerships.

Hot Docs Festival Posters

Contains promotional posters for the annual Hot Docs Festival. This file consists of one copy of the 2008 and 2010 poster, 4 versions of the 2012 poster, 8 versions of the 2013 poster (4 large, 4 small), one copy of the festival posters for 2014 to 2017, two copies of the 2018 poster, and 1 copy of the 2018 Curious Minds Hot Docs Weekend.

Hot Docs Festival Media Kits

This file contains Hot Docs Festival media press kits . The content of these kits include general media releases, festival, market and conference event descriptions as well as information on the awards and partners.

Hot Docs Cinema Brochures

This file contains promotional brochures and programming information for the Hot Docs Cinema. This includes brochures for special programming such as the Curious Minds Weekend and the Hot Docs Podcast Festival.

Hot Docs Cinema Membership Materials

This file consists of Hot Docs membership documentation, such as promotional brochures, Hot Docs Founders Circle member information, membership cards and screening vouchers.

Doc Soup Screening Series Materials

This file contains promotional brochures, programming information and ticketing materials for the monthly film series Doc Soup. This series premieres films monthly throughout the fall and winter in Toronto and Calgary and features post-screening discussions with directors.

Festival Submissions and Registration Brochures

This file contains brochures and forms for industry members to register for the conference and market portion of Hot Docs and documentation for filmmakers to submit their documentary to the festival.

Festival Promotional Postcards

This file contains promotional brochures related to the Hot Docs International Canadian Film Festival, such as film submissions, registration for Industry events and the Hot Docs Forum. Also contains postcard vouchers for special events at the festival.

Hot Docs Showcase Programming

This file contains Hot Docs Showcase program information and film catalogues from 2013 to 2016. The Hot Docs Showcase series offers independent cinemas, film societies, student association, museum libraries and other non-traditional screening venues access to Canadian and international documentary films.

Hot Docs Guangzhou Exchange

This file contains four copies of the Hot Docs Guangzhou Exchange 2005 Canadian Delegation Bios. The report introduces the Canadian delegation of 18 documentary filmmakers participating in China's Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival. The mandate of this project is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and market information, and create partnerships between Canadian and Chinese documentary professionals.

Miscellaneous Promotional Materials

This file consists of brochures, postcards and other promotional materials related to one-off screening events, partnerships with events and festival such as the World Press Photo Exhibition, Floating Polar Film Festival and Open Roof Films. File also contains seven small promotional Hot Docs buttons.

Administrative Materials

This series consists of organizational and administrative materials related to the annual Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.

Highlights Brochures

This file contains Hot Docs festival highlights development sales brochures, which include festival statistics, attendance and revenue information. The 2011 edition is titled Festival Report and the 2016 edition has an additional brochure featuring documentary success stories from the year's filmmakers.

Annual Reports

Contains the Annual Report for the Hot Docs Festival from 2004 to 2017. The report consists of an overview of the organization's goals, strategies and results, in addition to a summary of the festival activities (screenings, awards, professional development activities, market and networking events, etc.)

Hot Docs Digital Records

This series contains born-digital records related to the Hot Docs Festival such as media kits, press clippings, festival event photographs and documentary trailer videos. The original orders of the digital files have been kept. The files are organized by in folders by year, from 1994 until 2017, although the collection transfer did not include folders for the years 2002, 2003 and 2004.

1994 Digital Records

This sub-series contains one digital file, the 1994 festival program guide titled "HOT DOCS NATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM AWARDS FEBRUARY 24-27 1994 TORONTO.pdf"

1995 Digital Records

This sub-series contains one digital file, the 1995 festival program guide titled "HOT DOCS THE 1995 CANADIAN INDEPENDENT FILM CAUCUS NATIONAL DOCUMENTARY AWARDS.pdf"

1996 Digital Records

This sub-series contains one digital file, the 1996 festival program guide titled "THE CANADIAN INDEPENDENT FILM CAUCUS DOCUMENTARY AWWARDS HOT DOCS 96 MARCH 21-24 1996.pdf"

1997 Digital Records

This sub-series contains one digital file, the 1997 festival program guide titled "HOT DOCS 97 MARCH 19-23 1997 METROPOLITAN HOTEL TORONTO CANADA.pdf"

1998 Digital Records

This sub-series contains one digtial file, the 1998 festival program titled "5TH ANNUAL CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL AND AWARDS - HOT DOCS 98 MARCH 18-22 METRO.pdf"

1999 Digital Records

This sub-series contains one digital file, the 1999 festival program titled "CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL - HOT DOCS MAY 5-9 1999 TORONTO, CANADA.pdf"

2000 Digital Records

This sub-series contains one digital file, the 2000 festival program guide titled "CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY [FILM] FESTIVAL - HOT DOCS MAY 1-7 2000 TORONTO.pdf"

2001 Digital Records

This sub-series contains one digital file, the 2001 festival program guide titled "CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL - HOT DOCS APRIL 30 MAY 6 2001 TORONTO PROGRAMME.pdf"

2005 Digital Records

This sub-series contains two folders: 2005 Festival Photos and 2005 Publicity Materials.

2005 Publicity Materials

Folders in 2005 Publicity Materials:

Canadian Spectrum
Errol Morris Retrospective
Focus on Larry Weinstein
International Showcase
Last Call
RealKids, RealTeens
Show Me Yours
Special Presentation
Spotlight on Israel

2005 Festival Photographs

Folders in 2005 Festival Photographs:

Cdn Spectrum Opening Photos
Cdn Spectrum Opening Photos for Daily
Industry Event Photos
Opening Night Photos
Opening Night photos for daily
Press Conference Photos for Daily
Screening Highlights
Screening Highlights photos for Daily
TDF photos

2006 Publicity Materials

Folders in 2006 Publicity Materials:

5 Days
9 St-Augustin
37 Uses for the Dead
A Different Language
A Lion in the House
A Maison (Home)
ABDUCTION The Megumi Yokota Story
Actuality The Art and Life of Allan King
Alimentation Generale (The General Store)
All Aboard! Rosie's Family Cruise Stills
American Fugitive - The Truth About Hassen
Ants, The
Arctic Son
Beach Boys, The
Beyond Beats - A Hip-Hop
Black Gold
Bombay Calling
Cemetery Club, The
Changes of the World, The
Cote Obscur de la Dame Blanche, Le (The Dark Side of the White L)
Dear Pyongyand
Duckling, The
Encounter Point
Eye on the Guy
Fata Morgana
Foot Cred
From Dust
Funeral, The - Junko's Battle With
Ghost of Mardin
Glenn Gould Hereafter
Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver, The
Heavy Metal Jr
His Big White Self
How Many Roads
How to Plan a Revolution
In a Perfect World
In a Soldier's Footstep
In The Pit
Iraq in Fragments
Last Communist, The
Lessons of Darkness
Let's Talk About It
Life Inside Out
Little Dieter Needs to Fly
Maquilapolis City of Factories
Martyr Street
Merchant Trip, Le (Exiles in Lotusland)
Mother's House, The
My Best Fiend
My Grandmother's House
Mystic Ball
No Past to Speak Of
Once in a Lifetime
Oscar Thiffaulk
Our Daily Bread
Our Own Private Bin Laden
Out of Bounds
Papy-Mamie (Grandpa-Grandma)
Pas de pay sans paysans (The Fights for True Farming)
Railroad All Stars, The
Raised by Heroes
Reel Du Megaphone, Le (The Megaphone Reel)
Refugee All Stars, The
Roi du Drum, Le (The King of the Drums)
Runner's High
Section, La (White Plattoon, Baghdad 2004)
Shadow Company
So Much So Fast
Sounfriere, La
They Chose China
Total Denial
traversee, La (We The Emigrants)
Uganda Rising
Unreasonable Man, An
Voices of Bam
Voyage des femmes de Zartalé, Le (The Voyage of the Women of Zart)
Walking to Werner
What Remains
Wide Awake
World According to Sesame Street, The

2007 Publicity Materials

Folders in 2007 Publicity Materials:


2008 Digital Records

This sub-series contains two folders: 2008 Festival Photos and 2008 Publicity Material

2008 Festival Photos

Folders in 2008 Festival Photos:

Awards 08 Slideshow
daily photos
Hot Docs Bloor stills
Hot Docs Awards Presentation
opening night
Opening Night Photos
Paul Lapid Pictures

2008 Publicity Material

Folders in 2008 Publicity Material:

Canadian Spectrum
Focus On Jennifer Baichwal
International Spectrum
Made in Mexico
Make Me A Believer
Outstanding Achievement - Richard Leacock
Retrospective - Peter Whitehead
Special Presentations
Spotlight on Iran
World Showcase

2009 Festival Photos

Folders in 2009 Festival Photos:

Christian Pena
Doc Challenge
Doc Mogul
Hot Docs 2009 Photos - Sami Siva

2010 Digital Records

This sub-series contains three folders: 2010 Festival Clippings, 2010 Festival Photos and 2010 Publicity Materials

2010 Festival Photos

Folders in 2010 Festival Photos:

04.28 Staff Photos - JM
04.29 Opening Gala and Party
04.30 Opening Night - JM
04.30 Hot Docs Photos - JM
04.30 Movies
05.01 Hot Docs Photos - JM
05.01 Movies
05.02 Movies Bite in the Park
05.03 Industry
05.04 Industry
05.04 TDF Party
05.04 TDF Pitch Training
05.05 TDF
05.06 Parking Lot Film
05.06 TDF
05.07 Awards
05.07 Industry

2010 Festival Clippings

This file contains 82 pdf copies of articles and newspaper clippings on films shown at Hot Docs Festival.

2010 Publicity Material

Folders in 2010 Publicity Material:

Kim Longinotto Outstanding Achievement
Ripping Reality
Tahani Rached Focus On

2011 Digital Records

This sub-series contains two folders: 2011 Festival Clippings and 2011 Festival Photos. It also contains one file titled "Hot_Docs_2011_Media_Kit.pdf"

2011 Festival Clippings

Folders in 2011 Festival Clippings:

Apr 1
Apr 4
Apr 6
Apr 7
Apr 8
Apr 11
Apr 12
Apr 17
Apr 18
Apr 19
Apr 20
Apr 21
Apr 22
Apr 23
Apr 24
Apr 25
Apr 26
Apr 27
Apr 28
Apr 29
Apr 30
Mar 15
Mar 16
Mar 22
Mar 23
Mar 24
Mar 26
Mar 29
Mar 30
Mar 31
May 01
May 02
May 03
May 04
May 05
May 06
May 07
May 08
May 09
May 10
May 11
May 12
May 13
May 17
May 18

2012 Digital Record

This sub-series contains three folders 2012 Clippings, 2012 Festival Photos and Media Kit. The folder also contains two files "2012_Hot_Docs_Industry_Guide.pdf" and "2012_Hot_Docs_Screening_Schedule.pdf."

2012 Clippings

Folders in 2012 Clippings:

Apr 1
Apr 4
Apr 5
Apr 6
Apr 7
Apr 9
Apr 10
Apr 11
Apr 12
Apr 13
Apr 15
Apr 16
Apr 17
Apr 18
Apr 19
Apr 20
Apr 21
Apr 22
Apr 23
Apr 24
Apr 25
Apr 26
Apr 27
Apr 28
Apr 29
Apr 30
Clippings Summaries
Final Breaks
Hot Docs Live! Coverage
Mar 20 - Press Conference
Mar 27
Mar 28
Mar 29
Mar 30
May 1
May 2
May 3
May 4
May 5
May 6
May 7
May 8
May 9
May 10
May 11
Post Fest

Media Kit

Folder in Media Kit:

Media Kit 2012 Info

2013 Digital Records

This sub-series contains three folders titled 2012-13 Media Clips, 2013 Festival Photos and Publicity Report. The folder also contains one file "Hot Docs 2013 Screening Schedule.pdf"

Publicity Reports

This file contains four digital files:

Hot Docs 2013 Internet Breaks.doc
Hot Docs 2013 Print Breaks.doc
Hot Docs 2013 Radio Breaks.doc
Hot Docs 2013 TV Breaks, F.doc

2014 Digital Records

This sub-series contains three folders titled 2013-14 Media Clips, 2014 Festival Photos and 2014 Publicity Report. The folder also contains one file "2014 Annual Report Final.pdf"

2013-14 Media Clippings

Folders and digital files in 2013-14 Media Clippings:

2014 Festival Press Clippings
All Articles
Doc Ignite
Doc Soup
PRINTED - Press Clippings
Top 16
Year-Round Misc
2014 Media Clippings - Select.pdf
Hot Docs 2014 Media Clippings.pdf

2014 Publicity Materials

Folders in 2014 Publicity Materials:

3 Acres in Detroit
112 Weddings
Above All Else
Advanced Style
Ai Weiwei The Fake Case
Alfred and Jakobine
All Watched Over
American Interior
An Honest Liar
Art and Craft
Basement Satellite_The
Beach Boy
Before The Last Curtain Falls
Beijing Ants
Beyond Clueless
Boy From Geita_The
Bronx Obama
Case Against 8
Century Of The Shelf
Chevette 83
Children 404
Chilean Elvis_The
Christmas With Don Cherry
Come Worry With Us
Concerning Violence
Creator of The Jungle
Dangerous Game_A
David & Me
Divided In Concord
Doc of The Dead
Domino Effect
Dress Rehearsal For An Execution_A
Earth's Golden Playground
Evaporating Borders
Everyday Rebellion
Everything Will Be
Fed Up
Fish Tamer_The
Flor de Toloache
Flotsam And Jetsam
Focus On Infinity
Four Letters Apart
Fourteen Days In May
From The Bottom Of The Lake
Ghost Train
Giuseppe Makes a Movie
Great Invisible_The
Gun Porn
Happy Valley
Harlan County U.S.A
Honest Liar_An
How I Live As You Wanted To Know
I Am Big Bird
I Love Kuduro
I've Seen The Unicorn
In Country
Internet's Own Boy_The
Iranian Ninja_An
Joe Show_The
Joy of Man's Desiring
Judgement In Hungary
Just Eat It
Keep On Keepin On
Khrushchev Does America
Kings Of the Wing And Electric Queens
Kung Fu Elliot
Lady Valor
Last Season_The
Leave Them Laughing
Life After Death
Life And Mind Of Mark_The
Living Stars
Louis And The Ferris Wheel Kid
Love And Engineering
Love And Terror On The Howling Plains Of Nowhere
Love Hotel
Love In Time Of Fires
Love Me
Love Translated
Love Ya
Mad As Hell
Malagasy Way_The
Measure Of All Things
Meet The Patels
Miraculous Tales
Mission Blue
My Place
Ne Me Quitte Pas
Nelson Mandela The Myth And Me
No Distance Left To Run
No Lullaby
Notorious Mr. Bout_The
Out Of Mind Out Of Sight
Penthouse North
Pine Ridge
Pink Helmet Posse_The
Point and Shoot
Portrait of Jason
Possibilities Are Endless_The
Power of Nightmares
Private Violence
Que Caramba Es La Vida
Red Lines
Ruturn To Homs
Rich Hill
Romeo and Juliet in Sarajevo
Sacro Gra
Secret Avatar
Secret Trial 5_The
See No Evil
Self (Less) Portrait
Sheild And Spea
Ski Bums
Sleepless In New York
Slums Cities Of Tomorrw
Smile And The World Will Smile Back
Solitary Plains
Songs for Alexis
Songs Of Rice_The
Special Need_The
Starfish Throwers_The
Still Life
Stream Of Love
Sunday We'll See
Super Duper Alice Cooper
Theory of Happiness_The
Thing Change
Through The Fire
To Be Takei
Tomorrow We Disappear
Tough Love
Tour of Duty
TV Journalist
Ukraine Is Not A Brothel
Vanquishing Of The Witch Baba Yaga_The
Velvet Terrorists
Waiting For August
Walking Under Water
Watchers Of The Sky
Way of All Flesh
We Are The Giants
What Is Left
Where I'm From
Wild Boar
Wild Horse Redemption_The
Will The Real Dave Barber Please Stand Up
Wonder World Of Ice
World Of Adrien_The-Copy
Writer With No Hands_The
You Won't Regret That Tattoo
Youtube Videos
米花糕 Or The Chinese Rice Krispies Square

2014 Festival Photos

Folders and digital files in 2014 Festival Photos:

Opening Night
Staff Photo_by Joseph Micheal Howard.jpg

2015 Digital Records

This sub-series contains three folders titled 2014-15 Media Clippings, 2015 Festival Photos and 2014 Publicity Materials. The folder also contains one file "2015 Annual Report_complete and final.pdf"

2014-15 Media Clippings

Folders and digital files in 2014-15 Media Clippings:

Doc Soup
For Development
Selects to PDF
Year Round
Hot Docs 2015 Internet Breaks.doc
Hot Docs 2015 Internet Breaks.doc
Hot Docs 2015 Print Breaks.doc
Hot Docs 2015 Radio Breaks.doc
Hot Docs 2015 TV Breaks.doc
Hot Docs 2015 Internet Breaks.doc
Select Media Breaks Report 2014-15.docx

2015 Festival Photos

Folders in 2015 Festival Photos:

2015 Highlights Brochure Photos
Ai Weiwei
Biz Bash Photos
For City of Toronto
Hot Docs Festival_HiRes
Line Photos
More selects
Photos for Collections_2011
Photos for Inspirit Foundtation
Sponsorship Photos

2016 Digital Records

This sub-series contains four folders titled 2015-16 Media Clippings, 2016 Festival Photos, 2016 Publicity Materials and Annual Report.

2015-16 Media Clippings

Folders and digital files in 2015-16 Media Clippings:

Doc Soup
2016 Festival Media & Twitter Quotes.docx
Clippings Example Format.docx
Hot Docs 2016 Media Clippings- Outlets to Format.docx
Select MEdia Breaks Report 2015-16.docx

2016 Publicity Materials

Folders in 2016 Publicity Materials:

14's Good, 18's Better
2016 Video Spots
After Circus
Age of Consequences
Aida's Secret
Aim for the Roses
All These Sleepless Nights
American Movie
Andy Barrie
Angry Inuk
Another Country
Anti-Social Limited
Ants on a Shrimp
At Home in the World
At Midnight
At the Death House Door
Audrie & Daisy
Bad Kids
Barbarian Press
Before the Dawn
Best and Most Beautiful Things
Between You and Me
Beware of Slenderman
Black Belt
Bobby Sand 66Days
Brent Green and Sam Green
Brother's in the Kitchen
Brothers (dir Holm)
Brothers (dir Staron)
Cafe Desirs
Callshop Istanbul
Centre-Sud Tale
Chasing Asylum
Check It
Cheer Up
Chicago Maternity Center
City 40
Contemporary Color
Conversations with a Dead Prime Minister
Credit for Murder
Damiana Kryygi
Dancing For You
De Palma
Death by a Thousand Cuts
Diving into the Unknown
DIY Country
Do Not Resist
Dog's Life Dogwalker
Don Juan
Fairy Tales
Famous In Ahmadabad
Fear Itself
Fireflies in the Abyss
Following the Line
Future Baby
Gary Numan Androis in La La Land
Girls Don't Fly
God Knows Where I Am
Gospel Mime
Grandfather Drum
Half-life in Fukushima
Handsome & Majestic
Happy Film
Hattie Goes Cruising
Hip Hop Evolution
History of Abraim
Hit It Hard
Holy Cow
Holy Hell
Holigan Sparrow
Hoop Dream
Hotel Coolgardie
Hotel Dallas
How to Build a Time Machine
How to Let Go of The World
How to Prepare for Prison
I Am the Blue
I'm Not From Here
In Defense of the Rocket
In the Shadow of the Hill
Incident at Restigouche
Incomparable Rose Hartman
Infinite Flight of Days
Inquiring Nuns
Islands and the Whales
Joe's Violin
Johnny Physical Lives
Just a Dog
Kaisa's Enchanted Forest
La Laguna
Land of the Enlightened
Last Laugh
Last Season
League of Exotique Dancers
Legacy of Frida Kahlo
Let's Dance
Life at a Snail's Pace
Life Itself
Life, Animated
Living with Giants
Lo and Behold
Look Love
Madonna - Truth of Dare
Magic Hedge
Man Who Saw Too Much
Mattress Men
Medium Cool
Micheal Shannon Michael Shannon John
Migrant Dreams
Mini Poems and Odes
Moving Target
Mr. Gaga
My Land
My Scientology Movie
Natural Disorder
No Crossover
No Cultural Value
No Man is an Island
Norman Lear Just Another Version of You
NOT IN FEST Proposition for a Revolution
Off the Rails
OJ Made in America
Operation Avalanche
Our Film is Better
Ovarian Psycos
Pearl of Africa
Prison in Twelve Landscapes
Putuparri and the Raimakers
Quebec My Country Mon Pays
Rabin in his Own Words
Random Acts of Legacy
Raving Iran
Revolution in Four Seasons
Revolution Won't Be Televised
Seeding Fear
Sex Temple
Shadows of Displacement
Sherman's March
Shining Star of Losers
Silent Form
Sleeping with Family
Smokes & Lollies
Sour Grapes
Southwest of Salem
Spaceship Earth
Spirit Unforgettable
Starless Dreams
Strange Love Affair with Ego, A
Strike a Pose
Strudel Sisters
Tempest Storm
Terranova Matadora
Thank You Del
The Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Jihad
Tiny Track
Tony Robbins I'm not you Guru
Turning Tables
Ukrainian Sheriffs
Under the Gun
Under the Sun
Unlocking the Cage
Up or Out

2017 Digital Records

This sub-series contains three folders titled 2017 Festival coverage (press clippings), 2017 Festival Photos and 2017 Publications. It also contains one file titled "2017_Annual_Report.pdf"

2017 Festival coverage (press clippings)

Folders and digital files in 2017 Festival coverage (press clippings):

April 14
April 19
April 20
April 23
April 24
April 25
April 26
April 27
April 28
April 29
April 30
June 2
June 4
June 5
March 21
March 22
March 23
May 1
May 2
May 3
May 4
May 5
May 6
May 7
May 8
May 9
May 10
May 11
May 18
November 29
VIP Coverage
Hot Docs 2017 Breaks Report JUNE 9.xlsx
Hot Docs 2017 Breaks Report MAY 12.xlsx

Hot Docs DVD Collection

Series consists of 72 documentaries.

DVD's held in the Special Collections Reading Room include:

Call me Kuchu
The Carbon Rush
Upside Down
Shadows of Liberty
Venus and Serena
Army of One
The art star and the sudanese twins
Burma VJ
RIP! A Remix Manifesto
The League of Exotic Dancers

The remaining DVDs are in the Library Circulation Catalogue, and available on the 5th floor:

Land. Produced by Paul Scherzer; directed and co-produced by Julian T. Pinder, 2011:

The People vs. George Lucas. Written & directed by Alexandre O. Philippe, 2010:

The unforeseen. Produced by Jef Sewell [and others]; directed by Laura Dunn, 2010.

The betrayal. A film by Ellen Kuras, 2010.

Water on the table. Director, Liz Marshall, 2010.

Prom night in Mississippi. Directed & produced by Paul Saltzman, 2010:

Unmistaken child. A film by Nati Barat, 2010:

If a tree falls : a story of the Earth Liberation Front. A Marshall Curry film, 2011:

H2Oil. Written & directed by Shannon Walsh, 2010.

Becoming Santa. Directed by Jeff Myers; written by Jack Sanderson, 2011.

The bodybuilder and I. A film by Bryan Friedman, 2010.

Scott Walker : 30 century man. A film by Stephen Kijak. 2010:

Pax Americana and the weaponization of space. Denis Delestrac, 2010.

The order of myths. Directed and produced by Margaret Brown, 2010:

When we were boys. Produced by Mark Johnston, Amanda Hardy and Sarah Goodman,directed by Sarah Goodman, 2010:

Collapse : Can this man predict when your world will crumble? Produced by Kate Noble, directed by Chris Smith, 2010:

El Bulli : cooking in progress. In coproduction with Bayerischer Rundfunk and Westdeutcher Rundfunk, 2011.

Cat ladies. Director, Christie Callan-Jones, producer, Jeannette Loakman, 2009:

Whale. A film by Suzanne Chisholm and Michael Parfit, 2012:

The Galapagos affair : Satan came to Eden. A Geller/Goldfine production, 2014.

Obit. Directed by Vanessa Gould, produced by Caitlin Mae Burke, Vanessa Gould, 2017.

I am breathing. A film by Emma Davie and Morag McKinnon, 2012.

How to change the world : the revolution will not be organized, 2015.

Évocateur : the Morton Downey Jr. movie. Produced and directed by Seth Kramer, Daniel A. Miller, Jeremy Newberger, 2012.

Free the mind. A film by Phie Ambo, 2014.

Good ol' Fred. A film by Ryan White, 2013.

A people uncounted : the untold story of the Roma. Produced by Tom Rasky, Marc Swenker, directed by Aaron Yeger, 2014.

Triumph of the wall. Directed & photography by Bill Stone; produced by Frederick Bohbot, Bill Stone, 2012:

After Tiller. Directed and produced by Martha Shane and Lana Wilson, written by Greg O'Toole, Martha Shane, and Lana Wilson, 2014.

These birds walk. A film by Omar Mullick, and Bassam Tariq. 2014.

112 Weddings. A film by Doug Block, 2015.

A Place at the Table. Lori Silverbush/Kristi Jacobson film, 2013.

Only the Young. Filmmakers, Jason Tippet & Elizabeth Mims AND Tchoupitoulas. A film by Bill Ross IV and Turner Ross. 2012:

Teenage. A film by Matt Wolf, 2014.

You don't like the truth : 4 days inside Guantánamo. Afilm by Luc Côté & Patrício Henríquez, 2010.

Jingle bell rocks! A film by Mitchell Kezin, 2014:

Herman's house. A film by Angad Singh Bhalla, 2012:

Harry Dean Stanton : partly fiction. Written & directed by Sophie Huber, 2013:

Big boys gone bananas!* A film by Fredrik Gertten, 2011.

Armadillo / Fridthjof Film præsenterer ; med støtte fra Det Danske filminstitut, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Det Svenska film institutet ; instruktor, Janus Metz ; producer, Ronnie Fridthjof ; producer, Sara Stockmann.

Ai Weiwei : the fake case. A film by Andreas Johnsen, 2015:

A film unfinished. Written and directed by Yael Hersonski, 2010:

Last train home = Gui tu lie che. A film by Lixin Fan, 2010:

Joe show : lights, camera, power. Directed by Randy Murray; produced by Ron J. Friedman, Andy Nelson, Andrew James Benson, 2013.

Yalom's cure. Written and directed by Sabine Gisiger, 2014.

Meet the Fokkens. Producers, Femke Wolting & Bruno Felix, directors, Rob Schröder & Gabrielle Provaas, 2013.

Linsanity. Directed by Evan Jackson Leong; produced by Christopher C. Chen, Allen Lu, Brian Yang; narration writer, Aaron Strongoni, 2013.

I dream of wires. A film by Robert Fantinatto and Jason Amm, 2014.

Kedi. Directed by Ceyda Torun ; produced by Ceyda Torun, Charlie Wuppermann, 2017.

Bikes vs. cars. A film by Fredrik Gertten, 2016.

Design is one : Lella & Massimo Vignelli. A film by Kathy Brew & Roberto Guerra, 2013.

Girl model, 2012.

Cave of forgotten dreams. Written, directed and narrated by Werner Herzog, 2011.

The fruit hunters. A film by Yung Chang, 2013.

Hot Docs Fonds

  • F 2018.002
  • Fonds
  • 1994-2018

This Fonds consists of documentation and promotional materials produced for the annual Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, calendars and information related to the year-round programming at the Ted Rogers Hot Docs Cinema, and various administrative materials associated to the non-profit cultural organization.

Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival