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Ryerson Energy Centre
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Energy Bus sign

This file contains 1 Artifact: Clear plexiglass sign "Energy Bus operated by the Ryerson Energy Centre for The Ontario Ministry of Industry and Tourism. Owned by Energy, Mines and Resources Canada".

Halton Energy Demand Study

File contains one copy of Report #19 and one copy of part III - Alternate Residential Development Scenario. Both were created by Samuel Cheung and co-ordinated by E. M. Hercz. Created as part of a rural development outreach project by the University of Guelph and the Ryerson Energy Centre. File also contains some rough notes for a bibliography of sorts - unclear as to whether or not it is relevant to the reports in the file.

Cheung, Samuel

Ontario Housing Seminar

File contains bound copy of the papers presented at the Ontario Ministry of Housing Energy Conservation Seminar held Tuesday March 31, 1981. Papers include:
"The House as an Energy System" by Ken Burkhardt
"Site Development and Dwelling Form" by Charles Simon
"The Building Envelope" by Will F. Stainton
"Space Heating and Ventilation" by Peter Meridew
"Lighting and Electrical Appliances" by Bryan Davey
"Energy Savings through Automatic Control" by Bruce Robertson
"Energy Efficient Buildings" by John Lstiburek

Ryerson Energy Centre

Hot Box solar cooker

File contains original copy of the report including photographs. It is noted on the front page that the solar cooker in question was built in July 1981 during an energy resource study of the Shikal villages in Niger, West Africa for the project "Project Tapis Vert" of the Institute of Studies and Applications for Integrated Development (ISAID).

Burkhardt, Helmut (Ken)

Multidimensional approach to the total energy problem

File contains original and published version of report #32. Report is a paper presented by Ken Burkhardt at the International Energy Information Forum and Workshop for Educators held in Gatlinburg, Tennessee June 11, 1982.

Burkhardt, Helmut (Ken)

Energy and International Stability

File contains 3 copies of the report including the original diagrams and drawings on transparency film. Revised report was paper presented by Ken Burkhardt during the Cracker Barrel Session at the International Energy Information Forum and Workshop of Educators, Gatlinburg, Tennessee June 11, 1982. Report was revised March 2, 1983.

Ryerson Energy Centre

Solar Cooking: The Dormant Giant of Appropriate Technology

File contains an unbound copy of report #39. The report was originally a paper presented at the Man-Environment Impact Educators' Conference held October 20-23 at the Hamilton Convention Centre in Hamilton, Ontario.
Also included in the file is half the original report - charts and photographs. First part is not in file.

Ryerson Energy Centre

Canada's Energy Policy - what now?

File contains a draft copy of report #40. Report based on a presentation given by David Cape to the Business Club of Metropolitan Toronto on June 9, 1983. The first draft of this report was created on June 13, 1983.

Ryerson Energy Centre

Energy Pricing & Transportation: 1984-1985

File contains script from presentation given by David M. Cape at the Canadian Institute of Energy in Sarnia, September 27, 1983. Presentation possibly related to Ryerson Energy Centre Report #41 "Energy Pricing and Transportation".

Ryerson Energy Centre

Energy centre materials

This sub-series includes original graphic work for flyers, notices of events, lists of reports, and courses offered in conjunction with the Energy Centre.

Ryerson Energy Information Service

This file contains brochures, proposals, Agreement to operate Energy Information Service between Ryerson Energy Centre and the Learning Resource Centre, correspondence, list of books on energy subjects, notes, Ryerson Energy Information Service Planning Document.

Hot Box Solar Cooker

This file contains Proposal to Develop the Technology for Solar Cooking by H. Burkhardt, Energy Centre , RPI, Solar Energy Applications Research and Development Proposal, Hot Box Solar Cooker documentation.

Solar energy reports

RG 104.21.1 Malik, I. Analysis and design of a portable solar water heater.
RG 104.21.2 Lewis, S. Off-the-shelf solar cookers.
RG 104.21.3 Kwan, W-M. A candle cooker: a back-up system to supplement solar-cooking.
RG 104.21.4 Kwan, W-M. Zeolite as a heat storage system for solar hot box.
RG 104.21.5 Malik, I. Comparison of computer simulations and physical experments for the solar water heaters
RG 104.21.6 Lewis, S. The Moo Choy solar cooker.
RG 104.21.7 Marshall, A.R. Test and construction of the samovar portable water heater.
RG 104.21.8 Mubarak, D. Solar combustion combination oven design.
RG 104.21.9 Rummell, P. Performance study of the convection type solar cooker.

Books - published

RG 104.3.1 - Canadian Energy Bibliography, 1980
RG 104.3.2 - Canadian Energy Directory, 1980
RG 104.3.3 - Ontario Energy Catalogue, 1977
Questionnaire template to obtain information for the proposed Directory of Energy Information in Ontario

Energy Bus project files

RG 104.34.1 Proposals
RG 104.34.2 Committe Meeting Agendas and Minutes
RG 104.34.3 Mobile Support Unit
RG 104.34.4 Contracts
RG 104.34.5 Publicity
RG 104.34.6 Energy Audit Program
RG 104.34.7 Correspondence, 1978-1983
RG 104.34.8 Service Agreement

Energy Radio Script Project

RG 104.36.1 Cape, David Canada: still more bucks per unit of energy? 1982.
RG 104.36.2 Burkhardt, H. The energy story: a picture gallery of scientific and historic facts on energy. 1980.

Woodgas Power System

This file contains correspondence,agenda/minutes of Woodgas meetings, Wood Gas Power Systems a joint project of RPI and George Brown College Summary, budget information.

Car Pools

This file contains proposal for a car pool system at RPI, City of Toronto postal code map, Share-A-Ride card, memorandums.

Tapis Vert: Special Topics

This file contains report "Appropriate Energy Resources and Application for the Shikal Area in Niger, West Africa", a contribution to Project Tapis Vert by the Institute for the Study and Application of Integrated Development.

Magna International

This file contains Magna International Inc. Annual report 1983, discussion drafts "Proposal for the development of the catalytic combustor for various practical applications" and "proposal for the development of catalytic heat exchanger", notes, clippings.

Corning Glass Works

This file contains Proposal to Corning Glass Works regarding testing program for catalytic combustors, correspondence.

Energy Centre Projects: audio visual

Items on videotape include:

  1. This is Ryerson,
  2. Wind Turbine Project,
  3. Energy Conservation Project,
  4. Solar Cooking in Developing Countries, and
  5. Festival of Energy. (Duplication of RG 104-55).

Solar Cooker

This file contains notes, employees personal data and attendance report, clippings, Solar cooker design and testing project submission for funding, correspondence, notices, Ontario Work-Study Plan documentation, financial statement, Energy Project guidelines, 7 photographs of Brace Research Solar Cookers.


This file contains memorandums, Draft of Proposed Package on Energy Education at Ryerson prepared by Ryerson Energy Centre Education Committee.

Ontario Recycling Information Centre

This file contains Ontario Recycling Information Centre documentation including proposals, discussion papers, budget information, memorandums/correspondence, notes of meetings, Board meetings agenda and minutes.