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Nicholas M. and Marilyn A. Graver Photographic Publications Collection New York (state)
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Illustrated catalogue of amateur photographic equipment and materials / James C. Cummins

Illustrated price catalogue of cameras, lenses, tripods, chemicals, etc. produced by the E. & H. T. Anthony & Co. A note on the front gives a name and address of the catalogue editor(?): James C. Cummins, 106 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD.

E. & H. T. Anthony & Co.

C.P. Stirn's patent photographic concealed vest cameras...

Illustrated catalogue of various patented cameras and camera equipment available through C.P. Stirn's company, giving descriptions and price lists. Cover design is printed in black ink, shows a woman holding C.P. Stirn's patented vest ca...

Stirn, Carl P.

Detective Fiction Weekly, Vol. CVII, No. 6 / The Red Star News Company, New York

A magazine devoted to short stories of fiction, featuring: The Whisper-Men by Judson P. Philips (Part 1 of 6) A Very High-Hat Mob by Edgar Franklin Long Shot by Richard Sale The Killer Poet (True Story) by Joseph Gollomb Illustrated Crimes by Stoo...

The Red Star News Company

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