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This file consists of four posters produced by the Ryerson Media Center. Three of the promotional posters were created in 1972, while the fourth poster is dated from 1981 and titled Tune in to Video Education.

DMP brochures

This file consists of two brochures, one explains the Digital Media Projects Office services (workshops, production suites, consulting and support, production assistance) and one promotional brochure on the Interactive Learning Connection: Univers...

DMP Promotional Audiovisual Items

This files consists of audiovisual material produced by the DMP for promotional content or to be given to speakers as gifts. Materials were donated by John Hajdu from the DMP Office.

Elderhostel (Continuing Education seniors)

File contains negatives of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's Elderhostel senior's group. Images are of various members of the group in various locations.

Ryerson Media Centre

Keith Saunders

File contains photographs and negatives of Keith Saunders of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute.

Ryerson Media Centre

Survey - Department of Geography

File contains photographs of three geography students conducting surveys with people inside the Yonge & Dundas entrance of the Toronto Eaton Centre.

Nursing at Ryerson promotional video

Ryerson Nursing Department promotional video. File contains original umatic tape and a dvd with the transfer from umatic tape. (June 18, 2004)

Eric Wright

Video created by Infocus Productions (a group of Ryerson RTA and Journalism students) about Ryerson English Professor Eric Wright. Eric Wright was also a mystery novelist. Also shown in the video is John North, former Ryerson Chief Librarian. Paul...

Crombie/Heap: Ward Six

Black and white video footage of what appears to be a Toronto City Council meeting (circa 1973). Footage covers a debate regarding the change to the City of Toronto building plan. Speakers include David Crombie (Mayor), Dan Heap (Councillor Ward 6...

Urban Planning Department

Promotional video created by the Ryerson Media Centre for the Department of Urban and Regional Planning. Video uses still photography and video footage. Speakers include President (at the time the video was created) Walter Pitman, Instructor Paul ...

Messages: User Reactions to Student Services

News shop created by the University of Waterloo Audio Visual Centre for the Awards Office. Featured panels of speakers from different Ontario Universities including Ryerson.

A Look at RTA 1967-1970

"A Look at RTA 1967-1970" video using still images and film footage to showcase RTA student productions. Included is film footage of "The Shooting of Dan McGrew", "To Seek a Newer World", interpretive dance to poetry,...

Citizen Participation in Urban Planning

Panel discussion filmed at Ryerson hosted by a Ryerson student[?] discussing citizen participation in urban planning. Guests on panel were Ryerson Politics professor Jack Layton, Toronto Ward 6 Alderman Allan Sparrow, and Neighbourhood Program Man...

Adolescence: Interview 2

Video titled "Adolescence: Interview 2" with Ryerson Faculty of Nutrition, Consumer and Family Studies professor Rheta Rosen.

Rye on Ice '83: Winter Carnival

Montage of events that took place during Ryerson's 1983 Ice Carnival. It includes concerts, snow football, broom ball, skating, on stage performances, and the Circle K casino.

Installation of President Walter Pitman

Black and white video of the installation of Walter Pitman as President of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute at the October 18, 1975 convocation ceremony. Only beginning of student presentations filmed at end of video.

Role of the Planner

"Role of the Planner" hosted by Ryerson Politics professor Jack Layton. Layton interviews Kent Gerecke, head of the Planning Department at the University of Manitoba.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Library

Video titled "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Library". A joint venture between the Media Centre and the Ryerson Library. Video gives an introduction on library services and how to search the catalogue. Features President Bri...

First Impressions: The Mature Student

Video "First Year Impressions: The Mature Student" showcases interviews with one mature student during registration week (September 7, 1978), first week of class (September 13, 1978) and mid-semester (October 18, 1978). End of video indi...

Career College

Career College video created by the National Film Board for the CBC's "On the Spot" TV series. Episode was a a tour through Toronto's Ryerson Institute of Technology. Host Lloyd Bochner learns how movies are made, finds out abo...

The Technology Show

Series contains records related to the creation of the Technology Show for the Faculty of Technology by Ryerson's Media Centre. The show was a 6 carousel of slideshow with accompanying audio.Included in the series are correspondence, scripts,...

Twenty-five Year Club audio recordings

File contains two audio recordings from Ryerson's annual Twenty-Five Year Club celebrations.RG - master audio-cassette recording from the 1981 eventRG - reel-to-reel audio recording of the 1982 Twenty-Five Year Club ...

Miscellaneous Reel-to-Reel tapes

Tapes No. RR-119 to RR-143 were retrieved from the unprocessed material. Although provenance is unclear there are indications that some, if not all, of these tapes originated in or were produced by the Media Centre.No. 119 About Ryerson: Kerr/Mord...

Wines Of The World TV Series

This file consists of correspondence, scripts and other documents related to the Wines of the World TV series co-produced by the Ryerson Media Centre and Corby Distilleries Limited.

Media Centre VHS Collection

Collection of 5 VHS tapes that were transferred to the Ryerson Archives in the Spring of 2013 from the library's Borrowing and Lending Services department.

French 101/201 Multimedia Courseware

This file consists of records related to the development and execution of a French 101/201 Multimedia course. Items include, program scripts, audio CD, courseware development notes and a program operation manual. Computer interface and design by J...

Open College Promotional Film

This file consists of film elements and prints related to a promotional film on Open College. There are two versions of the film. Open College Promo #1 features a man getting ready in the morning, having coffee, taking the subway and rushing to cl...

Oral Medication

This file consists of film elements and prints related to an educational film co-produced by the Ryerson Nursing Department. The film describe the types of oral medication and how they work, explains rates of absorption and administration. The fil...

What's an Expert

This file consists of a release print of a promotional film for the Department of Secretarial Science.Credits: Produced by the Audio Visual Resource Center for the Secretarial Science DepartmentTyper: Yvonne Wegriknowski (Secretarial Science class...

Convocation Films

This file consists of film reels and audiotapes recordings taken during the 1972 and 1973 convocation ceremonies.

Miscellaneous Film Reels

This file consists of miscellaneous film elements produced by the Ryerson Media Centre. This includes cuts, trims, original cutting copies and reversal film elements.

Pneumatics Film

This file consists of four film reels related to the production of Pneumatic. This includes the original reversal A and B rolls, the narration optical track and a cutting copy.

Price & Knott Film

This file consists of three film reels related to the production of Price & Knott. This includes a cutting copy and two reels of original film footage that have shots of a miniature mechanical valve and a Price & Knott box packing machine....

Service Guides

Items in file have kept numbers from previous arrangement:RG 76.4.1 AV Handbook, c1970RG 76.4.2 Media Mix Guide To Services From The Ryerson Media Centre, 1971RG 76.4.3 Ryerson Media Services, 1978RG 76.4.4 Ryerson Media Centre Services, 1977

Nursing: promotional slide show

Two slide shows, with audio narration, promoting Ryerson's"Nursing" program.The 1976 version "A Time For Growth", received from the School of Nursing was originally arranged under the Nursing group but was removed and inco...

Aerospace Photo Portfolio

A binder/portfolio of photographs/negatives/contact sheets, with descriptions, from the Aerospace Program, submitted to Ryerson's Promotion Services department for selection in the planning and development of the first Aerospace Program broch...

Early Childhood Education slide show

A two-carrousel promotional slide show, accompanied with an audio tape. The collection includes scripts, project arrangement documentation and extra slides and some negatives.

Administration and Information Management (AIM) slide Show

A six-carrousel Administration and Information Management (AIM) promotional slide show with script and audio cassette. The collection also includes additional slides in negatives, a promotional brochure and the synched audio-visual recording of th...

Nutrition Resource Centres slide show

A one-carrousel slide show for the Nutrition Information Services centre in the Ryerson Library with audio cassettes. The collection also includes scripts and additional slides.

This Is Ryerson - promotional slide show

A six-carrousel Ryerson promotional slide show accompanied with an audio cassette (dated 1983/84). The collection also includes project arrangement documentation and scripts for 1979/80, 1983/84, 1984/85, 1985/86 and 1986/87.

Film Strip Projector

File consists of a Dukane Super Micromatic projector, which, in addition to projecting the filmstrip, plays a record and advances the filmstrip at the proper time by reacting to inaudible recorded pulses.

Super 8 mm Film Projectors

File consists of two super 8 mm film projectors. One is a Super Technicolor 510 model and the other is a Super Technicolor 810 model. The super 8 mm. film can be loaded into a cartridge as a continuous loop for individual repeated viewing. Most 8 ...

Photographic Slides

RG 76.06.01 Convocation, 1979RG 76.06.02 Convocation, 1979RG 76.06.03 Picnic (Island), 1979RG 76.06.04 Archives, c1979RG 76.06.05 Archives, c1979RG 76.06.06 Archives, c1979RG 76.06.07 Taber, Ron, n.d.RG 76.06.08 Taber, Ron, n.d.RG 76.06.09 ECE, 19...

Photographic Negatives

RG 76.07.01 Ryerson Rambler, Cover Page, 1985RG 76.07.02 Convocation, c1983RG 76.07.03 Convocation, c1983RG 76.07.04 Learning Resources Centre Bldg., c1983RG 76.07.05 Kerr Hall Quadrangle, c1983RG 76.07.06 Ryerson Orientation Map, 1983RG 76.07.07 ...

Media Centre photographs

Primarily 35mm negative strips and corresponding contact prints of various people, places and activities at Ryerson. Photography is believed to have been taken mainly by head photographer Chris Bell. The negatives and contact prints are maintained...


The file contains sleeve/page protectors containing 35 mm black & white negatives, corresponding contact strips, and contact pages. The photographic images are of various people, places and activities at and around Ryerson University. It is be...

Bell, Chris

Kids week at Ryerson

File contains photographs, negatives and contact sheets of various children participating in various Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's activities at various locations on campus. Colour photographs include images of: children playing, creating...

Ryerson Media Centre


File contains negatives of various laboratories on campus. Photographs include images of various Ryerson faculty and students operating various equipment in the labs.

Ryerson Media Centre

Food, Nutrition, Consumer and Family Studies

File contains photographs, negatives and contact sheets of various Ryerson community members at a gathering of the Food, Nutrition, Consumer and Family Studies meeting in the Ryerson lecture hall 071. Photographs include images of various Ryerson ...

Ryerson Media Centre

Winter scenes

File contains negatives and contact sheets of various students participating in winter activities at various locations on Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's campus. Images include: student's playing hockey on Lake Devo, trees and landscap...

Ryerson Media Centre

Colin Graham - party

File contains colour negatives of the Colin Graham party held on Ryerson Campus. Images contain various Ryerson administration, faculty, and staff participating in the function.

Ryerson Media Centre


File contains photographs, negatives and contact sheets of various activities occuring during Homecoming on Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's campus. Photographs include images of Ryerson Theatre students, a display of the School of Nursing, ...

Ryerson Media Centre

Chemical Technology display

File contains photographs and negatives of a display on Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's campus. Photographs include the image of the Chemical Technology Program display.

Ryerson Media Centre


File contains photographs, negatives and contact sheets of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's basketball team. Images include various members of the Ryerson Rams men's basketball team playing a game and sitting on the sidelines.

Ryerson Media Centre

Toronto Normal School 1924 reunion

File contains photographs, negatives and contact sheets of various attendees of the Toronto Normal School 1929 Reunion at various locations on campus.

Ryerson Media Centre

Theatre School - dance

File contains negatives and contact sheets of various Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's Theatre School dance students. Photographs include various ballet students and faculty participating in ballet class.

Ryerson Media Centre

Theatre School - men in white

File contains negatives and contact sheets of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's theatre production on campus of "Men in White". Among the images of co-performers is Ryerson student, Eric McCormack.

Ryerson Media Centre

John North

File contains photographs, negatives and contact sheets of various head shots of John North.

Ryerson Media Centre

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