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Proceedings of a board of the chemical warfare service appointed for the purpose of investigating conditions incident to the disaster at the Cleveland hospital clinic, Cleveland, Ohio on May 15, 1929

Item is an illustrated report. Marginalia indicates the user of the report sought information on risks associated with cellulose acetate and cellulose nitrate film.

Kodak Canada Inc.

The Feedforward System report

Prepared by Don MacLeod, Counselling Services, for the Student Services conference held at Laval University, Quebec.

Solar energy reports

RG 104.21.1 Malik, I. Analysis and design of a portable solar water heater. RG 104.21.2 Lewis, S. Off-the-shelf solar cookers. RG 104.21.3 Kwan, W-M. A candle cooker: a back-up system to supplement solar-cooking. RG 104.21.4 Kwan, W-M. Zeolite as ...

Tapis Vert: Special Topics

This file contains report "Appropriate Energy Resources and Application for the Shikal Area in Niger, West Africa", a contribution to Project Tapis Vert by the Institute for the Study and Application of Integrated Development.

Research Services research project files

A number of brief reports (memos, activity, progress, summary) describing individual research projects. The documents have been arranged in alphabetical order by the name of the individual submitting the report.

Strategic Planning

This file contains the report, Strategic Planning, from the Office of Research and Innovation, which summarizes the mission statement, goals, and objectives for the ORI as they relate to academic developments at Ryerson.

Meincke report

This file contains Report of the Committee on Appointments in the Academic Administration including: Search Committees and Appointments in the Academic Administration, Principles, Procedures and Composition; and Length of Terms of Chairmen, Deans ...

Reedyk report

This file contains memorandums, Report of the Review Committee on Appointments in the Academic Administration, Policy and Procedures relating to search Committees and Appointments in the Academic Administration and to the Development and Evaluatio...

Management report

File contains a management report presented by the external auditors Thorne Riddell & Co. and Ryerson's response to the report.

"Alcohol and Ryerson - A Review" report

A review of Ryerson's alcohol policies and procedures with draft resolutions for changes. The report followed the coroner's inquest recommendations stemming from the accidental death of a high school student at the ferry docks after atte...

A path to organizational reform report

Ryerson's Board of Governors engaged Hickling-Johnston Limited in April 1979 to recommend an appropriate overall organizational structure enabling Ryerson to operate successfully in the 1980s.

Annual reports and financial statements

The master copy of the Ryerson Annual Report and Financial Statements is arranged as follows : 1965-1986 Information Services RG 4.07 1987-1994 Community Relations RG 122.03 1994-1996 University Advancement RG 395.17 For additional information, se...

Faculty field trip reports

This file contains Faculty Field Trip Reports: 1. Beamer, L. - First Exchange Teaching Assignment from RPI to Shanghai U. of Technology, 1986 2. Nesbitt, R. - Caribbean Trip Report, 1986 3. Nesbitt, R. - Jamaican Trip Report, 1988 4. Mikhail, S. -...

Annual Report

Reports highlighting areas of importance to the Library Arts program written by M. E. Morgan (1972-1973) and Dean Tudor (1973-1974).

Reports - Miscellaneous

This file contains Board reports, correspondence relevant to these reports, speeches, working papers, interim reports, etc.

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